Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt IV

hello, dear.

big day today.

let's have the usual introductory part before we begin.


you see this girl.

now let's say someone asks you to make an assumption about her character.

even better, let's assume that you had to place a bet on her integrity. and let's say that if you'd lose you would have to pay with your life!

now let's make it more difficult.

think of your best male friend. let's keep it simple for now.

so. you have to place a bet, either on your best friend's integrity, or on hers. the price you will have to pay though, in case you choose wrong will be your life. 

what is your choice?

you bet on her?

or on your friend?



i think, you just placed a bet on your friend.



that's okay.

i know.

it was the proper thing to do after all.


you see this girl.

now let's say someone asks you to make an assumption about her intelligence.

even better, let's assume that you had to place a bet on her intelligence. and let's say that if you'd lose you would have to pay with your life!

now let's make it more difficult.

think of your smartest male friend. let's keep it simple for now.

so. you have to place a bet, either on your smartest friend's intelligence, or on hers. the price you will have to pay though, in case you choose wrong will be your life. 

what is your choice?

you bet on her?

or your friend?



i think once again,
you just placed a bet on your friend.


let's make it a bit more difficult.

you see this girl.

you can see her with her boyfriend.
one week later, he accused her of cheating on him.
she denied it.
one of them is lying.

you have to place a bet.

you know the price.

do it.


you chose him, right?


want to make it even more difficult?

you see this girl.

that night a guy hit on her and fucked her brains out.
she then accused him on doing what he did without her permission. he said it was her fault as she was dressed provocatively and didn't stop teasing him.
one of them is telling the truth.

you have to place a bet.

price is your life.


him, huh?


where are we getting it, you might wonder, right?

pay attention, dear.

because today you will learn things of incredible value.


we will 
take some random girl as our role model.

we do not want our girl to be the super slutty, pornstar type, that would instantly be stereotyped by your un-trained mind.

we will take an average girl instead.

with a little bit of something... 


let's take her.

like her?

well, in fact, it doesn't matter.

she will be the centre of the whole post anyway...


what we have already established, is that when a male sees that picture, what he sees is a potential sex partner, right?

well, my dear,
unfortunately, that exact thought 
has catastrophic implications in his overall behavior towards her.

if let's say, that male was asked to decide, whether she, or another male would get for example, a high-level job position,
who do you think he would vote for?

can you see why?

see, sweety,
her huge boobs would be his only focus
and the main reason 
for his lack of support for that girl.


but of course,
because she would be instantly tagged in his male mind as a moving set of tits.

his only focus from then on would be 
to fuck those tits of hers and nothing else.

a woman though,

does not see a a moving set of tits, sweety.

a woman sees....

another woman...

is THIS a potential sex partner for you?

is this?

is this?

of course not, honey.

these are girls, females, women.

YOUR team.

listen, dear.

you will have a whole set of posts dedicated to your modification regarding the cleavage distraction,

but for now,
we will focus on one of the most important aspects of your new life.

let me be plain with you this time:

"from this moment on,

you will support the female kind unconditionally"

look at this picture.

stay here for 5 minutes.

"from this day on,

this will be the image of perfection, superiority and human evolution.

you will spend 5 minutes thinking about it and everything that comes with it. 

you will realize what perfection means for you, what you can do to overcome your inferiority and what you can learn/copy/steal from this advanced gender"

keep this image deep into your brain


let it be absorbed by your unconscious mind.

let it invade to your deepest memories 

and change them.

little by little.

what you see is 

perfection, supremacy and human evolution.


anyone who thinks less of this,

is considered a traitor.

yes, dear. 

you will get used to it.

because in your new role,

you are expected to be a ferocious supporter of any female that may need your support.

you have been playing for the blue team your whole life.
it is now time to become a servant of your old "enemies".


human evolution

will now be synonyms of the female gender.

you will develop into a fierce soldier of the female kind. and for this you will need to give everything you have.

you will need to sacrifice the most valuable of all things: your identity.

for this,

you will experience one of the toughest exercises that have ever been presented here.

are you ready for this?


i thought so.

come on in...


you see this.

"your old self would make a comment.
that comment was going to be one of two things.
a) if it was going to be a nice one it was going to be about her having great tits or something.
b) if it was going to be a bitter one it was going to be about her being a slut or something"

either way, 

your final choice would be responsible 

for what people perceive as your identity.

choosing comment A, 

would create a profile of you where you appear as the person who likes big tits,

while choosing comment B, 

would create a profile of you where you appear as the person who gets all macho when he sees women dressed provocatively.


time has come for you

to change your attitude 180 degrees.

because your new role requires a new identity.

as you understand,

we can't have you supporting your new teammates,

while having the world,

believing such things of you, right?

that means no matter how hard it is,

when you see this.

"your new self WILL NOT make a comment.
even if you are with a bunch of filthy guys talking about slutty bimbos and how they would fuck her brains out,
you WILL NOT make even the tiniest comment.
you will just stay there like a good boy showing a silent disapproval of what you hear.

you may find it difficult at first, but you will eventually get used to it and soon it will come out naturally to support even the most extreme cases of the female kind. like the one you see in this picture..."

your identity will eventually change.

what we want from you 

is not to become a clown.



no one asked you to comment on her intelligence or anything that would make you be ridiculed.


you just didn't make any comment at all.

see, her sluttiness was so obvious 

that you couldn't do anything about it.

what you did though, 

was to show your disapproval 

for the way that girl was called.

make them feel shame maybe.

at first, no one would feel shame of course

and you wouldn't see any results.

give them time, though...

you are there 

to destroy the blue team from the inside, remember? 

you are this now.

think of it as a trap.

you are now trapped by the pink team, dear.

they trapped you.
and put you an invisible crown.
that crown makes you obey every member of that team.
you are weak when you wear your crown.
you are being controlled when you wear that crown.
you take orders.

you want to take it off but it's... invisible.

and you can't.

women will control you

from now on, dear.

soon, you will be in service 

of every human being owing a pussy.

being controlled by it.


your invisible crown

will make sure that you will do everything you can
to support their needs

no female need will ever be regarded 

as unimportant, or even worse, slutty.
they will be treated 
with the utmost dignity and respect. 

you will learn to support

even the worst types of women

as a sign of total obedience

and servitude to their superior gender.

but let's be more specific.

you see, dear.

"out there, there has always been a war going on.
a war between the sexes.
historically, men have prevailed. 
until now.
the world is now changing dramatically.
women are becoming stronger.
in this war you will take part.
you are a man, but you will help women
in fact, being seen as a male will add to the importance of your behavior.
you will act as the means to drag even more males into this. always trying to slowly changing their beliefs.
you will not stop as long as you're wearing your invisible crown.
your job will be to put invisible crowns to more boys. 
the war will end when every boy alive is wearing his invisible crown. waiting for his orders.

let's begin our process.





first a little something for you to relax.

look at this for 2 minutes.

try to relax.

stop thinking for a moment.

and stare.

just stare for 3 minutes.

this exercise is for you to feel relaxed.

focus on her beautiful eyes for 3 minutes.

you become weak when a woman looks you in the eyes.

you know that.

just look at this picture.

do not take your eyes off her.

feel your power melting.

5 minutes.

you are going to wear your invisible crown now.

there's nothing to worry about.

stare for 2 minutes.

it will help you play for the other team.

stare for 3 minutes.

you can not take off your crown.

stare for 5 minutes.

feel her eyes into your mind.

there is a female voice in your mind now.

listen to it.

3 minutes.

no one has to know about your crown.

3 minutes.

with it,
women will control you 
from now on.
it's okay.
3 minutes.

a woman's voice will always be in your head

telling you what to do.

4 minutes.

your new role requires from you to let go of your old habits.

you will no longer treat women

like a stereotyped male.


you will be introduced to a more feminine point of view.

3 minutes.

you will 
become comfortable with women.

and uncomfortable with men.

you will be cool and confident

with this


turned on and insecure with this.

your crown will make sure

that you embrace the needs of women
so that you eventually be in a position to justify their every move.

women will soon 

stop being difficult to understand

the distance between you and other men though,

will start increasing exponentially.

you will not fight it.

just relax.

a wave of female energy

is ready to be unleashed upon you.

open your mind 

and welcome it into your system

let all the needs and beliefs of women become yours.

stare for 3 minutes.

feel yourself ready to accept the female kind as the superior one

and get ready to change your ways towards women.

get ready 

to lose any sexual urge for them
which messes with your head
and creates a distance

and prepare yourself to fill your system with warmth, pure love and support for them.

are you ready, dear?



i want you to take a good look 
at this image 
you will stay here for 5 minutes.


you will try to memorize every little detail.


you will get ready 

to close your eyes.

 i want this image
to be the last thing you saw
before closing them.

when you do close your eyes

you will keep them closed 
for 1 minute.

while waiting you will stay calm.

you will empty your head
from every thought.


you will lose every little disturbing thought

and wait patiently
for the 1 minute to pass.

you will then start 
playing with yourself.

once you do,
you will start picturing things.

you will stop those images 
from entering your head.

at all cost.

2 minutes later
you will open your eyes for a millisecond

and you will see your picture again.

for the following 3 minutes
you will let this image enter you.

playing with yourself
will make you picturing things again.

you will welcome them.

the only thoughts 
you will allow to enter though,
will be 
only those in which 

that's right.

those will be the only thoughts
allowed to penetrate your mind

your mind 
will welcome her into your body.

the is nothing to worry about.

it will be just for the needs of the exercise.

you will just let 
her little details

you will then

spend 5 minutes
(more or less)
creating a backup story
for her.

that's it.

anything you want.

you will only follow 5 central truths about her:

1.she does not have a lot of money

2.she never finished school

3.she does not have a steady boyfriend

4.she does not have a steady job

5.she has a sister that she loves.



i 'll give you 5 minutes 

to work on your story.

after you close your eyes
there is no turning back.

you will open them as HER.

stay here for 2 minutes.

you are ready to go back 
and look at her.

aren't you?

are you like this? 


did you open them?

well, then.

hello, dear!

welcome to the other side.

these are yours now.

that could be you now, 

getting some guy hard.

there's nothing wrong 
in teasing men now,
is it?


remember our girl?

the only thing you can do about her tits is to compare them with yours now. 


whose are bigger, by the way? 

is it hard for you to do it?

well, then.

you will spend 

a whole 10 minutes here.

you will spend them

looking at this.



"from now on, she is your sister Ashley"

"you will focus all your attention to her"

"you will not leave this section

until you start feeling a sisterly comfort with that person"

"you are the girl on the left

and your loving sister is the girl on the right"

"no matter how hard it is going to be for you,

you will stay here for as long as it takes"

"you will leave this section

only when

the girl on the right becomes your sister Ashley"



pay attention.

we are ready to begin with your 


so listen.

think about your sister.

only her.

think about your love for her.

i can see that you are a cheap, dumb slut,

but we are not here for you.

for the purposes of this part,


you will never let that thought leave your mind.

cruel images will follow.

but you

will never stop thinking 

about your 


you will let yourself

feel the bond between you and her

entering your system.

staying there.


while looking 

at the following pictures,

you will focus on the girls


but you will

at all times

visualize you sister

in the place of each girl.

your sister

will take the girl's place in

every - single - photo

everybody knows what kind of girl you are.

but now you have to focus 

on your sister!

your thoughts will be re-inforced.

are you ready?

your rules are clear:

you will have to follow the orders 

stated right above every picture.

let's begin...


"think about your sister.

look at her 

and focus your mind on your sister"

stay here for 3 minutes.


"you know she's in pain, right?"

spend 3 minutes
thinking about it.
do not let the thought of your sister leaving you though.


she's trying to be a good girl for her man, see?

would your sister do the same?

how would you feel?

3 minutes.


what if she was calling her "official" boyfriend?

would there be a problem?

has your sister ever cheated on any of her boyfriends?

think about it for 3 minutes.


you know your sister
would not have the strength to stand up as well, right?
would you?

or would you just mumble something

until you get your face slapped?

men are strong.

we know that.

women are weak and defenceless.

stay here for 5 minutes.

well done, dear!

you have completed the first 5 introductory pictures!



your sister.


2 minutes.


a man fucking your skull is cruel.

from what i see from you,

you may even enjoy it.

but what about your sister?

3 minutes.


let's stay here for a while.
"you and your sister are both girls.
that means even if you wanted,
you would never have the strength to overpower a man. right?
i mean, you may feel like you could do something to hurt him, but the truth is that whatever you did,
he would always be a thousand times stronger than you.and your sister..."

the question is:
how does this makes you feel?


can you imagine your sister like this?

would you ever even dream of having the strength to stop him?

4 minutes.


the first part,
was for you to start seeing 
the differences between men and women
which originate from their different anatomy.

females are genetically different,


thing is that

that difference has certain results in many areas.

we will start seeing those areas


think about it.

3 minutes.


for you to start supporting your kind unconditionally, dear,
you will have 
to have your inner beliefs altered.

you will have to see things 

from a woman's point of view,
so that you share her wants, her needs, her cravings
and eventually get to understand
her every move, her every word, her every thought.

a man here sees a bunch of wannabe places to put his cock into.

a woman though,
sees beautiful bodies, sexy underwear, different hairstyles, shoes, 
and million more.

you will learn to appreciate these things as well, dear.

but for this,

you will first have to strengthen your bond with them.

keep reading.


one of the most important things women have, dear,
is the subconscious acceptance
that they are the weaker sex.

spend 2 more minutes 
looking at yourself.
you think that if a man wanted to fuck your tits and shoot his load in your face,
you would have the physical strength to stop him?

well, don't get me wrong 

but NO, dear.

you would unfortunately be another victim of sexual harassment.

sorry to bring this up, doll,

but in this section 
you are going to think about it.

a lot.

it will help.

believe me.

i want you to spend 3 minutes
looking at the next girl,
while thinking about your sister.


that's perfect.

as you understand,

from now on,
when looking 
at a somewhat wild fuck 
(or hatefuck if you 'd like),
instead of anything else,
you will try and visualize
your sister.

3 minutes.


that is a fine example.
there is no need of course 
to feel shocked or anything.

3 minutes. 
what you need is just 
to accept your inability to do anything to stop it.

see, if you were a guy,

you would feel a deep rooted feeling of power when it came to women,
that would constitute 
the main reason of your inability to empathize with them.


it is time to let it go.

you have a pussy now.

3 minutes.


you have no strength to stop a man
from doing what he wants with you.

look at this girl
and think about you.
and your sister.

3 minutes.


having sexual cravings for what you see, though,
is perfectly normal.

as a female,
the image of a man's cock,
is the most sexual thing 
you can see.
it is what makes you a woman.
embrace it.
there's nothing wrong about it.

3 minutes.


after all,
your sexual identity 
is what keeps your bond with women
tighter than ever.

spend 5 minutes 
staring at what every woman 
would stare at.


now spend 5 more minutes
focusing on her
while thinking about your sister.

do not take your eyes 
off this picture.
do this, 
until all you can see 
is a person...
and a beast.


we' re on our way to our second break, dear.
that's okay.

you are doing fine.


without much to talk about.

look at her and think about...

5 minutes.


you will stay here for 5 minutes.
you are a woman.
you have a sister.
focus on her face 
and try to think 
something sweet about her.
it can be anything.
training your brain is hard.
i know it resists.
but you have to do this.
look at her and make up something.
try to imagine 
that she's the sweetest person you have ever known.

did you do it?


that's it, dear.
training your brain to alter its functions
is one of the hardest things in the world.
it is part of your evolutionary process as a male, 
resulting in a total denial 
of any new "path" ordered to take.

seeing a female getting fucked

is sending raging signals 
to your brain
to produce certain thoughts,
bring up certain images
and respond accordingly.

the more you stay here though,

the more you mess with that pattern.
new thoughts enter your brain.
new images appear from nowhere.
and eventually
a new response is being shaped.

keep up.

stay here for 3 minutes
and think about her.
anything will do.
just make it sweet.


for your new role, dear,
you will have to realize
that women GET FUCKED.
it's not unusual.
and of course it's not something to be judged for.
sometimes all they have to do
is to get on their knees,
open their mouth
and get a big, fat cock in it.
it's what they do.

if you were a woman

you would find it perfectly normal as well.
can you see the problem here?


for a female,

having a man let's say 
destroying her mouth with his cock, would seem "normal" in a "he-is-a-man-i-am-a-woman-way".


for a male,
that thought pattern changes.
so instead of normalizing the act of having your mouth destroyed by a male,
the male brain normalizes the exact opposite thought;
destroying some girl's mouth now becomes the new norm!

and that exact pattern

unfortunately becomes
the cornerstone of the average male's judgement of the female sexuality.

the male now seeks for reasons 

to express that normalization
with thoughts like 
"she deserved it", "she's a slut", and so many more demeaning things.

now look at the following picture
for at least 4 minutes.

while you are here
i want you to look at her,
i want you to think of her as a person,
(a nice, warm, funny person would be perfect)
and i want you to feel happy for her
for finding a cock to suck.


you see, dear,
the rationalization of their thoughts
will lead to the rationalization 
of their actions.
in another post we will talk about how normal it is to find a big hard cock irresistible,
but for now we will have to focus elsewhere.

we will have to make you normalize the thought of having your mouth destroyed by someone.

look at the following picture.
try to think whatever you want.
3 minutes.


now let's see what did you learn?
did you find it okay for her?
could you realize that those girls did nothing wrong or well, ...slutty?

well, dear.

it's the only way to become nice and supportive to women...

look at her.
she does nothing wrong.
think about it.
3 minutes.


the fact that she does nothing wrong, dear, stems from that exact normalization of the act of - let's say - having cum all over her face.

one would think: 

"she is a woman. it's okay if she has cum all over her face."
what he wouldn't think though, 
would be that unconsciously he 
would think less of her as a person.
isn't it obvious?
because she has cum all over her face!

is this how a woman thinks?

hmmm, let's see...

look at her.
her name is Kate.
she's your best friend.
3 minutes.


sadly for you, but no, dear.
women do not think like that.
as we said previously,
what your male brain 
categorizes as hot and sexy, 
the female brain treats it as normal
and what your male brain 
has learned to treat as humiliating, 
the female brain interpretes as normal.

stay here for 5 minutes.
work on the following thoughts:
having big tits is normal.
being on your knees is normal.
drooling all over is normal.
having your hair pulled is normal.
eating cock is normal.


as a proper lady (oops i mean't boy),
you will have to be understanding and supportive of women's needs.

having you thinking poisonous thoughts 

about women's breasts, 
or crazy sex positions,
will not get you there.

for that, 

you will have to be trained in recognizing what is normal and what is not.

take her for example.
licking the tip of his head caused the explosion all over her face.
was that humiliating for her?
think about it.
5 minutes.


was that?

3 minutes.


do you find that perfectly elegant lady to be doing something for what she deserves to be humiliated?

you remember our lessons?

licking a man's balls:

look. 4 minutes.


humiliated, huh?

oh, dear.

you 'll learn really well.

stay here for 5 minutes.

remember your sister?

think about her.



you just need a little modification

so that you get used to thinking properly when it comes to women, dear.

your male instincts are our enemy here.

the instincts that tell you 
you are the dominant species.

while women are weak.

all this will have to be reversed, honey.

it's the only way for you 
to turn into a supportive little doll.

3 minutes.
think about your sister.


what we do is simple, dear.


you are her.
men have been fucking you like a whore since you were a teen.
in fact, 
everything started when your tits grew 4 sizes in 5 months.
you were always a good girl 
and boys were always treating you with respect.
but those 5 months changed everything.
boys started behaving well, ...differently.
started making rude comments, nasty jokes.
even started touching you.

you tried to protest.
you soon found out there were too many of them.
before too long, 
you were always surrounded by boys. 24/7.
bigger than you. stronger than you.
nasty comments about your now huge breasts
soon became an everyday thing.
you even stop protesting about it.
in fact,
you even got used being called names 
like "tits", "juggs", "knockers".
sometimes even worse ones 
like "slut", "bitch" or even "whore".

but that wasn't it at all.

see, your huge tits were like a calling for every male around.
touching you, grabbing them, calling you names was nothing.
because eventually
you learned what it means trying to stop boys
 from doing what they want with you.
it was the day you talked back to a bunch of your "friends" who were asking you to flash them.

you can still feel your holes getting drilled by them.
you still remember the taste of their cum in your mouth.
you can still hear them joking about it.

it was the first time you felt like the fucktoy that you would end up being.
sometimes even now,
you ask yourself,
was it going to be the same
if your tits hadn't grown like this?

look at her now, dear.
are you shaping the proper thoughts?
4 minutes.


that's your little sister.
she was a good girl.
the best sister anyone could ever have.
you wanted nothing but the best for her.
you still do.
but being the perfect role model for someone
is not an easy task.
in fact,
it's the most difficult one.
you hate what you are.
but being a cum-dump was what you learned to be.
what you learned to crave.
you hate men for what they have done to you.
and eventually what they did to your sister.
what they still do to her.
it's not only their fault though.
she is a cock-starved slut as well now.

you still wish though,
that both of you got out of this
and took your lives in your own hands again.

3 minutes.


are you getting it, dear?

listen, honey.
it's all a matter of a brain malfunction.

you see,
as a male,
you have learned to respond in a certain way
when seeing certain stimulations.

check this out.

look at this picture for 5 seconds.
and now think:

in a scale from 1 to 10,
how difficult do you find it to think about her 
let's say, daughter?

that was weird, huh?


can you do it for her?

stay here for 5 minutes and try.
yeah, that was cruel, right?

that is what you have to learn, dear...

what you see in the picture above is sex for her.

yes, honey.
you can go back and stay for as long as you want,
thing is that,
what you see can happen in a woman's life.

so where is the malfunction you may wonder.


the malfunction is, dear,
seeing a woman in a sexual position,
instantly numbs your brain,
leaving you totally unable
to think anything else for her.
it sends signals to your brain,
deep signals,
that she is a sexual object
for a man's desires.

stay here for 5 minutes.


the question is, honey:

what is she for another woman?

and the answer is that...

she is a person, dear...

look at her.

think of what her name can be.
try to make up a short story for her.

4 minutes.


from now on, dear,

women will be viewed as women.
your male brain's malfunction will be fixed,
so that we eliminate any subconscious tendency you may have for superiority over women.

women will never be viewed as objects for you.
ever again.

you will be introduced 
to the feeling of absolute vulnerability
so that you naturally develop
the sense of support for your new kind.

look at her.

try to think of yourself
laughing about something she said.

3 minutes.


listen, dear.

no one said it's gonna be easy.

in your system,
you have the genetic information of thousands years,
which commands you to resist those feelings.

as a genetic male,
your brain craves for objectification.

while you,
should reverse that process.

it's not easy.

and it takes time.
and practice.

but you can do this.

this is why it's so important that you think of yourself as her...

that's it, baby.


look at her for 3 minutes.

she is your friend.



there's nothing wrong in thinking you are a girl, honey.

in fact,
as far as our cause is concerned,
it's better that you did.

being a supportive little doll
is not possible without you actually thinking like a woman who would need that support.

look at her for 5 minutes.
you just got fucked like this.
think about it.


your male brain should soon be in a position to rearrange its filters
so that it starts denying vibes and signals of disapproval for your female companions
and replaces them with signals of empathy and support. 

look at her for 4 minutes.
she is a loving friend.


look at the next one, dear.
you are looking at a friend.
it is natural for you to be seeing this.
this is how you have sex as well.
5 minutes.


this is how your kind has sex.
4 minutes.


another friend of yours.
3 minutes.


don't worry, dear.

with every picture that you see,

with every thought that you make,

you become more and more supportive.

you are looking at a friend.
think about it. 
feel it.

4 minutes.


look at her.
one more friend of yours.

when she's not having sex,
she's fiercely independent and strong.

4 minutes. 


thinking about a girl's character 

when you see her having sex

is a brain function that you should develop

and repeat endlessly

as it messes with your male instincts, dear.

males are hunters, remember?

when they see a female let's say on all fours,

their instinct tells them to hunt.


we do not want that kind of instincts.

do we?

look at her.

think about her character.

make up a small story.

stay here for 4 minutes.


you see, honey.

instincts matter.

aligning your instincts with theirs,
will turn you into friend material.

and a supportive little doll
has no weird animal instincts, honey.

only normal ones.

look at her.
what does your instinct tells you?
4 minutes.


your instincts should not lead you 
to the path of female degradation.

a girl sucking man's cock in the back seat
is not a degrading scene for the girl.

she likes it as well.

3 minutes.


and even using her mouth 
as a fuck-hole for some cock
is not out of this world for her.

in fact, it's almost perfectly normal for a woman.


it's because men can not think of it as normal,
that they judge her.

you though,
should differ...

look at her.
think about 
how normal she finds it.
spend 5 minutes doing it.


you will spend the following 10 pictures
thinking about it.

what you see will seem perfectly normal.

in every picture you will focus on the female
and you will NOT leave, 
without having spent at least 3 minutes
trying to concentrate on a sweet aspect of her character. 




normal for her.
 3 minutes.
come on.


3 minutes.


the more you see,
the more natural it will seem.

playing with cocks, balls, cum,
giving handjobs, blowjobs etc
is okay if you are a woman.

think about it.

combine that thought
with a deep warm feeling 
about the girl you see.

any feeling will do.

4 minutes.



perfectly normal.

see how natural it feels for her.

3 minutes.


totally fine.
any woman would drool for that thing.
it's a universal truth.
men can not understand this.
you can.

think about it.
4 minutes.


you can feel her.

you know how she feels.

let that thought become your guide
when thinking about her.

you have nothing in common with HIM.

with her though?

 think about it.
4 minutes.


now think about her.


nice warm feelings 

for potential friends.
5 minutes.


yes, it's hard, but you have to focus.

you will do the same for the following picture.

try to focus on the girl.
give her a name.
a story.
a family.
a heart...

5 minutes.



in the last part of this exercise,
we will work on your supportive new nature.

look at the following picture.
stay here for 5 minutes.
feel free to think about anything you want.


as we said,
you are expected to become a supportive little doll,
when it comes to women.

we never said though, 
that you will fake it, right?

unfortunately for you,
once again,
your pathetic male instincts put obstacles 
on our way.

you see, 
the feeling that you have power
and that you are in control of things 
are in you.

in your new role though, dear,
you have no power.

of any kind.

power and control
have nothing to do with you.

look at her again.
that's you, remember?

is there any kind of power there?

uhm, let me...


in there,
there's a weak female,
whose only chance not to be fucked like an animal
would be to beg her man for mercy.

that's what's in you.

look at her.
you are like her.
think about it.
4 minutes.


for you to develop the proper thinking patterns
you will first have to make your brain
de-attach everything that still connects you 
to your old kind.

you will support women now, dear.

you will be a fake man,
supporting your new lady-friends
in everything they do.

for this to happen though, sweety,
you will have to let go of your old mannish sense of power.

you will now accept the fact,
that there's no physical power in you
compared to other men,
just like a woman.

you will let that feeling of helplessness grow in you
so that you start developing 
a sense of "female support"
for other women.

look at her.
she hates him.
but she knows she's defenseless.
4 minutes.


"you will let those feelings of helplessness and female support grow in you"

think about it.
4 minutes.


your supportive nature 
will come as a result of your 
developing female thinking patterns.

think about it.
3 minutes.


and for this to happen

every time you see a girl suffering like this,

you will instantly get in her place.



4 minutes.



you will learn to share 

a feeling of weakness with other women,

even if there is no real weakness.

women will look weak in your eyes.

and so will you.

look at her.

stay here for 4 minutes.


women have no power.

you have no power.

you need to support each other.

think about it.

5 minutes.


the only thought in your mind,

when looking at a girl like this,

will be to support her.

to help her.

because a man can do anything to her right now.

and she has no power to stop him.

think about it.

take your time.

4 minutes.


can you see it?

4 minutes.


of course you have no power to stop him either.

 but that will be the theme of another post.

the only thing you can do for now,

is to try and be supportive like a good friend.

and for this,

you should think like a girl.

look at her.

look how sweet she is.

fill your heart with love for her.

5 minutes.


filling your heart with love for them,
will help you overcome your dirty instincts.
and will gradually turn you into
the kind of supportive friend 
that every woman needs in her life.

think like a friend.
her friend...

5 minutes.


in time,
you will get used to that kind of thinking.

and soon
you will think and act instinctively
like a weak woman
who is supportive of her friends.

think about it, sweety.
look at the picture.
make up a story.
5 minutes.


look at the following picture.

by now you should be ready to think properly.

without being told what to think.

remember, dear.

the girl is nice, funny, cute and weak.

the cock is strong, hard, powerful and bad.

you feel love for the girl.

and in you lies a need to support her.

look at her.

think about it.

5 minutes.


this is the last picture for you.

your new thinking patterns 
will be making you less and less of a man.

but that is a price you will have to pay.

because all the women out there
are in need of a supportive little friend.

and YOU are the perfect fit for the job.
look at her.

do not take your eyes off her
unless you feel 
everything you learned today
deep in your soul.

as we already said, dear.
you will soon become a fierce supporter of the female kind.

the whole point of this post
was to put the proper thoughts into your brain.

well by now,
they are in.

you will just have to let them grow in you.

after all, 
whatever you do,

sooner or later,

you will find yourself,
saying silly things
to support even sillier arguments,
just because they were told by a woman.

don't worry, dear.

you belong to the other team now.

it's okay to change some of your beliefs.

for now,
i have a task for you.

pay attention.


first think of a woman 

whom you never liked.

as a person.

"hated" if you'd like.
is there a woman you hate?

well, think of her!

you task is simple.

you will soon go to sleep.
sooner or later.

from the moment you wake up though,
a new era will begin for you.

you will have become
 her number one supporter!

anything she says
will have become 
undeniably correct for you.

anything she does.

anything she thinks.

she will have found her fiercer supporter.

if you were her "kind of enemy",
and you both "knew" about it,

you will make sure,
that you showed her your "defeat".

you will be very careful
about it though.

we do not want you to ask her to lick her feet.

we want you to be serious.

we do not want her to think that you are fucking with her.


we want 
the acceptance of your "defeat" 
to be deep, subconscious 
and utterly pleasurable for her.

we want her to know she has won
and you to feel your soul 
fighting for freedom.

craving for some self respect
and denied.

your task is simple:

you will turn into 
the biggest supporter
of your arch enemy.

if you do not have one,
you will find the woman you have judged more in your life.

a woman that is obviously 
your kind of people.

and you will support everything she thinks, says or does. 

is it okay, dear?

that's perfect.

get ready to start a new life
with a person you had never thought of.

and if you ever have doubts
about what you have done,

you will come back here.

and you will be reading this post again and again.

so that you are constantly reminded
of your true nature.

the last picture
will be test you will have to pass
every time.


look at her.

right in front of her

lies the biggest cock you have ever dreamed of

and it is on the verge 

of smashing her hungry mouth.