Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt V

hello dear.


first, have a look at this girl.
you like her?

yeah, i know.
she's cheap, trashy, slutty and for most men, hot!

well, that's okay.

the question is:

assuming that you were all straight and stuff,
would you have ANY chance for a girl like her to make her even look at you?

don't worry dear.

today we are going to help you.

help you realize who you REALLY are.

and what you can REALLY do.

let's say she's your wife.

you have gone out with her

and she looks like this.

men are staring uncontrollably, 

people are talking behind your back.

you can see it. from their faces.

your wife sees it too.

she plays with them a bit though!

one would say she even flirts in front of you.

you can feel it.

yet you are there.

the question is:

what makes you think you have the right to ask her to stop?

yeah, or well, let's say,
that this is how they treat your wife at work.
and let's assume that she likes it.

the question is:

did you see these men?
their cocks?
can you even think of trying to stop them?

big day today, dear.

because as of today,
you will learn everything you need to know
and feel regarding one of our biggest enemies:
your "male" confidence,
a.k.a your system's problematic function
which is responsible for you seeing this
and thinking you have the right even to look
or even seeing this
and think that you even belong in the same species.

we have talked so many times 

about the importance of being

a good little boi..

and you know what we mean 

when we say "good boy"!


well, now we are taking it one step further.

is a man's attribute, honey.

a real man's.

confidence makes a man see this
and get rock hard.


because deep down he knows he can FUCK HER BRAINS OUT.

that is called confidence, dear.

and it is something 
that is going to be surgically removed from your brain.

confidence, is not good for you, dear.

it can get you to dark places.

you should be simple and inadequate instead.

it should come to you as natural
not even thinking of having any kind of chance with her
even if she's the worst slut alive.

or having any claim to have her stay faithful to youassuming that she enjoys the "company" of other men.
 it all has to do with your confidence, honey.


are we ready to begin our session?


so. listen,

when a guy sees a girl looking like this

there's only one thing in his mind!

her tits!!!

well, let's look at her together...

do you think you can stare at her tits?




let me ask you:

who do you think you are, 

staring at her tits?

do you think you are in a position to do this?

do you think she has them for you?

or perhaps you think you would do anything to them?

come again baby doll...

what makes you think you can look?


i have an answer!

your ego!


let's look at her again


"wow! i feel like "hot" lately! i've been having these thoughts for days now. it's probably because i haven't had sex for months. i think i need a boyfriend! it doesn't have to be serious though. just a guy. for starters. you know! to get it out of my system! just one night. one hot night with a hot stud! with a big cock preferably! god, listen to me! i think like a slut! well, that's bullshit! i'm just a woman with needs! after all, if a guy gets rock hard for my boobs, that's not my fault! right? you can't blame me for having those babies. i'm not hitting on anyone! the fact that every guy falls for my boobies, doesn't make me a slut! in fact, i'm doing a good deed! i will be there to help him make the pain go! i know how to do it!

oh, he's coming! just smile. he will do the rest..."


"fuck! take a look at that bitch! look at those juggs!! man, i'm goin in! that bitch is mine!"

now let's study on their differences.


the fact here is that both the male and the female are motivated by their ego. it's just that "ego" is illustrated in a different way for the opposite sexes. but how?


her ego is what motivates her to wear a blouse that slutty. she believes she's sexy. and she knows for sure that she's got great tits. that makes her using them for her benefit! so, she just shows them to a guy, being sure that he will instantly fall for them! she doesn't care what people may say. she wants to be seen. she wants to make all the guys hit on her. she enjoys the attention she gets. it makes her feel sexy. and she loves that feeling. but most importantly.. in the end she's gonna get what she wanted in the first place. cock! and what's even better? that she won't even have asked for it! instead, she gonna have all those guys hitting on her. and the one who gets to fuck her, he's gonna think of himself as lucky! you see what is this called? 



the guy on the other side. well, guys are more visual. the guy want to see. he wants to stare at her tits as much as possible. he doesn't care about anything else. he doesn't even think about it! he just want to take. he just want to look at her tits. you see, just the image of them, sends millions of vibes to his cock, making it hard. well, from that moment on, he is brain dead. he just let his cock do the job. and his cock wants to get between them. in fact, his cock wants to do everything that can be done to them. why? because it is needy. and that makes the guy needy. it makes him asking for stuff. and when he doesn't take what he needs, it makes him aggressive. it makes him strong. and in order to take it, it boosts his confidence.

what is this called? 


listen honey...

the thing is

that whether you like it or not,

you will have all your male ego eliminated from your bloodstream

and instead

you will be filled with doses of female ego.


you 'll be a naturally submissive 

weak little girl,

following people like a pet...


in order to drain you of any male cells

you will be subjected to several modification treatments

until you are left with nothing

 but pink bubbles and falling stars

around you... 

that means


won't be a part of yourself anymore...

you see,


energizes and multiplies

all the male cells that are left in you

and that is a process we 


we do not want male cells

and so

we do not want EGO in you!


how do we start???

first of all

by working on the most important asset of the females

their tits!

listen sweety,

perhaps the most important factor 

that multiplies your male cells

is the girl's cleavage...

so, this is one of the main reasons

that you keep thinking like a guy

look how it works:

first you see a picture 

and the first thing you notice is her cleavage...


"from that moment,

the game is lost for you..."


"male cells are multiplying

inside your system"


"you are becoming more and more aggressive"


"you are becoming more and more dominant"


"you are building your ego"

soon you 'll be flirting with her...

hmmmm, well...

not anymore...

the first thing 

that a little boy like you

has to learn

is how to be all nice and cute

at all times!

and cute little boys


or anything...

sissy cuties like you

show nothing but respect

to the females

let me show you:

let's say that you see meet this woman

do you really think

it would be proper

that you stare at her cleavage,

as if you are a guy

and she's a girl?


no, no, no honey...

i think 

it would be way wrong...

don't get this the wrong way

but i really think

she would have you on all fours

fucking your little tushy

in no time!


look at her again...

don't you think

you have to learn some respect?

i think you do...

in fact,

i think you have to be trained

to be a humble, respectful, submissive

little pet

just to make sure,

that no female

will ever see you as a real man again...

you have to be trained

never to look...

no matter how much 

you are tempted to do so...

you have to be trained 

never to stare...

out of respect...

you have to be trained

never to raise your eyes...

out of fear!!!

that's right, sweety

you have to be trained

to feel fear

fear that you are not allowed 

to look at her ass, 

even if it's right in front of you...

fear to stare at her tits,

even it's the only thing you can see...

fear to have any sexual thoughts,

even if she's just playing with you...



that's the proper way to think

that's better

you see it, now?

so, let's look again together...

let's say you are at the bar

and those two are hitting on you!

you see what the problem is. right?


you may be all fun and cutsey and stuff,

but you have a powerful enemy now...

see, the signals are coming and you can't even see them...

the vibes are all over the place...

you are all nice and stuff,


you see can their tits...


whether you want it or not,

they are right in your face!


so you look!

and unless you are properly trained

to be all respectful and submissive towards them,

before you know it,

you will be full of testosterone!

and you will start flirting...

not what we want from you...

cute boys like you

do not flirt with girls

cuties like you

are only allowed to flirt with guys

cuties like you

follow girls like pets


let's begin with your treatment...

first thing you need

in order to be protected from your enemy

is some aversion therapy,

so as to stay cool

everytime you see something

which would normally turn a guy on...

would this turn a guy on?

i bet it would...

would this?

i guess so...


would this?

i'm not so sure...

what do you think?

pay attention, sweety

"once again,

we will work on making you 

grow a natural aversion towards big tits,

this time so that we drain you

of any male cells that may be left in you"

"sweet little cuties like you

should find flat chests sexier

than those big, fat juggs

that all the guys love"

this is going to be the first 

out of the 3 therapies

that you will go through

so that :

a)you become totally immune to 

staring at girls titties and

b)develop a proper brain function

everytime you see them

little submissive pets

do not want to fuck their Mistresses!

so, no more big titties for you!

you will be naturally opposed to them...

pay attention:


in this part of your therapy

you will see several pictures

this is the first step of the aversion therapy

so all you have to do

is stare at each picture for several seconds

and just follow the instructions above.

there's nothing to worry about.

it's just the orientation phase.

all you have to do is relax 

and just let your mind drift...

before we begin

i want you to look at this...


just be a good boy and start staring...


"look at this girl for 1 minute"

"focus on her tits"

feel free to masturbate

"if she got you hard, 

look at her again"

"for 1 more minute"

"focus on the tits"


"now look at the following girl 

for 1 minute"

feel free to look at her cleavage 

as much as you want

if you want more, 

you can go back for 1 more minute


"stare for 1 minute"


"stare for 1 minute"


"stare at her cleavage 

for 2 minutes"

feel free to masturbate

you are NOT ALLOWED to cum though

"if you are already hard, look at her again for 2 more minutes"


"repeat the last command"

you are allowed to focus wherever you want
you are not allowed to cum though

did you stare at her cleavage?


"stare at her cleavage 
for 1 minute"

"do not take your eyes of it"

"imagine that 
she's showing it to you"


"you know what to do..."


those sluts want you to look at their cleavage

"do it"

"and stay there for 2 minutes"


she wants the same thing...

"give it to her"

"stare at her tits"

"masturbate for her"

"2 minutes"

did you do it?
were you a good boy?

you have reached step 10.
that means 
you are starting to feel the effects
of your remaining testosterone.
keep up.


where are you looking at?


are you acting like a male by now?

"keep up"

"2 minutes"

"be a good boy"


"spend 2 more minutes 
staring at her tits"

"jack off"

"do not cum"

are you fixated on her tits?
you want more?

"if the answer is yes, 
go back and stare for 1 more minute"


are you acting like a male yet?

are you staring like a guy?

"keep up"

"1 minute"

did you spend your minute staring at that girl's cleavage?
how did you feel about it?
did you feel proud or something...?


"keep staring"

"1 minute"

"check your reactions"

where were you looking at?how did you feel?think about it for a second...


she's unaware you are standing over her...

would you stare?

"if you did stare, repeat it!"

"stay over her as much as you want"

"take your time!"

she can't see you anyway...

"so, jack off as much as you want"

"just don't cum"

"jack off like a pervert,



you had enough?


you still need to act like a pervert?


"keep staring like a dog"

"and jack off"

"2 minutes"

how did you feel this time?
i'm sure you didn't feel proud, that's for sure, hah?


that girl is looking away...

you have the chance to stare at her huge cleavage.

what is a pervert like you, going to do?

"just stay there for 3 minutes"

it was impossible not to stare, hah?
i bet you were drooling over her big fat tits
like a pervert, hah?
the thing is...
how you feel about it?


come on,
she's showing you her tits.

"so, look!"

isn't it what you wanted?

"keep your eyes fixated on her tits
and jack off for 3 minutes"

"but while you do so,
i want you to think
that you are doing this in front of her"

how you feel about yourself right now?


i bet you don't feel that proud anymore
for yourself, hah?

that's ok.

it was about time...

"here boy, look again!"

"you are doing this in front of her"

"you can't help it"

"stay there for 4 minutes and play with your thingie"

good boy...

you have reached step 20.
that means you are starting to feeling bad for what you are doing.
keep up.


she doesn't even look at you.
but you keep staring like a pervert,
while playing with your thingie.
hah, baby boy?

"keep doing it for 2 minutes"

"you are doing this in front of her"

"think how pathetic this is"

good boy...


you are playing with your thingie.
she's looking at you.
you are fixated on her tits.
you are not allowed to have eye contact.

don't you thing there's something missing here?

"open your mouth
stick out your tongue like a dog"

"from now on,
this is how you will continue
jacking off"

good job, boy...


"keep your mouth open"

"start breathing quickly like a dog"

"you can not control your tongue"

"you are playing with your thingie in front of her"

she's not that pretty though.
but she's got big tits.
and that's all that matters to a dog like you.

"stay here for 4 minutes"

have you been a good boy?

wanna see more girls?


that's it...

"keep drooling for her tits"

"3 minutes"

i bet you look wonderful...


see, that's another sexy girl looking at you
although you can't stop.

you are playing with your thingie
you are drooling
and you act like a dog

well, not a dog...

a bitch would be better... 


"keep doing what you do"

"stare for 3 minutes"

"say: i'm a bitch 3 times"

you finished, bitch?

good job...


in the following picture
you will see another big titted girl
whose big cow tits
should have been a turn off by now.
but unfortunately you have been a bad boy
and you still wanna see.

so go ahead, bitch boy.
she's all yours!


"tongue out"

"drool like a dog"

"play with your thingie"

"try and say: i like big tits,
without using your tongue"

"do it 5 times"

did you do it?

bravo, dear...


next you can see another cow.

you could have been better than her.
but obviously you are not!

you are a pathetic bitch,
with a disgusting habit of jacking off.

so do it!

"look at her cow tits 
and jack off"

"think how pathetic this is"

"think how disgusting you are"

"do it for 3 minutes"

"you are not allowed to cum"

did you do it, bitch?

i hope you are starting to realize
how disgusting it is 
the thing you are doing...

by the way you can close your mouth now...


in order to fight something
you have to get to know it first...

so, come on, sweety.
express all those disgusting urges that you have...

stare at another cow's tits
and jack off like a pervert...


"jack off"

"3 minutes"

can you feel how disgusting you are now?
can you feel how important it is to get rid of that nasty habit?
but most importantly,
can you feel how inferior you are?


you are so disgusting, sweety...
the moment you see a pair of huge cow tits
you start playing with your tiny thing
like a monkey...
that's pathetic, isn't it?
but what am i saying?
you already know that!
i mean look at you!
you jack off for anything as long as it has big tits!
wanna see?

"stare for 3 minutes"



so, come on, baby!
face your problem!
you have a disgusting habit!
you jack off for big cow tits!!!
admit it!
it's the only way to fight it!


"jack off"

"say: i am pathetic"

"say: i jack off for cows"

"say: it's disgusting"

"3 minutes"

good boy...

you have reached step 30.
that means you are starting to realize how disgusting you really are 
doing what you do.
keep up.


from now on,
every time you look at a girl's tits,
i want you to visualize that you jack off 
right in front of her.
 this way your brain will connect the visual stimuli
with your unethical act,
filling you with guilt and shame.


"she doesn't see you" 

"jack off"

"3 minutes"

that girl had a nice rack, hah?

did you jack off?



"do your nasty thing"

"she can't see you"

did you do it?



"3 minutes"

"do it"


well now we're gonna take it one step further.
so, the next girl 
is watching you jack off.
you don't stop though...

"stare at her tits"

"jack off"

"2 minutes"

are you ashamed?


see, honey.
the thing is that 
you have to be ashamed!
because you are doing something 
which is bad and disgusting.

in fact, 
you have to be ashamed
every time you jack off for a girl's tits...


"she sees you"

"you jack off"

"you act like a pervert"

"you are disgusting"

"you are ashamed of yourself"

"3 minutes"

see now?


see, honey.
you do your disgusting thing in front of them,
while they may be so nice and cute!


"jack off"

"3 minutes"

see what you did, pervert?


you have to feel guilt
every time you jack off for a girl's tits, baby...

you have to feel bad

you have to feel they are watching you

you have to feel how disgusting it is 
the thing you are doing

you have to feel
how perverted your action really is...

"do it"

"3 minutes"

do you feel bad, honey?

well, you should!

you jack off like a monkey
staring at those cute girl's titties!


you know it's not right, hah?

you know it's bad

and filthy.

you should...
it's a filthy act
which you must stop!

because it makes you look disgusting...


"look how pathetic she sees you"

"look how disgusting you are"

"3 minutes"


you have to feel guilt, honey

for every girl's tits you see...

you have to be ashamed.

you have to feel like a pervert.

you have to feel 
as if you 're doing something terribly wrong.
as if you were jacking off
in front of her.


"jack off"

"3 minutes"

did you do your thing, pervert?


come on,
feel the guilt, baby!
that poor girl can't see you!
and you jack off like a filthy pervert...!!

...looking at her tits!!!



"jack off"

"be ashamed of yourself"

"see how disgusting you are"

"see how perverted this is"

"3 minutes"

good boy...

you have reached step 40.
that means you are starting to feel guilty for what you are doing.
keep up.


from now on,
since you have connected the visual stimuli 
with your unethical act,
i want you to start searching for something 
that would be ok to think of...


"jack off"

"think how bad this is"

"think how nice it would be if you could see something that wouldn't make you feel like a pervert..."

"1 minute"

did you find anything..?


i'm sure you see by now,
how improper it is to jack off  for girl's titties.
i mean, you see how wrong it is, hah?

doesn't it make you feel like a monkey
or something?


"think how better it would be 
if you could see something more proper..."

"1 minute"

are you thinking what i'm thinking?


listen, sweety.
stroking your cock for a girl's tits is an awful act
which makes you look like a monkey.
i'm sure you can see it by now.
if you don't, then do this.


jack off"

"don't take your eyes 
of the girl's tits"

"visualize yourself 
while doing what you do"

"4 minutes"

did you do it?

did you like it?

did you stroke your cock 
looking at a pair of big cow tits 
like an ape?


you don't want to feel like an ape, honey.
isn't it so?

you want to jack off like a pervert?


"again, don't take your eyes"

"again, see what you're doing"

"4 minutes"

did you jack off for that poor girl, sweety?

were you staring at her cleavage 
like a pervert?


you have to be freed from that nasty habit, dear.

you have to let this filthy male act behind...

it's the right thing to do, princess...


"jack off"

"say: i have to let it go..."

"repeat 3 times"

did you say it?


you can't be the guy 
who stares at girls' cleavages and gets all hard, sweety!
it makes you look... filthy!

and you must not be filthy!!!

you must be all cutsey and stuff!!!

we can't have you acting like a monkey, honey.


"jack off"

"say: i'm filthy..."

"say: i have to stop this"

"repeat 5 times"

that's my girl...


you have to be a cute little boy, honey.

and getting hard for big titties 
doesn't make you look cute...

it only makes you look bad.

while you are cute...


"say: i am a naughty lil cutie"

"repeat 5 times"


naughty cuties like you
don't get hard looking at titties, sweety.

you know what they think of...



"say: i am sexy lil doll"

"say: cuties like me don't get hard for big titties"

"repeat 5 times"

i'm sure you weren't thinking of her boobs
while looking at her, hah?

i know...
it would be so not cute...


you know what would be super cute to think of while staring at those girls, right?

i'm sure you know...


"say: i am super cute"

"think whatever you want.."

"5 times"

what were you thinking, baby doll?

come on,
i won't tell anyone...

was it big...?


you are so cute trying to hide it, sweety.

i mean,
looking at girls' titties
while thinking about... you know...
makes you even cuter!!!


"don't take your eyes of her"

"say: i like big tits"

"think of 
a 9 inch monster meat..."

"repeat 10 times"

that's my girl!

bravo princess!!!

i know you like big fat titties!!!

good girl...

you have reached step 50.
that means you have realized what means to be super cute.
keep up.

up until now,you have done a great job, sweety.
although now it's time for you 
to take the next step.

remember the point of this therapy?

it's to make you totally unable to get hard for a girl's tits,
in order to ensure that you will always show the proper respect to all the females.

it's all about respect, sweety.


that's why you have to be drained of any male cells that are left in you, dear.
so that you never even think of fucking your potential Mistresses!

you are only allowed to be a pet, honey.
and pets do not fuck their bosses!


let's proceed...