Sissify Yourself: BE HER Initiative

hello ladies.

we have talked in the past

about the wonderful effects 

of female idolization.

see, dear,

when a straight alpha male

sees a sexy female during any sexual act,

he instinctively lets some kind of testosterone-filled aggression

to rule his mind,

resulting in him believing 

he wants to fuck her or something.

changing the default mechanisms

of your brain though,

will help you let go of those silly thoughts

and start thinking properly.

and as we have shown in the past,

female idolization plays an important role

in that kind of attitude adjustment.

your second dose

will be directed to that exact crucial change.

what you need to do, dear,

is to look very closely

at each of the following 15 girls


spend at least 5 minutes to each one of them,

admiring their skills.

that's right, baby.

admiring their skills.

you see, dear,

if you were a guy

and you were shown 

other guys doing random girls,

you would be admiring 

their strength, their size, their stamina

and generally their ability to satisfy a common slut.

well, i'm sorry to ruin it for you, dear,

but you are with the girls now, remember?

and for this

you will have to see things

from the exact opposite point of view.

a woman

who knows how to satisfy a cock, dear,

is an idol.

you should admire her skills, her attitude

you should admire HER as a whole.

you should feel and acknowledge

that she deserves the cock she is getting.

for your training purposes

i have gathered 15 of the most iconic girls

so that we learn together

what we look for in a woman.

are you ready, honey?


"so, first look at her beautiful slutty-done smokey eyes, then look at her bleached blonde hair,
but above all,
look how she uses her tongue after he takes his monster cock out of her hungry mouth. idol."


"now. look at her beautiful hair. then admire how gently she touches his huge balls, as she stuffs them in her slutty mouth
but above all,
look how she strokes his cock and admire how she quickens the pace as she reaches his head knowing that this will surely have him explode in seconds. see? idol."


"let's see another excellent sample of iconic women. check out her slutty black hair
[tip: we always notice the hair first.]
notice her sexy dark eyes
then, as she grabs that monster, you go to her perfectly done manicure.
but above all,
look how hungry and aggressive she looks
while she takes this thing out of her mouth. idol." 


"yeah. do we need to say much about that girl? hasn't she already taught you more than any of your existing friends? idol."


"noticed her hair? okay, you're learning fast.
above all though,
in this woman, you should admire her style and her attitude.
yes, dear. for a man that would be regarded as whorish, or humiliating. for you it's just... style.
wet. hungry. sloppy.
style. remember that.
and that woman is of course, ...an idol."


"yes, dear. we love her red hair. it makes her look fierce and wild. then we love her jewelry. earrings, bracelets, gold. it makes her look kinda classy. it wouldn't matter if they were cheap though. what matters is that she wears them because she is a woman. right, dear?
and above all of course,
we love how she seems to be focused on her cock. and what cock that is. right? idol."


"need to say anything about her? idol or what?"


"now let's stay here a bit.
totally admirable woman, huh?
yes, dear. when we see a woman like that, we admire her. we stare like little girls who look at grown up girls and wish that they became like them one day. okay?
aren't you jealous of her sexy black hair? her ultra smokey eyes? her earrings? her bracelets? her french-pedicure? her lingerie?
i'm pretty sure, you 're also jealous of her big fake tits that seem to make this man that hard, huh?
that's okay, baby. you have every right to do so.
because as you see, that man kisses another woman.
but it's your idol that seems to be keeping his cock hard. huh?
your what...dear?


"look dear. 
when you see a woman that hot, to lower herself that much, so as to be keeping her mouth that open for her fucker's cock to enter,
you can not but admire her as an icon from whom you should learn. keep that in mind."


"there is no need to know much about a woman. sometimes, just the knowledge of her man's size is enough to idolize her. right, honey?"


"can you see the hunger, dear? see how she makes him think she's starving for his cock? isn't it enough to idolize her
well, if notthen look at her glasses 
and imagine that she's his secretary
and secretaries are our idols, honey. right?"


"listen, honey. Juelz Ventura should be one of your pornstar icons. simple as that.
in fact, you should see her as the absolute top which you will never get to reach.
we will talk about her sometime. for now, 
just look at her fucking him 
[this is what fucking means for you now]
and admire her perfection
spend time looking at her.
dark eyes. black hair. big fake tits. tattoos all over. ever-hungry mouth. unthinkable deep throating skills. pure fucking machine for real men.
absolute idol for you."


"in the meantime. when you look at a classy, elegant woman like her, opening her mouth to put a cock in it, you should feel almost proud of her. think about it."


"one more stop here.

you see two women. a blonde and a brunette. both having their big, cow tits [you may find them almost repulsive but men like them]

in front of him.

one of them is giving that man a handjob, while the other is sucking the head of his huge fat cock.

their are both idolsbut who is more?

let's see, on the one hand, we have the brunette helping the blonde have some of that cock, while on the other hand, we have the blonde focused solely on the task of making him explode in her mouth.

if i was to decide who i would admire more as a friend, i would choose the brunette

what about you?"


"for the end we have this.
what we see, is the absolute and utter perfection
of a female idol.
look at her as much as you want.
stare. admire the sheer perfection of her female figure, being on all fours, while a male is riding her.
jealous? you SHOULD be.
but then again, this is what every small person feels like in front of his idols. right?
that's okay dear. do not feel bad about it.
lookafter all, 
the more you see, the more you idolize her.

and it's all about idolization, right?

who would you rather be?