Sissify Yourself: Learning to Think pt IV - The Case of Mrs Catherine Stevens: 7 months later

- I trust Mrs Stevens

- I can't say "no" to Mrs Stevens
- I look up to Mrs Stevens
- I respect Mrs Stevens
Mrs Stevens is always right
- Mrs Stevens is smarter than me
- Mrs Stevens is stronger than me
- I have to do what she says
- I have to behave

- I trust Mrs Stevens

- I can't say "no" to Mrs Stevens
- I look up to Mrs Stevens
- I respect Mrs Stevens
Mrs Stevens is always right
- Mrs Stevens is smarter than me
- Mrs Stevens is stronger than me
- I have to do whatever she says
- I have to behave

Catherine takes the headphones off. 

- That's okay. You heard enough of this. I got the CD ready. 
- W....h....a.t..... are ...you...d..oi...n..g...to me....?
- Oh come on, baby! I'm not doing anything.
- You...will....pa.y...for... this...

Catherine gets close to Emma's left ear.

- And how are you going to do this? she whispers.
- I'm...going....to..the...po..lic..e.....
- Really??? Oh my... 
- You mean you are turning me in? Me? "Mrs Stevens"...? she gives her a soft kiss on her ear. Emma feels it all over her body.
- I....wi....

Catherine gives her another kiss. On her neck.

- No, baby... 
- I think you will "behave"...
- No....

Catherine grabs her face.

- You are so funny, "dear".
- You remind me of your pathetic little boyfriend.
- He resisted, you know. A lot..
- I had never seen such a strong willed person in my life.
- You know how many times he tried to tell people about this?
- N...ooooo.......
- Oh dear, the first 3-4 months I almost fried his brain.
- He was such a strong boy. I have to admit it.
- He couldn't stand that gay thing, no matter how many drugs he had in his system.
- And to tell you the truth, I still don't know how he did it. 
- You know how many psychedelic drugs I used to break him, to no avail?
- How many hours he spent, being brainwashed with no result whatsoever?
- That fucking bastard, could spend hours tied up in a chair, having the whole world spinning around him, while watching hot men fucking and still wake up straight.

Catherine whispers in Emma's ear.
- Do you have any idea, dear, how hard I tried to make your boy feel "comfortable" with another guy?

She gives a wet kiss on her lobe.
- Do you have any idea, how hard I tried to make your boy feel "uncomfortable" with you..?
- N....ooooooooooo.....
- Let me tell you about your "boyfriend", baby...

Everything started when your beloved boyfriend decided that he could just throw away his most valuable asset - which was me by the way - like some piece of garbage, you know why? To replace it with a useless whore - which is you - just because he happened to fuck her asshole or something. 
That filthy, arrogant, motherfucker wouldn't give a fuck about me. I always tried to be the best for him and for what? So that one day, he decides that a filthy whore like you can take my place! MY PLACE!!!
- I...mmm...not....a....
- Oh just shut the fuck up, baby.
- Do not even think of saying that.
- You 're not what? A whore?

She brings her lips close to Emma's. She gives her a gentle kiss.
- You will be, dear.
- Believe me...
- You will become the dirtiest, filthiest, most disgusting fuckpig that has ever lived, my love.
- You will make even the dirtiest, most brutal perverts out there to be disgusted by the magnitude of your inner filth.
- Live with it.
- So I was saying about that fuck.
- He thought he could fuck with me.
- That's right!
- That motherfucker didn't see it comin
- His fucking ego blinded him.
- He didn't see anything.
- So I took over his life.
- I took control of him.
- I took control of everything!
- I never knew how much power I could have.
- Not until then.
- Not until I realized that I could do whatever the fuck I wanted with him. He is becoming a secretary from that moment on! Yeah, baby. He is getting better and better now, you know? Of course he is 100% gay now of course. 
- Nooooooo.....
- Poor baby. Try and give him your pussy and you'll see him throw up..
- Never mind. I was saying...
- He is developing perfectly. He takes his hormones every day like a good boy, he watches his videos every night, everything works like a charm. According to my estimates, if we continue at the same rate, in about 6 months he'll be dumb as fuck, horny as fuck, well... let's say.. he'll be like a freshly-fucked, ultra-horny, ultra-stupid, totally dependent on me, secretary bimbo slut, ready to work as my full-time personal assistant-whore, to use as I please.
- Nooooooooooooooo......
- Baby...
- Your boy has already helped me close a few deals. 
- He is not yet the whore I want him to be though. And of course he is not that dumb yet! See, I know that deep deep down, there's still a part of him that resists, you know? I'm sure of it. I can see it in his eyes. I knew it was not going to be a walk in the park. That fucker was smart. Really smart. He wouldn't be who he was otherwise. He is not smart now. I know that for sure. His head is filled with millions of useless things and his cognitive abilities are getting worse every day that passes. Men like that. I don't know why. What I do know is that it gets them really hard. One of my clients once told me, that he shot his load in your boy's ass and your silly boy asked him if he has to be worried of getting "pregnant and stuff"! Well, I close a 200 million dollar deal because of that question...
- That's why we need more.
- He wasn't always like that though...
- Let me tell you a little story...

It was about 4 months ago. Your boy was acting as my secretary in the office for more than 3 months. At that point he was doing everything I had him to do. He hadn't even touched any of his "real" work. It was MY work now. Instead, he was studying endlessly about style and fashion and clothes and makeup and well pretty much everything that a secretary should be expert in. And to tell you the truth he was getting better. In fact, considering that he started literally from scratch, this boy had to climb the Everest. And you know what? He did! 

- Sometimes I feel that this guy can achieve anything, you know? - I think that's why he climbed the corporate ladder so fast! 
- What can you say? He's got it, girl! 
- So, I think you can understand why I wanted to have a "machine" like that, on my side. Properly trained. In my command. Huh? 

Never mind. I was saying...

You should have seen your hubby absorbing whole libraries of knowledge like a sponge. It was so much fun seeing him soaking up stuff like the detailed history of Kim Kardashian in one afternoon. In full detail! Huh?

He didn't like it of course. In fact, he hated every minute of it. But he couldn't say no. I had him framed, remember? There would never be any other way to make a corporate beast like him, to spend his precious time learning by heart the latest issue of Cosmopolitan! I mean, okay, I was cruel, I know. I would test the most outrageously useless detail for the most outrageously useless topic, but he had to learn, you know? He had to fill his shockingly clever brain, with the kind of knowledge I wanted him to. And he did.

One month after his orientation, he knew all the latest celebrity gossip. I know. Brian had no clue who was Angelina Jolie married to. But one month with me and that smart-ass bastard knew what shoes was Kesha wearing at her last public appearance. That's right! He wouldn't admit it of course. But I could see it in his eyes. He knew everything. Sometimes I was just fucking with him to see his reaction, you know? When others were around and stuff, I used to say things like: "Khloe Kardashian is a platinum blonde", or "Khloe Kardashian is single" or this or that. Of course no one knew if what I was saying was right or wrong, so they would never correct me. I mean, some of the people I used to talk to didn't even know the existence of the celebrities I was talking about. 

But not Brian. Oh you should see your boy's face. You know, he knew I knew he knew... He wouldn't admit it though. See, he was still the head of that office. And I was still "his secretary". He couldn't show people he knew about fucking Khloe Kardashian! Not Brian! But you know what? He knew...
Not only the colour of her hair. Poor Brian. He knew the exact date she dyed it. In fact, he knew the exact dates she had dyed her hair the past 3 years or more! In fact he knew every unbelievably small detail there was in the whole fuckin world about her. It was part of his duties. The ones he consciously did every morning. 

But that was not all. He was unconsciously learning to like it every night. It was part of his training program, you know? The one I'm gonna use on you too, so that I make you a filthy cumslut. He wasn't aware of it of course. But every night that his mind was receptive of new thoughts... and new images... and new ideas... Well, that is how I knew he knew... 

Poor boy. Every night he was learning to like reading and talking and watching about trashy celebrities and every morning I had him complaining and begging me to cut him some slack and let him stop. It was so much fun seeing him starting to lie even to himself about it. 

But there was no other way. These women had to become his absolute idols. And to take a person who had no clue about who's Khloe Kardashian (by the way I use her name as an example...), to a dedicated follower and a proud brain-dead member her fan army, patiently waiting to read a tweet or a post of her, was not an easy task at all! You see, women like Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, Kesha, or the Kardashians had to become his role models. 

I remember this poor boy, telling me one morning, about how much he couldn't stand reading those articles he had, about Jersey Shore. Well... for 5 nights in a row, I started bombarding him with "thoughts" that Jwoww is the kind of person one has every right to be obsessed with. I literally fried his brain with images of her, paired with stuff like "Jwoww is your idol", or "You want to look like Jwoww", or "Everyone should be like Jwoww" or well... you get it. I swear to God, the 6th day I secretly saw him googling "How to dress like Jwoww". That was a good sign, you know?

I had an epiphany that day. I was going to grow his obsession over those shows. Not only would it be good for his IQ drop, but the situations depicted there, as well as the values and the morals of the people in them, would definitely help him develop into the stereotype that I had in mind from the beginning. Only thing I had to do was to set his eyes on the right ones. I didn't want him to become some trashy dude or anything, you know? Instead he had to focus on the right people. And that's why I made him spend endless nights watching shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, or Kourtney and Kim take Miami, or Kourtney and Kim take New York, or Jersey Shore and stuff, while being "ordered" to imagine that he is Khloe Kardashian, or Sammi Sweetheart, or Jwoww, or well... you know, the sluttiest girl around. Believe me, baby. That was one of the best ideas I had in my quest to tame him and you know what? It wasn't even MY idea! It was his!!  
Thing is that the results were unbelievable. Little by little, day by day, the aura surrounding these women was getting stronger. They were gradually becoming "larger than life" for him. Only thing I had to do was to keep growing his passion for them. Soon this passion started finding outlets through tiny attempts to emulate his new idols' principles, looks, tastes and habits. Those trashy starlets were becoming more and more important in his confused head. 

- Poor baby. Your boy wouldn't admit it at first, but I knew that a month or two later, if he was to see let's say Jwoww in person, he would feel like he saw the fucking President...

Never mind. I was saying...

Love triangles, cheating, whoring and millions of other useful things entered your love's system that way. And that was my real first win over him. You know, I told you that breaking him directly was fucking hard. Because of his unbelievable power to resist! But that.. He couldn't do anything for that. He didn't know where to resist to. He had no clear enemy, you know? He was just "learning" to glorify previously-unknown-to-him women like Jwoww, Kim Kardashian, or Sammi Sweetheart. And that as I said was the beginning of the end for him...

See, his new moral values had to reflect his new position. And these girls helped him a lot. He learned lots of useful stuff from them.

- He learned that women insult each other much more than men.

- He learned that females are overwhelmingly more disparaging than men when speaking of themselves

- He learned that women offer themselves up in positive portrayals only when they are talking about physical appearance.

- He learned that women should always have the ability to bounce back from getting ridiculed

- He learned that females focus on their appearance, sense of accomplishment and emotional resilience

- He learned that while men use complimentary terms for each other (e.g big man, dawg, superhero, winner), women use far more degrading language when talking about other females, like rodent, skank, trash bag, ho or much worse.

- He learned that females talk about sex acts more than men

- He learned that females talk about sex more graphically than men

- He learned that females mention sexual body parts more than men

- He learned that females talk about intercourse and foreplay more than men

See the thing is that it would take me months or even years for those concepts to be incorporated in his behavior. But with this... Oh my God, you should see the first signs. It was so fuckin awesome. 3-4 weeks after I started this on him (that means about 2 months overall), he would still protest about his daily routine, but every once in a while he would make a small comment let's say about a client that had just left the office. Oh it was perfect. If the client was a woman, he would go for something like "We've seen your fake tits, ho, is there anything else you want?", and if it was a man he would go for something like "Fuck, that guy's huge! I bet his ball's must weigh a ton or something". 

I'm telling you, baby. The first 3 months were months of conflict for your boy. His thought patterns were changing and he didn't even know why. He still wanted his job, you know? And his life. In fact, a part of him still does... But the night sessions were fucking his head. He was taking the moral codes of some trashy starlets in his system, while rejecting everything that society regards as "ethical", or even "normal". For example, having big boobs started to seem like an asset. 

Look how it would go. Jwoww had big boobs. Jwoww was his idol. Jwoww loved her big boobs. Deep down he was getting envy of Jwoww. He wanted big boobs like hers. He would love if he could have all the attention she had from men. Get them all hard and ready to fuck. It would feel nice if he could tease men with his big fake tits. Like Jwoww...

See? Big boobs are more of an asset! Wearing tight dresses, mini skirts, or low-cut tops, wiggling your ass when you walk, "accidentally" flashing your boobs or your panties to men, things like that were turning into his new moral system. I was having more and more of a dirty whore as a secretary and he couldn't even see it. But that was fine by me. The important thing was to have the craving for male attention deep routed in his psyche. And believe me. It was set.

Little by little the things that he had to do every morning seemed all the more interesting to him. Reading about fashion, gossip, men, sex, learning about hair, style and makeup, wearing clothes, walking on heels, applying mascaras, doing mani/pedis, started becoming well... less "offensive and disgraceful". Talking and acting like a trashy whore was becoming more and more "normal" to him, while any signs of class and elegance in people were being labeled as "fake", or "snob". He was unconsciously acquiring the thought patterns of his new trashy idols. 

You could see his quality as a person dropping every day. Poor Brian. I have to say it. He was a nice person when I met him. Well, I wouldn't trust him in the same room with my boyfriend for more than 5 minutes now...  

Of course, I was reinforcing that kind of behavior. Every time a female entered, I would point out stuff like "fake tits", or "fat ass", or well pretty much anything, while every time a man entered I would point out stuff like "sexy lips", "tight ass", "big bulge", or well... you get it. At first it was hard, you know? Guys do not feel comfortable talking about other guys' body parts and stuff. But he was "learning" that being graphic when talking about men is cool. And sexy. And believe me, baby, he wanted that too. I could sense it. His subconscious mind wanted to re-live the experiences he saw every night. But his morals didn't let him. Only thing I had to do, was to push him over the edge. To let him express his inner needs. So, I played the part of the slutty girlfriend. Who talks about men all the time. Who craves to get fucked like a whore. Who can't get enough of them.

You should have seen him, baby. Day by day, he was getting more and more vocal. Getting more and more comfortable talking about things that were considered "taboo". He wouldn't realize it at first, but eventually he started talking about a guy's balls as if he was talking about his car! It was perfect. But it was not enough. As I said, it was too damn hard to make him feel comfortable about men and uncomfortable about women. He had to get physical, you know? He had to see what it feels to be touched by another man, fucked by another male, succumb to his superiority. And for that I tried a lot. 

For 3 months his mornings were filled with absolutely useless stuff, that he was ordered to do, while his nights were filled with messages of total adoration for the whore's kind of life. A wave of total femininity was unleashed upon him and he couldn't even see the extent of it. To me it was obvious that every day he was getting more and more comfortable with the female lifestyle. In fact, I could spot all the tiny changes in his psyche. I could see him becoming less and less of a man. He couldn't though. And that's why he resisted so much! He could be doing his nails all day long, while gossiping with me about some guy's balls and he would still consider himself a man with honor! It was so annoying, you know? 

And that's how we ended up to the incident that I told you about in the beginning. About 4 months ago...