Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt V

listen honey.

this post is all about confidence, right?


in this post you 're supposed to learn how to show the proper respect to all the females

the first thing we had to do though,
was to turn your cock's attention away from
things that most often likes.

so we used some big tits aversion therapy
to make you less capable of getting hard while looking at big tits.

in fact, 

we wanted you to become totally unable to get hard for them,

so that they can never distract you

and poisson your mind

with dirty thoughts and desires

unfortunately, honey,

it's the only way to become the perfect little boi.

you see,

"good boys do not have dirty things in their minds about their mistresses.

on the contrary, their mistresses have absolute power over them.

so, the only thing good boys are allowed to do, is to play with each other!

that's why, up until now, the only pleasure you got was from nice, big cocks!

and this is something we will work on later.

see, you can have as many dirty things in your mind as you want about other boys."

but for girls???


you have to respect them, sweety...

and this is how we start this part

of our post.


what we know up until now is that:

you are a good boy,

who may have jerked sometimes looking at girls' titties in the past,

but for all we know, 

that won't do it for you anymore.

now, you have to see men's cocks to have a hardon, as they seem far sexier.




"i respect the fact that you don't like big tits and you got to see cocks to get it up"


that doesn't mean you respect all females!


and believe me, sweety,

we don't want you to be 

just a cock-hungry bitch...

you have to know your true place, baby!

and your true place is below that...

what do i mean?


pay attention.

remember what we said about draining you of all your remaining male cells?



"this is gonna be a bullet 

in the heart of your ego..."

but you will take the hit

because in order to learn some respect,

first you have to learn your place.


listen, baby

i'm sorry to tell you this,
your cock is our biggest enemy.

and that's why
even after your modification,
you're still not the way you should be.

meaning that
your cock may responds 
to the proper stimulations now,
but still...
it is a dangerous and powerful tool,
which fills you with confidence, power and 
as a result... ego.

do we want these things in you, sweety?


that's why we will have to disarm your cock,
so that there's nothing to provide you 
with those unwanted attributes.

pay attention

"look at the following pictures
and follow the instructions above"

"just scroll down and enjoy the pictures.
feel free to play with yourself.
in fact,
why don't you look at this first
and then go on with the pictures..."

is your cock working?

need more?

are we ready to begin now?

we want your tool to be in use
in order to start the disarming process.
according to your previous treatments
you must be responding perfectly by now...


"now just scroll and enjoy..."

you just saw 10 pictures of 10 hot girls.

did you like em?

i mean, who cares?

you're hard from the cocks you saw anyway.

what's important is to keep that hardon!

and if it's impossible

try and focus it on the girls you see.

do you want 10 more?

"scroll and enjoy"

you just saw 10 more.

and you jack off!

like a real guy!

good for you!

keep up!

"scroll and enjoy"


keep looking big guy!

you know how these girls are called?

let me help you!

these are called sluts, babe!

you 're looking at some really hot sluts!

and you jack off like a man!



now, have 10 more.


"jack off"



you jack off like a man, right?

good for you!

keep doing it!

there's nothing to worry about.

after all, 

noone can take them from you!

you can take your time.


"stay for 1 minute in each picture"

"jack off"


did you have a good look at those sluts, hun?

good job!

they are sexy

and slutty

as hell!

and of course you are allowed to look at them as much as you want!

after all,

you see sluts every day in your life!

it would be wrong if you couldn't admire them as much as you want!

it would also be a shame 

if you couldn't jack off thinking about them

once you get home...

it's normal.


"stay for 2 minutes in each picture"

"jack off"


that's perfect, babe!

up until now you have seen 60 different girls

and you still jack off.

you have completed phase 1!

that means 

you have a solid hardon

directed straight 

at the girls you see



staring at sexy girls is ok, sweety.

you're welcome to stare 

as much as you want.

there's nothing wrong in it.

after all,

most of them are sluts and attention whores

who love teasing poor boys like you.

that's ok.



there's a difference 

between you and other guys...

what difference?


other guys may fuck them!


there's a new thing going on in you.

something you may didn't know about yourself.

until today...

because from now on, sweety,

you have a confidence complex


"from now on,

with each girl you pass your confidence drops"

perfect, sweety!

i thought you already knew it, honey!

but you see...

 you would NEVER stand a chance 

with any of them!!!

isn't it obvious?


"admire each one"

"jack off"


listen, honey.

you have to pay attention now.

it's important.

guys have an inner confidence

-coming straight from their testosterone- 

which gives them all the boost they need 

to hit on girls

and eventually fuck them.

girls on the other hand,

find all that confidence attractive and sexy

and eventually... irresistible.


we end up seeing weird couples,

where an average (or even an ugly) guy

ends up dating the hottest girl!

that's confidence, sweety!

a kind of magic...

well, guess what!

that's a guys' thing, baby!

and we may not be able to make you a girl,


we will surgically remove all the guys' things

that hold you back...


YOUR confidence

will be eliminated



"stare for 2 minutes each"

"jack off"

"wish you could date them"

did you like it?

listen to me, baby...

stroking your cock for a slutty girl is not bad.

it's normal.

you have urges, after all!

you may prefer a nice, big cock 

over a slutty girl,

but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to jack off for a sexy girl!

what is bad though,

is to think that you would ever 

stand a chance with her

what is bad,

is to think she would ever look at you

no, sweety

you must NOT be so sure 

of yourself



"jack off"

"start thinking 

how much better they are from you"

i hope 

you're starting to realize

what are you compared to them, baby...

and if not, then you should...

i'm sure 

it will give you a different perspective

when you look at a sexy girl.

and i know it's gonna help you see 

you have to be more "down to earth"

when it comes to females.

if i were you,

i would feel awe every time i saw such girl...

come on...

am i going too fast...?



"jack off"

"think of yourself being nothing next to them"


when we say "down to earth",

you know it's more like "down on the ground"


i mean that...

you have almost completed phase 2,

for crying out loud!

you have to see by now,

that a male like you would be like a bug,

in front of females like them, right?

just think of it for a second

and we 'll be back.

just try to compare their ultimate perfection

with your disgusting self.


"stay at each picture for 3 minutes"

"first focus on their heels"

"then on their legs"

"then on their ass"

"then on their breasts"

"then on their faces"

"then on their hair"


"jack off"



 see, honey?

can you see the difference now?

you have seen 120 girls by now.

and you're just getting started...

you have completed phase 2

that means 
you are starting to realize
how much better they are from you