Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt V

so we 're taking the next step, baby.

i have to tell you that we are doing great.

up until now,

we have learned how bad it is

to jack off for a girl's tits.

as well as

we have seen and understood, 

how filthy and unethical is this act

and how dirty it makes us look.

as a result,

we are on our way

towards becoming

more refined


and elegant

by now,

a) you must have seen 

how much "not human-like" it was

to stare at girl's breasts

like a pervert


b) you must be willing to change


i guess it's time we took the next step 

on this...



the next step will begin,

right from the point 

where the last part ended...

don't worry you pretty little head, honey.

just think of the last thing we said...


"focus on her deep cleavage"

"jack off"

"think of a big, fat cock"

"3 minutes"

did you do it, baby?

we'll see...


listen, honey.

this is very important.

so pay attention.

we have agreed that

staring at some girl's breasts like an animal

is a disgusting and filthy act.



that was the first part's goal.

to make you feel guilt every time you look

until you finally stop this nasty habit!


in this part though,

we will help you replace that habit!


"focus on her tits"

"jack off"

"think of a cock"

"3 minutes"

did you do it?

did you stare?

she's got a great rack, doesn't she?

i bet she would make any cock rock hard!



we have to admit it.

quitting an old habit is not an easy task.

it's nowhere near that!

especially such a strong one!


staring at girls' breasts is written in your DNA, sweety!


an effort to make you quit this habit

would be totally useless,

as this is what your male genes are programmed to do when they come up with a "nice rack"...

what we CAN do though...

is to simply replace this habit,

with a new one!!!



"jack off"

"think of a cock between them"

"3 minutes"


listen, baby.

feeling guilt 

every time you look at a girl's breasts

is utterly cute

and above all

it's the first attribute we need you to have

in order to show the proper respect

to the female kind,

which is our goal here.

you have to become shy and well mannered.


as far as this is concerned we're OK.


the thing is,

that despite this modification 

and due to your genetic code,

you will always be on the verge of looking!

you will always want to get a glimpse!

even of your potential Mistresses!!

and as you understand,

we do not want you to even think 

of getting hard for her tits,

as if you were some guy 

who just likes to look at a nice rack!



we will make sure

that staring at a nice rack

will instantly make you crave for cocks!


"focus on her tits"

"jack off"

"think of a big one"

"3 minutes"


you see, honey.

we can't have you

even think of getting hard for some poor girl

like a guy.

it's not nice...



"jack off"

"you know what to think..."

"3 minutes"



we will make sure

that even if you do stare

what you 'll really want

will be to suck a cock

and not

to fuck her or something!



"jack off"

"say: i love cocks"

"repeat 3 times"

that's it, baby.

don't be shy.

it's ok...


we are just replacing a bad habit

with a good one!

that's all!

there's nothing to worry about!


"focus on the tits"

"think of a cock"

"jack off"

"say: i love big cocks"

"repeat 5 times"

good boy...


it's just that

you didn't know how to treat this bad habit of yours, that's all.

i know it may seems difficult at first,

but you 'll get used to it, you 'll see!

the human brain is a very powerful tool.

it just needs its time!


"you know where to look at..."

"you know what to think..."

"4 minutes"


for example,

let me ask you.

if i hadn't tell you where to look 

and what to think...

wouldn't you do it either way?

just asking...


well let me answer this.

i think your eyes would instantly go to her cleavage either way.

(because of genetics)


your mind wouldn't go to a big fat cock

at the same time though.

(because of you)


that's a malfunction

we are going to fix.


"focus on her cleavage"

"jack off"

"think of a huge shaft"

"4 minutes"

did you do it this time?


that's what programming is all about, baby.

it's all about connecting certain stimulations

to certain visuals.

and what's more common than a girl's cleavage?

a stimulation that most men 

respond instantly.


1.first by focusing on it

2.then by visualizing an erotic concept

where it plays a central role

3.and last by becoming sexually charged 

can you see the connection

between the stimulation and the visual?


that's what we are going to break...

and instead,

if we replace the visual with a different one

then bang!

you are a new person!

just by changing one little detail in the second step!

everything else being absolutely the same!

it's so simple.

you see a certain stimulation

(let's say a big cleavage)

which triggers a visual

(let's say you sucking them)

we keep the stimulation

and we replace the visual 

with a different one

(let's say you sucking on a big cock)

what do we have?

you responding to a girl's big cleavage...

1.first by focusing on it

2.then by visualizing an erotic concept 

where it plays a minor role (or no role...)

3.and last by becoming sexually charged

you'll see...


"focus on her cleavage"

"visualize a concept 

where she teases a guy with it"

"now visualize 

the guy's cock getting hard"

"jack off"

"now visualize 

him stroking it for that girl"

"jack off harder"

"now visualize him cumming"

"5 minutes"

it wasn't so bad?

was it?

you saw that girl's boobs

and you got hard.

what's the problem?

you have reached step 60.

that means you are already accepting your reprogramming.

keep up.


the more you train your brain,

the better boy you'll become.

you are just replacing a bad habit 

with a good one.

you are realizing what is bad 

and what is good


"jack off"

"say: staring at big tits is a bad habit"

"repeat 3 times"



you just need training, dear.

that's all.

and that's what we've been doing here.

we are just training you.

so that you go out there

and act like a normal person

and not some kind of prehistoric man.


when a normal person sees a "hot" girl

he NEVER EVER has any sexual thoughts about her!

it's bad.

it's a bad habit...


"jack off"

"say: i have to quit bad habits"

"repeat 3 times"



in order to help you quit this bad habit,

we just replace it with the perfectly suitable

habit of staring at guys' cocks!

what do you say?


"jack off"


how much hotter it would be 

if it was a guy's cock there

instead of her"

"4 minutes"


quitting your bad habit

will help you become 

a respectful human being towards women,

with no weird cravings about them

and as for your new habit,

it's just a path towards the right direction.


"jack off"

"say: i respect women"

" repeat 4 times" 

good boy


you're doing perfect.

you are already learning to respect women.

your training goes smoothly.

"stare at her cleavage"

"think of a big fat cock"

"jack off"

"say: i love cocks"

"5 times"


see, honey

a cocksucker can be no harm to women.

he can't fuck them.

a cocksucker is well... a cocksucker!

he sucks cocks!

which means that 

even if he stares at them,

most probably he's just thinking about 

the next guy he's gonna suck...

which means that

even if he wanted to show any kind of disrespect to them,

most probably he would end up humiliated because of his...well, you know what...


"try to imagine you 

fucking her for 10 seconds"

"do not touch yourself"

"now imagine her 

sucking a real man"

"jack off"

"4 minutes"



the realization of your disability to do anything to a female,

will eventually free you from any kind of primitive urges that you may have.

all you have to do 

is think positive and embrace it.

it's not that hard.

it doesn't mean 

you're 100% homo or something.

you are just... NOT PRIMITIVE.

that's all!


"try to imagine her teasing you"

"now think of you staying soft"

"jack off"

"4 minutes"


the urges you may have when looking at a sexy girl,

have their roots deep in your psyche.

the next post is going to be exactly about that.

what needs to be said for now,

is that you need to realize

that there's nothing you can do to them,

no matter how bad you may want it.


you need to realize 

that staring at women's breasts

and eventually getting hard for them

is a primitive behavior

and thus must be stopped.

so for that reason 

you have to quit the bad habit

of staring at them like some kind of animal,

as it leads into a wrong path.

on the other hand,

the urges that you can have

are the ones you feel 

when you give in to your dirty desires

and you stare at men's cocks

like a slut or something.


"do not touch yourself"

"3 minutes"


having such a habit

will help you in many ways.

first in realizing how much sexier it is

to look at a bulge than to look at a cleavage

then in realizing how incapable you are

of ever doing anything to a Female

and as a result,

in realizing how inferior you are

towards that species


"say: i need to see a cock"

"jack off"

"repeat 5 times"


that's the key of seeing things clearly.

you have to set things straight.

and any misconceptions you may have 

must be fixed in your mind,

so that you become

a wonderful and respectful human being.


"say: i feel nothing but respect for her"

"jack off"

"repeat 5 times"


you have reached step 70.

that means 
you have accepted the need to change.
keep up.


saying things out loud 

helps you embrace them.

don't be afraid to do so.

think about what you are saying.

it is going to help you realize many things.


"say: i don't like her tits"



"say:i'm not a tits man" 



"say: i'm not supposed to look"



"say: big tits are for real men"



"say: i'm not a real man"



"say: i would never do anything to her"



"say: i can't get hard for her"



"say: no matter how hot a girl is, i need to see a cock to get excited"



"say: big tits do not control my libido"



"say: cocks control me"

did you do it?


you have reached step 80.

that means you have realized many things about yourself.

keep up.


listen, hun.

we are 20 steps away from the end.

this exercise was the first part

of a 3-steps process

targeted directly to your subconscious,

helping you to rearrange some things in your brain about female breasts, 

which are the number one turn-on of men.

this process though,

is a part of a bigger modification program,

which aims in turning you into a respectful

human being towards women,

or in other words,

draining you of any kind of male ego 

that may be left in you.

so, baby doll.
i think by now,
you have no problem admitting that
you'd prefer to see a huge cock
instead of a pair of big tits, right?


but still,
we have to ensure that you always think like that no matter what.

we don't want you to have any weird urges.

can you imagine yourself having a hardon 
for your Mistress?

can you think about it?

so, honey.

being a cocksucker is not enough.

you 've got to have discipline.

which means that
even if a girl's cleavage 
means nothing to you,
that doesn't mean 
you can go on and stare like an ape!


self discipline is very important here.

you can go on and act like a crazy bitch
when you see a man's cock,
but when you see a cleavage
you have to have self discipline.

that's why
we are going to work on that now.

you are going to learn 
to look a girl in the eyes.

at all times.


"keep eye contact for 2 minutes"


"keep eye contact for 3 minutes"


"eye contact"

"4 minutes"


"eye contact"

"4 minutes"


"look at the two girls in the eyes"

"do not lose eye contact"

"4 minutes"


how are you doin?


i know it may be hard at times,

but it's absolutely rewarding when it ends.


you show to yourself

that you are not some kind of animal,

who can't control its urges.

on the contrary,

you show self control and discipline,

but most of all...


that's one big step for you.

keep up.

"focus on her fake eyelashes 

for 3 minutes"


perfect, sweety.

you're doing great.


women's breasts 

won't have any effect on you.

"focus on her eyes for 4 minutes"


and you'll be totally freed 

of your primitive urges.

ready to have 

any kind of relationship with a girl.

her friend or whatever...

"focus on her smile for 4 minutes"


self discipline is the key.

a self disciplined cock-hungry slut,

is the perfect match for any kind of girl.

"keep eye contact"

"4 minutes"


a slutty cock-hungry doll,

who cares more for the girl's eyelashes, mascara or lipgloss,

than for her bra size.

"focus on her eyelashes 

for 5 minutes"

you have reached step 90.

that means you are on your way of becoming a cute, respectful doll 

when it comes to a woman's cleavage.

keep up.


we are almost there, honey.

so it's about time 
to ask yourself some questions.

after all these,
can you look a girl in the eyes,
without staring at her cleavage like an ape?

"look at her for 5 minutes"



can you stay away from looking at a girl's cleavage, even if there's nowhere else to look?

"focus on her smile for 5 minutes"



can you avoid looking at a girl's cleavage even if she's showing it to you?

"focus on her glasses for 5 minutes"



can you avoid looking at a girl's cleavage, even if she can't see you?

"focus on her watch for 5 minutes"



can you see a total slut like your friend?

"focus on her eyes for 5 minutes"



can you have a purely platonic relationship with a big titted slut?

"focus on her eyes for 5 minutes"



can you spend a night at your slutty friend's house,

doing all kinds of girly stuff,

without having even the slightest hardon?

"focus on her phone for 5 minutes"



can you go out with a slutty dressed girl

who's comin on to you,

and NOT notice her cleavage 

to the point of making her feel bad?

"focus on her eyes for 5 minutes"



can you visualize yourself

as a big titted woman's sissified slave-boi?

"focus on her eyes for 5 minutes"



can you go out and start looking for a Mistress?


"look anywhere you want"

"think whatever you want"

"5 minutes"