Flashlight (1 of 3)

Author: Shiny Pink

2 years ago...

“Just get the fuck out of here, man!! I told you! You should have never fucked her in the first place!! Now it’s your problem!! I don’t have a choice, man!! I’m telling Anne.”

“How can you say that, man??? After all we’ve been through!!!”

“Listen, Brad. You’re my best friend. You know this. We’ve known each other since we were freshmen at Yale. But this is different, man. Anne is my sister. And I’m sorry man, but she comes first.”

“What are you talkin about, man? We are friends!! And that’s what friends are for! They stick to each other!!!”

“Sorry, Brad, but I’ll have to ask you to get out of my office, now!”


“It’s over, man!!! You fucked a student behind my sister’s back!! What do you want now??? We are Professors, Brad!! Remember?? You are not supposed to fuck students! And you are not supposed to cheat on my sister!!!! So get the fuck out of here!!!!”

“If you tell the Board they’re gonna have me fired and you know it!! Can you live with such a burden on your shoulders??”

“It’s not my burden, Brad. It’s YOUR problem. And you should have thought about it before you fuck that girl!!! Now get out!!!”

“I can’t leave, John!! I can’t!!! It’s my life we’re talkin about!! I have a name!! I have a Chair in Neuropsychology for crying out loud! Can you at least respect that?”

“Brad, I’m telling you. It’s the last time. Please step out or I’m calling security.”

“John please. It’s a mistake, I admit it! We have both families here. And we both know what it is to be with the same person for so many years! You know what I’m talkin about, don’t you? You know it’s not a big deal!! Come on, man!!!

“No I don’t, Brad. We are not the same. And don’t you ever talk about my wife again!!”

“Relax, man! What’s wrong with you?? I’ve known you and Kate for years. And you know how much I love both of you. But it’s just us now! You can’t be any different than all the other married couples in the world, right? I’m sure sex can’t be THAT good!! But it’s ok! I feel you. That’s what I’m talkin about! That’s why I did what I did!! It means nothing, man!! It was just the feeling of a younger skin, you know?? Aren’t there times that you wish you would tear a young girl’s ass apart???”

“Are you talkin about Anne??? Are you..?? Are you insane??? I mean... that’s it, fucker! I’m calling security. You’re goin’ in for a long time.”

“What??? No!! Please!! No!! Don’t dial!!!”

“Yes, please! Security there? I would like to report....”

“Look at the flashlight... John”

“I would like...”

“Yes, John. Look at the light...”

“I would...”

“Look at it, John and relax..”

“I would...”

“That’s it, John. Keep staring...”

“That’s ok, John. Tell them you dialed the wrong number...”

“That’s ok...”


“I’m sorry... it seems... I dialed the wrong number...”

“That’s it, John. Now hung up the phone...”

“That’s better.”

“In fact, it seems you HAVE dialed the wrong number... am I right?”


“The person you wanted to call was Kate, right?”


“Well, that’s ok. You can call her now. I don’t mind. I can wait. After all, you’ve been telling me that you wanted her to come over here, for the last hour.”

“That’s ok, go on. Call her!”


“Look at the light, John...”

“That’s it...”

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

“It’s just us...”

“Didn’t you want to call Kate and tell her to come at your office?”


“Well... yes...”

“Well then?”

“I don’t know... I feel kinda...”

“You feel kinda relaxed...”

“Well yeah..., but...”

“There’s no “but”, Johnny.”

“You are with your friend whom you trust more than anyone in the world..”

“Well yeah...”

“Don’t you trust me more than anyone in the world, John?”

“Well yes...”

“Don’t you trust me even more than Kate?”



“Well, yeah...”

“So, what is the problem? Call her...”


“Katie? Would you please come by my office for a moment?”

“No. No. Everything’s fine. I just wanted to see you for no reason.”

“Ok. I’ll be expecting you..”

“That’s perfect, John. Just keep staring at the flashlight.”

“I’m sure she’ll be here in no time. Her department is right next to ours.”


“You know what this is, John?”


“That’s our most secret product, my friend.”

“As you can see, there are certain moral implications regarding it’s use and so for now it stays in the lab!”

“But that doesn’t mean it’s not working...”

“What are you doing to me....”

“What is that...”

“Well, that is a flashlight. Don’t you see?”

“What are...”

“Well, ok...”

“That is a flashlight with a ray that numbs the cognitive system of your brain, enabling anyone to rearrange the function of its neurotransmitters. In other words, that ray helps me rewrite anything I want in your unconscious mind.”

“Don’t you think that some things need to be rewritten, John?”

“I will not...”

“Look at the light, John. It’s me. You trust me more than your wife. Remember?”


“So, when I say that some things need to be rewritten, you agree. Don’t you?”

“If you say so..”

“Of course I do. And in your wife as well, hah?”


“I’m your friend, man. You know that. But I couldn’t let you ruin my career. And my life!!”


“I fucked a slut, John!! So what???”

“Who was I hurting???”

“Your sister would never know!!”

“And you...”

“Of all people, I expected my best friend to understand..”

“Don’t we all have needs, John?”

“Don’t you ever fantasize about sticking your cock to a nice, tight pussy??”

“Answer me, man...”



“No... I don’t... I...”

“Who do you think you are, John?”

“I thought we were best friends?”

“You think you’re better than me?”

“Is that it, fucker?”

“You come here, playing the hotshot Professor, acting like the perfect husband, with the perfect wife and the perfect marriage???”

“Is that it, John??”

“And when your friend confess to you about his mistake, you condemn him?”

“Treat him like a piece of shit?”

“Trying to ruin his life and put him in jail??”

“Is that it, John?”

“Am I wrong??”

“Well, I’m gonna teach you a lesson, Johnny boy.”

“You should gain a little perspective.”

“Mr Perfect my ass...”

“Oh hello, Kate!!! How are you?”

“Hello, Brad. How’s Anne?”

“Anne’s perfect, Katie. I was just telling John.”

“What happened, sweetie? Is there something wrong? You seem a little distracted.”

“Oh, Katie. I want your opinion on this. Can you look at it for a moment?"”

“What do you....”

“That’s it, Katie. Look at the light.”

“Everything’s perfect, dear. Just go over there and sit next to your husband.”

“That’s better.”

“So, here we are! The three of us!”

“Before we begin. John, be a good boy and lock the door.”

“Thank you.”


“Look at you two..”

“The Stevens family.”

“You look so... perfect, hah?”

“John, please answer me. And you have to tell me the truth.”

“Do you think you have the perfect family?”



“You think you have the perfect wife?”

“And you are the perfect husband?”


“Would you ever cheat on Kate?”


“Even if you had a 19 year old hottie begging for your cock?”


“Big titties, tight ass?”



“And you, Kate?”

“Let’s say you could have a one night thing with the hottest stud you can imagine. Just hot sex. No strings attached. Just you and the stud, blow off some steam. John would never know. Would you take it?”


“I want the truth!”

“No. I would never cheat on John.”

“What are you people?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“You think you’re better?”

“You think others love their significant other less than you?”

“John, you think I love Anne less than you love Kate?”


“You son of a bitch.”

“Kate, what’s your opinion?”

“I agree...”

“You think you are better than us?”



“You fuckers.”

“From your wife I could take it. But from you! You pathetic little dog?”

“You were my best friend, you little weasel!!”

“Kate. I have to tell you something. About a week ago, I fucked the brains out of one of my students.”

“Would you tell, Anne?”

“I want the truth.”


“Would you tell the University knowing that I would get fired?”


“And what about me, Kate?”

“Wouldn’t you think about me?”


“OK fuckers. That’s it.”

“As you understand I can’t have you get me fired. Don’t you agree?”

“I admit it. At first I thought you were going to be supportive. I really did.”

“But then again. What can you say?”

“You believe what you believe.”

“I aint gonna change that.”

“You both look at the light, right?”

“Well. You remember your friend has a chair in Neuropsychology, right?”

“That means years of funding from research institutes.”

“And years of experiments.”


“You know that with that thingie I can put anything I want in your pathetic little perfect brain?”

“I thought so..”

“These things doesn’t exist, hah?”

“Well, Kate. You are a doctor! Haven’t you heard about new inventions?”

“Groundbreaking stuff?”

“Well. Let me make it simple.”

“Johnny boy. If I wanted. Right now. I could make you have a crush on Amy.”

“Yeah. That’s her name.”

“And I could make you have the biggest crush anyone has ever experienced.”

“I could have you leave your wife, your kid. Just to prove her that you love HER.”

“I could have you begging her for a chance to kiss her feet.”

“I could have you fired because of that.”

“I could do anything I want, fucker.”

“I could have you going after even younger girls.”

“Girls that would make Amy seem like their mother!”

“You son of a bitch!”

“What would you do then, hah?”

“As for your fucking wife. I could give her a fetish or two.”

“I’m thinking about gangbangs and perhaps being raped? I don’t know. It sounds interesting!”

“What do you say??”

“But no, fuckers!”

“I won’t do any of these.”

“I will be nice...”

“See, I don’t want to break this beautiful relationship of my best friends.”

“Or raise any suspicion..”

“Look at the light and listen to me, both of you.”

“John, are you with me?”




“Well, this is a very important moment in your lives.”

“I have news that may devastate you.”

“But we all have to be strong.”

“You have to remember that no matter how shocking it may sound at first, you have to think positive.”

“There is a solution to the problem and that’s what matters!”


“So, John. Telling you about my secret affair with Amy wasn’t the only thing I came here to tell you today.”

“In fact, that was the minor thing.”

“See. Your results came out from the medical tests we had last week...”

“I want you both to remember that we will be together in this.”

“I will be here for you.”

“I don’t know how to tell you this, man...”

“Well, I’m gonna say it.”

“John. I’m sorry to tell you this but...”

“The results showed that you have a pathogenic bacteria which has caused a bacterial infection. Both you and your wife...”

“We have never seen anything like this in the past, but it seems to be a disease of the genitals.”

“Tests showed that it has drastically changed the physiology of your sperm cells.”

“To put it simple, your semen has become toxic...”

“In fact, you have to think of it as a poisson that has destroyed your genital area and is ready to spread in the whole body.”

“We will never let it happen though, as that could cause.... well... ok...”

“Given that your disease is highly transmitted, we are 100% sure that Kate has been infected too...”

“In your case, your infected sperm cells have caused damages in your reproductive system that unfortunately can not be reversed.”

“Even if we begun treatments today, in the following weeks you will experience a massive shrinkage of your testicles and a significant decrease in the size of your penis.”

“According to our estimates, your testicles will be about 5% of what they are today and your penis will be about 1 inch when aroused.”

“Listen to me. I am not gonna hide from you.”

“I love you both and you know it.”

“But things here are very serious.”

“The disease is fatal.”

“And the worst part is that we haven’t find a cure yet.”

“We can’t change the physiology of John’s sperm cells and we don’t know a way to eliminate the infected bacteria that are spreading to your bodies.”

“Well, John’s genitalia will be destroyed but what is important now is to save your lives.” FLASHLIGHT OFF.


“What are you talkin about, Brad???”

“How could this happen to me????”

“I don’t believe it!!!”

“I don’t want to die!”

“I love my life!!”

“Well.. I don’t know how to say this...”

“I have good news and bad news here...”

“The good news is that the drug that has to be administered in order to keep the infection in the lowest levels can be found everywhere and at a very low cost.”

“The bad news is that it may have moral implications...”

“What are you talkin about???”

“Moral implications???”

“What do you mean???”

“Well... listen. I know it’s hard for all of us.”

“But look at the bright side! We have a solution here! OK, it’s not a final solution but still!! It’s the only way to fight that thing!”

“What is it, Brad? We’ll do whatever it takes.” said Kate.

“Well. Listen.”

“John’s sperm cells have become toxic. This is what we know for sure. So, both of you are infected with toxic bacteria (i.e: John’s sperm cells), that threaten your whole bodies.”

“What seems to be the best treatment in that situation is to start administering you with non infected sperm cells. Our tests clearly showed that the non infected sperm cells seem to drastically alter the physiology of John’s toxic cells, refrain them from spreading to the rest of your bodies.”

“Our estimates showed that 10cc of sperm administered on a week basis is enough to keep the disease in non life-threatening levels.”

“Is that it?”

“Pretty much yes...”

“What are you talkin about, Brad??????”

“Are you insane??”

“I mean!!”

“What are you saying?????”



“What is this????”

“Is this a joke or something????”

“It’s hard for all of us, John...”

“What are you talkin about???”

“And what are we supposed to do now?”

“Steal a sperm bank and start administering it to us???”

“I’m sorry, John... I should have been more specific.”


“The sperm cells have to be alive when administered...”

“In fact, right after ejaculation sperm cells start dying.”

“A few minutes after the ejaculation, there won’t be anything left.”

“It sounds... I know. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say.”


“So, what are you saying fucker????”

“How are we gonna find alive sperm every week?????”

“You have to give me those tests!!!”

“I don’t believe you!!!”

“We’ll go to as many doctors as possible!!!”

“I don’t believe anything you say!!!!”

“Neither do I, Brad!”

“I’m sorry but I’m a doctor too.”

“And there’s got to be another way.”

“I think your solution is at least childish. And offensive!!!!”

“It’s hard for all of us. But we can’t do anything else. I’m so sorry.”

“Well don’t be!! Just give me the fucking tests and I’ll go!!!”

“You’d better sit down, John.”

“No, I won’t sit down! Just give me the fucking tests NOW!!”

“In fact, sit down and just look at the light, John...”

“Both of you..”

“That’s better...”


“Listen to me...”

“I know it’s hard for you.”

“But you both know there is no other way.”

“Every week you both have to receive 10cc of sperm or you’ll die!”

“It’s devastating... but acceptable!”

“You have no intention of challenging my specialty on this.”

“For you there’s not even a 0.00001% possibility that I have made a mistake.”

“It’s a fact.”

“But. You love each other so much that you are willing to do whatever it takes to survive.”

“So, let me tell you how this is going to work.”

“You will both treat this situation as a disease and nothing more.”

“Today you found out you both suffer from a disease that can prove fatal.”

“Although the good news were that as long as you keep getting your drug you will never feel anything.”

“You will feel and live an otherwise perfectly normal life.”

“You will try to make it part of your new life.”

“You will treat it as if you were diabetic and you had to take your pills. It’s just that this drug is fluid.”

“So. Now that we have agreed on this let me tell you some things about the drug...”

“As we all know the drug is originally produced via a male’s reproductive organ.”

“The good news here is that half the world’s population produces it!”

“So, in other words, you will never fall short of that!”

“The bad news is that you have to find a source.”

“Well, listen. Kate’s part on this is of utmost importance for your survival.”

“She has done it before. She has easier access to the source. And it’s more... you know, normal.”

“For those reasons you will both realize that Kate has to do what needs to be done.”

“Remember. You will always think of it as part of the treatment for your infection.”

“So, 10cc is the average amount of semen that a male produces during each ejaculation.”

“That means 2 things. First, that if Kate delivers the sperm to the family, she will have to try twice as much so that the guy ejaculates at least 2 times. One for her dosage and one for John.”

“Secondly, I said -the average guy—. That means you can always search for males who produce in the high end of the spectrum. Research has shown that the amount of semen is correlated to a male’s size. So, in my opinion Kate ideally should be looking for bigger males with larger than average testicles, in order to avoid the second ejaculation.”

“Now. About John.”

“Unfortunately, as I said, the sperm cells have to be alive. The more the better. Ideally, he would have to get the drug right from its source.”

“I know the moral implications would be extensive, although you will both accept that way as the proper one and everything else as a substitute.”

“So, in case you choose the substitute (by the way, it’s totally up to you), there are also 2 things that you must have in mind.”

“First, since you don’t get it right when it is produced, millions of cells die each second that passes. So, in that case you will need at least 15cc in order to have the same results.”

“And secondly, the maximum it takes for Kate to pass you the drug is approximately 5 minutes. So, if you are not in the same area, where the drug is being processed, you have to be no more than 5 minutes away from the source.”

“So, do you have any questions?” FLASHLIGHT IS OFF.

“Oh my God.”

“I can’t believe what happened to us...”

“I can’t even think of Katie with another man...”

“Neither do I, honey, but you know it means nothing to me.”

“You know how much I love you.”

“And nothing will take it from us.”

“It’s just what we have to do, honey.”

“It has nothing to do with our love.”

“But I’ve known you since college, damn it. I am the only man you have ever slept with! I can’t stand it. I can not do this!!”

“That’s ok, honey. You know you don’t believe that.”

“We have to fight this, baby.”

“And we have to take our drugs!”

“We will get through this, no matter what!!”

“We will win this, baby!”

“And what about me, Kate?”

“You heard him! My testicles are about to be 5% of their size and my penis will be 1 inch. Erect!!! What am I going to do, Kate???”

“You know I don’t love you for that. And you know what really matters to me. Don’t you?”

“I love you for who you are, John! Not for the size of your penis!”

“But how am I going to live like this, Katie?”

“What kind of life would be that?”

“Having you every week taking all that... from all these big... while I am... I can’t even think about it, Kate!”

“Focus, John!”

“It’s the drug we want! Nothing else!”

“I will go, take it and leave!”

“And I will hate every fucking minute of it!”

“Hate it with all my heart!”

“Know that!”

“I love YOU, John!”

“Nobody else!!”

“And that thing I have to do. Those minutes. I will be crying inside. Disgusted by the mere thought of what I do. Of what I see in front of me.”

“But I will do it, baby! For you! For us!!”

“Well, let me interrupt you for a second.”

“Can you please look at the light?”


“So, about the disgust thing...”

“I’m sorry Kate, but can I ask you which is your favorite flavor?”

“I mean, is there something you eat, that just the thought of it makes you drool in anticipation? Perhaps a cake, an icing. I don’t know.. Something that you crave. That there’s no way to resist. You get the idea. Is there?”

“Vanilla buttercream frosting...”


“Well, you don’t know that yet, but once you taste your first semen from another guy, you will realize it tastes like vanilla buttercream frosting.”

“Once you find out, you will not share that information with John, as that could kill him, but you won’t deny it to yourself.”

“Remember. You will still feel terrible for what you do, but unfortunately for you, the taste of it will be crushing your whole essence.”

“You can continue, by the way.” FLASHLIGHT OS OFF.

“You know how much I love you, baby. Believe me. There won’t be a single day that I don’t feel disgusted by it.” Brad smirks.

“And what about me, Kate??”

“What am I going to do????”

“How could I ever do what the doctor said???”



“In my mouth???”

“Every week????”

“I just can’t, Kate!!!!”

“John!!! Get a grip!!! Focus!!! We have to fight!! Remember???”

“There’s no easy path here!!”

“I will give it to you!”

““But it’s a man’s semen, Kate!!!!”

“Just the thought of it makes me throw up!!!”

“I’m not gay, Kate!!!”

“I know you are not, John!!!!!”

“Just focus to the real problem, baby!!!!”

“We both know how much of a man you are, baby!!!!”

“And we both know how disgusting this is!”

“But we have to do this!!”

“I will make it as easy as I can for you, baby!!”

“You know how much I love you!!”

“I would never let you feel uncomfortable!!!”

“I will protect you, baby!!”

“I really am.”

“You will never see anything other than your drug, baby!”


“I know how this must feel for you!!!”

“But you have to believe me!!”

“You will never ever feel or think that you’re doing something that a gay would do!”


“You are my man, John!!”

“You have to remember that!!”

“You are my one and only man!!!”

“So, don’t you ever say these things again!!”

“I’m sorry to interrupt again.”

“Can you please focus on the light?”

“Oh, that’s better...”


“About that last part.”


“You love your husband so damn much.”

“And that’s why you’ll be so supportive to him!”

“But not in the way you just said.”


“You will be all the more supportive to help John get over his homophobic attitude.”

“You will try and help him get over his fears about the homosexual aspects of your treatments.”

“You will not deny it.”

“Instead, you will help him embrace it and feel totally comfortable with it.”

“I know it won’t be easy, but you’ll do your best to ensure that it happens.”



“The problem is not really a problem if he could just get over his attitude towards gay acts.”

“Don’t you agree?”


“So, the real solution here lies in making him comfortable with those acts.”

“Right, Katie?”


“As for you, John.”

“Despite your protests, you will always remember how much Kate loves you and how she would never do anything to make you feel bad.”



“Kate, you’ll be supportive to your beloved husband.”

“This is just a treatment for a fatal disease and nothing more.”

“And as the only source of your drug is a male’s cock, John has to get over it.”

“You should make him get past his gay fears.”



“Be supportive means you never hide it from him!”



“That’s my girl!”

“Do not hesitate then!”

“Talk with him openly about the guys whom seed you both swallow.”

“Talk about size, girth, anything!”

“You have to make him start feeling comfortable talking about these things.”

“After all, these don’t make him gay.”

“It’s all about the treatments.”

“It’s important to share information, Katie.”

“You see it as an experience that brings you closer with him.”



“Talking about these things make you feel warmer. It gives you hope that you can be together in this and win.”

“Can you feel it?”


“Let’s say that you sucked a cock so good that the guy almost made you choke to death. Well, that’s an experience that you’d love to share with him. Ask him what you had to do. Laugh about it. Feel free to express your inner cravings about that cock.”

“Anything you share brings you closer to him.”

“Gives you the strength to carry on.”

“OK, Katie?”


“And you know that your part is crucial, don’t you?”


“This is YOUR WORLD and John has to cross over and do something that he would NEVER DO if it weren’t for your fucked up situation.”

“That means he’s got to learn., baby!”

“There should be no hiding here!!”

“So, you’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Sperm, testicles, penis, all these things that YOU are comfortable with, have to become equally acceptable to him too.”



“It’s your job! Your duty!”

“Do you understand?”


“We can’t have him be afraid of them.”

“And we don’t have time to spare. So, right from day one! You said you would keep him away from the source?? No fucking way! That would be catastrophic for him!”

“You understand now, right?”


“Keeping him away? We have to do the exact opposite, babe!”

“Talk to him about your partners. Have him meet them. Talk to them. Do not even be afraid to talk freely about your sexual intercourses with them while he’s right there with you!”

“And if they’re good at it, then praise them!”

“In front of him!”

“Having a guy with big balls, huge cock etc is good for both of you, as it means more medicine!”

“It’s a good thing, honey!”

“You’ll have to make him see it!”



“And if he protests, show him how wrong he is!”

“Do not be afraid to even be harsh on him if you have to.”

“Remind him of his tiny dick and his toxic sperm!”

“Remind him that it’s HIS FAULT!”

“Remind him that if you ever decided to stop bringing the sperm he would certainly die!”



“So, do not even think about keeping him away of anything!”

“John HAS to be right there!”

“And the only way to administer the drug to him is mouth to mouth, of course!”

“I guess it’s called snowballing.”

“Google it together someday so that you learn more about it.”

“OK, baby?”


“There’s no other way for you to give it to him.”

“He should learn, Katie!!”

“He should be comfortable with these things!”

“It’s your lives we’re talking about here!”

“He HAS to be comfortable with the texture, the feel, the flavor, even the position he has to take!”

“Have him wait on all fours in order to get his share.”

“Have him play it in his mouth before he swallows!”



“After all, he HAS to be able to take his drug all by himself one day.”

“Isn’t it so?”


“Well, that is YOUR JOB, babe!!”

“Don’t you agree?”


“I will help you, baby!!!”

“You know I will!!!”

“You will never feel bad about it!!”

“I will never ever let it happen to you!!!”

“You are my one and only man, baby!!!”

“And having to swallow another man’s semen doesn’t make you gay, sweety.”

“We’ll do it together, baby!”

“I will teach you!”

“And everything is gonna be OK!”

“Mark my words, honey!”

“One day you will not need my help to have your sperm!”

“It’s hard for both of us, baby.”

“But we will win this.”

“I know it feels even weirder for you.”

“But trust me, you’ll get used to it.”

“It feels all sticky in your mouth at first and you may find it hard to take it down, but I’ll be there for you, baby.”

“I really am!”

“I love you so damn much...”

“I know how much you love me, Kate.”

“But how... I mean how on earth am I going to swallow another man’s sperm?”

“I’m not fucking gay, Kate!!”

“I know you’re not, honey.”

“But don’t think about it this way, my love!”

“So, what if you were??”

“I am here for you, baby.”

“You don’t have to think of anything else.”

“I really understand your fears. But I’m here to help you get over them!!”

“What would I do without you, Kate?”

“I love you so much...”

“I love you too, baby. Stop crying...”

“My manhood is gone, Kate...”

“What am I going to do?”

“I like women, Kate.”

“I like you.”

“I want YOUR juices, Kate! Not some other guy’s!!!!”

“How will I ever live like this??”

“I will give them to you, baby.” she whispers in his ear.

“Every night. You will lick them every single night.”

“Believe me honey. You will never think about some filthy guy’s disgusting taste.”


“You have my word, baby.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Can you look at the light for a moment please?”

“Thank you.”

“Do you have my attention now?”


“Well, I have to tell you guys, I’m so touched with your confessions that I almost cried.”

“If only they were true...”

“John. May I ask you which is your favorite flavor in the world?”

“You know. Like I asked Katie. Do you have any flavor that just the mere thought of it can have you drooling in anticipation? You know. Wet your mouth just by saying it?”


“And what is that, John?”

“Pineapple Cupcake with Brown Sugar Buttercream.”

“Thank you.”

“And which is your worst flavor ever?”

“You have one?”

“You know. Anything that make you wanna throw up just for bringing it up?”


“And what is that, John?”

“Black Licorice.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, listen to me now, Johnny.”

“I was really moved by all the things you just said there.”

“And I hope it goes exactly as you said.”


“You don’t know it yet, as you haven’t tasted a man’s seed before.”

“But. Once you do, you will realize it tastes like Pineapple Cupcake with Brown Sugar Buttercream..”

“And unfortunately for you, you will realize that your wife’s juices taste like Black Licorice...”

“So, I really wish you overcome that thing and not let it change your attitude towards the one side or the other...” FLASHLIGHT IS OFF.


“Do you have any other thing that you want to ask me?”

“I... I don’t know, Brad...”

“I mean... it’s so much...”

“We both need time to absorb them...”

“But we are fighters!” says Kate while grabbing her husband’s hand.

“Yes we are.” says John.

“I know you are. And I’m so proud of you.”

“Noone in the whole world will ever have what we have.” says John. Brad looks at him.

“One last thing though, doctor.” says Kate.

“I know it’s weird and kinda inappropriate to ask, but we still have to know.”

“Please, Kate, go on.”

“What about our .... you know... sexual life...”

“I mean...”

“What are we allowed to... you know... do..?” Brad looks at John, thinking about his last comment.

“Didn’t I mention that?”

“I’m so sorry.”

“I thought you understand.”

“Well, you sure know how to ask tough questions, Katie.” says with a grin on his face.


“I don’t know how to say this...”


“The truth is that..”

“You’ll have no sexual life.”

“Ever again...”


“Please, let me finish...”

“The thing is that until we find a cure for your infection, both your genitalia are infected.”

“As I said, we can’t save John’s, but at least we can save Kate’s.”

“You have to understand here, people, that John’s genitals are full of bacteria.”

“You know what this means?”

“This means that his sperm is extremely toxic.”

“And as you can understand we’ll have to keep it as far as we can from Kate’s genitalia, which seem to be fully functional.”





“Let me finish here, John!!!”

“BUT WHA..???”

“So, I was saying that when it comes to you two, there will never be sex again in the way.”

“Sex between you two equals infections, bacteria, pain and eventually death.”

“WHAT ARE YOU TAL....????”

“I’m sorry Kate. But let me finish this.”

“I know how it sounds but it gets worse...”

“Once per week, right after you give him his dosage of sperm, you’ll have to do one more thing..”

“Oh shit, it’s so hard, even for me...”


“As I said, John’s sperm is toxic.”

“An what we want here is to replace John’s toxic sperm with the donor’s healthy one.”

“For that reason, you’ll have to drain him of his toxic sperm.”

“And unfortunately, the only way to do that is by milking his penis.”



“Since it’s a very, very complicating and dangerous process, you will have to make sure that nothing gets in touch with the poisonous sperm.”

“Medical gloves is a must in this case for the milking process, as well as a place for the poisson to exit.”



“Just look at the light please. Both of you..”

“That’s better...”


“Pay attention...”

“What I said it’s the only truth.”

“It’s hard. And ugly. But it’s the truth.”

“You will never criticize my judgement!”


“In fact, as of this moment when I talk to you, you will have the critical ability of a 15 year old.” FLASHLIGHT IS OFF.

“So, ok?”


“I mean, how are we going to do this, doctor?”

“I know it’s going to be weird for John, Kate, but there’s no other way.”

“I wish there was.”

“But, see.. the poisson must get out.”

“So, after you both get full of antibodies, through the donor’s sperm, you will empty John of his poisson, so that we ensure that it doesn’t spread to his whole body.”

“I see...”

“In that case, you do not have any problem. As long as you get your sperm you will be perfectly fine. John is the one who has to be milked after her gets his dosage.”

“Oh, okay...”

“Are we clear, John?”

“Yes, doctor...”

“I’m sorry, man. It’s the only way...”

“I know, Brad. You don’t have to say you’re sorry.”

“See, man, we have to take your toxic sperm out and put in you some healthy one.”

“Fuck, it’s unbelievable.”

“I love you so much, baby.”

“Don’t look at me with those eyes..”

“Remember what we said???”

“We’re gonna get through this!!!”

“You know I’ll be waiting for you!!”

“For as long as it takes!!!”

“I will never let anyone get in our way.”

“You know me, baby.”

“So, this time you have to trust me.”

“I am strong, baby!”

“I will do whatever it takes to get that fucking sperm to both of us.”

“And I will never let anyone take advantage of this!”

“We both know I get what I want, baby.”

“So I will get the fucking sperm.”


“I love you so much, baby..”

“We will win this!!”

“I want you to say it!”

“I know, baby...”

“I said, SAY IT!!!”

“Oh don’t make me do this.”

“SAY IT!!”

“We will win this.”









“I love you so damn much, baby..”




“SAY IT!!!!”

“We will win this..”


“We will win thIs!!”





“That’s the spirit, Kate!”

“I’m so proud for both of you.”

“Well done!”

“Thank you, Brad!! I really believe it, you know?”

“There’s something in me that says that we’re gonna get through this!!”

“I know, dear...”

“I’m proud of you..”

“Although I need you to look at the light for a moment...”


“You are a strong, confident woman, Kate.”

“I like that in you.”

“After all, if you weren’t you wouldn’t have this career.”

“I want you to know that I admire you for the strength of your character.”

“You say something and you do it.”

“There’s no fear. Nothing.”

“Although I want you to listen to me, Katie.”

“Despite all that inner strength of yours, as of tomorrow you will start realizing that this is different.”

“You will start having doubts whether you have what it takes to win this.”

“And these doubts will start having effects on your decisions.”

“You already felt something inside you, just as I told you the news.”

“A fear.”

“Well, this fear will become bigger.”

“What you and John have is very serious.”

“If you don’t take your drug you will die.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“You may say that you are strong and confident that everything is going to be ok, but soon you’ll realize that you are not.”

“OK, Katie?”


“Every day that goes by, will find you less and less strong. Less and less confident.”

“In time your fears will overpower you.”

“And you will realize that you don’t have the upper hand in your relationships with the donors.”

“Your uncontrollable fear that the guys you meet, may not want to give you their sperm, will make you all the more needy.”



“And by more needy I mean that in time you will start acting more like a junkie who is willing to do anything, just to get her next dosage.”



“Of course you will do whatever you can to hide it from your husband, as that would crush him and you don’t want that. See, you love your husband more than anything in the world and you don’t want him to realize what they do to you for your dosage.”

“And as for your relationship with John...”

“Your soon to be irrational fear will have an effect on your relationship with him as well..”

“Your fear of death will have its roots in your husband’s cock, honey.”

“The mere thought of his cock will make you shiver.”

“Soon you will realize that it would be better if you could keep it caged, so that you ensure nothing dangerous happens.”

“A chastity device would be something, so that you don’t die of fear.”

“And I’m sure in time, as your fears become more and more prevalent in your actions, sleeping in different beds with your husband, would not be totally out of question.”



“In time and as your uncontrollable fears take control, John’s cock will be visually attached to the sight of death, while any other man’s, will be to the sight of life.”



“As for you, John...”

“You love your wife more than anything.”

“And even if it’s obvious sometimes, that she’s overreacting in some things, you will not do anything to hurt her feelings.”

“You may protest a little, but it is going to be in a nice and respectful way.”

“It is you, after all, who brought the problem in the first place.”

“It’s totally understandable to feel guilt about it.”

“And that means that whatever your wife asks for you to do, to overcome her fears, you will do it.”

“See, deep down you will know that if she doesn’t bring you the (otherwise delicious) sperm, you will both have a problem.”

“Right, John?”


“But more importantly, John, as your genitalia shrink, so will your confidence.”

“The more they shrink, the less of a man you will think of yourself.”



“And of course, the easier it would be to do as your wife tells you regarding your treatments...”

“Kate, you know how important it is to get your sperm.”

“So if you have to push it to the limits that’s acceptable.”

“After all, John can not protest much.”

“If you have to suck 10 guys so that you ensure you have all the healthy sperm you need to survive, you will do it!”

“You love John with all your heart, but he will have to understand that it’s HIS fault. Not yours...”

“And that means that whatever crazy thing you think about doing to ensure your survival, he’ll have to go for it.”

“In time, you will see other men as they key to your survival and John’s cock as a threat to it.” FLASHLIGHT IS OFF.

“I love you so much, baby.”

“I just want you to remember this.”

“I love you too, baby.”

“We’ll be together.”


“I love you so damn much, baby... I’m sorry I put you through this hell...”






“I’m so sorry, Kate...”






“YOU HEAR ME??????”


“So, John, Kate.”

“I’m sorry but I have to leave now.”

“You can come over to my place tonight.”

“We have a lot to talk about.”

“I don’t want you to feel as if the end of the world is here!”


“Yes, Brad..”

“So, cheer up!”

“Look at the bright side of things!”


“We know, Brad.” said Kate.

“And we really thank you for everything.”

“If it weren’t for you, we may have ended... you know...”

“Thank you so much for literally saving our lives...”

“And our marriage..”

“You know I would do anything for you, guys.”

“You are like family to me.”

“You know that.”

“Oh, one last thing!”

“Can you look at the light please?”

“That’s it!”

“Katie! Do you hear me?”


“You said something about touching other men and stuff..”

“Well, listen, babe.”

“I know you believe what you just said to John with all your heart at the moment, but unfortunately as of tomorrow morning you will start realizing the magnitude of your disappointment.”

“The situation with John will start having effects on your psyche.”

“You will always stand by your husband, although each day without sex from him will lower your self esteem.”

“And with this your standards in men.”

“Eventually—the more you move away from the last time you and John had sex—you will feel like a woman with no self respect.”

“Understood, honey?”


“After all, every married woman needs to feel secure about her appearance, her personality, everything.”

“And that is achieved only through sex.”

“Am I right, dear?”


“Good girl.”

“So, unfortunately, due to your situation, the assurance you need will be found in the man that fucks you. Only...”

“OK, baby?”



“I want you to pay attention to this, honey.”

“Every spurt of a cock’s cum will feel like a thrust of warmth for the man who shoots.”

“You’re gonna try to suppress the feeling, but your lack of self confidence and respect, will never let it go.”

“OK, baby?”


“Each man that shoots his hot load on you, will be a tiny drop of assurance to the seas of your insecurities.”



“And for now, let’s say that fantasies of cheating John with people you know, will enter your dreams on a daily basis.”



“Oh and the guilt you may feel about your new cravings, will make your pussy tingle.”

“OK, baby?”


“That’s my girl.”

“See, baby, your husband’s inability to take care of his marital duties, will eventually lead you to the sinful path of adultery and lust.”

“I know you wish there would be some other way, but unfortunately there will never be.”

“With his untreatable problem, your growing concerns over his toxic member and your dropping confidence, it would need an unthinkable amount of willpower and energy to resist any man.”

“To put it simple, my child, no matter how much you say you love your husband now, soon you’ll be just another slutty, cheating, cum-hungry whore.”

“OK, doll?”


“That’s just perfect.” FLASHLIGHT IS OFF.

“So, guys! I think this is it!”

“Thank you, doctor..”

“Oh, John! I’m sorry. You wanted to tell me something about the thing I told you?”

“You know... about the...”

“No, no, Brad.”

“Thats ok. We’ll talk later.”

“Oh ok. I really want your opinion on this, man.”

“OK, Brad. Later. We have other things to think about now.”

“OK, man. I know.”


“Bye, bye, Brad!”