Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt IV

one of the most common things among men

is to establish their power through the psychological and sometimes even physical domination of their women.

you can see many forms of that establishment in your every day life. a friend of yours may be hitting on his secretary, another may be cheating on his wife. other may have physically hurt her etc etc etc.

point is that through your whole life,

you have lived in a world where physical strength has been the main determinant of the way society functions.

since your first day in this world,

you have been "learning to think" in a certain way.

about everything.

in your history class,

you learn that, for thousands years, men (some of them considered heroes) have been killing other men, have been raping women, seizing land and treasures, exploiting resources and finally dominating conquered people.

you were little, back then, i know.

those were the first images you created about your world.

great men ruling the world.

powerful men. in control.

giving orders. leading great battles.

ruling lands and nations.


and that's how you shaped the image of the male.

you never learned anything about women leading great battles though (one or two maybe). right?

you never learned about powerful women ruling lands and nations. ordering men. 

when you were little,

you never created the image of a world being led by women.

you learned about men mistreating women and you may have felt sorry for them. but you never learned about women mistreating men. you never shaped in your little sponge-like mind the image of a whole nation bowing before a woman. you never created the image of a woman with absolute power.

instead, you saw fathers and brothers protecting their girls' virginity until their wedding, you saw men enforcing their wive's sexual faithfulness through shaming or violence, you saw fathers passing their properties to their sons, this never ends. 

what you saw was the total and absolute control of the woman's sexuality.

and why?

but of course because she lacked physical strength.

physical strength...

it's like what happens with animals.


the average woman could not beat the average man in a fight. she couldn't even compete.


because of her different physiology. different bone structure, smaller muscles and that was pretty much it for man. he had won.

the physical power had given him what he needed for total domination.

he realized he could fuck any female he wanted. he could practically do anything he wanted with her.

she had no power over him. she would never beat him. 

so simple.

and something so simple became the key of the way history was written.

men ruled the world.

women were by their side.

men became conquerors, leaders, kings.

women became in-house servants.

housewives. trophy-wives. whores.

men got to be smart, strong, rich.

women didn't have access to these things.

women's only right was to be pretty.


because they had to be desirable by their men.

women's only duty was to create a hardon to their men. in fact, not even a that. just providing a hole so that their men could put their cock was enough.

and the world went on.

thousands of years later, this still seems pretty normal to the average human being.


why you ask?

well because unconsciously we know that this girl can't do pretty much anything about what that guy just did.

okay, she can protest or something, but what she can really do to him?

hurt him?

fight with him?

beat him?

none of these.

in fact, 

doing something like this, would be regarded as a stupid move by most.


because that way, she could drive him angry and who knows what would happen?

maybe this.

you get the rest of the picture, right?

you see what could happen to her?

just because she did not have the physical strength to stop him. that simple.

and that is what happens to women for thousands years.

and that is why now she knows, that she has to be careful. when it comes to clothing. talking to strangers. going out with her female friends. etc etc...

or even when someone tries to grab her ass...

this is what can happen to her.

in fact, this is what can happen to her, 

if she even thinks of trying to fight for her independence.

and yet, some would say that all these belong to the past. right?

that today men and women are equal. huh?

well let's look at this picture.

6 people protecting the earth from a villain. wow.

well, that's okay. it's nice to feel protected by someone. huh?

so who's protecting you?


am i counting right?

there are 5 men and 1 woman in this picture, protecting the city of New York from the villains.

so, at least, is the one and only woman in the center of the action?

well, i guess... sort of...

whoa okay, we can barely notice her!

and we do notice her, what do we see?

yeah, we see a fierce redhead, dressed in a suit that perfectly forms to her curves - yeah she's got big tits and an even bigger ass - armed with a tiny weapon.

you feel protected by her?

yeah, well, take a look at the rest of them...

can you imagine her saving the world?

yeah, that pissed-off redhead in the tight suit posing on all fours...

come on,

i mean she proved herself.

at the beginning of the movie she was tied up by several men and yet she managed to fool them...

yeah. tied up. like this.

do not tell me that this makes little boys wanna tie her up, use her like a slut and fuck her brains out...

no. she's one of the superheroes, right?

even though she's got no special powers. that's okay. she's got big tits, big blowjob lips, messy hair and a tight round ass.



let's say you are 10 years old and instead of seeing this, you saw that.

how would these messages enter your mind?

how would you feel if Captain America was a lady soldier? Iron Man was Iron Woman. Thor was a female goddess etc?


what if instead of Thor you were seeing Thora?

what if these were your childhood comics?

let's say that,

instead of Superman or Batman or whatever, 

you came to this world with the tales and movies and stories of Superwoman, Batwoman, Wonder Woman and so on.

let's say that Batman never existed. and in his place we had Batwoman.

take a moment and think about Batwoman. think about how it would feel to think naturally about it. 

let's say that this picture was taken from a movie that you saw when you were little, where Megan Fox portrayed the character that you used to read about. that of Superwoman. 

let's just say that you were made to admire and look up to the fictional character of Superwoman.

let's say that you had read hundreds of stories where she used to fight the villains and save the world again and again.

let's say she had powers that no one else had. and let's say that in each story she had at least two undeniably beautiful but not so smart muscle studs falling in love with her.

how would you feel like, then?

would you feel that you can be protected by a woman?

and if so, how would that make you feel about women?

let's say that these are the superheroes of every person's childhood.

how would that make people feel?


since you were little, you used to see this in movies.

a man protecting his woman. a woman feeling weak and in need of a man.

the man getting to fuck that woman.

and then the same man getting to fuck another woman. 

but never his fault though. 

it is the other woman who's to blame, for desperately trying to seduce him with her charms.

what if it was the other way around?

since you were little, you see women who are:

a.overtly feminine, or

b.having a weak character, or

c.lacking confidence, or

d.having an identity that is tied to a man, or

e.being in need to be saved by a man.

what if you were raised in a world where men were portrayed:

a.clearly not masculine, or

b.having a weak character, or

c.lacking confidence, or

d.having an identity that is tied to a woman, or

e.being in need to be saved by a woman?

how would that make you feel, think and behave?

or we can go even deeper to this.

why we have to accept power as an attribute that has to be admired

yes, men are stronger. but why strength has to be a point of praise?

men are stronger than women. apes are stronger than men. that means apes must be praised more than men?

do we need to have men 

to protect their women today using their strength, so that we praise that skill?

yes, i'm sure. that would be something to be praised. thousands of years ago. when we had to fight even stronger beasts. 

but now?

do we still need the thing men have?

who says that, let's say pretty legs, can not be the new point of admiration?

how would that reverse the whole world's attitude?

let's say having pretty legs is a point of admiration. a sign of excellence. accepted as a universal fact, both by men and women.

let's say that, just like with strength, pretty legs were the main determinant of the human evolution. which means that both men and women regarded pretty legs as a sign of power. 

can you see the courage of those men?
the bravery?
the muscle definition?
the pride?
the power?
did i forget something?

oh yeah.
they got one hot piece of ass with them.
i'm sure one of them must be banging her.

you can see her on the right...

now, let's say say the world was turned upside down and society hadn't done the fatal mistake of making male strength the basic determinant of the evolution of our species.

let's say history was re-written and strength was regarded as a simple characteristic found most commonly in males, which is useful for lifting heavy things or moving objects. what would it be if history had taken from men their most valuable trait?

would that be the icon of the world?
universally accepted by both men and women as a model of superiority and excellence?

i think the world's superheroes would be portrayed like this.

you think not?

you know what would you do, dear, if you were a little baby with a sponge-like brain, receiving that kind of messages?

well, the answer is no, sweety.

because in their minds, she would be better than they will ever be.

and they would learn to fill the gaps in society that she (and her species) would choose not to.

(lifting things and moving objects, remember?)

they would accept their role,

maybe protest a bit,

but they would know in a deep level that they can not compete with her.

and that would be the end for men.

the human kind would take a new direction.

femininity would be a sign of excellence. women wouldn't be wearing suits to enhance their macho attitude anymore. men would be wearing dresses instead, to enhance their femininity.

you see now, dear, that if you remove from people's heads, the catastrophic equation that strength equals power, you can turn this world upside down.

yeah, let's give an example that may feel totally weird at first.
look at this.
i'm sure you think of her as a cheap, trashy whore whose swollen lips are good only for one thing. and we all know what the thing is...

now, have you really thought about the reason behind your reasoning?

let me help you.
you think she has put all that collagen in her lips, so that it feels better when she sucks cock.
now, can you please answer, why is that bad?
let me help you again.
you're thinking that any man who sees her like this, he's gonna want to stick his cock in her mouth and fuck it wildly.
now, can you please answer again, why is that bad?
yeah, that's the key to all this.
let me...
what you unconsciously know but you can not see it, is right in front of you. and it's simple.
what you have learned to unconsciously believe is that when that man would see her huge, fat lips, he was gonna get hard and he was gonna go fuck them, so that he could satisfy his raging hardon.
the question is simple though:

where is she in all this?

yeah, if i remember correctly, she was the one creating this situation. and assuming she was straight, the sexual intercourse with a male would be considered normal. am i right?
yeah. that means having a male clearly showing her his excitement must have been a pleasurable experience for her too. right?

what is that you have failed to realize?

and most importantly, why?

see this.
who's taking more pleasure in this?

and what has the world made you think?

you think if you stole from men the belief that strength equals power,
would the world still see women as pleasure tools?

or would it be the other way around...?

would the world still see her like a slut?

or like a woman who uses a hot stud for her pleasure?

yeah baby,

i think that would be her, fucking a hot slut. him. 

that simple truth became her death sentence thousands of years ago.

it became the reason she lost everything.

the reason she was made to stay home.
the reason she never ruled any land.
the reason she was made to take her husband's name.
the reason she is barely mentioned in your history books.
the reason she still isn't allowed to vote in many countries.

and millions of other things.


let's see what we are gonna do.

we will run a test.

it will be quick. but it will give us immediate results.

see, dear.

there are certain images that your primitive male mind will interpret totally wrong. 

you know, honey,
the point of your lessons 
is not for you to become another cockhungry slut.

that way you would be worshiping men as if they were something special.

this is not what we want from you, dear.

this girl likes balls and you know why?
it's because she can appreciate the size of them.

as a woman, she can see how hot it is to have a nice pair of big balls right in front of you. 

on the contrary, she knows that this kind of balls 
are actually considered hot, when it's obvious that they are cheap and trashy.

see knows that this is sexy, in a chic and classy way

and this is sexy in a hot, sexual way.

these is information, that only the advanced female brain can process.
see, the male brain gets confused easily and the information is interpreted totally wrong, creating that space that keeps you so far away from them.
if you could just see things the way they do, you would finally succumb to their superiority and start acting more like your kind.

you want a demonstration of that difference?

let's see.


That girl is in your gym.

a. Can you go on and talk with her like a normal person?
b. You feel distracted by her wiggle and you start showing off?


You have to tell your friends about a totally hot girl you just saw. it is going to be one of those times that guys get all descriptive about tits/ass/maybe revealing clothing choices and use words like, "slut", "bitch", "bang" etc when they talk about her, so that they establish themselves as well, you know, males.

that means YOU:

a. would tell them about her?


b. you choose to tell them about them? 


this is your last question.

you know this girl. she's working in the same company that you work.
accidentally you happen to see this on her phone.
from that moment on, you become:

a. nicer to her?
b. more ironic to her?


those two are known as the office sluts. people call them names like "bimbos", "airheads", "dumb-blondes" etc.

a. You address them properly by their last names
b. You use the same terms everybody use when talking about them


this is Jennifer.

she could be:

a. your best friend

b. a common slut


Do you have anything but a's?

no one cares! you have an attitude problem. it is coming right from your male essence. what you need is proper re-adjustment, so that you function in society according to your gender. 

you have learned to think, act and talk as a male, which results in you, "naturally" belittling women.


time has come for you to change your ways.

the following set of posts 
is programmed to change the core of your essence and turn you into a female-oriented person
with a new natural tendency:

a. to support women's rights 
b. to respect their sexuality
c. to recognize them as the superior kind
d. to help them surpass men and become the dominant gender

this post is all about



get ready 

to forget everything you knew about women.

you'll be on their side now.

in your new role, you will help this

become a synonym of human evolution.

you will learn how to make the most out of your gender,
by helping the needs of the superior female kind.

are you ready to become a gift to women?