Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt IV

hello sweety.


last time we started talking about your new role.

in fact,

it was just an intro.

what we needed from you, was just to start seeing women as members of the same team with yours.

here's a quick demonstration.

what do you see, dear?

do you see a common slut that takes what she deserves?

well, no, princess, you don't.

you see a pretty girl, that could easily be your best friend, having sex.

yes, dear, this is sex for womenthe two of you could talk about it after they got finished. 

you do not find it degrading or anything

it doesn't make him better than her, huh?

after all, it's totally understandable that if a hot stud wants to slap his cock in your face, there are not many things you can do about it. right?

in the same team, honey, remember.

first of all,

as we said,

it is of utmost importance

that you lose every little drop of ego

that is left inside your bloodstream.

only then,

totally drained of ego,

you will be ready

to have a nice relationship with a female.

see, dear, 
if you have even the tiniest drop of ego inside you,
once you see something like this...
that drop will multiply exponentially 
and you will start becoming more aggressive.
eventually and for no reason other than the fact that your male cells will have multiplied in you, you will think of her as a "common whore" who deserves to be punished or something.
well, that's your trap, honey.

this is not your role, dear.

"that girl can be your friend. 

and this can be just the way she gets fucked."

she may have a boyfriend who likes to fuck her hard. there's nothing there to accuse her of.


listen, honey.

this is not what we are going to talk about today.

see, honey,
women are the most unbelievably perfect creatures in this planet.
we both know that, right?

so, once they see you gradually supporting them,
they will eventually get closer to you.

in your new role,

you will attract lots of attention

from women.

know that.

also know 

that some of them may feel that they 
feel some sort of sexual attraction for you.

and this is not something we want from you, right?

yes, dear.
this is something we can expect from real men.
like those hot studs who fuck our friend.

so it is of utmost importance

to ensure that your new role is properly advertised.

you are going to be her friend, dear.
could you ever advertise things like your masculinity or anything to attract her?

of course not, dummy.

you will advertise your love for her or something, after she gets destroyed by her man.

you play for the pink team now, remember?

yes, your old team may had more physical strength than your old "opponents", but you have switched sides, baby.
that means you can not compete with him in terms of strength and power anymore.

new role comes with new responsibilities, honey.

may not be considered as 100% normal sex, but for you is not considered that degrading anymore. 
see, there's a number of things that your old team thought of as degrading/humiliating/taboo etc, that your new team has learned to live with, without complaining much.

like when he cums in your mouth

or when he fucks your tits

or when he wants you to look at him while sucking his cock

or even when he fucks your ass

you see the determination in her eyes, dear?

it's because it may be painful for her, 

but she knows that she has to stay strong, 

so that her man do his job.

men may find it utterly pleasurable to "degrade" a woman like this, but you are on the other side now.

you do not find it pleasurable.

yet, you find it understandable, given that as a female you do not possess the physical strength that's required to stop it.

it's the pink team now, dear.

there are new rules.

seeing this makes you protest.

seeing this motivates you to fight for "your" rights.

seeing this makes you jealous.

seeing this makes you disinterested

what you have to do is to:

accept your new role
embrace it
and advertise it properly

until women have 

the proper effect on you

are you ready for your lessons?


let's begin.

part 1 of your process is YOUR NAME...


listen, honey!

we have to make you 
the perfect member for the pink team!


that means that 
you have to send the right vibes. hah?

let's say that you have followed the previous steps of the series:

you are standing there,

all dolled up,

- funky shoes - skinny jeans - fuchsia top - perhaps some highlights here and there in your hair - maybe some makeup -

waiting to make your move.

- of course, you don't even think of staring at her cleavage or anything -


you 're basically just standing there!

- maybe with your hands on your waist or something - 

waiting to introduce yourself!

the first impression of you is great! see???

i'm sure she 'll be expecting 
nothing but a cute little doll to talk!!

well, you have to give it to her, dummy!!!

listen, sweety,

being a member of your new team
is not only about sex


"being all macho and stuff in your everyday life, treating women like objects or something

wanting to be treated like a girl 
when you 're in bed with someone, 
is unacceptable!!"

that's not a member of any new team!

being a member of the pink team
is a way of life, dear.

unfortunately, you will have 
to betray
most of your old habits and beliefs

of course,

you do not go out and shout

"i'm a girl, i'm a girl"...

we don't want you to be a clown!


you will be wearing your blue uniform...


in your moves, your actions, your eyes...


that's "being a member of the pink team"!

being a member of your new team means that you do not even think of staring at this. not even for a second.

it means that this becomes the image of the potential friend material

it means that this image becomes sexy for a whole different set of reasons.

and even this...
stops being considered sex reminder

this becomes a hot image

and this becomes an indifferent one

do you understand?

so, dear.

the first thing you have to do, as we said,
is to let your male ego be eliminated, right?

as you remember,

what you have to do 
is to realize that there's a new role waiting for you.

and in this you are expected to be a whole different person, with a whole different attitude.


your future friends will meet an extremely cute, interesting and understanding person with whom they 'll feel totally comfortable to share their thoughts, right from the beginning.

and this is what we are going to create...



let me ask you.

when you meet some girl,

what is the first word that comes out of your mouth?


your name, silly.




first of all, it would be ideal
if a girl could find out about your submissive nature, right from the start of the relationship. 

we 're not saying to think of you like this...
but at least,
your first impression should reveal a decent amount of submissiveness,
so that you instantly lose a decent number of sex appeal points. 

let's say that you meet a new girl at work.
it's not the same thing
if you tell her:
-"hi, my name is Jack"
-"hi, i'm Jackie..."

as you can see,
Jack is probably a real man,
but Jackie must be soooo cute!!


listen, "Jackie"...
the point here
is not only to make you seem cute and sweet.
the point here is to lower your ego.
or even better, 
the point is to eliminate your ego!
that means that you have to become
100% submissive!
well, Jack is clearly not the way to go!
while, Jackie 
is a good indication of your presence...
Jackie makes you look cute, small, passive, happy, funny, not so smart 
and in other words "inferior" to the female that talks to you...

well, that's a start!
you have managed to seem inferior 
the moment you introduced yourself!
from then on,
it's going to be nearly impossible
to be taken as a dominant male
from the girl you just met.

look how it works...

when a man and woman talk to each other for the first time, it only takes about 30 seconds

for the relationship to establish its foundations. both of them send millions of vibes. millions of messages. first with their body language. (we'll talk about it at another post) and then with their actual language. which means that what you say,  when you say it  and how you say it, send millions of indirect messages  to the other's brain,  gradually building the foundations of your future relationship. these exact seconds will determine whether you'll be "on top" or "at the bottom" of this relationship.

for example, if you seem attractive, or if you sound confident, smart, etc, the girl will immediately offer you the dominant role. that means that from this moment on, she will always think of you as something better than her.

on the other hand, if instead of saying something clever, you let HER say something and you just lower your eyes, avoiding eye contact, then SHE will claim the dominant role. that means that from this moment on, you will be "just Jackie"... 

"your job is to send the right messages, so that you make a good first impression. 

and by good i mean of course that the girl has to take the dominant role in your relationship right from the start!"

we don't want her to have any doubt that you are nothing but a passive little honey

so you have to make it clear that you are "small"



pay attention, honey...

the first thing you will do 

is to work on your name!


listen baby,
what is your "real" name?
i bet it's not  Jessica, Jennifer or Amanda.
i guess you are a Michael, a Jack, a John.
well, listen.

the point here is to give a good first impression!

and since you can't tell people that your name is Jessica, you have to do something about it!!
because, sweety, being a Jack does not help!

i suggest that you use all your imagination to change it a bit!
you know, make it more..... fUnKy!
Jack is ok,
but who would care if every once in a while
someone called you Jackie?
or even better, Jacki?


it's so much more sexy, don't you think?

Jacki is sexy!
i'm sure she's wearing a slutty thong underneath!
Jack is boring...

so is John...

while Johnni is cool!
and she's soooo sexy! (ooops, i mean "he's...)

let's say that when you 're alone 

you look like this...

or like this...

tell me the truth...

isn't "Jacki"

a more suitable name for you?

you don't have to answer!

of course it is...

so, listen to me baby doll...

i don't care if you play the macho guy

when you are with others...

especially when you talk to girls,

your name has to sound feminine!

that means,

if you don't have an already feminine name,

you will try to find a way

to make it feminine!

there are 2 types of names here:

a. your name is ultra male and 

can not be changed easily

in this case you will have to do your best.

be creative

i know it's not easy

and i know in some cases there won't be any change.

but you have to try!

just remember:

having an ultra male name

 makes you all dominant and stuff.

and we don't want you this way!

we want you to be "small"


so you 'll seek for a softer sounding name...

for example if your name is George

you can change it to Georgie!


Georgie is way better than George!

Georgie can not fuck a girl!

and boy she's cute! (ooops, i meant "he"..)

or if it's Nik

you can make it Nikki!


Nikki is a bimbo.

Nikki is dumb.

and preferably blonde!

Noone will expect anything from you as Nikki...

other ideas to work on...

Charles becomes Charlie

Matt becomes Matty

Patrick becomes Pat

James becomes Jamie

Bill becomes Billie

Ray becomes Rae

you get the point, ok?


if it is possible,

you will change into 

a more feminine sounding name

for your everyday life


listen, sweety.

i know it may be hard at first,

but if there is a better name for you out there

then you have to go for it!

if again it is too hard,

or too weird for others to accept it 

then do this:

1. look for a girl that you have never talked to 

2. do not look for the cuties though

3. try and find a "wild" one

4. in fact, look for a bitchy one

5. make sure you will never have any real close relationship with her

6. introduce yourself with you "new" and "improved" name

7. leave

"this way

you will have managed to have a girl

thinking of you 

with your feminine sounding name...

you may not listen from her again,

but she will always think of you as

Jackie, or Nikki, or Georgie!"

b. your name is already soft and feminine


in this case you don't have to try hard!

you are one lucky doll!

noone thinks of a "Leslie", for example,

as a real man! 

don't you think?


i think "Leslie" is way too cute to stick his cock into a pussy...

in fact, 

"Leslie" is way too cute to even have one!

never mind...

the thing is 

that is you already have a cute name 

to match your style, hah?

so, it is ok to keep your existing name if you are a :



























and many more.

you get the idea...

only advice here:

"you are welcome to style up your name any way you like. see, in some cases you can make it more, let's say funky! you know, "Peyton" is ok. but "Peytyn" is even cuter! don't you think? what i'm saying here, is that you are welcome to use any kind of weird spelling in your name. it's gonna make it cuter and you are gonna be more "fun"...

as a "Cameron" you are just a good boy. but as a "Cameryn"??? oh come on! you 'd have guys hitting on you!!

you get it, right?


here are some trends

that you are welcome to follow...

choose the one you like most

and go on!

it's your chance to make a good first impression!

don't you want to be treated

like a cute, passive, smiley, funky

little brat?

well then:

read carefully!


this must be your number 1 choice! i mean, think of it for a sec. wouldn't it be lovable to totally re-arrange your name? girls do it all the time! well, now it's your turn! your new "fUnKy" name is going to confuse people all the time though, as they will be spelling or pronouncing it wrong, but that's the point of it! hah?

it's gonna sound the same, but instead of Ashley, you will be Ashleigh, Ashlee, Ashelei, Aislea, 

you name it!!!

picture this: there's this girl accidentally hitting on you (what???) and she asks for your number. well, you take her phone and you write down your name like this "Johnee 310 - blah blah blah". 

aren't you a doll or what? you 'll be doing her nails in no time, dummy!!!

and last but not least...

let's face it. you 're gonna be special


let me ask you: "you want to be known as Robert or Robbie? James or Jamie?"

i thought so!

so, listen to me. all you have to do is just follow the trend of shortening your name! especially if your name is too serious, i think it's important that you shape it into something more "fluffy"...

i know it's gonna be a problem if you want to be taken seriously, but what can you say? it's the price you have to pay in order to look all cutsey and stuff.

you see, doll, Robert is most probably a real man. he's handsome, attractive, smart. 

hmmm, but for Robby? i'm not so sure... i mean, why did he change it

i know i would trust my money to Richard Anderson for example. but to Ricki Anderson

i don't know... he sounds more like a hairdresser...

but that's ok with you, right?

i mean, you don't have a problem being dead serious on the outside while going by a name which makes you look like a brat... hah?

i knew it!

so, shorten it, hunni!

"why being called by a name as boring as Robert, when you can be a Bobbi??"


now you have the same name!!!

hmmm, let's see.. 
we have lots of mannish names for girls out there (like Ashley, Ryan, Tyler, Blake etc). well, the thing is that, while these names have been originally intended for boys, they got very little use with them and so today we find so many more female Ashleys that we think it's a "girls only" name! 
well, listen, honey! if you have a name like this, then YOU KEEP IT! do not try to change it at all! having a popular "unisex" name, is perfect! 
see what happens, sweety. contrary to popular belief, giving a girl, a boy's name, does not make her any more powerful than if she had a girl's name. in fact, this practice, "hurts" boys, as.... we use their names for girls! so the result is exactly the opposite! giving a girl a boy's name, makes the boy who already has that name, more feminine!
see, imagine having an 18 year old brat and a 30 year old guy standing next to each other, both named Chris. what would you think of the guy? can you think of him as being hmmm.. "macho"...? 

ooops!! your name is Blake?

her name is Blake too!!!

so listen, sweety. 
names that can be used by either sex are perfect for you. having people guessing whether you're a male or a female is clearly the way to go!

i know it's such a girly thing to do, but what can you say?? 
so, be creative with your name, dummy!!
you can do so many things with it! for example:

  • add -lee, or -lyn, or -leigh, or -ly, or whatever, to the end of your name. it will make it look like an adverb!! oh  and soooo stupid....
  • add an apostroph. it's totally unnecessary and superfluous hah? hmmm...
  • add double consonants where there should not be. -tt- -dd- -mm- -kk- etc... your name is gonna look again like an adverb and you're gonna seem so silly...
  • take of the -y and add -i. it's gonna eliminate the credibility of your name and it's going to make you look like a slut! are you a slut?

nikki hilton

ashley tisdale

ashley olsen

taylor swift


well, now we 're talkin...

let's assume that in your free time (when you're all alone...) you decide to look like this..

let me ask you:

do you really believe you can have any cool nickname that girls use to give to guys?

hmmmm, let me answer this...


you can't, sweety.


the thing here is that girls love to use nicknames when they talk to guys.

see, when a girl wants to talk to Robert, she doesn't say "hey Robert, blah blah blah".

instead, she says "hey, handsome" or "hey, baby" or "hey, stud" etc. of course this rule doesn't apply when Robert is her supervisor, but still! she uses those nicknames for most cases. Robert can be her friend, her boyfriend, her colleague, you name it. 

what's interesting here though, is the fact that, for most girlsevery nickname has its purpose!

what do we mean by that?


"let's say that Amy and Robert work at the same company. Amy has a secret crush on Robert. unfortunately they have completely different schedules.  one day though, Amy sees Robert by accident in a meeting. and she wants to talk to him."

what would sound better?

-hey, Robert!


-hey, handsome!

let's try to answer this.  with "hey, Robert", Amy gives Robert nothing! right? would you ever think that a girl had a crush on you, if she just called you by your name? i don't think so...
on the contrary.. with "hey, handsome", Amy is polite, nice and friendly. but! "handsome"?? really??? who wouldn't be flattered? see? it's a clear statement that she thinks Robert is handsome! right?

well, that's flirting 101, dummy! 
Amy is clearly hitting on Robert! see?

and so simple! 

with just an innocent nickname...

well, back to our case now.

how can we use the golden rule that

every nickname has its purpose?

pay attention, ... "princess"....

oooops! i'm sorry! i didn't mean to insult you!

it's just that....  you know...



our goal is simple.

"your nickname - and generally the way people call you - should send multiple signs to every direction"

what kind of signs you may ask...

well, here's the thing:
your nickname - a.k.a the way people call you - usually reflects more than you can possibly understand. i'd say it's a statement of who you are! let's take a better look. 

Brian's nickname is "dirty boy" while Ashton's is "giggles". what can you say about the two of them? let me answer again.
well, i'd say Brian is most probably good in bed. with a twist for dirty things maybe? something like that! if i had to guess, i'd say that he likes dirty sex. some spanking, a bit of anal maybe. i don't know...
Ashton on the other hand, is most probably a funny guy. well, not exactly funny. more of cute-funny. i'm sure he laughs a lot though. he doesn't seem smart either. i'd say he sounds a bit dummy. oh and.. i know i must not judge people, but "giggles"? for a guy? i'm not sure. i mean... doesn't i sound a bit... you know.. gay? 

see what i mean?

well listen what you have to do, baby doll...

a) you should protest every time you hear someone calling you by a nickname that is too masculine.

for example, you can't be called things like "lover", "handsome", "cowboy", "stud", "BigBoy", "BigDaddy" etc. you get the point.
you can't be called anything that makes you look like a sexy stud or something.
it's wrong. 
and you must protest!
you can't have a cool guy's nickname. because that will help with your "sexy stud image" and this is not what we want for you!

see, baby.
if a girl calls you let's say, "lover" in front of others, then everybody in the room will unconsciously visualize you as being a good lover! which means great in bed! which means a good fucker!!!
well, can you fuck girls, "lover"?

i don't think so...

so, you will protest!!!


can a doll like that ever be a "stud"?

b) you should encourage every attempt from anyone to give you feminine sounding nicknames

listen honey.
you should know that girls love calling guys with all those cutsey nicknames just because they think it's.... cute!
well, that's perfect in your case. 
girls are your allies on this.
even if they don't see it! they give guys the most feminine sounding nicknames! 
things like "hun", "sweetie", "cutie", "darling", "hottie", "babe", "baby doll" etc must be encouraged.
those names make you look like...
well, a hottie!!!

so, you make it happen, princess
and some day people may call you "daisy" or "doll" instead of your real name!

isn't "doll" more suitable for a cutie like this?

are we ok, sweetie?

that's it!

from now on,

you will do your best to present yourself in a proper way 

so that it is clear that you are a submissive little cutie 

with no intention of challenging any female's superiority

see, honey.

the point here is

to make it easy for any female

to identify you as an inferior male

right from the start!

we don't want her to try at all!

so, what's better than a:

"hi!!! i'm jackie!!"


"my friends call me baby-face"


so go out there and do your job, sweetie...

it's gonna be so much fun!

you 'll see!

but most importantly,

it's gonna be the first step 
towards your new role 

we have much more to talk about....