Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt IV

listen sweety...

and then we are going to send you back into the world, exactly the same on the outside, but brand new on the inside... 

then i suggest you leave now...

i thought so...

so, honey...

all the guys like them!

just look at them...






etc etc etc

you like em, honey...

don't you?

of course you do!

it's just that you don't like em as a guy...

these girls are your absolute icons, right?

(if not, don't worry...

the idolization process will take place in a future post...)

of course i'm right!!

you would do anything to be Marisa Miller...

or Candice Swanepoel (my favorite...)

or Miranda Kerr...

because these girls represent everything you adore!!!






but the thing is....

that these girls are already perfect!
on the other side, 
are still "in the making",
which means 
that you have to follow several steps
before you blossom into 
a more beautiful version
of who you are today...

you see, honey...
unfortunatelly you were born a male. 
which means that some things inside your brain are set in a wrong way...

you know, it's like when you buy a new pc!
see, you open it for the first time and you have the default operating system and a bunch of default programs...
well, in your case, some of your default settings have to be changed!
that means they have to be deleted and replaced by new ones!
because in some cases, they make you think and act in a wrong way!

you see, honey,
being born a male, 
comes with some pretty major errors!

well, if you were a female,
you would be able to see it clearly,
but don't worry!
we are here to help you 
correct these "misconceptions"...

you will be guided into the path of becoming a new and improved boy,

with the right set of thinking...

you will see what i'm talking about...


before we begin,

i want you to look at this everyday picture of a randomly selected everyday girl:

now let's check your initial reaction:

1. what is the first thing that you notice?

her big boobs, like any average guy.


2. you think she's smart?



3. if you were her boyfriend, 

you 'd be on top of the relationship?



now, let's make some changes:

look at her again

1. what is the first thing you notice?

her eyes, like an average girl

2. you think she's smart?

she's definitely smarter than you...

3. if you were her boyfriend, 

you 'd be on top of the relationship?

you can not be on top of ANY relationship...


can you see what is our topic this time?


take a look at this picture:

that's Melissa. she makes fun of you all the time. she's the most annoying brat you have ever seen. she laughs at you. she humiliates you. she make you look stupid in front of everybody. she treats you like her bitch, she tells everybody you are her bitch, she even calls you "bitch"...

will you do something about that?

let me help you on this:

"hmmmmm, no!

you will not! because you can't!

and why is that?

because she has a pussy!"

look at her again, sweety

now listen:

"Melissa is a girl. a female. a woman.

you can not compete with her!

because she belongs to the superior species.

you wish you could be a female like her,

but unfortunately you are not!

she has every right to do anything she wants to you.

you are in no position to do anything to her.

you have no right.

you have no power.

you are an inferior male,

while she's a superior female!

so, what you have to is to show her some..."


that's it, honey...

"in this post

you will learn to show some respect. 

which means that... 

today you are going to work on your attitude, your behavior and your beliefs,

until you embrace one of the most important  characteristics of your kind: 


making it a part of your new self 
while letting it affect 
every aspect of your everyday life"

"until you become nothing 

but a cute little puppy..."

listen sweety,

"the point here is to take you pretty little brain

and shape it into something completely different,

in order to see things from the other side...

so, the more you read, 

the more you let your brain vulnerable to femininity injections,

the more you let female thoughts enter your mind

and eventually the more you are shaping

a female way of thinking..."

"this way, pretty soon,

you 'll be a normal guy

with every female characteristic 

there is out there..."

and that is the purpose of this blog.

think of it as a dream:

you are in a battle,

there are 2 teams:

the guys in the blue uniforms
and the girls in the pink skirts...
only one will prevail.
are playing for the guys.
you are wearing your blue uniform
and you do your best to help your team win.
only that...
the girls have found your weak spot.
a weakness in you.
and they use it as their weapon.
you are weak.
they tell you what to do and you do it.
they command you and you obey.
you want to say no.
you want to resist.
you want to help your team.
 but you have no power.
so, at first you put less effort to help your team,

as you go on though,

you reach a point where you do not help at all
and as you go on further
you start helping the pink team.
you are still wearing your blue uniform though,
but unfortunately
the girls have found a way to control you!
so they convert you.
little by little.
making you fight for the pink team.
secretly helping them to destroy the blue team!
you try to resist.
but you do as you are told.

men start losing the battle because of you.
women seem stronger now.
you see your team going down.
you feel terrible about it.
you feel guilty.
but you can not resist the power of those who command you.
you help the pink team.
you betray your friends.

eventually the blue team is destroyed.
the pink team prevails.
a new world order is now in the making.
all the members of the blue team are now
forced to join the pink team.
forced to lose their powers.
forced to wear pink skirts as well.
everything is taken from them.
they become servants.
they now help to ensure that the pink team
will never lose its power again.

you wake up.

you forget about your dream.

you do not talk about this. out there.

but in here,

you remember everything about it.

you become that weak person again.

and you are waiting for your orders.

you are waiting to hear how to help the pink team win.

you are waiting to hear how to betray your team.

so dear,
it's just us now.

and we know that you play for the blue team.

as a member of the blue team though,

you have certain attributes

that unfortunately you must leave behind.

don't you?

that's okay.
you can still play for your team.
but some things have to change, right?

listen sweety,

you have to realize

that you are a member of the blue team.

that doesn't change.

and it doesn't NEED to change...

remember what we said?

you are still wearing your blue uniform!

you are still playing for the blue team!

it's just that,

it's the pink team that controls you.

we do not say that officially.

but we know it, right?

so, in order to ensure that you will not do anything to harm any member of the pink team,

you have to become more like them.

you may resist,
but you have to, dear.

you can still look like a member of the blue team,

but you have to be reprogrammed.

you have to,

so that you lose every little thing that attaches you to the blue team

and become pink to the core,

like your new teammates!

see the difference?

your old team

your new team

can you see it, now?







the other team

your team

we both know,

that you WILL betray your team eventually.

the question is

how are you going to help the pink team win.

so, let's me give you something to begin with.

here's the thing:


as a member of the blue team,

you were born with a certain characteristic:

thinking and acting and talking

hmmmmm, ego..

what does this mean?


more or less,

everybody has a certain amount of ego.

others have bigger,

others have smaller.

what matters here,

is that when it comes to a girl,

most guys seem to raise their ego bar

the moment they start talking!

"raising their ego bar though,

causes some problems, 

which in this case are interpreted as 

random abnormalities in their behavior"

they talk too loud

they brag about anything

they smile with confidence

they say jokes

they correct them at first chance

they hit on them

or even worse:

they laugh at them

they make them sound stupid

they make fun of them

they insult them

they treat them with no respect

they even hit them!

and millions more...

of the sudden rise of the male's ego 

when he communicates with a female"

well, before you say anything:

at first, you may think that this isn't you

and that you never act this way 

when you communicate with women.

you are naturally submissive towards them.

that's ok.

it's a big step indeed.

remember what we said about the 2 teams?

unfortunately you are a member of the blue team since you were born.

that some things are written in your DNA...


if you were originally a member of the pink team,

these things would come out of your heart.

so that you would be 1000% an enemy

there are still some cells inside your DNA

which keep whispering to you

so that you must stand up for the guys' rights

to be on top of everything!

well... let's just say that


these cells

will be eliminated...

"listen, sweety
you will learn everything about 
how to treat women.
up until now
we have talked about your relationship with them
and how to be their best friend and stuff.
well, that's perfect.
today though, we'll take it one step further.
doing everything you can
to be their friend
is one thing.
but it's not only that!"

"you have to treat them accordingly.
talk to them accordingly.
walk with them accordingly.
your whole way of living
has to be in accordance to your natural instincts.
and by natural instincts...
we 're not talkin about those of a male hunter!
in fact...
we 're talkin about the exact opposite...."

there is nothing to worry about, sweety.

you will keep playing for the blue team.

it's just that we will both know that it is the pink team which controls you.

the thoughts will be inserted into your brain permanently

and pretty soon you will get used to them.

and it will be just fine.

we all know how it is, 

to be helping the pink team win. 


will be what you 'll be fighting for.

vanity, possession, obsession, materialism, narcissism, competitiveness, lack of intelligence, gold-diggery, greed, arrogance, bitchiness

will not be regarded as

women's negative traits.

they will be regarded as 

negative traits

MEN THINK women have.

yes, dear.

she is your friend now

and you will do everything you can 

to support her.

no matter how elegant...

                               or trashy she may look like...

you will be fighting for HER...

the world is changing.
you see it everyday.
your role will change too.
the pink team is becoming stronger and stronger everyday.

the blue team is losing its power.

you may not remember it in the morning,

but the pink team is not what it used to.

the pink team is now everywhere.

women will soon be in charge of everything.

they gradually dominate science, culture, media, politics.

not far from today they will be considered the dominant gender.

you will welcome that change.

in fact,

you will help towards that direction.

we will not say anything though.

we'll keep it a secret.

the blue team has a rat now.
we all know who he is.

but we will not expose him,

until the blue team is destroyed.

that's okay.

one step at a time.

for now,

all you have to do is to look at your new allies. 

until you get used to the idea. 

men call her a gold-digger?

 she has needs though, doesn't she?
"yes, dear, she has.
you play for HER team now, remember?"

men call her a dumb blonde bimbo?
she gets to be all pink and sexy though, doesn't she?
"yes, dear. men do not understand these things"

men call her skinny?

yes, but curves are for hungry males, don't you think?
"yes, dear. men can not appreciate the pure elegance of a chic girl, wearing stylish clothes."

men call her a whore?

isn't it a bit hypocritical though, when we know they would beg to fuck her madly?
"yes, dear, it is. men can not appreciate the temptation to make a cock rock hard for you."

it's simple isn't it?

oh it is, honey.

as we said,
supporting your team 
will become second nature to you.

in time,
for any matter between a man and a woman
you will stand by the woman's side.

men will become the object of sexual desire,
but women will become YOUR TEAM.

you will learn to feel
adoration, devotion and comfort
with them

and of course 
you will let go any kind of power or ego
that comes with your gender
so that you:

empathize with the weakest of them

obey the strongest of them

admire the sluttiest of them

and most importantly...

be absolutely comfortable with all of them