Sissify Yourself: Gina

you hate yourself. that's all you can think of. every day. every night. you hate what you are. you hate what you have become. it's been one year since you've been kidnapped. one year locked in this house! in the middle of nowhere. one year since the last time you saw your office. your friends. your wife. your son! it's been one year since you were normal. if you only knew... you would never have opened the window of your car! that guy would never have sprayed you! you would still have your life...

you hate what you have become...


1 year earlier...

this nightmare would never hit you. not like this. not to you. bad things happen to those who deserve them. you didn't deserve this. you have always been the nicest man. an ideal husband. a loving father. even when you woke up in that room. you tried to be nice to those bastards who had kidnapped you. you tried to negotiate your release. you tried to talk with them. 

but they didn't want to talk. you always thought that deep down everyone has good in him. but you were wrong. not everybody is like you. these guys were animals. and you had just been caught in their trap. if only you could see it back then. you may have tried to escape. when you had the chance. when you had your free will...

10 million was a lot of money. even for you. you knew Emma would never find that amount. you knew she couldn't pay for your release. that's what you had been telling them for months. but no. they thought you were lying. they thought since you had been trying to settle for 5 million, that you could find the money they were asking. but as we said. you were one noble bastard...

and so the minutes became hours.  the hours became days. the days became months. and the words became pleas. the pleas became cries. the cries became screams. and nothing changed. nobody came for help. nobody called. nobody paid. nothing. nothing changed. nothing but you...

you were the only one who didn't stay the same. not after the first week. not after she said she would call the police. not after they saw they had to use extreme measures to get Emma find the money they were asking. that's when they first injected you. you still remember the look on Emma's face. they had her watching from her pc. it was so painful. knowing she can't do anything. knowing she blames herself. even if it's not her fault. so painful...

it was the first time you realized there's evil in this world. pure evil. it was the first time in your life that you begged for mercy. you begged and you begged. you cried. but nothing. you stayed there. in your bed. tied up. head to toe. the innocent victim of some sick bastards. you couldn't do anything. every 8 hours you would be injected with estrogen until they got paid...

estrogen! it wasn't a joke! even if you didn't believe it at first. even if you laughed in their face. even if you thought they were giving you some placebo stuff. no. it was estrogen. you started seeing the signs. small at first. but there. visible. your skin started getting softer. rounder at places! curvier. you started losing muscle. you started developing fat in places you never had before. your hands. your calves. your shoulders. you weren't sure but you couldn't even remember the last time you had a hardon. you couldn't believe it. you wouldn't admit it at first. you tried to hide it. even from yourself. telling it's all in your head. it couldn't be real. estrogen?

you started developing fat in places you never had before...

a month or two passed. that's how long you had to listen from Emma. all you remember from that time was your daily injections. and then your pills. yes. they also started giving you pills. 3 weeks after the first injection. 6 different pills per day. you still remember them. they  said, they had to do this. they were afraid Emma wouldn't believe them, unless she saw something. and so you did. tied up. receiving pills. taking shots. you still kept telling yourself all these were fake. even though your bloodstream was filled with female hormones by now.   

and then one morning you saw her. they gave you a pc. she saw you too. they had you naked. but still tied up. they freed your hands though. with one quick move you tried to cover your breasts. 2 months now, you never admitted that all these were true. but deep down you knew it. you knew something in you was changing. you couldn't explain it but you were not the same person. those things had fucked your brain too. weirds cravings had entered your mind lately.

Emma shouldn't find out though! you would deal with all these later. that's why you covered your breasts. you thought doing so, would prevent her from noticing your little a cups. you thought you could fool her. you had to. after all, you thought it wasn't that bad. you never forgot her face..

you remember her stop breathing. and then what still haunts you at night: her scream. her words a stab in your heart. "what did you do to my husband????" 

you never forgot that moment. it was the moment you realized that you were the leading actor in someone's sick script. it was the moment you admitted it to yourself. your kidnappers were turning you into a woman! it was true. you saw the look on Emma's face. just for a second. and then.. blank. 

things went downhill from that day. Emma called the cops. she swore she would find you and put them in jail. little she knew they had left the country with you. your kidnappers instead of agreeing to turn you in, they raised the price! the new price for you was now 15 millions! they said it was the last chance for your wife to see you again. even partly feminized...

but Emma couldn't pay. instead, she had people looking for you. you remember yourself all tied up. wishing every minute of every day to wake up and listen to the sound of a police car. outside your house. and so the hours became days, the days became months. and nobody ever came. nothing happened. nothing changed. nothing but the estrogen that kept flooding into your bloodstream...

you remember yourself all tied up...

it was a never ending nightmare. a constant torture. a normal guy flooded with female hormones. at first it was the skin. and a slight change in your breasts. but that was just the beginning. as it went on, that thing progressed.  spread. all over your body. like a virus. you could see your feet. they were female feet now. noone would ever think those feet belonged to a guy. your hands too. they were smaller. soft. white. no hair. no muscles at all. only some body fat just where your triceps once were. even your face started looking different. your once ultra male characteristics like your strong chin or your deep eyes looked more... delicate now. your nose got smaller and shorter, your cheeks became fuller and got higher, your chin became more rounded. your eyes were larger.
and then it became even bigger. stronger. soon it started ruling your mind. your thoughts. it was the last fortress. you were not the same person anymore. 

you started behaving strangely. one moment you were screaming for help and the next moment you were crying like a baby. then when you thought it was over, you were filled with anger. and you started swearing. threatening everybody around you. but the most weird thing that had ever happened to you (until that time..), was one day during one of your emotional outbursts...

7 months had passed. with you still there. still tied up. still no sign from Emma. you remember one of your kidnappers entering for your morning shot. you became instantly angry. very angry. you could feel the rage in your heart. the  hatred in your mind. you remember seeing him getting closer. your rage was so bad, it was the first time you fantasized of killing someone. he stood by your side and gave you your dosage. you gave him your worst look. and then out of nowhere...

he gave you one more look. it was different than anything you had seen before. from a man! he checked you out. your face. your tits. your body. then he gave you a soft slap on the cheek. it was more like a compliment. and he said: "now that i see you, you are not that bad..." nothing more. he stood up and left.

what happened then, was something you never forgot. never. all this rage. all this anger. became in a second what you could describe... as the most orgasmic experience you had ever felt in your whole life. 

seconds after he closed the door, you screamed like you had never screamed before, while your now tiny stick started leaking uncontrollably 7 months' juices. images of men fucking you like a whore filled your mind. it was like urges and feelings that had been suppressed for months, they were now violently brought up to the surface. you wanted to touch yourself. but you couldn't. and so you kept screaming. thinking about men. thinking about their bodies. their cocks all over your body. filling your holes. treating you like trash. cumming all over your face. one by one. and then.. you had a second orgasm. for the first time in your life. again. and then he entered...

your kidnapper. the man whose touch had just made you cum twice in 2 minutes. he heard you. he saw the cum. he smiled. he sat in your bed. you stopped screaming. it was the hardest thing you had ever done. you were terrified. you didn't want him to find out. you tried to stay still. as much as you wanted to scream, you had to keep it for yourself. it was as if you had just been hit by a lightning and now you had to stay still. it was nearly impossible. new weird senses had been emerged. 1000% heightened. you were now fully aware that a male was next to you. you could smell his musk. like an animal. you could feel the attraction. the urge to mate. with the male. it was as if nature was calling you to give yourself to him. you closed your eyes. you tried not to look at him. you tried to think of Emma. your wife. you tried your best. you felt as if it worked. a moment passed. he said something like "what do we have here, doll" and he gave your breast a soft squeeze. that was it. you had a third orgasm in a row. in front of him. it was so intense that this time you passed out. 

you woke up the next morning. you saw him. he was doing something in your drugs. he said it was for your own good. you didn't ask him anything. you just stood there all naked in your bed. naked but not tied up. that's right. for the first time in months you had the chance to escape. you didn't talk. you mind was foggy from all the drugs. but you had to do something. you had to.
7 months ago you would have kicked this guy's ass and you would be on your way home by now. you were twice his size. but now. everything was different. you were different. even that guy seemed different. he seemed... sexier.
but that was your chance. maybe your only chance. to freedom. it was now or never. he was looking at your drugs. and you were untied. you looked for the balcony. it was to your left. you could run. it seemed easy. your old self would surely succeed. for a moment you thought about how it is to be a big guy. how it is to be tough. and so you went for it. you took a deep breath and with a sudden move you tried to make your way to the balcony. 
your old self would have escaped. unfortunately though, your new self didn't. in fact, your new self couldn't even make it off the bed. 7 months of extreme hormone replacement therapy had already made you more afraid of him, more reluctant, more submissive, but most of all. more weak.
with a simple move, he grabbed you from the legs and dragged you across the bed. that's when you realized how much weaker than him you had become. you put all your strength and he didn't even try to drag you near him. next thing, before you even realize what is going on, he kept you down there with his left hand, while he took his cock and put it in your ass. you tried to move but you couldn't. he was keeping you still with his hand. you did everything you could to get away, but nothing. there was no way to move. you just stood there getting assfucked by your kidnapper. 

you put all your strength and he didn't even try...

he just kept you down there with his left hand...

you did everything you could to get away but nothing. there was no way to move

after 15 minutes of wild fucking he shot his load in you. seconds later he was dressed. he headed to the door. he said nothing. he just asked you your name. you said "George". he said something like "i'm Jack, but i guess we're gonna need a better name for you" and left. you checked him out while walking to the door. you didn't admit it even to yourself that day. there was no way you had multiple orgasms during the assfucking. how? why?


3 more months passed. no news from Emma. you were now constantly receiving all kinds of drugs. it wasn't that hard anymore. in fact, your body seemed to develop a need to this kind of extreme hormone replacement therapy. you now started feeling dizzy without your 8-hour dose. sometimes you were the one calling for somebody to give you your shot. they had even freed you hands now. so that you could take your pills all by yourself.

as for the effects, they were 100% visible now. you were clearly not the same guy you were when you first got there. in fact, you couldn't even pass as a guy anymore. and how could you? you were being given 10 times more female hormones than a normal female. for 10 months. one could say, you were being transformed into an ultra feminine female. your body was producing 10 times more fat now. and it was redistributing it to your ass, your breasts, your hands, your thighs, your calves. as for your face, you had now a heart shaped face, with a cute little nose, full round cheeks, big playful eyes and big pouty lips. in fact, your mouth was slightly open at all times now, showing your top teeth, even when relaxed.

but the worst part were the effects in your brain. you had now fully accepted the role of the female. there's was no way you could thing as a man anymore. men had become the definition of sexiness now. you started noticing everything in them. their hands. their necks. their shoes. their perfume. and the more you saw, the more you wanted. you were attracted to them like a moth to a flame.

but you were not just horny all the time now. you were not just on the verge of exploding every time a guy entered. that was something else. it was bad. it was intense. it was a torture. 24/7. you had 10 times more urges than a normal female. in the beginning. because from the day Jack caught you, everything changed. he started giving you more weird drugs. he said they were for your own good. for some reason you believed him. even when he started using these headphones before you go to sleep. 

see, you were not supposed to change mentally. in case, Emma paid the ransom. but Jack couldn't wait. he was the one responsible for your treatments. so he had access. and he took advantage of it. he changed your cocktail of drugs. you turning into something more suitable to his likes, wasn't going to change the plan. in fact, Jack saw it as a chance. he was more like "we 're already turning him into a female. it won't hurt to make him the kind of female i like". and so he did. 

until about a month ago. you remember that day. you had just woke up when you saw Jack entering the room. he was hot as hell. the man of your dreams. just the thought of being near him could give you multiple orgasms. but lately it had been different. it wasn't just a normal female urge to get fucked by a man. no. it was more than that. it was the dreams you had been seeing. and in those dreams you were not an everyday girl. lately you were being transformed into something more... dirty than an everyday girl.

everyday girls are to be treated nice. well, you were being transformed into the exact opposite. that was it. you were more of a sex object now. a cum dumpster. in your dreams you were trash. pure trash. a cow. with no self respect. no brain. no moral values. no dignity. no control. a fuckpig. a dirty fuckpig with a thing for rough sex. 

Jack fucked up your life for good. there was no turning back at this point. you had crossed the line. every day you could feel your body getting softer. your ass getting bigger. you could feel it. but you didn't care now. instead, you wanted more. in your dreams you were a low life fat cow getting hammered by strangers. every day you could feel your tits getting bigger. and you didn't care. soon, big mountains of flesh emerged in front of you. you lost sight of your belly. your thighs. your feet. all you could see now was a pair of huge boobs hanging. exactly like your dreams...

big mountains of flesh emerged in front of you...

so this time Jack came next to you. he knew what he was doing. after all, he was responsible for your situation. you were like an animal in a cage. still tied up. with 2 months of extreme secret conditioning. and 9 months of super enhanced hormones replacement therapy overall. you couldn't speak. but your eyes were locked in his. like a tiger to its prey. so he sat in your bed. the flame inside you was inexplicable. your heart was ready to break. a male was sitting next to you. you could smell it now. you could tell when a male was near just from the scent. your soft body was craving for something. you couldn't admit it, but you knew what was that. millions of images had entered lately in your brain. voices. commands. the fuckpig in you, had taken over your body. you had no control anymore. Jack had left you only with extreme animal instincts. and he knew it... 

so he started caressing your huge boobs with his hands...

so he came over you and started caressing your huge boobs with his hands. a lightning hit you. the second he touched your nipples, it was as if he pressed a button in your ass. your mouth was shut, but even so, your moans were so loud that you could be heard from outside. you tried to cum. you wanted nothing else in the world more than this. but you couldn't! no matter how hard you tried. you couldn't get release. and so Jack started playing with them. your huge, soft melons. your brain was screaming. your eyes were crying. and that's when Jack whispered in your ear: "don't try to cum, babe. you need my command. i've been waiting so long for this. let's see what you can do..." and with a quick move he freed you. 

for the first time in 9 months. you were free. for the first time. you could open the door and run. escape. right now. run to Emma. run to your wife. it was your chance to end this nightmare. once and for all. free. no more of this madness. no more hormones. no more shots. no more weird cravings. no more of this sick, fucked up world! but instead...

with a quick jump, you came over to Jack. with no regret. no remorse. no guilt. you came to Jack. not Emma. Jack. a man. your man. the hottest guy you had ever seen. the only one who could make you feel like a woman. you started kissing him. licking him. biting him. your nails entered his flesh. you made him bleed. you started moaning. you tried to think. you tried to speak. but nothing. nothing happened. you tried to use your mouth to say something but no words came out. you couldn't put your tongue correctly so that you speak. you could only lick. and that's when you realized something terrible. you had no will of your own...

you had to obey someone. and that someone was Jack. you had to obey Jack. you realized that, when he commanded you to get on all fours, you did it with no second thought. and not only that, but you also felt an orgasmic wave of pleasure when you did so. "obey is pleasure" was the only thing ringing in your head. and so you did. you got on all fours. you fat ass was now ready to be hammered. your massive tits were hanging. you had become the girl in your dreams. you had become the nasty cow that you wished for. and that's when Jack entered in your ass. Jack. a man. a male. for the first time. you tried to talk. to say something. but still no words. millions of thoughts. trillions of images. but no words. Jack laughed and said: "you don't say much, hah?". you wanted to speak. you tried. so hard. but no. your tongue kept hangin as if it was not a part of your body. Jack laughed harder. and he started spanking you. bad. real bad. with each hit you took you could feel an explosion in you. the harder the hit, the bigger the explosion. one thing though. you couldn't cum. no matter how hard you tried. you screamed. you cried. but you couldn't cum. you couldn't even say it. you could feel as if you had now gallons of cum stacked in your belly, ready to burst out and someone just couldn't get the door open. but you knew that someone was Jack. you knew he was holding the keys to your agony. controlling every aspect of your essence. you knew it. and he knew it...

"you wanna cum?" he said. but there was no answer. you were screaming inside. but no answer. 

"you wanna cum, whore?" he asked again, giving you another bad spank. no answer though. another internal explosion for you. more gallons in your belly.

"oh, i know! i guess you need my permission to cum. right?" another spank. more screams.

"you were a bad mother fucker. you know that?" another spank.

"a bad mother fucker who never gave a fuck about his employees." more hits.

"and your whore doesn't seem to give us the money!" he was talking about Emma. you tried to think of her while taking his glorious cock into your hungry hole. it was too damn hard though. 

"others still think they're gonna get the money. but i'm no stupid!" and with this he gave you one hard push. you felt his cock up to your belly. of course he was not stupid..

"so, i'm not doing this for nothing!" another spank.

"i may not get the money, but i'm gonna put you to good use!" you wanted to speak. you needed to speak. what did he want?

"listen, fucker.." he got close to your ear. his cock still in your ass.

"9 months have passed. and still no money from your whore. but you know what? i got to ask you. where do you put all that estrogen, "man"??" man. you were not a man. you had to think of yourself as a man for months now. you knew that wasn't right, but with all those drugs you had no choice but to accept it.

"listen, fucker. there's gonna be no more "George" for you. as from today you're gonna be "Georgina", or "Gina" for short." more explosions in you. Gina. the name in the dreams. the name all the voices were talking about the last 2 months. of course. it was perfect. it was hot. it made you wanna suck cock even more.

"i don't care about taking you back anymore. and i don't care about your fucking money! you're gonna become "Gina the fuckslut". more hits. more explosions. Gina the fuckslut. your dream. your future. it all made sense now.

"you will obey me and only me. and you will help me make money." you screamed. you cried. you needed to cum. you needed to get out of this torturing ecstasy.

"you will fuck whoever i tell you, when i tell you and how i tell you." pain. you could feel pain everywhere.

"you will do all kinds of dirty stuff so that i ask for money"

"seducing big executives."

"happy fathers"


"anything that can bring me money!!" you couldn't listen anymore. you had to cum. you getting assfucked like a whore by a happily married father was too much to handle. your body was trembling. just at the thought of it.

"that's it, you filthy whore! get used to it! you're gonna be my wild animal. my personal tiger. your job will be to go out and find nice guys and make them fuck you. use you. hit you. i don't give a fuck. you're gonna tape everything. so  i'm gonna ask for money later." images emerged into your mind. images that were hidden in your subconscious. the dreams you had been seeing. of you seducing people. nice men. happy fathers. getting them drunk. getting them hard. for you. having their cocks sucked. having them shoot their loads in their wife's bed. while looking at their children's picture. you had to cum. you were on the verge of fainting.

"so, listen to me, whore! you 'll just keep your mouth shut. others must not find out. in 3 months you'll be just like i want you. you're not gonna say anything about the extra conditioning. anything! you hear me?" you were crying. you tried to talk. but you couldn't. you just needed to say something. anything. 

"that's it, whore! i don't want to hear your voice at all. you 'll keep changing but you 'll say nothing to anyone. even if they start asking questions. about your cow tits. your huge butt. you 'll say nothing! hear me? you can't talk from now on. i'm gonna make sure that you forget how to speak until we get out of here. in fact, every time you try to talk to someone you 'll  just "moooooo" like a cow! ok, whore????" 

you tried to answer. you wanted to say how much you want him. how bad you need his glorious cock. how much you want to obey him. but most of all you wanted to beg him give you the permission to cum. but nothing. all you could do was just look at him like... a  cow.

"answer me now, whore! speak!" he said while tearing your ass apart. your could feel his cock deep in your stomach. you were trembling. feeling Jack's cock in you was like a dream come true for you. you knew that wasn't right. you knew you had a family. a wife who loved you. but you couldn't help it. your soft body needed this now. you needed a male. you knew it was the drugs speaking. and you felt utterly humiliated for this. but you couldn't do anything. you had to do this. you were like a heroin addict now and Jack had your dosage. feeling him in you was the only thing soothing the pain. 

"you wanna cum, whore????" he said as he slapped you once more. you tried to shout. you tried to cum. with all your heart. but no. 

"answer me, cow!!!!!!!!!!"

"you won't cum if you don't say it!!!!!!!!" you had to say it. you had to cum. you had to. you had to. you had to. you had to...


"that's it. now cum for me, whore..."

that day basically, became the first day of your new life as Gina. 

you had to cum. you had to say it. you had to...


3 months had passed since the first time that you ever came for a man. many things changed since then. you were now his sick, perverted fantasy. you couldn't stop it. you couldn't go back. that was you now. it's been a year in this room. a whole year of rough programming. a year of sick changes. but you couldn't do anything now. the only thing that relates you with your past is the faint memory of your wife, your family, your friends, your job. but it's more of a dream now. a dream that Jack wanted you to have. just to control you better.

and so every second of every moment of every hour of every day you think about this memory. and you try to escape so that you follow it. but just when you think you can, your body takes over. and you start rubbing your pussy for your Master. 

there are no ropes now in your bed. no locked doors. nothing. there's no need for them now. because in this room there's not a man anymore. in this room lives Gina. Jack's sick dirty fuckslut. the only reason to lock her doors now is to stop her from eating every man in this house alive.

just when you think you can escape, your body takes over
and you start rubbing your pussy for your master...

today is the day you and Jack are escaping. you will do exactly as you are told. you love obeying Jack. he is the man of your dreams. you wish you could help him make money. he said he has something for you. oh and he also said that if you are a good girl, in a month he will let you have your old life back. Jack is so kind...