Sissify Yourself: Learning to think pt IV


do you remember our goal?

we have to learn to think about sluts.


so we are in the middle of the "think pink" exercise.

in fact,
we are just starting it,
since until now we were just dealing with our worst enemy.


now that we have it out of our way,
we can begin our treatment.


we haven't said anything about you. right?


this exercise is about you and your way of thinking.

"learning to think about sluts". remember?

listen, honey.

"you know what they say, that you have to step into someone's shoes before you judge him, right?"

well, guys (and girls) say lots of things about sluts, hah?

this exercise is designed to help you experience things from the other side so that you gain some perspective.

you just remember what we said.

you are what you see on the right.

as from the previous post, you see, read, breath, touch, feel, think as Lindsay...


can we begin?





just follow the instructions

you are just scrolling down seeing things you like

yes, Lindsay has a thing for flashy stuff.

she loves pink, fuschia, yellow. anything. it just needs to sparkle.


cos you need to go shopping.

well, ok. not only to sparkle. it needs to be kinda slutty too.

yeah, didn't i mention that? 

Lindsay is a common slut.

you wanna buy so many things.

in fact, Lindsay is more like the type of girl who does anything just to have a man all hard for her.

one would describe her as an attention whore.

or you can call her just a whore.

a common whore.

a cumslut.

you name it. she doesn't care much.

people do not understand.

you NEED all that stuff, hah?

one could say she doesn't care at all.

she knows she's all these things they say about her.

sometimes you feel as if she's proud of it.

you got to be sexy. like them. i know.

who cares what people say, anyway?

you go on look at those girls.

you can find so many useful things.

- some positive thinking for you
before we continue -

stare for 3 minutes

stare for 4 minutes

stare for 5 minutes

perfect Linz. keep scrolling.
look whatever you want.

in Lindsay's mind there's nothing wrong in being a slut.

"accidental" flashing.

tramp stamps.


all ok.

being a cocktease is a way of life for Lindsay.

she has always been like this.

her friends have tried so many times in the past to teach her the true values of life, in no avail.

instead she sucked all their boyfriends behind their backs.

again and again.

you slut.

what are you looking at?

Lindsay was a slut since the age of 15.

it has always been as if there was an invisible power forcing her to be a bitch.

forcing her to hit on her best friend's boyfriend.

Lindsay sucked her first cock when she was 15.

it was Mark. he was Casey's boyfriend at the time. (Casey was Lindsay's bff)

she developed a thing for bj's ever after.

even now, just the thought of giving some random guy a bj makes her all wet.

- some more positive thinking for Linz

before we continue -

stare for 3 minutes

stare for 4 minutes

stare for 5 minutes

so, Linz.

you go on and keep scrolling down.

you are just a girl with needs.

i feel you.

keep surfing.

i know how much you love it.

big pouty lips


slutty nails

visible tan lines

cock teasers

right Linzie?

that's ok, baby.

people don't know what it is

to make any guy hard in a sec.

go on.

look whatever you want...

you slut!

what do you want this time?

is it for Brian?

don't tell me you're thinking about him again...

Lindsay has set her eyes on Tiffany's boyfriend, Brian.

he's a real stud.

she MUST have him.

you wish that was Brian's, hah?

Lindsay loves Tiffany, but that's not even close to stoping her from hitting on her boyfriend.

you filthy little whore.

how can you do this to your friend???

Lindsay is always all flirty and stuff when Brian is around.

Tiffany doesn't have a clue though.

of all the guys on earth 

you chose Brian???

what kind of a slut are you???

and will you stop looking at cocks???

nothing turns her on more than Brian's cock.

just the thought of him taking her from behind is enough to make her cum.

there's nothing better than feeling Brian's cock filling her from behind.

i have to tell you, Linz.

YOU are the slut on this!

you may not like it,
but YOU are the bitch here.

can you see it?

can you feel how it is to be the whore?

well, here it is babe.

you are playing with yourself like a slut,
thinking about the next guy 
you're gonna suck.

and you don't even care
if he has a girlfriend or not, hah?

you just need his cum on your face, right?

see how it is on the other side, hun?


people judje.

people say bad things about you.

people call you names.

even YOU may have done it in the past.

have YOU ever called some girl a SLUT?


some girl that may have done this?

or this?

or this...?




i mean, think about it, Linz.

-first some positive thinking-

stare for 3 minutes

stare for 4 minutes

stare for 5 minutes


look at her again
a slut?
let's say she's cheating on her boyfriend.
does this gives you the right to call her like that?
oh, sweety.
that guy wanted to shoot on her face.
don't you think she had to do as told?

and above all, 

wouldn't you do the same?

would you say no to this?

or this?

oh come on, sweety!

get a grip!

don't you see it???

you sluts should stick for each other!

not fight!

YOU of all people 
should know how it is to do bad things so that you get some cock!


well, i have news for you, missy!

other sluts do this too!!

so what you do in that case?


you judge??

you make them your enemies???


i don't think so, babe...

is THIS your enemy?

or is THIS?

listen, sweety.

i'm sorry to tell you this,

but you see things from the wrong side.

for a moment
i want you to sit back and think

"is what people say about sluts

i mean,
people say 
sluts have to be judged 
and humiliated.

the question is:

in which side are you?

is she so bad?

look at her.

take your time.

let's say 
this cock belongs to another girl.

and that girl had the chance to suck it.

let's say 
the guy got really hard for her one day.


is it her fault?

would you say no?

look at it again

can you see how big he is?

look at it again.

who says no to this???

and apart from that.

i have another more important question for you.

what do you have in common with the girl who actually says no to this?????

you want me to answer...?


pay attention instead...