Sissify Yourself: Learning to think pt IV


listen, princess.

in this exercice, we will help you develop female thinking patterns,

that will make you the perfect "guy".

a wonderful human being

totally freed of his primitive urges

that would make a beautiful addition to society.

a guy that uses his brain when he sees a slutty girl

and not what he's got between his legs.

a guy who knows what's hot and what's not.


pay attention.

first of all let's look at this together.

in this picture

you can see 3 girls that any guy 

would easily describe as sluts.

as a result,

his next move would be to get hard

and start stroking his cock for them.

can you see the relation?

sluts - cock - hard


now it's time to change this pattern a bit.

"so i say,

why don't we make YOU the SLUT,

seeing other COCKS,

while trying NOT to get HARD?"

listen what you have to do.

our goal is to make you think properly

when it comes to girls

no matter how slutty they may look.

as we said,

what causes this malfunction in your brain

is the thing you have between your legs.

she doesn't have anything between her legs.


she doesn't have your problem.

she stays cool when she sees a slut.

she doesn't have a cock!

she doesn't get a hardon like an ape.


pay attention.


we have to fully deactivate your thingie.

what we want from you 

is to stop touching yourself.

which means that before we begin,

we have to make sure 

that your thingie is properly placed 

in your panties.

ideally you have to look like this

remember what we said 

about the thing that imprisons your brain?


that's your first task.

in order to train your brain,

first you have to take out of our way

our biggest enemy.

are you ready?

let's begin.


let me ask you a question:

what do you think of Paris Hilton?

or even better,

what do you think

a guy would answer to this?

how would he call her?

a slut?

a whore?

a tramp?

a bimbo?

a dumb blonde?



look at her again.

remember what we said 

about the way guys think?

remember what causes this malfunction?

look at her again

do you see any cock?



does she look like someone 

who would jack off?


you know why?


men can't see this, though!

because it's what they use to think. 

which takes us to you...

listen, honey.

it's all a matter of perception.

what you have to do 

is to see things from her point of view.

a slut?

a whore?

a bimbo?

a dumb blonde?

no, baby.

in this exercise,

you will be on her side...

listen what you have to do.

just follow the instructions

during this exercise

you are not who you think you are!

that simple.


stop thinking about yourself.

stare for 1 minute


you don't have to think about anything.

not even about who you are.

you may not be able 

to forget about who you are,

but you can stop thinking about yourself,

that's for sure. 

stare for 2 minutes

your mind has to be empty

so that we re-write some things.

there's nothing to worry about.

it's only for the purposes of this post.

stare for 3 minutes

are you ok?


do not think.

just relax.

stare for 4 minutes


have you emptied your mind?


just let it go


try to visualize what you think,

because in this exercise

we need you to step out of your body


become the person you read.

stare for 5 minutes



i order to find out who you are

you have to close your eyes for 10 seconds.

from the moment you reopen them

you will be the person 

that you see and read about.

and for the rest of this post

you will have to experience everything

as this person.

you will see, breath, touch, hear and think

as this new person.

and any information about this person

that you learn,

will instantly become part of you.

 the information

will be in the right side of the page.

it's not easy.

but it's the only way to learn to think.


are you ready?

close them!







stare for 5 minutes

now pay attention.

you are no longer 

the person you thought you were.

as of this moment you are a woman.

your name is Lindsay.


you have always been Lindsay.

stare for 3 minutes

try and get used to it.

your name is Lindsay.




but what am i saying?

you already know that!


you remember being teased for your name 

all the time.

there's was always you and Lindsay Lohan!

years and years have passed defending yourself.

one day you snapped.

"even Lindsay Lohan 

can do whatever the fuck she wants!"

"fucking labels!"

you were labeled as a slut

even when you were still a virgin.

stare for 5 minutes

so, Linz. listen.

remember what we said 

about our number one enemy?

we have to think properly.

and we don't want anything to mess it up.



first thing we have to do 

is to get rid of that.

we don't want anything in our way.

remember Paris?

Lindsay loves her.

can you imagine her 

seeing you acting like an ape?

Paris is Lindsay's icon.


i suggest that you think of her mocking you

every time you think of touching yourself.

so, Linz.

keep calm


act as if there's nothing there.


let me help you.

stare for 3 minutes


if you encounter any problem

just take a big breath


think your ultimate goal.

you have to learn to think properly

and you know that 

only GIRLS think properly

and girls don't have anything there.




from now on

and until the end of this session

you do not have anything 

between your legs.

which means that

during this exercise,

if you feel the need to touch yourself,

you will do it in a female way.

i'm sorry Linzie,

but you are not a guy!

if you were

you could go on and jack off!

but you 're not!

i know 

sometimes guys are so lucky.

i mean,

it's so easy for them

when they see something hot.

they can go on, take out their cock 

and start stroking it.

i know, 

sometimes you wish you could do the same.

but you can't, sweety.

you have nothing down there...

which means that

from now on

when you see something you like

you're gonna have to look for ways

to rub it somewhere.

anything can do.

it's ok.

there's nothing to be ashamed of.

all the girls do it anyway.

even if they don't admit it.


let me help you.


listen, Lindsay.

if you had a cock,

you would take it out and start stroking it.

that simple.

unfortunately though,

you don't have anything down there.

which means that

in case you get all excited,

you have to find something and rub it against it.

since what follows must be really "exciting" for you,

i thought this must be helpful.

1. go to your bed

the easiest way to feel something down there is to rub it against your bed.

you don't need your hands anyway. 

this method must be your number one option.

it's sexy. it's cute. and it's the sweetest.

you can do whatever you want with your hands,

while feeling everything down there.

playing with yourself (i prefer the term "playing with yourself" over "masturbating" etc) in your bed, is undeniably the best way to reach an orgasm, as it mentally attaches you to "a state of no control", which is important for your new thinking patterns. i know it sounds weird, but listen.

playing with yourself in your bed, is a physical action with no "dominance elements" whatsoever. on the contrary, it accentuates your submissive nature and more specifically it highlights the need to find someone in order to get release. still hard to understand? just think of this.

let's say you just sitting in your chair stroking your cock until you cum. well, that is what a guy would do. it's a physical action which shows dominance. why? because he doesn't need anybody to do it! he just sees something and shoots! that simple.

while now, let's say that you are in your bed playing with yourself. see the difference? you are now a weak human being who tries to find somewhere to rub it's pussy so that it finds release. see how the lack of cock is highlighted here...?

p.s: and let's face it:  "you look like a kitten!!!"

2. stay where you are

you don't use your hands (of course),

but you can press it against some fabric or something. or if you wear jeans let's say, you can start rubbing it against your pants.

this method is not that easy, but it's the closest thing you can find to "a guy's masturbation process". i don't know if you like this last fact or not, but that's the way it is. you don't have to be all negative though. there are still things to hang on to.

the most important of which is this. you still do not have any physical contact with any part of your body. which means you still need someone to take over control. which means you are still the female here. 

so you can use anything you find to rub it against. one great option is a pillow. it's totally cute and you'd look perfect trying to reach an orgasm with it. other than that there are no boundaries here. you can try everything. just focus on something and press it against your crotch.

p.s: one last thing. the only part of your body you are allowed (if not welcome) to touch are your breasts. there's nothing wrong in that. so if you feel like touching them noone will get in your way.

are we clear?



remember Lindsay.

if you get excited 

at any point of this exercise

you know what to do now


Lindsay loves playing with herself.

to be continued...