Sissify Yourself: Learning to think pt IV

hello ladies!!!

it's been so long!!!

it was so sweet of you,
telling me that you go back 
and read the old stuff again and again.

you are the best!!


i decided to give you something

to add to the posts you read... 

are you ready for another educational post?


this is going to be 
the first part of the new entry.

you will get a new one

every week 
for the following weeks.


as i told you last week it's a work in progress
(i am currently writing part 5...)

i can only say that
each part is bigger than the previous...

as you saw from the title
we are going to talk about sluts...



let's begin with a simple question.

what is the first thing 

that comes in your mind, 

when looking at this picture?

oh alright,

then that picture

or that

or even that


let's see...

before we answer this,

let's try to think

what a guy would answer in this question...


you show a guy this photo

now pick his least possible answer

a. fuck, that chick is hot!

b. fuck, where's her face?

c. wow, i love these socks!!!

i guess you picked option c

well, let's try analyze the results...


what happens here is pretty simple.


males have a rather simplistic (primitive one would say...) way of seeing things.

they see a thing and they decide if they like it or if they not like it.

and this is a procedure which takes place for about a millisecond or less inside their brain.
the thing is that,
if a girl is categorized in their primitive brain as a slut,
they instantly decide they like it.

for example they see this girl

and they instantly decide if they like her or not. in just a millisecond.

can you see what's wrong here?

can you see why this is so... primitive?

because, dummy,

they can be fooled so easily!

you show them tits and you have them hard.

you dress like a slut and you have them running after you.

and you know why?

because they do not think much!

because they take decisions in a blink of an eye!

because they see this

and they don't think much.

this they like...

round ass + slutty clothes = hot

just like an ape would say...

the problem

listen, honey.

we are here

because we have to learn to think.

we have to look at this

and think objectively!

we must think first!

can you identify the problem here?

well, it's obvious!

men look at this

and instantly get hard.

you know why?

because they think with their cock.

that's the source of the problem!

such a beautiful photo

with so many things to think of

and all they do is getting hard.


their cock takes over their mind.

and suddenly all they want is to fuck.

no more logic.

no more thoughts.

just primitive urges.



do you want that for you?

do you want to think like an ape?

the solution

let's have a look together...

well, in this picture, 

a primitive male can only see a "hot" body for which it gets instantly hard.

what we see though,

is much more than that.

what we see 

is the solution to our problems...

can you see it?

well, that's the solution to your problems.

this is what you need to escape from the prison that your cock has put you into.

because honey, looking at this...

and getting hard instantly,

is a prison.

a prison where your mind is in

and is not allowed to see anything further.

a prison which keeps it numb,

totally unable to focus on anything else

other than "a hole".

that's the real problem.


since the obstacle to seeing things objectively

is the thing you have between your legs,

there's only one thing you can do.

"you have to start seeing things

as if you have nothing there"

listen, sweety.

look at this girl

can you tell the difference 

between you and her?


she's got nothing there, sweety!





you know how important this is?

basically, this is her advantage over you.

that simple

she doesn't have 

the only thing that keeps you mind locked.

the thing that doesn't let you 

fully appreciate millions of beautiful things

in life.

it's what you have between your legs

that keeps you imprisoned.

cursed to have a hardon

every time you see something like this

instead of admiring

the absolute perfection of this image.

cursed not to appreciate

the hotness of this

while trying to jack off like an ape

every time you see something like this


pay attention, sweety.

we don't want you to be that guy.

the guy that says:

"fuck, that chick is hot!"

it's rude / bad / wrong / and it's not the way a human being must think.

first of all she's not a chick!

she a woman / a girl / a lady

but NOT A CHICK!!!

secondly, she's not hot!

she's perfect / beautiful / stunning / awesome / cool / sweet / cute

but she's NOT HOT!!!

that's hot

that's hot

that's hot

that's beautiful!!!

you have to tell the difference, honey.

you have to know what's hot 

and what's beautiful.

because that will make you a good boy.

so you have to learn to think.

but as we explained earlier

in order to become a good boy

and fully appreciate all the wonderful things

in life,

(including all the hot stuff)

you have to learn to think without that thing you have between your legs.


this will be your first exercise.

to be continued...