Sissify Yourself: Michelle

everything started when you found out about Karen. you wish you could go back in time and choose not to read her mails. none of these would ever happen. you would still have your life. you would still be the well respected man, husband and father that everybody loved. you would still have your job! your friends! everything!

so what, that your wife may had an occasional fling? you have been married for 15 years for crying out loud! that didn't mean she never loved you! she just needed to fool around a little! it was a huge mistake telling her all those mean things once you found out. a huge mistake...

cheating on you was one thing, but a whore? a slut? a cock-hungry bitch? oh come on! that was just mean. neighbors heard you saying nasty things like "all you care about is sucking cocks, you filthy whore" or "go to your fucker, you disgusting cock-hungry pig" etc. you were out of control, i know... but.. Karen got pretty mad about this. maybe that's why she took so drastic measures.

Karen wasn't the kind of lady that she would ever do such things. but i guess you gave her no other choice! you humiliated her in front of her children. in front of her friends. in front of her parents. in front of her neighbors. everybody! you made Karen look like a whore! i'm telling you, she needed this. she needed a new life. far from everything! but most of all, she needed revenge...

in fact, how could you be so naive? did you think she would ever let you visit after she moved out? you had filed for full custody of her children, stupid! how could she ever make you dinner every night??? although, i know... after a few weeks and with so much estrogen in your bloodstream, a part of you, needed a friend like your "soon to be ex" wife...

but even so. how could you never saw any sign, man? Karen had you taking pills, drinking drugs.. from one point she even started injecting you when you were asleep!!! how did you not see you were being feminized???

anyway, i guess you found out officially after the plastic surgeries in Brazil. i still wonder how you must have felt, waking up in a hospital, still drugged from all the medication, looking down to your body. it must have been really hard. even after one whole year of feminization, the feeling that there's nothing between your legs must have been something to remember!

but like i told you. it was your mistake. that's why she kept filling you with estrogen! she wanted you to feel what is like to crave for a cock as if it's the most important thing in the world. she wanted you to have no choice but to surrender to your new needs. who would blame her?


you stopped everything that had to do with the divorce giving your marriage another shot. although, it's more of a good friendship now, than a marriage. you and Karen get along really well lately. in fact, one would say, you are perfect together. you decided to change Michael, so you go by Michelle now. you even take your estrogen all by yourself! as for your job, you quit. you now work as a waitress in a local cafe. you can't afford the place you live or the life you love though, so you are pretty much relied on Karen for everything. even so, you don't have a problem.

the only thing is that, in order to pay for your crimes (as Karen says) Karen doesn't let you have your own cock. she says your punishment will end, when she gets tired of seeing you being humiliated by all the strangers that fuck you in public toilets, clubs, streets and wherever else you take them. you know she's mean, but she pays for your bills.  and no matter what, she's your best friend!

the guy in the photo is Sean. it's the guy Karen cheated on you in the first place. he's her official boyfriend now. and it's getting serious. Karen seems to like him a lot. you have been jealous of him even after your transition. although, you are a woman now. you can't close your eyes to the fact that he's really hot. and stupid Karen. she knows how much you hate that guy and yet, he's the only one whom cock she let's you lick when you're at home! fucking bastard! did he have to be that hot? 

at least Karen doesn't know about all the times that you cum in your bed, screaming his name, fantasizing that he's fucking YOUR sweet pussy and NOT Karen's!

or does she know...?