Sissify Yourself: Kenni

Ian just stood there looking at poor Kenny trying to explain 911 what happened to him. there was nothing hotter than listening to him telling things like: "hi mr officer, my name is kenni and my daddy just shot his load on my face" or "this is not a joke mr policeman, i was a guy and then daddy took me in a dark room and started doing bad things to me" etc.

poor Kenny. his life was going to be a torture. Ian was a real bad motherfucker. he should have been more careful, when he started accusing him of money laundry. everybody knew that "noone fucks with Ian", but what can you say? that was Kenny! always saying he's the only one in the company with balls. boy, i even remember him telling it straight to Ian's face! in fact, that was the last time i saw the "old Kenny"...

he still says that. it sounds so funny though, considering his current situation. don't ask how we know that... that bastard brings him to work everyday!! it's kind of a "watch out who you're dealing with" sign to everybody else. he even has us accept him in his old office, as if nothing has changed over the last couple months. we can't do anything of course. who knows who would be next?

and so everyday, we listen to poor little Kenny telling us how he's gonna hunt "daddy" down (that's how he's programmed to call Ian..) etc. believe me, it's the scariest thing listening to a 97 lbs, 4' 8'' little girl saying she's the only one with balls here. two of my friends have already fucked her, for crying out loud! and believe me, that bastard made her real tight! 

and don't get me started on them! i would never do such thing to poor Kenny! he was their friend, damn it! it's not his fault that Ian made him a cocktease! and i know, listening to all that "i have the balls to make him pay etc" with that thin, lisp, girly voice has given me a hardon a couple times, but i would never do anything to him! have i thought about it? yes! especially when he sits on my lap every morning, for a "good morning spank" as he calls it. but no! i would never do that do my friend!

anyway, the point is that we have to watch out and always think twice before we say something for someone. there's a cruel world out there. especially for needy little horny sluts like Kenni...

2 months later...

-"yeth, mr polithe guy. it'th me kenni again!"

-"no! it'th not daddy!!"

-"now it'th my betht friend Mark!"

-"pleaaaath mr polithe!!!"

-"i don't know what to do!!"

-"i thought he believed me!!"

-"i don't know why he did thith to me...."