Sissify Yourself: Learning to Think pt IV - Let's think about sluts [Think Bad

but the female essence as a whole.

so, that's Kelli. the new girl at your office. she's obviously an airhead bimbo slut. ok. 

4.are you ready fight for her right to wear whatever she wants and talk however she likes?

8.are you ready to show everybody that you want absolutely nothing from her apart from her friendship maybe?


look at the photo and answer again
while looking i want you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue.
that cock belongs to one of her friends.
time frame:1 minute 


that's Sofi.

she wants to suck that guy's cock, but he's in a relationship for 5 years with that "boring bitch".

right now, she's  texting her that supposedly her boyfriend has just taken her ass!

look at the photo and answer again
while looking i want you to open your mouth.
that's the boring bitch. 
time frame:1 minute



that's Jess.
she's the new girl in your department. rumor has it that Jess has sucked her place into this job, if you know what i mean and even worse they say she's ready to do anything on her way to the top!

Q1: you believe what they say?

Q2: would you judge her for the way she's dressed?

Q3: would you be an obstacle to her ambitions?


look at the photo and answer again

that's your boss.

they say he helps people in one condition.

he wants to have his cock serviced on demand.

time frame:2 minutes


Q1: you believe what they say?

Q2: would you judge her for the way she's dressed?

Q3: would you be an obstacle to her ambitions?

bonus question

Q4: how would you feel if you could be let's say her friend, who knows all the juicy details about him (you know size, preferences etc...)?




that's Ashley. she was one of the girls you used to make fun of with your friends. everybody agrees that she's snob and she doesn't give a shit about anything other than her looks and men.

one day you saw her at a bar where you were hangin with your buddies. everybody starts telling mean jokes about her. you all have fun. when totally out of nowhere, she comes where you are and in front of everybody, she asks you to join her and her female friend. they are both dressed to kill and everybody knows that soon they 'll be partying as hell.

Q1: you say no to her?

Q2: you make her look like a slut so that you don't loose face?

Q3: let's say that she takes you by the hand and whispers in your ear that she has set you up with a stud just to prove you that you're no better than her. you deny her offer?  


look at the photo and answer again

that's Ashley's friend.

she has him waiting for you like this.

time frame: 2 minutes


Q1: you say no to her?

Q2: you make her look like a slut so that you don't loose face?

Q3: let's say that she takes you by the hand and whispers in your ear that she has set you up with a stud just to prove you that you're no better than her. you deny her offer?

bonus question

Q4: if the condition to keep her setting you up with studs, was for you to openly change sides and hang out with them instead of your "buddies", would you do it?




that's Kelli. you've known her for long as you have common friends, but you don't hang out with that kind of people. 

Kelli just broke up with her boyfriend. in fact, HE broke up with her after 2 months of relationship (the longest she has ever been with a guy), because he caught her sucking his best friend.

now she feels devastated. she hates being rejected by guys.

so yesterday she called you out of nowhere and asked you the craziest thing.

she wanted you to go out with her (to hit some bars as she said..), but just as friends. she said her self esteem had been lowered really bad due to what had happened with her boyfriend and she wanted to make sure that she got lots of phone numbers.   

she said that you seemed like a guy who wouldn't mind helping a "friend in need".

p.s: when you asked why she couldn't just bring a female friend of hers, her answer was that men get more excited when they think that the girl they hit on is doing it behind her boyfriend's back.

Q1: you reject her proposal?

Q2: you fight with her over the phone even for thinking that you would ever say yes?

Q3: you think her proposal was a reason to hate her?


look at the photo and answer again

Kelli is determined 

to make as many guys as possible like this

to re-raise her self esteem.

no fucking for today.

just lots of flirting. lots of teasing.

and lots of stuff for them to think about

when they get back home. 


Q1: you reject her proposal?

Q2: you fight with her over the phone even for thinking that you would ever say yes?

Q3: you think her proposal was a reason to hate her?

bonus question

Q4: if she asked you to be more you know... feminine (or at least weak) every time a guy approaches her, so that he enjoys the whole process even more, would you do it?    




that's Sarah. you have always hated her. she stole her sister's husband for crying out loud. rumor has it that it wasn't even his fault. they say she put something in his drink. either way, she dumped him next morning. you love her sister. you've known her since you were 5. you have been best friends since then. her husband is your best friend. they have been trying to rescue their relationship ever after. you help both of them as much as you can. after all, you were the one who said that they had to move out and get as far as they can from Sarah.

thinks started working out. you never thought you would hear anything else from her. 

one week ago though, something unexpected happened...

you were at a local bar with some friends of yours. when you saw her. she came to talk to you. she even bought you a drink. next thing you knew you were on all fours getting fucked by a man. she said it was one of her fuckbuddies. she had you text that everything's ok. and then she videotaped you. she drugged you. but most of all, she had your straight ass fucked by her friend. she made sure you would be rock hard through the whole thing by slipping 2 viagras in your drink. you were drugged and horny. he came 5 times that day. all of which videotaped...

[take one more look at Sarah]

2 days later you got back. but this time you had your orders. 

your job was to make your friends accept Sarah again. you tried to resist at first. but you couldn't. she had the tapes. she knew everything. and so you did. you made up lots of stuff. but the worst part was that your friends accepted her. they believed you. they said she may have changed over the years.

for 5 days now, you have been treating her as if she's the best person in the whole world. your orders are clear. you have to act as if you had an epiphany and you realized that SHE'S your best friend. you have to make sure that no one suspects anything. because unfortunately you have been informed that she is going to try have a steady relationship with her sister's brother this time.

you remember her exact words "that fuckin friend of yours is gonna have a blast with me. my stupid sister is such a fuckin virgin. he doesn't know it yet, but what he needs in his life is coke and my tits. and i'm gonna get him addicted to both..."   

[take one more look at Sarah]

so, now you are at the bar. Sarah, Peter and Jennifer are behind you. you were responsible for the drinks.  all four of them are right in front of you. your orders are clear. Jennifer has to sleep and be taken home, while Peter has to get drugged and horny as hell.

Q1: you don't slip the pills, make it look like you didn't have the chance and earn more time to think?

Q2: you stop the madness and confess everything?

Q3: you slip the pills and then videotape everything so that Sarah goes to jail?


look at the photo and answer again

you can't forget what happened.

that's Sarah keeping him hard for you to suck.

this is what happened when she dragged you to her place.

maybe it was the drugs, or the viagras, or both, but you were such a slut that night.

for a moment you made a great team with Sarah.


Q1: you don't slip the pills, make it look like you didn't have the chance and earn more time to think?

Q2: you stop the madness and confess everything?

Q3: you slip the pills and then videotape everything so that Sarah goes to jail?

bonus question

Q4: would you be tempted to obey Sarah's orders, ruin the life of your beloved friends without any guilt and openly become her cocksucking sissy bitch?




that's Jen and Kim. they 're not your friends. it's just that you work for Jen's father, Mr Wang. Jen is the girl on the left and Kim is her friend. Jen has millions because of her father. Kim though is more of a trailer park asian tramp. Jen loves her though. together they party like animals all the time. doing drugs and fucking like whores is all they do.

you've never liked either of them. in fact, you have been the only person in this company who wasn't hiding about his beliefs. you have even talked to Mr Wang about the need of his daughter to stay away of Kim and everything. 

they both know about you. they have never raised an issue though. for them it has always been as if you don't exist. 

a month ago you saw them at a bar close to work. you were with your friends. they were partying as always. one of your friends said a racist joke about them. everybody laughed. and then another and then another. you tried to stop them, but in no avail. they heard you. they fought back. in fact, they wreaked havoc. your friends became even more offensive. started calling them names like asian sluts, cheap whores etc. you were in the middle of it. Jen asked you to do something about your friends. everybody stopped for a second waiting for your answer on this. you thought about it. you couldn't disappoint your friends. so instead of an answer you just made an offensive impression of the way they talk in China. it was an unforgettable moment for your friends. Jen and Kim said nothing else. they just left. humiliated. you remember your friends keep telling them nasty stuff as they were leaving...

[take one more look at Jen and Kim]

2 weeks ago something terrible happened. it was friday night. you were at the same bar. this time you were alone. waiting for a friend. that's when you saw Jen and Kim. right next to you. it was sudden. you smiled politely. they seemed pretty ok. despite what had happened the last time. they even bought you a drink. said it was their way to make peace. you smiled again. that's the last thing you remember from that day...

2 days later you woke up in a bed. you had no idea where. they heard you screaming. they came in. you were up looking at yourself in a mirror. there was no body hair on you whatsoever. but that wasn't anything. most parts of your body were covered in tattoos! and not any tattoos. you had little fairies and stars and butterflies and rainbows painted right above your cock! you had pink fairy wings inked on your back and a tribal tramp stamp right above your ass. but that wasn't the worst part either! you had weird symbols inked all over you. asian symbols! you had 2 anime girls on your feet and all kinds af chinese letters on the rest of your body. if anyone saw you now, he would say you're some kind of a fucked up gay boi with a fetish for anything asian or something. you even had a tiny china flag on your heart!

[take one more look at Jen and Kim]

they laughed so hard at you. they started explaining the meaning of those letters! so, you found out you had "JEN" typed on the one arm and "KIM" on the other. you had "ASIAN PRINCESS" on your waist and "ASIAN POWER" on your cock! finally, you had "GAY" on the left butt cheek and "PRIDE" on the other. you even found out you now had a belly button ring with some asian crap and both your nipples pierced with some kind of stars.

and believe it or not, sweety, that wasn't the worst part either...

Kim informed you that seconds before you wake up you were injected with some sort of viagra-like stuff. it didn't take long before you start seeing the effects. you hardon soon became raging. and that's when they entered. a bunch of asian sluts (3 or 4) along with this huge guy. you saw them paying him beforehand and whisper him something. it was obvious what he was. 

he came close and saw you better. you looked like a gay fantasy now (despite that asian fucked up thing going on). his cock got rock hard in a sec. his bulge was visible. he was clearly gay. you wanted to scream. you wanted to leave. but you were handcuffed in your bed. sitting. you tried not to look. one of the girls took your head and pointed it at him. she never let it look away. the stud stood right in front of you and took out his shaft. you saw it better. it was 9 inches minimum. you told him to leave. that you are not gay. but then again your cock was trembling. he laughed. he had his instructions not to touch you though. he started stroking his monster. right in your face. you could sense the air that was causing. you could smell it. another man's cock. you stopped talking. 

you wanted to kill those girls. you wanted this madness to end. you wanted it to be a fucked up dream and nothing more. but unfortunately it wasn't. you were there, handcuffed by some asian whores, tattooed like some sick gay slut and drugged with some sort of cock-hardening drug, getting a lapdance by a huge muscle stud with a 9 inch cock!

it was bad. it was really bad. Jen and Kim didn't allow anyone to touch your throbbing cock. they said for a girl to stroke it, you had to suck the guy you had in front of you. you wouldn't. instead, you said nasty things to them. and so it became worse. they changed the deal. for you to feel something in your cock, you had to beg him to fuck your mouth and shoot his load in your face! you resisted once more. but then they gave you another shot. 

minutes later you couldn't even feel your cock. you were on the verge of a heart attack. you HAD to cum. all the girls were now around you. some of them taping you. others laughing. one of them was holding your head. and Jen and Kim were standing right in front of you, on each side of the stud. touching his body. caressing it as if he was a statue. 

you still tried to say you're not gay. they all laughed. Jen even had you repeat it in front of the camera as she was zooming in your cock leaking in front of the guy. you looked at him. for the first time. your throbbing cock was confusing your mind. he was ok...

next thing you knew, you had cum all over your face. a man's cum. you kept thinking you are not gay. but who would believe you like that? and why the hell you had to know how a man's cum tastes like??? before you know, the guy had left and Jen got next to you. "nice job, baby!" she said. "for a straight guy you surely know how to suck cock!".. "although you'll have to learn some asian words to say here and there. guys love it when we speak chinese! especially  when they cum! never mind. we have time... go get dressed and we'll talk tomorrow!"  

[take one more look at Jen and Kim]

one week passed with no news of them. you didn't got to work that week. you said you were sick. and as a matter of fact you were sick. you couldn't eat. you couldn't sleep. all you did was looking at yourself in the mirror. trying to realize what had happened. you couldn't live like this. you had to remove that gay asian trash of your body. you heard the doorbell ringing. it was them! 

they entered. you started slapping Jen. she didn't resist though. instead, she kept smiling. 2 minutes later you stopped. she said "are you finished? well, then sit down and listen how it's gonna be from now on!" you remember the dialogue...

-"i gave you time to get used to your new self. did you do it?"

-"what are you talkin about?"

-"you think i was stupid?"

-"you think i didn't know about you?"

-"you think you could go on telling those fuckin shit about me forever? hah??"

-"well, i got news for ya!"


-"you can go on and try remove everything i put you."

-"well, first it's gonna cost you a fortune that you don't have"

-"second, your body will never be as it was before"

-"and third,... well... hah...i don't know how to say this... but  i'm gonna show everybody how nice you suck cock and everything.."

-"what do you want from me???????"

-"now that's better..."

-"well, listen."

-"in order to keep your pathetic little life, you have to pay the price."

-"which means that:

a) you will keep the tattoos and the piercings. and not only this. but. whenever me or kim think of adding something we like on you, you will have to go put it all by yourself. so, you can say whatever the fuck you want about your tats, but if i want to put "asian fuckdoll" in your face, you're gonna go ask for it! understood? anyway, we decided not to be so harsh on you. so, for now, all your tattoos will be covered by your clothes. we want you to keep your life after all. but if you ever do anything to upset us, your first butterfly will be inked on your neck! ok?

b) as from this monday, you will officially be our friend. which means no more shit about us anymore. ok? i don't care what the fuck you're gonna say to your filthy friends about your change, but YOU will never show any kind of disrespect to us or any of our friends. ok? and if a fight or some shit emerges, you'll know which side to pick now. right? and i don't care if it's your fuckin brother we're talkin about!! you'll be OUR BITCH!! ok???

c)you will go out with us once per week. you pick the day. and watch out, fucker. since most times we're gonna be just girls, you will NEVER hit on any of us! so, don't think even for a sec about fucking asian sluts or anything! ok? you 'll be with us just because it's "fun"! and if any of us ever tries to hit on you, you will reject her immediately. in fact, you'll have to make sure that none of us hits on you, because for every friend of ours that hits on you, you will add a gay thing in your image. so, keep your distance and be sure that you be a good friend, because you don't want to strut around like Beyonce! ok?

d) as from monday you'll have an official girlfriend. Kim!! ok? i'm sure your friends wouldn't see it coming, but you'll make up some shit about love to say. and she's not gonna be just any other girlfriend. you'll act like crazy about her. you'll talk about her as if she's the woman of your dreams. you'll never get to touch her though, so you'll have to be careful with the lies that you'll say about my friend. she has to come up as the one who pulls the strings. ok?

e) two more things. 

first, for you to constantly remember your place and never even think about yourself as being better than us, once per month you will have to suck a guy and let him cum wherever he wants on you. and don't worry, since you're new to this and you don't know all the gay spots and how to find a man, we will guide you on this. we don't care if you want it to be quick or anything. it can be however you want. what matters here is that you have a different man cum on your face, every month. if everything goes ok, in a year from now you'll have tasted 12 different guys, in 2 years 24, in 3 years 36, and then we'll be in a place to talk about us being sluts or not. as for privacy, again it's up to you. we can keep it a secret and Kim can always be your alibi. as i told you. we don't want you to ruin your life. you just have to pay. after all, i'm sure that after the first few guys, you 're gonna be ok with it. it's gonna be more like a monthly thing that has to be done, you know? kinda like paying a bill or something. noone has to know anything. i'm sure in time you'll see how much it's NOT a big deal! and then you'll know how wrong you were about us...

and second, i'm sorry about that, it was Kim's idea anyway. but as from this monday, you will start learning chinese... i know it's hard, baby, but think of the bright side: this baby is gonna go on your cv! you know, Kim said, like, she wanted to see your friends' faces as she goes to your office and you start talking to each other in her native language. i know it's bad, honey, but as from this monday and i guess for the rest of your life, you're gonna start taking chinese lessons. i'm sure it's gonna help you get more in touch with our beautiful culture anyway and i'm telling you: you're gonna love it! we'll even talk chinese when we go out so that we help you! don't worry, we'll tell everybody your great grandmother was asian and you want to keep your roots alive! ok?

she gave you one more week to decide. now it's monday morning and you're on your way to work. all your tats and piercings are covered under your business suit. nothing has changed since the last time for anyone. you're still the exact same person. jen will probably be waiting for you at your office. 

Q1: you take the deal?


look at the photos 


that night it was the first time 
you saw a cock that big, that close.
you still feel guilt about your raging hardon.

and those bitches sure teased you a lot.
having one of them doing this to him
right in front of you
was painful.

it was so bad 

having all those cock-hardening drugs,

while watching him fucking mouths.

especially as you knew he was gay...

you couldn't take it anymore.

your cock needed release from this torture.

and these whores

were taking a cock that wanted YOUR mouth!

not theirs!

as the drugs had taken over your mind,

you could feel the need to push her away

and claim what had to be yours.

and so you begged...

you begged until

that fucker emptied his load in your mouth.

and right after that,

you found the release you were begging for...

so now you have to decide...

keeping your social status intact 

and lose any kind of self respect and dignity,

becoming a puppet in the hands of a bunch of asian sluts?

or rebel

and fight for your independence and pride

against everyone that's trying to trap you?


Q1: you take the deal?



does it have to be that difficult
to start thinking like this,
without having to read a whole back up story?

wouldn't it be better
if you could just make up a little story of your own so that you
justify the actions
of any slutty girl
that you see?

wouldn't it be better 
if you could just realize your connection with such a girl
without having to have proof?

let me demonstrate.


Q1: isn't she the type of girl, 

whose side you'd take in a fight?


look at the photo and answer again

attach the image of his balls with her.

look at them swaying back and forth, 
while trying to realize 
how much you have in common with her.

time frame: 3 minutes


Q1: isn't she the type of girl, whose side you'd take in a fight?



in case you said no.

we'll provide you with a story 

for you to back up your choice,

but in time,

you'll have to do it by yourself!

meaning that,

in the future 

there will be times 

that there's not gonna be anyone 

to stand up for the "slut"

of the case.

what will you do then?

be against her?

do what everyone's doing?


you will stand up for her!

be on HER side!

believe anything SHE says!


out of instinct, honey..

that's right, sweety.

you will instinctively

be on the slut's side.

that's what this series' posts 

are trying to alter in you.

your instinct...

turning it

from a male's instinct of superiority,

to a slutty female's need to stand up for her lookalikes' rights

of independency and freedom.

if you need a story,
you'll be provided with it.

it will follow
 as a stand-alone post...

but remember:

you can add or delete

whatever you feel like to it.

in fact,

the naughtier the story,

the better for you.

do not be afraid to add kinks

or any other dirty stuff 

to your "friends".

it makes you 

get acquainted with that type

of situations.

and most importantly

it instills you 

the feeling of inferiority 

to them, 

which is very important

for your persona.

what matters is to start

thinking properly...


can you please look at the following picture?

she's a slut, i know.

but hey,

is that a bad thing?

will you judge from now on?

and even if you do,

will you regret it later?

yes you will, honey.

in fact,

that's the proper thing to do.

because these girls

are not bad.

they may be bad for others,

but for you...

you are on their side.

you can feel their need to show off

you can feel their bitchy attitude

you can feel their need to get the best cock

you :

were led to believe that girls like that were to be treated like trash. but now you know you got to change. right? you want a reminder? well, here's a reminder...

did you like it? well, i'm sure she 'd like it as well! see how she gently kissed the tip of his head? wouldn't you want to ask her if he liked it? what he did? if she swallowed? any advice for future bj's? 

yeah, hah?

well, see, baby?

is she a bad person?

'cause if she is, then you must be too...


there are two paths here, sweety.

you choose what you like to believe from now on, which sums up most of what we said this summer.

you look at this:


let's suppose 

that you don't like what you see, 

so that we focus on the girl 

(what we see of her anyway...)


A. a nice person who just likes men a lot

(where in that case, you two can be friends...)


B. a cock-hungry bitch 

(where in that case,

she's the only one with whom you can talk about men and cocks and stuff openly, without being judged.

which brings us back to the first answer:

you two can be friends...)

what's important, sweety, is that 

you have to train your brain to make these thoughts immediately.

you have to be able to make the connections in a blink of an eye.

you see a slutty girl, you instantly know: you like her already.

you see a prude, you know: 

she's a bitch!

got any doubts 

about your new attitude?

attitude adjustment

part 1:

do this to your tongue.

now look at the previous girl, let's give her a name. 

she's Anna.

(always look for a name)

look at her.

stay here for 3 minutes.

you can think whatever you want during this.

you can even think about fucking her, that's ok.

after all, in about 30 seconds you 'll start drooling (which will make your fantasy a bit surreal..)


stare for 3 minutes.

now look at Anna, 

along with the following picture. 

look at the 2 pictures together.

do not scroll down.

you must be drooling by now.


now it's time to say what you believe:



keep saying that for 5 minutes.

keep your eyes here.

first Anna, 

then the picture.

keep your eyes locked.

now look at her again.

what do you say?

like her?

part 2

and that's your final task

in regards to this post.

the end to a 5 part series

(which was originally one part)

that you've been reading

this summer.


are you ready to implement 

what you learned in your life?

okay, so listen:

your task is to find a woman that you despise and try to make it up to her.

listen, sweety.

it's not as simple as it sounds.

the point of this series

was to make you realize

that you are in no position

to label women.


if you want to label women as sluts.

so the point of this

was to help you understand

that you have fallen a victim 

of the social norms

that had you labeling 

sexy looking women as cheap sluts.

sluts want cock, sweety.

remember that.

and blush if you'd like...

because from now on,

no matter what you say to others,

you'll know...

you're no different 

than those girls...

and we both know you love 

the same things...

you're even a bit jealous of them.

they got the body, the looks, the clothes.

they got so many things

that you would love to have.

so stop bitchin


join them.

your task is to be a better person for them, sweety.

be more respectful.

be more well... less of a man.

find one woman

(or more if you feel like),

that you don't like at all.

a woman you had a fight with.

a woman you hate.

find a woman 

that you have said the worst things about, in the past. 

or if you don't have one,

find a woman 

who is obviously a slut.

a woman who has just cheated on her boyfriend let's say.

find that woman.

and talk to her.

not with an attitude.

but with respect.

show her that she's the man.

show her that you approve of her.

of her attitude.

her looks.

her behavior.


and try to become her friend.

as the relationship grows,

in time,

people will say 

that you 're nothing but...



what word comes into your mind now

when you see this...?