Sissify Yourself: Learning to think pt IV

listen Linzi.

a little better.


well, let me answer this time, hun.

it's all because of a huge misconception.

it is very important 
that you see the mistake here Linz
try not to repeat it ever again.

let's see.

let's a random photo of a girl that 
could easily be labeled as a
cheap slut

look at her for 1 minute

did you do it?

can you answer me
one would call her like that?

let's give some reasons:

A. "the dress she's wearing is too short"

wouldn't you wear a dress that short 
if you had legs like these?
wouldn't you love the attention you'd get?
the stares?
the guys that would hit on you?

think about it while looking at her again...

B. "she's not that skinny for a dress like that"

knowing that some men love those extra pounds,
wouldn't you wear it?
i mean, ok,
for some it's not the best,
but think about it.
would you sacrifice causing a few hardons
with that body of yours,
just because "some people" 
say it looks cheap or something?

think about it while looking at her again...

C. "the dress looks kinda... cheap"

ok! let's say it IS cheap.
in fact, let's say it's very cheap!
i bet you know that cheap looking girls,
are more easy to be hit on, right?
i mean, let's face it,
they look more accessible!
is it a bad thing that you look more accessible?

think about it...

do you see the misconception here?

come again, honey.

let's take another random photo
of a girl that people would so easily 
call a cheap slut.


can you see the misconception?

people may have you believe
that it's not nice to be dressed like this.

that girls
who tease are cheap sluts 
and nothing more.


can you see why people are wrong?

are those girls so bad?

is it bad to want to tease this?

is it?

can you blame her...

...for wanting to make this thing cum?

pay attention, sweety

(and how to correct it)

i will use a photo i just run into
in order to show you where is the problem with the way people think.


imagine you're at the super market
with a friend of yours (at this point it doesn't matter if it's a male or a female - although being with a female is always more welcome when it has to do with such activities that don't involve sex or anything)
never mind. 
in front of you there's this girl.
let me be the devil's advocate for a moment.


a. this girl is obviously "cheap".
i mean, i wouldn't be surprised if somehow we'd learn that she has spent for everything let's say 5 dollars 
(bra included)! 

b. she has no idea about fashion.
i know. just mentioning the word "fashion" here is like committing a crime or something..

c. she knows everybody's looking.
hello?? even a grandma would notice her thong!

so i'm asking.

how would you call her?

i know.


and  i'm sure your friend would totally agree.


i suggest that you read the following really carefully

ok, so this girl is really a slut. i can't argue in that, right? and even if i tried, i'm sure it wouldn't get me anywhere. 

i mean, let's say that i told you she's not a slut. would you believe me? and most importantly, would you say it to yourself? nah, i don't think so, hun. 

and you know why?

because the mental connection between a provocative attire and the slut-label is rooted deep in your psyche.

this means that like it or not, when you see a girl dressed provocatively, you will instantly find this to be... well, slutty!

you want me to demonstrate?


try this.

look at each of the following 3 photos 

for about 5 seconds each

and answer to yourself:

1. do they look like cheap sluts?

2. if you had to use one word to describe these girls to someone, what word would you use for your description?

would you be more accurate using the term "girls", or the term "sluts"?

3. what would best describe her attire? provocative or slutty?

well, you know why you said these things, hun?

because the image of a "slut" is rooted deep in your psyche.

after all these years your brain has been set to automatically interprete these images. and unfortunately you can't do anything to change it.

quick! look! for 3 seconds! are these slutty?

hmmm, that's ok, sweety. i know they are...


what we can do you may ask?

and here is the real problem.

this is the real misconception.

this is what we are going to fix.

you wanna know what it is?

let's play a game:

there are 2 girls in front of you.

one of them has committed a serious crime.

the other is the best girl that has ever lived.

you don't know who's who.

you have been given the power though 

to choose one of them and sentence her.


you can't go away.

you HAVE to choose one.


look at them for 5 seconds and choose.

who would you sentence?

it's girl B, right?

so, have you ever wondered "why"?

have you ever wondered why is this 

that you would have this attitude towards the girl on the right???

wouldn't it be equally possible 

for the girl on the left to be the bad guy?


oh i think it would....

i think 

you are just a victim of the social norms

i think that you see this girl
and apart from the fact that you instantly label her as a slut,
you also draw to the conclusion that she is the "bad guy"!!

see, honey,

you have been raised to believe

that slut equals bad





well, ok.

so i think it's time 

that we reversed this equation...

The SLUT = GOOD Equation

as we said,

we are here for the last part of your think pink exercise, right?

which means that 

you are ready to accept your reorientation towards slutty girls.

you will stop being Lindsay now
and return to your normal state.

any guilt that you may feel for your previous state is welcome and can be carried through the rest of the post.

which means that
you are not supposed to forget that you were Lindsay the slut until now.

it's just that, 

this exercise is designed 

to make your "male" brain change the way it reacts to the sight of a slutty girl.  

- so, as it is nearly impossible to change the way it perceives and labels a certain image as being slutty, 

we will focus on de-attaching the slut=bad connection - 

 - as you have realized,

our goal is to turn this into a slut = good connection -

are you ready?

let's begin...

-step 1-

"i want you to look at the following girl for a minute and tell yourself what you think of her"


-step 2-

"now look at the following girl for another minute and tell yourself if you would ever be her friend"


"i want you to do the same thing for the next girl,
while asking yourself why"


"i want you to do the same thing for each of the following girls..."


-step 4-


"i want you to do the same thing for her,

while asking yourself if you like this dress"


"do the same thing for this dress"

"and now this dress..."

did you like em?


i want you to repeat step 1.
"look at the following girls and tell yourself what you think of them..."


-step 5-

"rate your guilt from 1-100 

for your future disapproval of the following girl 
because of her slutty image"
(with one being no-guilt at all 
and 100 being absolute guilt) 

-step 6-

"look at the following girl while asking yourself what would a male notice in her"

"do the same thing for her"

"and now for her.."



i want you to repeat step 4.
"do you like this dress?"


"now ask yourself the same question.

just add the follow-up question: is it too short?"

"ask yourself the exact same question..."

you're doing perfect...

i want you to repeat step 1.
"look at the following girls and tell yourself what you think of them"

now repeat step 5.

"rate your guilt from 1-100 

for your disapproval of the following girl 
because of her slutty image"

did you do it?
were your guilt levels raised?

-step 7-

"look at the following picture 
and try to imagine why are their mouths open"

"now do this again"

"and again. 

if you think of anything, be descriptive"

"now open your mouth as well 

and repeat the same procedure"

"just try and copy the girls in the photos"

"you don't have to do anything. 

just stay like this and imagine what can they possibly be waiting for"

"are you thinking clearly?"

"is your mind filled with dirty thoughts?"

"now try to stop them!"

"stop thinking about it!"

"these girls are sluts! remember?"

"you are not like them..."

"keep your mouth open"

"and keep your tongue out"

"we are almost there. just do not close your mouth.

drool if you have to.."

"just wait like this"

"in the following picture you are going to see 

what these sluts are waiting for..."

"are you ready?"

"now stay like this 

and look at the following picture for 3 minutes"


now repeat step 5.

"rate your guilt from 1-100 

for your disapproval of the following girl 
because of her slutty image"

"let's do this again"

"and again"

perfect, sweety.

- step 8 -

well, these girls are called sluts.

"i want you to look at the following picture 
and try to stay cool"

"do the same for this one"

"just look at it 
as if you were looking at a newspaper 
or something..."

"this has nothing to do with you.

this is slut stuff"

"only sluts like these things"

"only sluts play with these things"

"only sluts worship these monsters"

"only sluts crave for them"

"you are not a slut"

"you don't care about stroking huge cocks"   

"you don't like this monster"

"you are not jealous of her"

"or her"

ok, i know.
these are common sluts.
getting big cocks is all they think about...

that's ok, honey.
just repeat step 5.

"rate your guilt from 1-100 

for your disapproval of the following girl 
because of her slutty image"


you are so close, baby.
we are almost there.

i hope we are getting somewhere after all,
don't we?

i mean,
can you remember from where we started?

look at her again, sweety...

of course she is slut, sweety!

we don't want to change that!

she is cheap and trashy.

but what do you care so much, honey?

as if you'd ever get it up 
for a big-titted cow like that...

real men 
can say whatever they fuckin want for her, doll...

but you?

she should be
like a role model for you, dummy!!!


i mean, just look at her!

she's a big-titted cow.
but she likes that!
because it brings her more cocks!

what can you possibly have to say, sweetheart?
real men like big tits!
don't judge by yourself...

- step 9 -

see, honey.

there's a thing with real sluts.

they like cock so much,
that they would do anything until they take it.


so what don't you think about it 
for a moment?

"look at the following picture 
and imagine that they are sisters"

"she could be sucking her stepdad"

"she could be sucking her best friend's father"

"she could be sucking her best friend's boyfriend"

"or her husband may be away for the weekend"

the point is, sweety...

that it's about time
you saw them in different light...

before we continue
i want you to repeat step 1.
"i want you to tell yourself what you think of them"

"in case, 
your opinion has changed even a bit,
i want you to feel happy.
as if you achieved something.

and i want this feeling to motivate you 
to change even more"

for every girl you see
i want you to feel more and more happy
about your change"

"i will help you focus with my questions"

you think she'll ever get that guy over there to cum on her tits?

those shoes are killing her but guys love em! what you think?

is it ok to go to the party like that?

she loves catching guys staring at her pussy! is it ok?

she MUST have that stud sitting right in front of her! wanna see him?

your friend is hot! is she taken?

who cares they call them sluts? they need a gay friend for clubbing. are you in?

you think she knows you didn't even notice her legs are open?


we can proceed to the final step

- step 10 -

you know what, sweety?

sluts have one thing that you must know.

one special thing.

"look at the following picture"

can you see it?

go back and look again.
stay there for a while.

and think.

that's right, honey.

those two can be anything!
friends, sisters, cousins, best friends, worst enemies, housewives, lovers...
they can be fuckin anything!!

but you know what they have?

you know what they have,
that no other has????

look again!


they stick for each other, honey!!!





one man.
and many sluts around him.  
like bees in the honey... 

isn't it obvious, sweety..

that all this time,
you were on the wrong side?

can you see the difference
between the one side and the other side?

on the one hand you have 
all those goody-two-shoes.

who play hard to get.

who never talk about sex.

who act as if they are virgins.

who almost never satisfy their man

and on the other hand...

you have these girls...

see what's important to them, baby?


 you think it's important to them
if they are friends, enemies or sisters?

you think the girl on the right 
has any problem if that's her boyfriend?

NO, sweety!!!

and you know why?

because they are SLUTS!!!!

and as sluts

they can feel each other!

and that's why they are so misunderstood.

do they deserve to be treated this way?

just because people can not accept
their needs?

"look at the following picture 
and try to feel her need"

can you see it, baby?

that was too big for her.
she was clearly in pain.
and it must be hard for her.

but could she leave a monster like that?

would you judge her?

isn't she doing the right thing?

"go back and look again"

wouldn't you do the same...?

"look at her for 1 minute"
didn't she have to take it in her face?
her man clearly wanted it this way.
could she say no?

aren't you amazed by her skills?


would you say anything to her 
for going after the big ones?


didn't she HAVE to fit it in her mouth?
ok, she's petite.
but what this has to do with what she's doing?
her man clearly loved that size difference.
could she say no?

my point, sweety, is simple.

up until now,
you may have been one of the millions
who judge some girls
just for being "sluts".

it is obvious that this has got to change.

while you may play that you are 
a macho guy,
you have so many things in common 
with them,
that you must realize
you have no right to talk about them
in a negative way.

or even if you do,

i want you to keep 
in the very back of your brain
this post...

and for every girl
that you call a slut in front of others,
just to play you're the big guy,
i want you to feel a little blushy.

i want you to look at her again
when no one is looking
and just try to feel
how many things you have in common
with her.

and while doing that,
i want you to look at every little detail
that label her as "slut"
and try to explain to yourself
why she has chosen that on her. 

for example,
she wears those leggings because she wants everybody to look at her thong...

she wears such a deep cleavage because she wants everybody to look at her tits...

and you finally have to see, sweety
that people say these things
a. guys fuck them and
b. their girls know that!

whereas YOU...

a. can't fuck them and
b. your girl is on the verge of becoming a slut too, as i'm sure you can't satisfy her...

can you see it?

just look at her...
a. would ever be able to fuck her?
b. you think your girl would say no to the attention those juggs would get her?

what i'm saying is 
that you were on the wrong side, honey,
playing for the wrong team...

she's not the bad guy, honey...
she may have sucked her brother,
but she's not the bad guy...

we all know 
that you would never get hard for her,
but you, of all people, have to know
why she is dressed like that
and support her!

not judge her!!!

even if 
she gets too cheap, or bitchy, or fake
you have to be able to see the real reason
behind all these.

you have to talk to her

and support her.

because you know what she wants...
you can feel her

"look for 1 minute and read 2 times"


she's a slut. it's obvious. but instead of accusing her and stuff. wouldn't it be better if you joined her team? think about it. think about your transition from "enemy" to "friend". think about defending her choices to show her tits/to suck her best friend's cock/to fuck strangers etc. wouldn't it be more suitable to you to defend the women's right to do anything they can to have more cock?

doesn't it feel right?

don't you think you have been on the wrong side all this time?

think about it...


"look for 1 minute and read 3 times"


and above all, instead of trash talking about her, you could just think for a moment. think how much more suitable to you it is to be friends with some filthy slut like this and having everybody know that you would never ever think of doing anything more to her than doing her nails or something?

don't you think you would look.. you know.. better? look at her again and think about it. judge her? or help her find a bra for some guy to tear it apart?

think about it...


it's all a matter of perception, baby.

people can say whatever they want about sluts.


because YOU have nothing between your legs to support your argument!


you 're gonna call her a slut?


and then what?

are you gonna fuck her tits?

are you gonna stick your thingie in her mouth?


listen a hypothetical dialogue between you and her...

"look for 1 minute and read twice"

-you're such a slut!
-are you jealous, bitch?
-fuck you, you cheap whore!
-are you jealous that by the end of the night i'll be sucking on the biggest cocks in the club, while you'll be drooling like a pathetic little faggot?
-fuck you!!!
-well, ok! what are you waiting for? come here! can you fuck me????
-my tight wet pussy's waiting for your cock! can you get it up for me, big boy?

hah, sweety?

the thing is, baby,
that this wasn't your fault.
it's just that society has led you to think like this, when it comes to slutty girls.

but you had to know, sweety,
that you don't have what it gets 
to talk like that.

even you,
may hadn't realized
how many things you have in common with these girls...

"stare for 3 minutes 

and think of one common thing 

you have with a slut"

even you may hadn't realized,
with whom you could have the previous hypothetical dialogue altered to this...

"look for 1 minute and read twice"

-you slut! are you going out like this?
-yeah, as if you wouldn't wear this if you were like me!! now, you want Dan's phone or not?
-stop it!
-why? are you gonna go after girls maybe? hehehe!! you'll love him. i have sucked him twice and i'm telling you.. he's huge!!!
-and like... is he coming?
-hehehe!! who's the slut now???
-you are a bitch! but i love you so much...
-not as much as Dan's cock i guess... 

see baby?

i'm sure that
seeing how many things you have in common with these girls
will make you change your mind 
and think twice 
every time you say something bad about them.

ok, i'm not saying that you become a cockhungry slut as well,

but hey, at least don't be their enemy...

want some help with that?

just pay attention to the following exercise...