Sissify Yourself: Proper celebrity idolization pt.I

hello girls!!!!

one thing we 're going to discuss 

in the near future

is that of the proper celebrity idolization!

you know that you have to have 

certain icons out there, don't you?

and of course these icons 

can not be males...


we can't have you praising males

for anything except their hot body!

ok, sweety?

the only interesting thing in men

has to be their body and nothing more!

if a guy you see in tv has big mucles, let's say,

you are allowed to say how sexy he is...

but nothing else!!!

you don't care if he's smart 

or funny

or whatever you may think of him!

you don't want to be him, sweety...

you want to suck him!!!


there are NOT male icons for you, honey...


but that's ok..

because the world is full of 

female icons for you!

there are female celebrities everywhere, sweety!!!

and you are ready to idolize the right ones!

for all the right reasons

it's gonna be so cute, honey

you idolizing the right female celebs

is gonna make you look so less of a man...

it's gonna be perfect!

you are going to be a little cutie

looking up to female singers, actors, models

and all kinds of women,

from classy mature ladies

to trashy little tarts,

trying to copy their style

their moves

their clothes

etc etc

you are going to admire

various celebs


various reasons

that's my girl!

y0u are going to see

one of your most important idols out there

so, pay attention to the following videos

i'm sure they 'll help...