Sissify Yourself: Date Coach

Chapter 1

“So what brings you here today?”
Daniel looked at the date coach. He wasn’t sure of his height, taller than himself for sure, who stood at a paltry 5’ 4”, even though he was already 23 years old. He’d been made fun of his whole life for his height, but he still had a good bit of muscle, and some fat on him, as he weighed about 150 pounds, with nary a hair on his body. The doctor on the other hand, still looked athletic and muscular through his button down shirt, and didn’t look a day over 35. With his short clean cut hair and clean shaven face he could tell this guy was real good with the ladies. Daniel was not.
Why did I come here, he thought. This is so embarassing. But I guess I’m desperate.“Uh, well, um...”
“Dr. Chantry. Technically I’m a doctor anyways, you can consider me the date doctor” he chuckled. “Nice to meet you Danny.”
“Yes, Dr. Chantry, uh, call me Daniel though please. Well I’m here because I’ve had trouble finding a date, basically.”
“Of course, Daniel. When was the last time you’ve been on one?”
“Ever since I moved out here, actually, about 2 years ago for my first job. I’ve been living alone in my apartment, and I’ve yet to meet anyone.”
Daniel was a little bit of a shut in ever since moving out, mostly destroying his self-confidence. It’s made it a bit difficult for him to speak to women, and Dr. Chantry could see the lack of confidence in his posture.
Continuing with his questions, Dr. Chantry asked, “do you ever go out with friends?”
“All my friends live on the other side of the country, so I rarely speak to them these days. So I mostly just stay alone at home.”
“Mhm,” the doctor mused as he took notes. He looked up at Daniel and took stock of his latest client. Very short. Doesn’t look overweight but his built is very slight, so he’s actually overweight after all. Thick eyebrows to go with his shaggy black hair, which covers his ears—doesn’t look like he’s had a haircut in a while. Despite the thick brows and shaggy looks, his face looked smooth, and even decidedly a bit feminine. At least his face looked washed. His clothes definitely needed work though. He had told him to come dressed up as if he was on a date, and he comes in wearing a short sleeve button down t-shirt and khakis at least 1 size too big. The date doctor sighed to himself as he took down more notes. It would be a lot of work, but the end result would be worth it.
“Alright I think I can help you. It’ll take some work though, think you can handle it?”
“That’s what I’m here for, doc. Just tell me what to do,” Daniel responded enthusiastically.
Dr. Chantry stood up and walked over, picking up a small glass of water, and handed it to Daniel. “Drink some of this water, and then hit me with your best pickup line.”
“Ahem, alright.” Daniel picked up the glass and gave it a big swig, then summoning up some confidence he looked up at the doctor and delivered his line.
“Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine.”
“Oh boy,” the doctor said, looking down to his pad, “we have some work to do.”
“What’s, what’s... what.” Suddenly Daniel found it difficult to speak, and his eyes glazed over as he sat silently. The doctor looked up at him, verifying the water did it’s job. People always drink the water, he thought. He sat down next to Daniel on the long brown leather couch, and began to work. It was going to take a while, so it’s best to start slow, the doctor strategized and began to speak.
“Can you hear me Daniel?”
“Yes,” Daniel spoke, barely audible.
“Ok, well first things first. I’m your date coach right? You came to me for advice, so you have to trust what I say. Everything I say, you must believe, because I’m your date coach. It doesn’t matter what you think, because nothing’s working for you, this is why everything I tell you to do is true, and you will do it without question. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Daniel spoke again, still very quietly.
“Alright well, lets take it easy for this week. We’re going to do something about that weight. I want you to start running. Every day, before work, get up earlier and run. We’ll start you off light, since you’re out of shape, so don’t overdo it. I also want you to start eating less. Get some oatmeal for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, fish and broccoli for dinner. Things like that. SMALL portions. Finally, for practice, I want you to try talking to a girl at work. You don’t have to have any interest in them, in fact it’s better that way. We’re just trying to get back some of your self-confidence for talking to women. Got all that? Three things, run, eat less, talk to women at work. Repeat it back for me now.”
Daniel took a second and then mumbled out, “run, eat less, talk women.”
“Perfect,” the doctor said as he moved back to his chair, and prepared to wake up Daniel. “Now when I say ‘banana hammock’, you’re going to come out of this trance, and you won’t feel tired nor will you remember going into this trance. You’ll simply feel like you had just finished agreeing with my advice. You will definitely keep coming back here on schedule and you will always drink water when I offer it to you. Alright, here we go—‘banana hammock’.”
“That sounds like a great plan doctor. I’m a little nervous about talking to women part but I’ll do my best,” Daniel said as if nothing happened.
“Alright, I’ll see you next week then? Thank you for coming by.”
“Thank you for all the help, Dr. Chantry. I’ll definitely be coming back next week for more help.”
Daniel left the office feeling refreshed, while Dr. Chantry sat back in his chair, musing over the coming months, and he smiled to himself.
* * *It was a Wednesday. It was lunch time, and Daniel walked into the kitchen to get his salad, when he saw one of his coworkers. Alright, here we go, I wasn’t able to talk to any woman casually, the week is halfway over, I’ve got to make my move.Taking a deep breath, he managed to get out a weak “ah, um, hi,” waving to his coworker’s back. She didn’t notice him. “Excuse me!” Daniel blurted it out too loudly causing the woman to jump. At first he thought that this ruined his opportunity, and was about to leave, when his coworker spoke, “Oh hi Daniel!”
“Hi Linda,” he said meekly.
“I don’t see you around often, how are things?”
“Good. What’s for lunch?”
They made small talk and went back to work. Happy with his little achievement, he pat himself on the back. Dr. Chantry’s advice worked out well, I’m glad I went after all.

Chapter 2
The following week Daniel came in for his appointment with his new date coach, Dr. Chantry. The doctor motioned for him to have a seat, as he asked him, “how has the past week been?".
“Excellent,” replied Daniel, “between the running and the new diet, I’ve already lost 5 pounds! I’ve been kind of hungry, but it feels great to lose some of that extra weight.”
“What about talking to a lady at work?”
“I think it went okay, it’s hard for me to tell. I was really nervous at first, but um, I was able to talk to this one woman, Linda. I’ve managed to talk to her a few times this week.”
Dr. Chantry continued to ask questions about how Daniel handles different situations, and past relationships. Afterwards, he grabbed a glass of water and handed it to Daniel. “Here, all that talking must have made your throat dry.”
“Thanks,” Daniel said as he took the glass and gulped some of it. Just like last time, he was in a trance fairly quickly.
“First of all, you trust me by now. You know what I say is what you should do. Even if you think it sounds strange you know it’s for the best. Hm, alright now, I think I’d like to speed up your getting in shape a bit. We’re going to make sure you’ve got the body you need. I want you to run a little bit longer this week. In addition, from now on, your meals will always be an apple for breakfast, a light salad for lunch, and a small fish or chicken breast for dinner, don’t fry them. Are you following me so far?”
“Yes...” Daniel replied from his trance.
“Good, now tonight I want you to buy an aerobics excercise dvd. It’s important that it’s just aerobics, no weights or anything like that, we need your body lean. You’re going to follow the dvd 3 times a week. Oh and from now on, you’re going to shower every time after you run or excercise, and wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed. Cleanliness is important to you. I can’t believe I have to give you that advice in a trance.... Okay that’s the personal stuff out of the way. Now let’s get to working on relationships. Your new friend, Linda, right? I want you to keep talking to her. You should start complimenting her on things occasionally, if she wears nice shoes for instance. Perhaps ask her where she bought her jacket. It’s a good way to show her you’re interested in her.” But maybe not interested in the way you think she will be, the doctor thought as he smiled to himself.
“Alright I think that’s about it for this week. As usual, you won’t remember being placed into a trance, and when you awaken you’ll remember having agreed to my suggestions. Banana hammock.”
Daniel suddenly snapped out of his trance, and spoke, “that sounds like great advice Dr. Chantry. I’m looking forward to showing you the results next week.”
“Indeed. I’ll see you next week then.” Dr. Chantry waved as Daniel let himself out.* * *Daniel ran into Linda in the hallway, “Hi Daniel! How’s it goin’ huh?”
“Pretty good right now. Oh uh, I like your shoes, where’d you get them?”
“Huh? Thanks, I got them from Nine West. You like them huh,” Linda asked, looking a little curious as to why Daniel would ask where she got her shoes. She decided he was just being his awkward self, and paid him back a compliment, “hey, have you lost weight?”
“A little, yeah,” Daniel said, looking down at himself.
“Lookin’ good, keep it up.” As they walked away from each other, Daniel was feeling pretty good about himself, letting him ignore his hunger more easily.* * *“Good to see you again Danny,” the doctor greeted Daniel as he walked in.
“Daniel please, but nice to see you too.”
“Oh my mistake, Daniel, I forgot, please have a seat.”
Dr. Chantry continued as Daniel sat on the couch, “So how are things progressing this week? You look like you’re in better shape. And things with Linda?”
“Things are doing very well! I’ve lost 10 whole pounds this week! I’m already down to 135—I don’t think I’ve been in this good shape in my life!” Dr. Chantry chuckled as he continued, " And things have been going mostly well with Linda. We eat lunch together every day now, but she think’s my diet is a little wierd. She also keeps giving me a strange look when I compliment her, I’m not sure she likes it.”
“I see. well, we can take care of those things fairly easily Danny-I mean Daniel. But for now let’s talk a bit more about you. Specifically, your clothes.”
“What’s wrong with my clothes? I thought they’re ok...”
“For when you’re alone, or going to the market maybe, but you’re going to step it up if you want a date. Keep up the excercise and diet, you’ve been doing great there, but you need to start buying some new clothes. Now that you’re losing weight, your old clothes fit very poorly. I want you to buy some new clothes, and try to buy them more fitted, slim fit, that kind of thing.”
“I’ve never bought those kinds of clothes before...” Daniel asked, concerned.
“You’ve never been in shape enough for them. Trust me, you’ll look great with them.”
“Okay, I guess that makes sense, I’ll do that then.”
“I also want you to get a haircut. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to cut it short, you’ve told me you always had it long, but I just mean, trim it up a bit. Take this card, I know a good salon, and if you show them this card they’ll give you good discount. A good haircut can do wonders for your chances.”
“Sure, I think I can handle all that...” Daniel replied, looking a little flustered.
“Alright it looks like I’ve given you too much to take in at once, I didn’t mean to make this difficult. You look like you could use a drink—of water that is hehe. Here have some while I think of the other couple things we should go through.”
Daniel drank the water as instructed and was soon in a trance once again.
“Ok, now that we’ve gotten past the boring things, we can get to the interesting ones. Daniel, listen to me, whenever I tell you anything you’re unsure of, I want you to remember that you trust me. That everything so far has gone right, and I want you to wholeheartedly believe what I’ve told you is what you need to do. My reasons make sense, and you know they do, so there’s no reason not to go along with it to the best extent you can. So do you trust me Daniel?”
“Yes...trust you...” replied Daniel from his stupor.
“Wonderful,” Dr. Chantry replied as he reached over to a nearby table and grabbed a small water bottle, “I want you to take this water bottle that I’m going to give you, and you’re going to get Linda to drink this somehow. It doesn’t matter how, offer it to her, slip it in her water, whatever. The important thing is that you must do it when no one else is around but the two of you.” Dr. Chantry continued to whisper instructions to Daniel.
“Do you understand?”
Daniel replied as the doctor placed the bottle beside him, “yes doctor.”
Continuing on, Dr. Chantry spoke “finally lets start helping you in the face department. I’m not sure how you’ll take this advice awake just yet so let’s just give it to you now. I want you to buy a facial cleanser and some face lotion. We need to get your face looking nice and smooth. Same goes for your lips, if you’re going to date anyone you’ve gotta have a nice kiss, right? So buy some lip balm, that should do it for now. Hm, I think thats it... oh right. From now on, you respond to Danny and like people to call you it. I’m tired of remembering to call you Daniel. Okay, I’m good here, ‘banana hammock.”
“Alright doctor, sorry about my face, at least it’s easy to take care of right?” Daniel smiled awkwardly as the doctor nodded. “I guess I’ll see you next week then?”
“That’s right Daniel, next week.”
Daniel grabbed the water bottle and stood up, “please, call me Danny,” he said as he waved and walked out the door.
Dr. Chantry watched Danny leave as he smiled to himself, this is going even better than I expected. Soon enough he’ll be able to pull all the dates he wants...* * *“Wow did something happen to you? You’re really looking sharp lately. New haircut and everything huh? I need to be on whatever diet you’re on!” Linda and Danny chuckled as they sat down for lunch.
“But seriously Danny, you should eat something a little more than that salad. You need your energy!”
“I feel fine, don’t worry. Oh and call me Danny, I’ve decided I like it better. You’re just lucky because you don’t have to do anything to keep your figure!”
“Oh you,” she motioned away his words, trying to decide whether he was trying to hit on her by complimenting her fashion and figure or if he was like that. Before she could decide, however, she was interrupted.
“Oh shoot, I forgot my fork, could you get one for me?”
“Hm...,” Linda gave him a wry look.
“Pleaaaseeee,” he pleaded, praying to her.
“Oh alright Daaaaaanny,” she said mockingly, “for someone on a diet you sure are lazy,” she laughed to herself, walking off to the kitchen. They were alone in the corner of the building they ate at, and Daniel took the opportunity to replace the water from the cup with the water the doctor gave him.
“Here you go, lazy bum,” she smiled as she placed the fork in front of him. She drank some of her water, and she was out. At this point Daniel fell into a trance, and automatically delivered Dr. Chantry’s words.
“Linda, listen to me. What I am about to tell you is completely true. You will believe it as if it is your own thoughts. Do you understand?”
“I do,” she said solemnly.
“Anything Danny does or says you will not find strange. You may question his taste but not his overall decisions. You will not be sexually attracted to Danny, and you will be convinced he is not sexually attracted to you. When I wake you up, you will not remember me telling you anything but you will remember these commands in your subconscious. Now wake up.”
Danny and Linda snapped out of their trances, neither of them noticing anything strange. They continued to talk and finish up lunch, and Linda left happily. Danny refreshed his lip balm and went back to work.

Chapter 3
Danny sat on the couch in Dr. Chantry’s office, in the office for his weekly appointment as he listened to the doctor speak to him. “That’s great news, I’m glad you’ve lost another 10 pounds, you’re well on your way to your ideal weight, just keep going. Sounds like things are all good with Linda as well, so that’s all in order then?”
“That’s right doc, I couldn’t be happier. It’s been easier to talk to women in general too, I’ve been greeting them, complimenting their clothes and shoes, and they all react friendly—I can’t believe it was this easy to talk to them!”
“That’s right, so let’s keep going then with the advice,” Dr. Chantry thought to himself for a moment the water has done it’s job, let’s try just talking to him today. “Alright today’s going to be a big day for advice, and you’re going to have to trust me. Are you ready for this?”
Danny wasn’t even nervous as he responded, “you don’t even have to ask me, I’m ready for all of it!”
“Excellent. Because you’re going to ask Linda if she wants to go hang out with you somewhere.”
“Like a date?? Am I ready for something like that?” Danny asked, surprised.
“No, no. It’s not a date, you just want to hang out. She won’t feel pressured if you’re just hanging out. Remember this is just practice for you too, so you’re not trying to string her along or anything.”
“Oh ok, I understand. Where should we go?”
“Ask her to take you out to her favorite club. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dance. The point is to get you used to an environment like that. It will be healthy for you.”
“Alright, I hope she’s into clubs.”
“If not then a bar is fine too, but I’m sure it will work itself out. Anyways, next order of business. Your clothes need work if you’re going to a club. You’re getting in better shape now, and you’ve got to show some of that off. So I want you to buy some new shirts. Preferably ones with a V-neck style, the deeper the better, but not too deep. We want to be reasonable here, right?”
“Of course doc, I get you.”
“So no deeper than below your pecs, we’re not trying to look ridiculous here. Right so, we’ve got to give you a little flash, some pizzazz, if you will. So I want you to buy a bit of jewelry, nothing too much. A ring, a necklace, and a bracelet. No big deal, just something to give you an interesting look. Oh, and while we’re at it, definitely get your ears pierced.”
“Both of them?” Danny asked, while touching his earlobe.
“That’s correct, it’s the cool thing to do nowadays anyway. Girls will know you’ve got modern sensibilities.”
“I see, that sounds like a good thing.”
“Mmhm. On the subject of ‘good things’ I also want you to stop working out using that video at home. We need to step it up a bit. There’s a gym I want you to go to, don’t worry its near your home. I want you to sign up for a couple of aerobics class. Actually two of them. You’ll do the light one three times a week, and the heavy one once a week. We’re going to tone you up, and this is an great way to do so.”
Dr. Chantry handed him the card. Danny looked at it as he spoke to the doctor, “wow you’re right. A lot for this week, is there more I should be doing?”
“Nope that about covers us for a week. Oh actually one more thing as well. I’ll see you in two weeks instead, but I want you to have lost 10 more pounds by then alright? We’re so close to where we want you, we’ve just got to make that last push. Think you can do it?”
“Of course doctor, I don’t get very hungry nowadays anyway. Sometimes I even skip lunch!”
“Alright, wonderful. I’ll see you in two weeks Danny.”* * *Danny was a little nervous. Even though it wasn’t a date, he still had to actually ask her to go somewhere with him. He made sure he wore nice clothes today so he wouldn’t putt off Linda. He had on his deepest V-neck, going down about 5 inches, and his gray slim jeans, trying to stay cool as they sat down for lunch.
Linda spoke first, “I like your earrings, they’re cute.”
Danny touched one of his small diamond studs, “thanks. I like the way you did your hair today too.”
“Alex does a great job, I can give you the card for his salon if you like.”
“Ah, maybe later.” Deciding now is a good a time as any, he went for it, “um, hey, what are you doing this weekend?”
“Oh, are you asking me on a date, hmm?” The two of them laughed. She laughed because she knew he wasn’t into her like that, and he because his nerves just became shot.
“Ah, uh, oh no. No! No. I just want to hang out, y’know? You think we can hang out sometime?”
“Sure, that’d be great! What kind of hangout did you have in mind?”
“I was thinking maybe somewhere fun, like a nightclub maybe. Do you know any?”
Linda looked surprised, “do I? Boy, I know all the good places. But I didn’t figure you for the clubbing type.”
“Well I figured with the changes I’ve been going through, something fun would be nice.”
“Let me call my girlfriends then, we’re going to have a great time, an outing for your ‘outing’!” Linda quickly closed her mouth and looked at Danny, worried she’d made the wrong call about him and might offend him. She was relieved when Danny didn’t notice what she had implied and made no reactions to it.* * *Two weeks went by quickly, and Dr. Chantry was thinking to himself as Danny walked in to have a seat, alright this is going to be a big turning point for Danny today. I’m definitely going to have to use the water today.“Doctor, I did it! I’m down to 115 pounds, and I feel like such a different person now! I’ve never looked better, and I get a lot of looks around the office now.”
You’re going to get a lot more soon, Dr. Chantry thought as he spoke “how did your night out with Linda go?”
“Extremely well! We went to this night club where they played great 80’s music all night, and we danced and drank and talked. She seemed to enjoy herself a lot.”
“That’s perfect, because we’re going to need Linda’s help for the next steps. She’s a woman, so she knows what women like, right?”
“That sounds reasonable.”
“So you’re going to talk with her about what women like, fashion, style, that sort of thing. Girl talk, if you will.”
“But isn’t that not going to help me very much?”
Dr. Chantry gave Danny a disapproving look as he spoke to him, “I’ve said you have to trust me, right? Don’t worry about it too much. You have to understand women, to understand how to be with them, do you get it?”
“Ahh I see. That makes perfect sense. I’m sorry for questioning doctor, but how do I talk about that stuff with her? I don’t know the first thing about any of that, so I can’t start any conversations.”
“No problem. I’m going to pay for a few subscriptions to fashion and style magazines for you. No need to make you pay for something like this.”
“You’ll buy them for me? Wow thanks doc, that’s really nice of you.”
“It’s no trouble, really. I want you to study them well, and talk with Linda about them, since she sounds like shes a fairly fashionable woman.”
“Oh I’d say she is, I hear her talking to the other girls in the office about stuff like that all the time.”
“Great, if you get into any conversations with them too, that’s absolutely perfect. The more opinions you get the more it can help you. So we’re going to get into a few more things now, why don’t you have some water while I prepare.”
“Sure thing.”
Danny was out, and the doctor was ready to speak. “Okay Danny. Time to get serious. I’m going to tell you to do a number of things. You’re going to do them. Just as always. But now people are definitely going to notice you, and talk about you, and stare at you. When they do this, you won’t feel embarrased, and you won’t think anything they tell you is strange. In fact you’re going to enjoy the new attention. So what will you do when people stare at you?”
“Perfect. Now we need to get you new clothes again, because you’re getting perfectly thin. Buy some skinny jeans, at least 3 pairs, in whatever colors you want. We should also do something about your height, so I want you to buy a couple of pairs of shoes. First, get a pair of boots, with at least 1.5 inches of heel. That’s pretty low so you could probably get away with a platform sole on combat boots or something similar. Same goes for some tennis shoes. If you have to buy girl’s shoes thats fine. You’ll try to get a unisex looking style, and you won’t think it’s strange at all. You’re merely trying to get some height to look more attractive.”
Dr. Chantry stared at Danny’s face, noticing his hair and his thick eyebrows as he sat in a trance, before continuing on. “On that note, we’ll take more steps for your face and hair as well. I want you to go back to the salon I sent you to before, and tell them to give you some highlights. Maybe around the bangs or something. Ask them to make it sexy, they’re good and know what to do. So make sure you agree to anything they say. Afterwards, ask them to trim your eyebrows too, they’re far too thick, and you’ll feel like ladies will like it more if they were sleeker. Now tell me, do you think your communication skills are good enough to talk fashion with women other than Linda?”
“Not...sure...” Danny said, frowning.
“Not to worry, follow my tips, and you’ll feel confident about it. Girls are expressive, and like to use their hands. So you’ve got to use your hands too, this way they can understand you more easily. So before you start talking to anyone, I want you to touch them lightly. The arm or the shoulder is fine. Make sure you don’t tap them too hard, it should just be a very light very gentle touch. I also want you to practice using plenty of hand gestures, and pay attention to the way they use their hands when they speak, so you can perform it better. It’s an important part of communicating with women. I want you to practice this all the time, regardless of if you’re speaking to women or not. Practice makes perfect after all. Hm, I just remembered you have earrings but I can’t see them. What’s the point of wearing them if no one can see them? I want you to start keeping one side of your hair behind your ear, at least this way we can see one of them. If you feel like your hair is over your ears, I want you to use your hand and sweep it back around your ear again. Hm, ah yes, and in fact, there’s nothing wrong with playing with your hair in general. It shows women you care about your hair, and thus your appearance, and that’s a good thing. So I want you to go ahead and play with your hair, twist it around your finger, play with the ends in your hands. When you get nervous or if you’re thinking about something, doing this will make you feel especially comfortable. So you think you can handle the hand gestures?”
“Important...definitely can...”
“Excellent, ‘banana hammock’,” the doctor said, watching Danny wake up and continuing “now I want you to go out with Linda and her friends a few more times. And don’t be afraid to let loose a little, it’s ok to have a few drinks and get drunk, as long as the girls are there to watch your back.”
“Hehe, I’ll try and have a bit more fun then doctor,” Danny said, putting up his arm and sweeping his hair back over his ear.
“Sounds great, see you in two more weeks then Danny.”* * *“Ooh I love your hair, it’s hot,” Linda complimented Danny, “I love those highlights!”
They arrived at the club, meeting up with Linda and Danny’s coworkers, and Danny was getting some stares. “Are you alright with all those looks you’re getting lately? I guess its a big change for you,” one of their other coworkers asked Danny.
“Nah, it’s alright. I’m not putting in all this effort so no one can see me, right girls?” They all laughed. Danny enjoyed clubbing with Linda and her friends nowadays. Danny had a cocktail as one of the girls noticed something, “hey, you and I have the same boots!” Danny became flushed because he knew he was wearing girl’s shoes. He wasn’t ashamed, but he didn’t exactly want to flaunt that fact.
Linda came to his rescue, “oh don’t tease him. Danny’s a small guy, he just needs to get things that fit him right?”
Danny twirled his hair in his fingers, fidgeting around as he tried to relax, “yeah, I have really small feet, and I liked these boots.”
“Oh no no no! I didn’t mean to insult you! I’m so sorry! I really thought the boots were cool too! I’m so sorry!”
He waved his arms around as he responded, “no it’s okay, they are girl’s boots after all. They go well with my top though right? Green’s in style,” he said, posing to show off his outfit, a loose green shirt, with dark black skinny jeans and his girl’s calf-high black boots.
They all laughed and talked. Danny was a little tipsy already, but thought, what the hell, I’m with my girls, I can get a little drunk!

Chapter 4
Dr. Chantry was looking over Danny’s file as he stepped in his office. Before the doctor could react, Danny quickly walked up to him, leaned over and touched him lightly on the shoulder, talking excitedly, “Dr. Chantry! It’s working so well! Your advice is the best, I’ve talked to tons of girls, and they’re all friends with me now! I’ve never had it this easy talking to girls before.” As Danny continued gushing about his time with the girls in the office and their frequent nights dancing and drinking together, the doctor took a good look at him. He watched him wave his arms about emphatically as he talked, and how he kept sweeping back his highlighted hair behind his ear as it kept falling over it since he was still leaning over as he spoke. Things seem to be going well, though I think I forgot to tell him to stop losing weight, he looks a little on the thin side. Oh well, I can still have him at this weight, it looks unexpectedly better anyhow, Dr. Chantry thought as he then motioned to Danny to stop for a moment.
“Please Danny, I’m glad things are going well, but please have a seat first,” he chuckled. They spoke some more about Danny’s progress, and it came time for the next steps of advice.
“I think we should further refine your appearance. You have a good thing going here, we should push harder and make you even more enticing, yes?”
“Sure doc, things are going great, why stop now?”
“Well one thing we should stop is your diet, what are you at now?”
“108 pounds when I checked this morning. A bit on the light side but I feel great! Should I stop trying to lose weight?” Danny asked as he motioned with both wrists turned inward towards him.
Dr. Chantry looked at him, and saw his perfectly thin, toned limbs, noticing he doesn’t really look bony despite his light weight, chalking at least part of it up to his lack of height. “Yes I think you’re at the perfect weight, just keep it at that for now. But now that you’re settled in your weight, we should start getting you some new clothes again. With your perfectly toned body, you can show it off and no one will fault you for it. You’ve been throwing out your old clothes right? It’s not as if they’ll fit you anymore.”
“I have been giving them away recently, they’re not my style any more anyway.”
“Alright, well let’s try going even more fitting. I want you to get some really tight clothes, I’m talking skintight if you can. Stretchy fabrics are good. You really want women to see every curve you’ve got. Have you thought about what you’ll do when you get a date and it goes further? I mean as in, if you get intimate? What underwear will a woman see if you take your clothes off right now?
“Um, I’m wearing boxers right now, though it is a bit awkward feeling in my skinny jeans. Is that fine?”
“Not at all Danny. You want to impress a woman right? Let’s go all the way with this, why dont you get some thong-style underwear. Women find them extremely sexy, and you’ll show them you mean serious business.”
“Oh, I’ve never worn those before, but I think I can go buy some. I want women to still find me sexy in bed.”
“Good. Now let me see your face...hm. You know, those brows really hurt that face of yours. You should go get it trimmed down some more. Yes. You also have some marks here and there, maybe from some acne long ago? You should get some concealer for that.”
“You mean wear makeup?” Danny asked, beginning to feel unsure.
“No. Well yes, technically. However, lots of men use it, it isn’t strange at all to use something little like this. You want to give off the best impression after all. There’s no need to turn off a woman from bad skin right at the start is there?”
“I suppose not, no.”
“Right, so I want you to start covering up those blemishes regularly. You don’t want any women to catch you off guard. When you’re talking to women you’re using your hands a lot, but I bet those hands don’t look great do they?”
“I guess not?”
“No, they don’t. We need to shine them up a little. Make them look good to impress the ladies. So I want you to go back to the salon and tell them to give you a manicure. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to paint your nails or anything. Plenty of guys do this to make their hands look clean, just tell them to finish with a clear coat only.”
“Uh huh, alright.”
“Hm, I can see I’m giving you too much again, here, have some water while I go back over this.”
The doctor hands him his dose of water and Danny goes out quick. That worked rather quickly this time, the effects must be pretty built-in his body by now, he thought to himself as he watched.
“Alright, now for the more important things. First I want you to start worrying about your face a lot more. It’s very important to you now that you’re taking care of it, and I want you to check it often and concern yourself about whether it looks alright. Secondly, keep studying your female friends’ behaviors carefully, and start copying them. You want to still practice communicating with them and get better, and this will help. Things like keeping your hand on your hip, keeping your wrists loose, watch for subtle things like that. You also don’t want to look like a fool in front of them if you blank out and can’t think of what to say. So if you ever have a pause, always fill it with something. Let’s choose “like” as your word to use whenever you have to pause. Ok tell me what you have to do so far.”
“Check face...copy ladies....” Danny managed to mumble.
“Perfect. Now from now on, in the evenings I want you to spend some time watching porn. You have to figure out how to handle what to do when you get a woman home right? So study some porn carefully, and do it every night. Lastly, this weekend it will be your turn to take the ladies out to a club. You’ll ask them along and take them to one. But you’ll accidentally take them to this gay night club.” Dr. Chantry placed a card in his hand. “Place that in your pocket. When you realize you’re in that club you won’t leave. Instead you’ll stay and convince everyone to do the same because you’re already there, and you just want to drink and dance so there’s no need to waste more time. If any guy talks to you in there, I want you to keep a conversation with them as best you can. It’s important to practice your communication skills, so any opportunity is good. If they want to dance, do so too. You’re there to dance after all. When you leave the club you’ll feel like you’ve had a very positive experience and see gay clubs as an improvement over normal clubs. But don’t forget to go clubbing normally every day this week before your special night. Even if the ladies don’t join you I want you to still go and enjoy yourself. Alright? This time when you wake up, you’ll remember our meeting has just ended, and you’ll come back and see me in one week’s time instead of two. ‘Banana hammock’.”* * *“You’re so slender now, I would kill to have your figure,” Linda told Danny as they ate lunch.
Danny placed a hand on hers as he spoke, “if you had my date coach you would! Like, Dr. Chantry is the best!”
“Ready for clubbing tonight?”
“I am! But this time I wanna do something different.”
“What’s that?”
“I wanna take you guys to a club, like, my choice. I know just the club I want to take you to.”
“Really? Which one,” Linda tried to inquire, but Danny wouldn’t let on.
He flipped his wrist at her, “it’s a secreeet!”
“Ooh I love surprises! Okay then. I’ll pick you up at 7?”
“7:30 maybe? I gotta go to the salon, I’m like, supposed to have them clean up my nails a bit.”
“Can I come too? I haven’t had a manicure in a while,” Linda said, examining her nails.
“Let’s make it a date!” The two of them giggled.* * *A week later Danny came walking through the doctor’s door. He wore near skintight black jeans and a yellow v-neck shirt that still managed to stretch tightly to his small frame, with v-neck running deep. Over his jeans he wore zip up black leather boots with a 1 inch heel and 1 inch platform, and the doctor watched him close the door to his office. Making his way to the couch, the doctor saw his face looking perfect, no doubt due to the concealer, with his chin length hair perfectly styled and eyebrows looking much nicer, at about half the thickness they were previously. Danny sat down on the couch, crossing his legs with one knee right above the other, and spoke, “Dr. Chantry, nice to see you today.”
The doctor was impressed with his work as he replied back, “looking great today, Danny. How did things go?”
“Well, like, we went to the club like usual this week. But the girls like, stopped coming with me so often. They said I go too much.”
“Oh that’s unfortunate, what did you do?”
“Like, I went anyways,” Danny laughed lightly. “I can still have fun by myself right? Anyways, like, they went with me on the weekend, like, when it was my turn to take them somewhere. It was weird though, I meant to take them to this other club I like, but like, I ended up taking them to a gay club! It was cool though, like, I told them we should stay anyway and we still had a good time. I even talked to some random guy I met there.”
“Oh? And how did that go, did you practice communication with him?”
“I did! He was cool, and like, I told him I’d see him again next week.”
“You’re going back there?” Dr. Chantry asked, feigning a little surprise.
“You know, like, I thought about it and, like, I think gay clubs are more fun than normal clubs, so why not,” Danny exclaimed, waving his wrist at Dr. Chantry as he laughed. “Anyways, like, I’m ready for more advice doctor. It’s going so well I can’t wait for more!”
Dr. Chantry smiled, “well you’re in luck, we’ve got a lot for today.” Okay, I think from here, we wont need the water anymore, let’s see how this goes.“So, girls like edgy guys too, and you’re a party person right? So let’s give you some edge to go with that. I want you to try out some black nail polish first of all. And ask the salon to bleach your hair, let’s go all the way with this, how does that sound?”
“Ooh that sounds pretty sexy, I like it,” Danny enthused.
“Excellent, let’s keep going then. How does a tattoo sound? Something cool, like an abstract design. Women love tribal tattoos, if you get one they’ll be sure to like it.”
“But where should I get it? My arm?”
“Nah that’s boring. We aren’t going for boring. Women always get lower back tattoos right? That’s because they like them. If you get one there they’ll love it.”
“Alright! I’m getting excited now!”
“Since we’re going for edge, we should give you some shine. We want to make the women just go up and want to kiss you. You should upgrade your lip balm to lip gloss. It’s basically the same thing, except it makes your lips look even better. Women will love it. But we cant have anything distract from it, so I want you to get your brows thinned out a little more too. You also need to get some more jewelry on those arms. They’re very important for you to communicate, so I want you to get a few more bracelets and things for them. Really make them stand out. It’s hard to find good flashy stuff in the men’s department, so don’t be afraid to buy some from the women’s section. They only place them there because they sell better over there. There’s no reason you can’t buy them too. Are you following so far?”
“Yes doctor, like, I love the sound of all of this so far, keep going.”
“Well, you’ve almost got a good thing going there with your clothes, but your jeans really aren’t cutting it still. You’ve got to get something tighter.”
Danny looked concerned. “but I can’t find anything tighter Dr. Chantry. These are the tightest I could find in any men’s section.”
“Then buy women’s jeans. No big deal. Guys do it all the time. Especially for someone like you, who’s frame is so small. Men’s jeans aren’t designed for you anyway. You should start buying all your jeans from the women’s section in fact. It will fit you much better. Don’t worry about any particular designs. Remember, we’re going for flashy, so flashier is better. That’s it for your looks, good job so far by the way.”
“It’s all thanks to you doctor!”
“Hm, well, let’s keep going then. On to behavioral practice. Make sure you keep studying women’s behavior. You’re getting very good at communication and we can’t let up now. When you go back to the club, I want you to start treating all conversations as date prospects.”
“But I’m going to gay clubs, won’t it be mostly guys?”
“That’s right. But it’s important to be able to communicate your wants regardless of who it is. Think of it this way, if you can get a date with a man, imagine how easy it will be with a woman?”
“Ah I didn’t see it that way, like, that makes perfect sense. Alright I’ll do that then doctor.”
“Right, so make sure anytime a guy talks to you in the club, you treat it as if you’re trying to get a date. You don’t have to go on one of course, but I say whatever practice you can get is good practice. Anyway, on to other things. Like pornography. Have you been taking my advice?”
“I have doctor, I watch porn every night. I’m getting pretty familiar with all the positions I can do.”
“But what about the women Danny?”
“What do you mean,” Danny asked, not sure what the doctor is getting at.
“Do you understand what they’re doing? How they feel about it? Sex is with two people, you can’t hope to be good in bed without understanding how the other side feels.”
“Oh no, you’re right. I’ve been totally neglecting the women. What should I do?”
Dr. Chantry replied, “that’s simple. You already have plenty of knowledge of what the man should do. So I want you to focus entirely on the woman. Try to understand her position, and her movements. How she’s feeling and reacting. I want you to study it and try to understand her whenever you watch porn.”
“All right Dr. Chantry, I’ll do that.”
“Ok we’re just about done here. But I have one more question. Danny, how do you spell your name?”
“D-A-N-N-Y. Like you would normally spell it. Why?”
“Do you think women see that name spelled and think it’s cute,” Dr. Chantry inquired.
“I don’t know. Like, I guess not. Should they?”
“If they think your name is cute, they automatically will think you are cute too. It gives you a headstart on your prospects just by having your name look cute on paper, isn’t that great?”
“Yeah, like, it is. But, like, what should I do about that?”
“We just make your name cute. Right now it’s Danny with a ‘y’. We can keep your name as it sounds, Danny, but by simply changing the ‘y’ to a ‘i’ women will find it much much cuter and it will help you greatly.”
“That’s a simple change, I think I can manage that. Danni with an ‘i’ huh? I think that works,” Danni mused to himself.
“Well that’s settled then Danni, I’ll see you in 2 weeks this time,” Dr. Chantry said.
Danni stood up and was about to leave, when he touched his face with his hand. He looked at Dr. Chantry, “Doc, like, do you have a mirror or something? I want to see if my face is ok.”
Dr. Chantry smiled as he had a particular mirror prepared just for this eventuality. “Here you are,” Dr. Chantry said as he handed him a small round folding compact mirror, “it even has foundation in it, very convenient.”
Danni was confused, “foundation?”
“Yes, it’s like what you use your concealer for but it will help smooth out your entire face, I’m sure you’ll find it useful.”
“Ohh, like, that does sound good. Thanks doctor!” Danni cheerily slipped the compact into his pants pocket.
“Ah you’ll probably want to get some kind of bag to carry your stuff too, just to note. After all your wallet and keys won’t be able to fit in your newer pairs of pants. I wouldn’t get a bag larger than what can hold your compact, wallet, keys, and concealer though, that would just be inconvenient.”
“Alright Dr. Chantry, that sounds like some good advice. Like, bye now!”
Dr. Chantry smiled and waved, “Bye Danni.”* * *Danni and Linda just finished lunch. He was already in a sour mood from the guys teasing him. He knew he was small but they didn’t have to be so mean about it. He tried to tell his boss but he gave him some excuse about being a distraction in the workplace. He couldn’t figure out why and so he was in a bad mood.
“Ugh, I just, like, gotta let off some steam today,” he said, taking out his compact to check his face, “I’m really gonna party hard tonight.”
“I don’t know if me and the girls are going tonight.”
“Why not? I’m gonna totally miss you guys!”
“I’m a little tired tonight, and frankly I need a break from the gay clubs. It’s fun, but it’s more fun for you than for me, yknow?”
“I do enjoy them a lot more than normal clubs.”
“When you want to go to the regular clubs with us, let us know. We’re ready to party with you, okay?”
“Alright, like, I’ll totally let you guys know, it’s just tonight I really wanna go back there and like, go at it.”
“You do that then honey. We’ll be waiting. In the meantime, let me borrow some of your lipgloss, I like the color.” Linda smiled at him. Danni looked up at her as he finished touching up his foundation and closed the compact.

Chapter 5
The door slammed open, startling the doctor, “Dr. Chantry! I need your help, like, I think I’m in trouble!” Danni quickly came through the doorway, with elbows at his waist and forearms bent upward, arms swinging left and right, and the doctor took a quick look at him. Danni wore open toed 2 inch platform sandals, his toenails painted black. He barely fit in his skin tight girls jeans, which had rhinestones on the ends of the pockets and tears horizontally across the thighs. His dark shirt was a bit loose, but silky and clingy as one end was falling off of his shoulder. As he used his hand, painted with black nail polish, to sweep back his now-bleached hair, the doctor saw his black stud earrings, and got a good look at his face. It was all the doctor could do to hold himself back now, seeing his perfectly made-up skin, thin, slightly arched brows, and lips shiny with lipgloss, but he held back. It will be worth it, he thought, as Danni came up and tugged on Dr. Chantry’s sleeve.
“They fired me from work today! Like, I was just doing my work, and my boss totally called me into the office and said he’s like, letting me go for causing a distraction at work. Me! Like, I know I look good, but like, I was just working, I don’t know what to do now!” Danni broke into tears as Dr. Chantry responded, “now now, here, have a seat. It’s difficult to have a conversation and help you when you’re crying, so why don’t you have a bit of rum to settle you down.” Danni didn’t think twice as he took the rum, still laced with Dr. Chantry’s special chemical, and gulped it straight, being used to drinking heavily now. Water or alchohol, it still took effect just as fast and Danni was in a trance.
“First, when you awaken, you will immediately stop crying, fix your makeup, and feel happy. You’ll feel happy because you know if you follow my advice, everything will be alright again. You won’t care about that job anymore. In fact you’ll take a break from finding a job for a few weeks. You need some relax time. It’s a turning point in your life, you’re going to start dating again soon, so let’s take the opportunity to really start making you a new man. For the next few weeks, I want you to spend every night in the gay clubs. You need to get as much practice as possible. You should be flirting and dancing with as many guys as possible to maximize your potential. If they want to kiss you, let them. Lips are lips, and you can practice too. And now that you’ll be talking to much more people, we want you to keep stepping up your look. Now that you don’t have work you don’t have to worry about keeping up appearances, and we can go all out with your edgy, sexy look. I want you to start buying shoes with taller heels, you’re still too short, you need to look more impressive to get women. So from now on I want you to never wear any shoes with heels lower than 3 inches. Also try to make sure many of them show off your toes, you want to make sure every knows you take care of your feet, and that they aren’t gross. Black is getting too dark too, so when you go to the salon ask them to change your polish to an electric blue, something that will really catch the eye. And speaking of catching the eye, those earrings are nice, but you really should switch to hoops, they’re a lot more noticeable. You should also get a second set of piercings too, to really help. To round out your rock look, I want you to buy some eyeliner. Lots of rock guys wear them, you know, guyliner. It really makes you look edgy. Don’t be afraid to get it on there dark, with a nice smoky eye look. It’ll help you look more mysterious. Finally, you’re going to be practicing kissing a lot more. We don’t want to let people feel those little thin lips of yours. So I want you to go to a doctor, and get them enlarged. Remember, the bigger they are, the better your kissing will be, and ladies love that. So, then tell me, how’s your practice understanding women?”
“Going...well. Watching porn, understand feelings of woman in sex. Hard...to talk...in person...no job.”
“Ah yes, about that. No problem, you just have to start following the advice from the magazines you read. In fact I’ll subscribe to a few more for you to help make up for the lack of women to talk to. So now it’s not enough to study trends to talk about. I want you to start learning about the advice they give you for fashion, life, and sex. You’ll know all about women. Except for how a woman feels during sex. Do you know how it feels for a woman? Do you think you can understand how to pleasure one if you don’t know how to make her feel?”
“No...I don’t think so.”
“Right. I can help you with that. I want you to keep watching porn, but now while you watch the woman, I want you to get a small buttplug, and use it on yourself. It’s just to aid the feeling of the experience. There’s nothing strange about it at all, and you’ll leave it in for the rest of the night afterwards, only taking it out in the morning when you wake up. Soon you’ll be an expert. Alright? ‘Banana hammock’.
Danni woke up sniffling, “like, thanks for all the great advice doctor,” he grabbed a tissue from his small black handbag and wiped his tears, and took out his compact to begin fixing his makeup,“I know I can totally turn things around if I follow it! And now I’m like, super excited to go on more dates,” he smiled broadly, eyes still slightly shimmery from crying.
“Excellent then Danni. I’ll see you in a few weeks.”* * *Danni was feeling better about himself. He knew now that he had a lot of time on his hands, he’d really be able to work up to getting some dates going. He knew a lot about women, and soon he’d be applying it. Pulling the buttplug out of his ass, he put on his black thong and slid into his stretchy white jeans. It was his first day recovered from surgery, and he was going to give it his all practicing in the clubs tonight. He checked his makeup, and touched up his already-generous lipgloss on his newly enhanced lips. I’ve got this down better than any woman, they’d be so hot for me right now. He puckered his lips, I’d better get some good guys to practice on tonight, wouldn’t want the ladies to think I’m a slouch in the make out department, they already know I’m not in the make-up one, he said as he giggled to himself. He primped his hair, admired his new blue nails, and strutted off. Getting a glimpse of his legs in the mirror, he was delighted at his look. Dr. Chantry is so right. Not only do these make me look taller, but they make my ass look better!* * *“Omigawd Dr. Chantry! How’s it going?” Danni walked in confidently on his 3 inch ankle boots, one leg in front of the other, as he sat down and placed one leg gingerly over the other. “I totally had tons of fun this week!”
“That’s great Danni. Oh, I can see you got your lips done, ladies will love those,” Dr. Chantry responded.
“Yeah, I wanted them to be as big as I could get, so I could really do some good kissing. My mouth, like, kind of doesn’t close all the way now, but I did get to practice using them a few times at the clubs.”
“So everything’s going alright then?”
“Well, like, not reaaaally. I’m kinda like, running out of money now, from all the clubbing and stuff. Also, like, all the guys kind of know me now in the clubs, and it’s getting kind of boring...” Danni pouted, as he played with his hair.
“Hm I see. Well I have the solutions to your problems, so shall we begin?”
Danni brightened up, “totally!”
“Well to get some money, obviously you need a job. But you don’t really need that much, just enough to get by. So there’s no need to work that hard. I want you to try and get a job as a receptionist. They have it easy, and the pay’s not bad.”
“Ooh that sounds totally cool!”
“Yeah, and for the boring clubs, well, I have some news for you. You’re no longer going to go clubbing.”
“Oh no way, like why??” Danni asked, getting worried.
“No need for concern. I think it’s time we moved on to real practice dates. I’ve signed you up for this gay dating service I want you to start practicing with. I think you’re ready to handle this next step.”
“Why not a regular dating service?”
“Why not? There’s no way a woman would go out with you yet. You’re not really ready for that, and I’m not going to let you fail, so you’ll practice first. I’ve set you up for about 4 dates this week. I want you to go out with them, and try to make sure they have as good a time as possible. If you can entertain guys this much, you’ll have no problems with women. Remember to try and get in some make out practice as well. We can’t have you slacking off there. Because this is just practice, I want you to never go on a second date, there’s no point for you. Got it?”
“Alright doc! Totally can do!”
“Good to hear. Now let’s amp your style up some more. We’ve been going for edgy, but now that we’re doing real dates, we should shift gears. We don’t want to scare women off. We’ll go for fun and sexy. That will definitely work for you. With all that excercise you’ve been doing, we really haven’t shown off enough of your body. But I can tell from your jeans, compared to how your guys shirts fit, that you really need more women’s clothes to pull this off. Your size and stature make women’s clothes fit you perfectly. Don’t even worry about the fact that you’re a guy, clothes are just clothes, cut to fit different size people. Women tend to be smaller, so they cut them for smaller people. You just happen to be smaller, so it works great for you.”
“That sounds awesome, I should totally be doing that then.”
“Right, so I want you to go pick up some shirts and jackets from the the misses section. You really need to show off those great legs you worked hard for too, so buy some shorts from there while you’re at it. The more leg you can show off the better you’ll be. Black won’t do anymore, it’s too dark. We want to show that you like going out, and you’re not some gloomy person. So tell the salon you want a french manicure. They’ll know what to do. You should also get some more arm jewelry to show you know what it means to be flashy. Just pile it on your arms and don’t worry about it. Now we want to draw attention to your eyes some more, since your mouth stands out now, it might distract women. So we need to balance things out. You should darken in your eyebrows some more, after you get them a bit thinned out of course. It makes it easier to have them stand out clearly when you darken them in. Make your lashes stand out too, women love men with great eyes, and you can help yours with some mascara. You should keep those things in your handbag too, so you can do touchups when you need to.”
“Hm, I was worried my mouth would stand out too much, and like, make my face look all wierd. Okay, I’ll get those things.”
“So tell me how the porn has been going. Do you understand how it feels for a woman to have sex?”
“I think so. Like, my butt is starting to get used to the plug, so I’m not sure if it’s like, the same thing when a guy with a huge penis has sex with her. Sometimes the woman also gives head, and I’m not sure what to do.”
“No problem, all you have to do is get a bigger buttplug. You also just need to practice the same motions they’re doing for giving head, so you can understand how it works. Just buy a dildo, around the same size as you see in the porn you watch, and practice doing what they do. The better you get at it, the better you’ll be able to understand how it feels when your date gives you head.”
“Ooh, I’m, like so excited for head!”
“Haha me too. I mean I get excited when I recieve it as well. Ahem, anyways, I’ll see you in 2 more weeks, alright Danni?”
Danni stood up, and surprised the doctor as he came up to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Byeee doctor! I can’t wait to see you again!”* * *Danny laid in bed, watching a dvd of a woman sucking off a guy while taking it in the ass. Danny followed along, sliding his buttplug in and out of himself as he used his free hand to give a mock blowjob to the dildo. As he was doing this, he thought about the past couple of days. I’m pretty sure I’m ready to date girls now, he thought, saliva running down the dildo and his hand. I’ve managed to make out with all 4 guys this week. I got them all off too. I should have tried to practice blowjobs at least once, but I don’t think my technique is ready yet. I guess they were satsfied with handjobs though! He was giddy and hot as he teased his asshole with his 1/2 inch long french manicured fingers. He remembered when the nail technician asked him if he was sure he wanted it done. After he convinced her, he had no trouble convincing them to arch his eyebrows paper thin. They looked really good to him now, and when he had his face done up, and his cute shorts on with his highest heels, he knew no woman would resist him. He began moaning aloud as he was reaching climax, staring at the penis on the screen, and how the woman’s mouth interacted with it. That’s it, he thought. I’m going to ask Dr. Chantry to let me go out with a girl next week. I think I deserve it, and I’ll show him I do! I’ll dress up so hot he’ll cream his pants on the spot! He finished up convincing himself with his own special logic as he set aside the buttplug, and pressed the dildo deep into him, causing him to scream out in pleasure as he cummed on himself. He didn’t even bother cleaning it off as he dozed off with the dildo inside him, dvd credits rolling.

Chapter 6
Today would be the day, Dr. Chantry thought. He was excited at finally being able to make his move, and was smiling when Danni came through the door.
“Hiiii Dr. Chantry! How are you? Do you like my outfit?” Dr. Chantry did in fact enjoy his outfit as Danni strutted over to the couch. His denim booty shorts showed off his smooth legs, and his shirt hung off one shoulder and showed off his belly, giving the doctor a glimpse of Danni’s tattoo as he took a seat. “I went on all the dates you set me up on doctor, I totally enjoyed all of them!”
“I’m to see you had enjoyed yourself. Did you get in some good practice?”
“Like I totally did! I practiced with all of them, though I liked some better than others. The tips you had me read made it really easy to like, get them all worked up and hot. Thanks for the advice Dr. Chantry!”
“Please, call me Joseph.”
Danni was really beaming now, “ooh I get to call you by your first name, we must really be friends now hmm,” he gave him a somewhat sultry look as he scooted over towards the doctor.
Good, it looks like he can’t turn off his flirting, this shouldn’t be too difficult then, Dr. Chantry thought as he decided to make his move. “So Danni, tell me about the pornography practice you’ve been doing.”
“Well, Joseph, I learned all about how women get men off. I’m, like, a total expert. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter how big anyones’s dick is, I can do it just as good as any girl. Does that mean I’m ready?” Danni licked his lips as he shifted his thighs. Dr. Chantry knew he would want this.
“I’m not sure. You’ve only tried it on a dildo. Those girls did it on real penises. It’s not the same thing.”
“Is that, like, do I have to? Can’t I go out with a girl yet,” Danni questioned as he tilted his head, twirling his blonde hair around his finger.
Dr. Chantry got up and sat right next to Danni on the couch. Danni didn’t even flinch as the doctor put his arm around Danni’s waist, and rested his arm on his bare leg. He’s so used to going out with men, this is completely normal to him. His date instincts will have no choice but to kick in, the doctor was convinced as he began to speak, “Danni, you can’t be serious. You have no idea what any kind of real sex is like for a woman. She’ll laugh you right out of bed. No, not until you’re perfectly versed in that knowledge can I in good conscience let you date a woman right now.”
“But doctorrrr! How am I going to do that? I can’t just have sex on my first date, like, I don’t even know them!”
“Well, that’s true, you’re not used to it yet. Maybe if you tried with someone you know, it would help you feel better about it.”
“I don’t know anyone though,” Danni began to pout as he rested his head in Dr. Chantry’s chest.
“I’ll tell you what Danni. Even though I’m a professional, I’m going to help you out here. You can practice with me today. This way I can even give you pointers, and you’ll feel comfortable.” Dr. Chantry began rubbing Danni’s thigh, and Danni involuntarily squeezed the doctor’s hand between his legs.
Danni caressed Dr. Chantry’s neck as he gently responded, “Really Joseph? Like, I’d totally love that. Can we do it right now?”
Dr. Chantry didn’t say a word as he unzipped his khakis. Danni already had an idea of what to do as he pulled out Dr. Chantry’s already-hard 7 inches. “Ooh, you’re like, bigger than me or my dildo!” Danny giggled. He bent lower and looked at the head, tentatively licking it. Dr. Chantry grunted, “gh—go on, take it all in.”
That was all Danni needed as his pink glossed lips slid down his shaft, their voluminous size sending waves of pleasure to Dr. Chantry as Danni slid back up. He used his tongue expertly went across his shaft down to Dr. Chantry’s balls, before commenting “Ooh, you shave down here too? You’re sexy Joseph!” Before Dr. Chantry could respond, Danni went on him in earnest, showing what weeks worth of nightly practice did for his technique. It was only minutes until Dr. Chantry came, with nary a drop going anywhere but down Danni’s throat as he swallowed it all with no trouble.
“That tasted wierd, but like, not really bad. I can see why some girls are totally into this. Did I do a good job?” Danni had a finger hanging from his mouth, and batted his eyes at Dr. Chantry, who was leaning back on the couch feeling satisfied.
“You did a great job,” he breathed in, a bit tired, “don’t worry about the taste, you’ll get used to it. I think you need a bit more practice though. We might have to do this again to check your progress.”
“Ooh, I do have one thing I could show you!” Danni hopped sideways over to Dr. Chantry, who was still leaning back, and started working his penis with his hands and mouth again. Soon enough, Dr. Chantry’s penis became hard once more. “Check it out hehe, I like, made you hard again! Neat huh? I learned it from one of my mags,” Danni said, proud of himself as he looked at Dr. Chantry from his crotch.
Just then Dr. Chantry had an idea. “You know Danni, since we’re like this, there is one more thing I can show you as well.”
“What’s that?”
“Well, we might as well practice some sex while we’re teaching you things. You’re going to need to do it sometime, and now is better than later. Wouldn’t want to waste your wonderful little trick either.”
Danni smiled at that, “you know I’m a virgin right? You’re, like, totally gonna be my first, Joseph,” Danni winked, already sliding his shorts down, revealing his red laced thong underneath.
“All the more reason to teach you. Now why don’t you bend down on the floor over here, and let me show you how this works.”
The doctor positioned himself above Danni, and saw his bleached asshole inviting him in. He wasted no more time and fucked Danni, not having much trouble sliding in, given his practice wearing buttplugs up till now. Danni moaned loudly, though no sound escaped Dr. Chantry’s soundproof office.
“Oh! OOOH! OH GOD! Joseph! Fuck! Fuck me! OH GODDD!!!!”
Danni had tears of pleasure in his eyes as he yelled out when he came, with Dr. Chantry cumming right afterwards. Danni felt the warm load in his stomach as he rolled over and lay face up on the floor, and the doctor could see the drool that ran down Danni’s chin and the cum leaking out of his ass as they both breathed heavily.
“Thank you for...teaching me...Joseph...” Danni managed to get out.
After cleaning up, Danni sat next to Dr. Chantry and was repairing his makeup while the doctor spoke to him, “so do you have an idea of how it works? Do you think you can practice it?”
Danni finished putting on a fresh coat of lipgloss, closed his compact, and turned to Dr. Chantry “I think I do, I’m like, totally going to need to do that a lot more before I get it though, I think.”

A few months passed, and Dr. Chantry had slowly convinced Danni to stop coming to him, and focus on his dates. About a month later, a knock came on Danni’s apartment door.
“Coming!” Danni minced to the door in his thigh high boots with 5-inch heels, and opened it.
“OMIGAWD JOSEPH IT’s YOU!!” Danni was extremely excited and hugged Dr. Chantry, giving him a quick kiss on the mouth. “What are you doing here? I thought we were done?”
“Oh we were done with counseling, but I can see you’re still busy with the dating service, so I decided to make a surprise visit using it and see how you’ve been doing. By the way I like the hair,” Dr. Chantry said, complimenting Danni’s pink-with-blonde-streaks shoulder length hair, which was all teased out for his supposed date tonight.
“Actually, Joey-boy, I’m with three dating services now.” Danni motioned with his hot pink fingernails for the doctor to come in as he walked back into his room. “I just can’t get enough dates to fill up the week, so like I needed more sites. I guess they’re more like escort services and sex services though. I thought, like, since I’m just practicing, why bother with a real relationship? Now I totally have a date every night, sometimes 2 or even 3 on weekends! It’s soooo awesome!”
Dr. Chantry looked at Danni’s white camisole, distracted for a moment by the nipple rings showing through, but making out the words “Banana Slut”. He also saw that his exposed belly revealed two little hearts on either side of his hips. “So Danni, with all those dating sites, you must have gotten some practice in. I imagine you’re quite good at this now.”
Danni gave the doctor a serious smile, “I can make any man cum in 30 seconds, easy! Ass or mouth! I get to practice at every date, and I’ve totally done it across all kinds of guys, which is like, way easy since I only go on first dates.”
“So you think you’re an expert now huh?”
“Oh, Joey-boy, I know I’m an expert. I’ll totally show you how much of an expert I am.” Danni grabbed Dr. Chantry’s ass and forced his tongue down the doctor’s throat. The doctor felt his tongue ring as they made out, but only for a moment as Danni pulled his tongue out and walked over to the bed. Looking at Danni’s ass, he could see a round bulge stretching the fabric of his shiny black jeggings, and realized it was a dildo. Danni hopped on the bed, and turned around to face Dr. Chantry. His jeggings were slid down, revealing his pink thong, its multiple straps curving around his narrow hips. He swirled three fingers around his mouth, pink fingers looking even shinier as he pulled them out, sliding them down his frontside as he moaned to the doctor.

“Come here so you can fuck me.”