Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt.I

helloooooooooooooo ladies!!!!


don't you think it's time for you 
to unleash the real girl that burns inside of you???

the time has come, sweety!!!

you come here again and again, baby..
you 're surfing on the internet..
you 're fantasizing..
you 're always wet....


is it because you are a big, macho stud who wants to fuck a girl like a slut?


i don't think so....

you know what i think???

"i think that you are  pretending to be a guy

when all you really are, is a nice, little girl

who wants to come out.."

the goal of the blog you 're reading over and over again

is bit evil...

"the goal of this blog is to take men and turn them into sissies!"

"the goal of this blog is to take everyday men and fill their minds with unusual stuff,

corrupt them little by little,

until they "realize" that sissifying their selves brings them pleasure..

and satisfaction.."

then, there are 2 options from there..

one, if you are gay, it's easy!
you go out there, you find a guy, perfect!

the real interesting part though is 
when you don't feel gay
and you still have a burning need to embrace your feminine side!
its awesome!
on the one hand, you can't imagine yourself falling in love with a man,
but on the other hand, you 're constantly daydreaming of becoming a beautiful woman sucking on your man's cock!!


it's perfect!

don't worry though, sweety!!

you 're gonna be just fine!

there are so many things you can do to cease that fire..
and denying it is no one of them!

what you can do, then?

hmmmmmmmmmm let's think!



r u still thinking?????

you are so dummy!!!!

wake up, girl!!

the only way to feel better, honey,  is to...



how are you gonna do this?
well, there are 10 areas that need to be modified!

"10 areas in your life, that have to be altered, in order for you to feel more like yourself!"


"the hypothesis is that you are not gay, but you just want to get some things out of your system (or in....)!!"

today we 're gonna talk about the first area in your life that needs tome modification

Listen carefully!


"dress to impress"


you may not be gay, but the thing is that you will do your best to look like one!
well, ok, maybe not 100% gay..
let's say 50% gay, 50% bi!!!
what you wear, is one of the most imporant areas that need to be changed, babe!
if you wear nothing but grey costumes and black underwear then, you 're in the right place!
you see, clothing is what women use to attract men!
men don't worry about these things!
did you listen what i said..
i said.. WOMEN dress to attract men!
the magic word here (and everywhere) is... WOMEN!
you feel more like a man or a woman, sweety?
you may not be able to wear a sexy dress at work, but nobody's perfect!!!

"the point here is to think like a girl"

so, you will dress to attract males!
that's it, baby!

YOU, an everyday straight guy, 

will dress to attract men!!

that's right, honey...

"whether you like it or not,

gay or no gay,

your choice of clothing must cause

raging hardons to the boys!

i'm sorry honey..

i know you 're not gay,

but men is your new target group now, honey..

they have to get hard!!

it's your goal!"

and in order to attract other men, you 'll have to 
get rid of your boring male clothes 
with all those stupid colors and stuff!
your old clothes have to be replaced, baby.
you can't draw a guy's attention in a grey suit, for crying out loud!

you must not be boring!

you have to be exciting!

and flashy!

and flirty!

and your clothes can send those vibes!

from now on, you will dress to impress, sweety.
you will try to 
accentuate your assets and hide your flaws!
just like women do...
you will be selective and you will learn everything about fashion!
you have to know what you buy!
you 'll spend lots of hours shopping
and you will never go shopping with a guy!
you need girls' advice in this!
guys don't know about these things!
guys can not understand what you need!
because you need to impress, babe!
you need to impress the boys..
and only a girl can tell you to buy low rise jeans instead of ordinary ones..

because you have to be flirty, babe!
you have to draw male attention..
you have to TEASE!!
so, the way you dress is going to send everybody direct messages that you tease..
and of course you can't tease girls..
but you can tease boys though!!
i mean..
wearing low rise jeans is going to give you many awkward moments,
where your panties are going to be visible!
plus you 'll have to pay attention all the time!
that means that your mind is going to be in your panties!!

how cute???

but enough of that!!
the thing is that 
your clothes have to be flashy and exciting!
you will keep in mind that you want to impress!!
so, no more neutral colors for you!!
no more boring colors!
grey is ughhh!!
brown is ughhh!!!
you 'll change your wardrobe to flashy colors!
you know, bright ones!!

"if anyone opens your closet he has to think,

 its a girl's closet!"

buy colorful things!
but listen up!
i'm not suggesting that you become a trashy slut!
i'm just saying that 

"you have to start wearing things that in the past were not even an option!"

you can start from simple things!

one step at a time!

for example, if you are new into this you can start from the socks!


no one is going to say anything if you go from black socks to, let's say, light green ones!

i'm not saying pink or fuchsia (give it some time...)

then you can move this into the shirt area!
ok, black is nice, but don't you think that it would be nice and sexy
if you changed it into a light pink shirt?
it's, like, in style, plus there are so many men nowadays that wear them!!

tv has done it's job!!!

it's like, super macho men wear pink shirts at work, are YOU going to stay like this?


you 'll take this one step further!
you will NEVER wear a "boring"shirt EVER AGAIN!!!
you will replace the old shirts with new ones!
flashier! sexier!
you will buy nothing but bright pink, fuchsia, mauve, light blue, yellow etc shirts!!

you 'll see!

your image will change into that of a happier, more easy going person

and other's perception of you will gradually change into that of a "metrosexual" guy

who is probably gay, but noone can say for sure!

"that 'll make you more approachable by women, as a result of your "warm" presence

and your gay-like appearance!"

of course, it's not only about the shirts!!!!
it's about everything!
you have to do this for all your clothes!
your shoes, your pants, your shirts, your skirts (ooops!!!), your suits etc!

"your whole presence must become warmer"

"you have to give the impression of an easy going person"

of a happy one!
wearing black or grey 
is going to make you look boring and distant!
whereas wearing, let's say, 
pink is going to make you look... fun!

you see, it's all a matter of perception!

and it's really easy to see what's going on here..

boys wear blue!
girls wear pink!
if you wear pink, you instantly have one thing in common with the other girls!
it's like accepting them, by wearing "their" color!
so you instanty become more inviting to them!

pink is "their" color!
since they were 1 years old, their parents had them dressed in pink..
so, that image is friendlier to them,
it's closer to them!
that's why YOU are going to become an inviting figure to them..

you will NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE of it, though!

you want to affiliate yourself with the females,
but NEVER take advantage of them!!
you don't do all these to get them into bed!
because you can't!!
you can't get them into bed, baby..

you just feel comfortable with feminine stuff..

you love girly stuff,

you love girly colors,

you love girly things,

as much as you love looking at those hard bodies..


it's a friendly image..

you know..

a man's body..

those muscles..

those pink panties!

it gives you warm, fuzzy feelings, hah?

it's all right, baby girl..

it was just a reminder,
to show you that you must 
never take advantage of any girl!
that you have to remember why you do all these..

remember, princess?

do you remember, why you do all these...?

because you want to impress, babe!!

we said in the beginning, that you MAY NOT BE GAY,
but you WILL ALWAYS dress to impress the boys!!!

with your new "wardrobe" you will achieve 2 things..

i) you will become a friendlier image to the girls and

ii) a girlier image to the boys..

you see,

"wearing bright, cheerful colors will give you characteristics that we tend to give to females!"

for example, a guy wearing a fuchsia shirt, most likely is sweet and sensitive..
i know you can't judge someone from the color of his shirt, but you will be a lot more than that, hah..?
of course you will...

your clothes will reflect your new personality, sweety!


you will stop wearing boring stuff!

"everything you buy from now on,

is going to have something that you would never dare to wear in the past!

everything you buy is going to have something special,

something unique,

something that would instantly draw men's attention!!"

oh yes honey...

"for example, if you buy a new shirt, make sure that you pick a bright colored one..

if you buy a t-shirt, you can chose one with a deep v-neck..

if you buy new pants, you can try skinny jeans etc!"

you get the point, hah?

although you 've got to have the right body for these!
but that's another area...

the thing here is to see how you must think when trying on new clothes!!
so, next time you go shopping, focus on one thing...

what do you want from your clothes, sweety..?

let me hear you...



so, you must buy stuff which enhance your assets!


you are a girl!!
so, start thinking like one!!!!


for example, which are your assets, baby?

what is that you must show to men?

what makes their beautiful cocks really hard?

that's right!!

ass 'n' titties!!!

so, for example...

"deep v necks to show off your titties"

"and skinny jeans to show off your tight ass"

understood, gorgeous???

it doesn't matter that you 
don't have big titties for your boys..

"you 'll just think of yourself as a flat chested girl

and you 'll be just fine"


go out there and razzle dazzle them!!

but listen up!!!

"it's of utmost importance that you...

NEVER EVER show insecure about your outfit!!"


because if you are a shy girl
and you don't want anyone to suspect anything about your sissy needs, then you have to seem confident!
no matter what you wear!!
your clothes may be a clear statement that you are desperate to suck cock,
but your behavior must be the exact opposite!

otherwise, everyone is going to find out

that you are nothing but a flaming faggot that craves for some cock!


what you can do to avoid this?

"one thing is to blame your ultra feminine appearance on the fashion"

you know..
start talking about silly things like
 "nowadays everybody 's wearing the same things", or that "your female co-workers suggested that you buy such stuff"!

"or you can say things about the androgynous look that's in style etc..."


you will always be ready to answer such questions!!!

and last but not least!!!
what do you think of jewelry, sweety?
ok! i don't care!
because no matter what you say,
you 'll have to start wearing lots of new things!!
you want to impress, remember?
you want to show off!
you want to draw male attention because you are nothing but a cock-tease, remember?
so, you start wearing lots of jewelry, sweety..
all the girls do!
but that's another area that we 're going to discuss later....



2012 is here and you are going to become a good girl like all of us!!


you go out there and impress!!

dress to impress, sweety!

that's the first of your golden rules for the new year!

"your new clothes are going to reflect your new personality, sweety"

"if your are a brave girl, you are going to wear nothing but ultra pink, ultra feminine clothes

that reflect your ultra feminine personality"

but that's not the rule!

it's just a guideline!

because even if you are a shy little darling, you learned

that there are so many things you can do to enhance your appearance, looking more feminine,

without jeopardizing your career or your reputation or whatever!!!!

because otherwise you 'll end up like this...