Sissify Yourself: The Getaway

Chapter 1

The first time Heather told me about the getaway I thought it was nothing
more than a joke. We had just finished dinner and had started to rinse the
dishes. This was always the time when our conversations became the most
interesting. With the day nearly finished, it left only bed to discuss and
always conjured topics of romance and eroticism; one of the many reasons I
loved being in a relationship with Heather.

Heather reached for a stack of papers sitting on the counter and shuffled
through them until she found the one she wanted and handed it to me.
'Mensuality', a weekend of openness and new experiences that will forever
change your life. Understanding, practicing and accepting male sexuality.
An all exclusive retreat for men guaranteed to improve your sex life and

"Where did you get that?" I handed the ad back to Heather.

"It was in the newspaper this morning." She reached for it and placed the
clipping back onto the counter. "Do you think you would ever go to
something like that?"

"No way. I mean don't get me wrong, I like freaky stuff as much as the
next guy but this crosses the line. Not to mention I'm not gay or bi."

"But that's the thing, it's not for gay or bisexuals. It says it right
here that it's for straight men who need to expand their sensuality."

"That's pretty weird. I mean what exactly is involved with something like

"Who knows maybe it's like camping."

"Doubt it. Doesn't say anything about beer or fishing."

"I want to look at the website.www.mensuality.org." she said placing the
last glass into the dish washer and starting to head to the den.
Heather reached the laptop first. She unplugged it and brought it over to
the couch where I sat. As she typed, I could feel dinner starting to
digest uncomfortably in my stomach.

"What the heck brought all this on? Have I not pleased you well enough in
bed? I could have sworn those orgasms you had the last three nights were

"It's nothing like that Jim. I just want to branch our sexuality out and
this just seemed to be an interesting way to try to do it."

"What do you mean branch out?"

"You know," she paused.

I helped her thought along by circling my hand in the air.

"Branch out. Maybe try some three way action."

"Whoa. Hold on. I don't need to heighten my sexuality to be able to take
on two girls in bed." I said with a smirk and half chuckle.

"Exactly my point. I knew you'd have zero interest in trying a two guy
threesome. It's my ultimate sexual fantasy Jim. I have been dreaming about
what it would be like since I was a teenager."

"Just because you dream for it, doesn't make it practical. I've always
wanted to fuck Meg Ryan but it doesn't mean it'll happen. I mean it's a
big deal adding a sexual partner into our relationship. What about STDs or
the fact that you might end up liking him better?"

"See though, those are minor things that are only small but realistic
hurdles to overcome. You can't name me one reason why we couldn't have a
threesome that is truly impractical other than the fact that you don't
want to be around another naked man."

"Sounds like a pretty good reason to me."

I noticed she had finished pulling the website up.
"Look at this," she said clicking a video on the front page.

After a few seconds of buffering, a clearly early 90's shot movie started
playing on the screen. A group of ten or so men appeared walking up a
grassy hill towards a rich two story wooden cabin. Most of the men had
theirs arms crossed and overacted looks of dissatisfaction as they
approached the cabin. Lame pornographic elevator music played in the
background as the men marched.  They continued to move until each reached
a glass window on the front of the cabin. Each man quickly unfolded their
arms pressing their hands against the glass and the overacted frowns
quickly became overacted smiles. As they peered into the cabin the men
started to cheer as a shimmer of light peered from the glass and led into
a cheesy screen transition effect. The next shot of the video showed the
same group of men now walking back down the hill away from the cabin
laughing and playfully touching each other. One man jokingly shoved
another man which then led to the two embracing and laughing even harder.
Two other men were shown with their arms around each other's backs,
walking with almost a skip like motion.

Quickly the screen faded to black and a white man wearing oversized
glasses and and a bushy light brown mustache appeared on the screen.
"Hello friends, my name is Dr. Frank Darby. I am a sexologist and the
owner and co- founder of the mensuality retreat designed specifically for
increasing male sexuality and comfort. People ask why would I want to
participate in this often strange at first glance program? The answer is
everything. No matter what facet of life you're from sexuality impacts it
more than you realize. Sexuality directly influences your love life, your
relationships, your career, your athleticism even your intelligence and
health. It's amazing these benefits haven't been explored until now.
There's nothing that should be stopping you from enjoying perks of
increasing your sexuality. The program is designed to be risk free as
well. I am so confident in my course that there is no payment required
until the end. You are free to leave at any time without charge if there's
anything to your dissatisfaction. To date we have not lost a single
customer. Act now by calling the 1800 number at the bottom of the screen
to book your position early. Course spots fill immediately so don't delay.
And as we say here at mensuality, we've shown the door but now it's your
turn to grab the handle and walk through. See you soon friends."

"Whoa. Kinda intense if you ask me," I said lifting the laptop off Heather
and placing it onto a stack of books littering the coffee table, "Seems a
bit farfetched. I mean what's a sexologist anyways, that's not a real

"Honey, there's no danger in trying it. Like he said, if at any point you
want to leave you're not out any money. Plus I didn't want to say this
unless you were still hesitant but this is what I want from you for my
birthday. I know you've been reluctant to get that pair of diamond stud
earrings I've been asking for so here is your out. Something for you-- for

"You'd be happy with just this?"

Heather took a deep breath. "--yes, if it meant I might be able to have a
threesome with my favorite man in the world."

"What? You've already picked out the second guy for the threesome?"

"Haha. Cute."

"Fine, I'll go but not a word of this to anyone else. I don't need this
'man' retreat getting back to people at work or any of our friends or

"Deal," she said clapping her hands and smiling. "You have no idea how
happy you make me." She turned to give me a hug.

"Come on let's go to bed before I change my mind." I sighed.

Chapter 2

"This looks about right," Heather said slowing the car down to read the
wooden sign on the side of the road, "mensuality resort and cabin."

A gravel drive way led off from the road up a large hill, the hill I had
seen in the video.

"Why don't you just let me out here. I can walk the rest of the way." I

"Jim, are you embarrassed?"

"No, I just don't want people to think that you are dropping me off like
some rehab place or day care center. I just want to go on my own. "

She looked me in the eyes and could tell I was serious about what I had
said. "Ok, well I guess I'll see you on Sunday."

"Yeah, I'll be a new man, you won't even recognize me."

I unfastened my seat belt and turned to the back seat of the car grabbing
my duffle bag. My stomach started to churn a little as I reached for the
door handle. Suddenly I felt a tug on the back of my shirt. Heather spun
me around and planted a large kiss on my lips.

"I'm so proud of you. I love you so much and this means the world to me.
I'll miss you every moment your gone."

"I love you too honey." I pulled the door handle and stepped onto the

Closing the door, I waved goodbye and watched as she drove off into the
distance. I took a slow deep breathe. The air smelt fresher up here in the
hill country. I looked at my watch it was only 11:30, the resort didn't
start until noon but I started walking toward the cabin.

I started to regret my decision for Heather to drop me off. The gravel
driveway felt like it would never end. After my 1/2 mile hike i finally
saw the cabin at the top of the hill. It looked no different than in the
video. Two stories, bunch of large glass windows and a porch on on the
second floor with a set of stairs connecting it to the ground.

I walked up to the door and opened the screen. A message sprawled across
the top read 'life restarts here'. As I knocked, my stomach began to churn
even more. It only took 10 seconds for the man in the video to appear
before me.

"You must be Jim Hardgrove." He stuck his hand out to shake. "Frank Darby,
welcome my friend, we are all ready to go and waiting for you inside."

As I shook his hand, I looked at my watch, 11:52. Eight minutes early and
I was still the last one to arrive great. "I didn't realize ..."

"No worries my friend," he put his hand up to silence me, "there is no
judgment beyond that gravel drive. One thing however, I must ask you to
hand over any electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, pagers --
you get the idea. Our only policy is full attention and no distractions
during mensuality. You can have them back anytime If you wish to leave or
at the end of the session."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I flipped it open to
shut it off. "No signal, I wouldn't be able to phone anyone anyways. Once
the phone was off, I handed it to Frank. I started to take a step inward
before his hand went up again to stop me.

"I'll need your watch too my friend. These days everything has a computer
chip you know."

"Oh, it's not electronic..."

"No worries my friend, if it means that much to you, keep it, there will
be little use for it I'm excited to say this weekend," he smiled.

His smile and delicate tone eased my concerns. "I didn't mean to argue,
it's really not that big of a deal." I said starting to unfasten it.

"What a wonderful attitude my friend. I have no doubts that you will do
great here," he said accepting the watch from my outstretched hand.

Frank then stepped aside and with a tiny nod of his head, gestured for me
to enter.

As soon as I entered the cabin, my body was assaulted with the smell of
incense and firewood smoke. I used my sleeve to wipe the tear that had
formed on my eye. I walked down the entrance corridor into the main living
room. Eight other men sat on a set of leather sofas and chairs each with a
drink in their hands. As I walked in, all conversations stopped and
quickly their eyes were upon me. A chorus of welcomes soon followed as the
men returned to their individual conversations.  I gazed around taking a
look at each of them trying to see who else was crazy enough to partake in
such an event. Most were Caucasian with two Asian men and 1 African
American adding some diversity to the cohort. I was surprised to see most
looked like ordinary folks. One or two in business shirts with the rest in
either polo or t-shirts with khaki shorts or jeans. I navigated my way
towards the back of the room and poured myself a glass of red wine from
large selection of drinks set out. After placing my bag in the corner with
all the other luggage, I took a seat on one of the couches.

I shook the hands of the men sitting around me. Next to me was Josh.
Across from us sat the two Asian men John and Andrew. Josh said he was
also from southern Texas and that this had been a birthday present from
his ex-wife. I as started to include the other two men in the conversation
the room lights went dim and the fireplace in the front of the room lit

Frank Darby walked to the front of the room. "Welcome my friends. I again
am Dr. Frank Darby and I am extremely excited for you all to be here with
me this weekend. This will be a journey unlike any you have ever taken.
Before I begin I'd just like to ask if anyone has been to mensuality

The crowd remained silent and not a soul moved. "As I expected, there are
no repeat customers because after one weekend, your life changing
experience will be all you ever need. I know that some of you will be
skeptical at first and some more than others. I know that some of you are
afraid, afraid of the unknown but mostly afraid of change. Do not worry my
friends, in time you will all become believers and wash away all

Frank then continued by giving us a tour of the facility. The cabin itself
was huge. It had more rooms than I could keep track of. The main floor
held the living room in which we were in, the kitchen, two bathrooms and a
dining area. The upstairs had 4 bedrooms each with its own bathroom.
Assignments had already been written on the doors to keep things simple
but Frank said we were free to change them to however worked best. At the
end of the tour Frank showed us a door near the back of the first floor.
Hanging on it was a sign reading 'employee rooms'.

"My friends, mensuality has very few rules. No electronics, positive
attitudes ...blah, blah, blah...but this is important. Our thankless staff
who work to clean the house while we are out and slave to make us dinner
use the basement as their homes away from home. I ask that we all respect
their privacy and keep out. You wouldn't want each week's set of new
guests rummaging around your belongings either would you?

The men, including myself, nodded at the request and continued to follow
Frank out the front door.

"As I stated in my introduction, mensuality does not have a rigid
itinerary. This is what makes it unique for other programs. We
specifically tailor it to each of our friends who visit. We ensure that it
it optimally designed for maximum results. Yet our first activity is
always the same. Please follow me to the grove."

Chapter 3

The sun was bright in the sky, the herd of men walked out to an area
behind the cabin which was a grassy field that was on the top of the hill.
The view was spectacular and one could see for miles standing up here.
Frank stopped the group and had everyone form a circle.

"My friends I want everybody to take a turn entering the circle, slowly
spinning and introducing yourself to all the members of the group. Tell us
your name, why you are here and something interesting about yourself."

He looked across the circle at the black individual. "Go ahead my friend
you first."

The man looked nervous but quickly entered the circle. "My name is Walter,
he started to turn and face each person in the circle one by one, "I am
here to explore my sexuality and I enjoy jazz piano."

"Wonderful," Frank declared clapping his hands,"my friends let's welcome
Walter to the group."

Everyone began clapping their hands as Walter smiled and returned to his
spot in the circle. Following this everyone took a turn. First Walter,
then Josh, myself, Andrew, John. Then went Chris, Lucas and Peter. Finally
Frank stepped into the circle.

"My friends it is great to have met you all. It is now time for our first
activity. Please pair off with someone."

The circle of men quickly fell apart as pairs were formed. I turned to
Josh and he looked at me as we formed a group. It only took 20 seconds for
everyone to find a partner.

"Wonderful once again. You are all such a perfect, obedient bunch. Now
then, the first task we are to set sail on is what I like to call the 3
pillars of fear. As men, we each have an innate fear of other men. We
worry that one another might steal your woman or vice versa and from this
a cold wall and distance forms. Also from this fear and competition, we
form the 3 pillars of fear. The first is touch. I want each of you to take
your partner and hold their hands for 30 seconds. I want you to break down
the first pillar of fear. Go ahead and when I ring my bell I want you to
switch partners. Continue until I say stop."

With that I looked to Josh and I suspect he must have had a similar look
of discomfort on his face as I had felt on mine. I thought to myself 'what
have I gotten into'. Neither of us took the initiative for the first
movement. The awkwardness was broken by Frank.

"Hurry on now, I can see some of you failing to let go. Listen to my voice
my friends, you must let go of these preconceived notions of intimacy if
you want to travel further on this journey. Now at the sound of my bell,
those of you still not clasping hands will lift up your arms and find your
partners hands and lock them tight."

With that he rang his bell.

As soon as I heard the bell, a sudden urge and sensation overcame me and I
could begin to feel my arms lift up towards my head. I looked across and
noticed Josh was doing the same. With our arms now at waist level we
extended our hands and reached for the others palms. Before I had realized
what had happened, we stood there with both our hands holding. Without
much choice we stood there still in silence staring at each other's eyes.
Within a few moments the awkwardness melted away. I saw myself in Josh's
countenance. Although afraid, a sense of ease and peace was washing
through my body. I could tell he felt the same. Minutes passed as we
continued to exchange stares.

"DING!" thirty seconds my friends, onto someone else".

I shook my head not realizing only a few seconds had elapsed. I unlocked
my clasp from Josh and looked around seeing Lucas walking in my direction.
Again our arms raised to midline and we exchanged clasps.

The same urge came across my mind as we embraced. It both scared me and
relaxed me. I liked the feeling of having less control over the situation.
I liked that Frank had forced us to go beyond our fear.

This continued for another few minutes until I had paired with the last
member of the group, John. As the last thirty seconds completed a final
bell rang. I suddenly could feel myself return to earth and the slight
daze of ease and peacefulness lightened.

"This was fantastic; I have never seen such a group take to breaking down
the first pillar so quickly before my friends. This leaves me with such
great hope for the next pillar, 'nakedness'."

Everyone started looking around at each other. A slight look of concern on
some while others seemed to be chuckling.

"Please follow me back towards the house my friends," Frank said turning
to walk back the path we took to get to the grove.

It only took a few minutes to get back to the cabin. There were an
assortment of snacks and beverages waiting for us underneath the porch. We
all stopped and grabbed something as the mid afternoon sun had already
taken a toll on our hydration.

"Not too long my friends," Frank called out from the stone walkway in
front of the cabin, "please come as we have a lot to cover still today."

As each man walked to Frank, he placed them into one of three groups.
First Walter then Andrew and John. He handed each man a red blindfold.
Josh and Chris went with Walter. Peter and Lucas with Andrew and I was
placed in John's group.

"I want each group to spread out among the walk here, but not too far my
friends because I want you to still be able to hear me. This is one of the
most important pillars and lessons we have this weekend together. To
understand one's body is to be comfortable with everyone's bodies. The
challenge again is to overlook societal dogmas and gender roles to
explorer one another. Not in a sexual way, at least not yet, but in a
relaxing, spiritual and calming way."

Frank walked over to John and I. "This lucky group has the odd man out so
they get the master to join them."

As Frank approached us, he held his hand out toward me. And as if I knew
what he wanted without saying, I reached out and placed my handkerchief in
his outstretched hand. He whispered to both of us that he would
demonstrate the exercise first for everyone to see.

"To accept nakedness, one must confront it head on. One must ask for it
and demand it. Only then can it be mastered and not feared. "Frank turned
to John."John please place this blindfold on my face, my friend."

John reached for the cloth and did as he was told.

"It is important to note I asked John to place the blindfold. Nothing in
his task will be done until it is requested by you and you alone. John and
Jim please spin me a few times so that my orientation is lost."

Again, we both did as asked.

"Perfect, now massage my body. Use what we learned and apply it."

I was fine until this point, but I looked over to John and his face
matched my feeling. It's one thing to hold hands but its another to touch
and massage another man. Especially a scrawny one like Franks. "I think
I'll pass," I said as Frank repeated the request.

"Not acceptable." Frank quickly ripped off the blindfold and shoved it
back into my hand, "My friend why are you here? Tell us again."

"For my girlfriend."

"Yes, I know what you told us before in the circle but what else is there.
What have you not shared with the group?"

I shrugged my eyebrows. There was no way he could know why I was truly
here. Not unless Heather had somehow told him, but I was the one who
completed the registration online there wasn't a chance.

"Umm...I dunno, my girlfriend wanted me to..." I stuttered.

"Come on now Jim, my friend, my dear dear friend, tell us all why you came
to this camp."

A warm sensation came over my head, like a quick buzz from drinking a
glass of alcohol too fast. I felt my mouth opening without control.

"To better accept having a threesome with another man for my girlfriend's

"Wonderful, you see that wasn't so hard to do. Nothing's changed yet you
are now one with the group in a way you weren't before sharing. There's an
intimacy that has formed that only exists among this group. You must feel
the warmth and tap into the pleasure that is building to go further into
the training.
 Now then, my friend Jim, take this blindfold. I want you to hand it to
John and ask him to place it on your head."

The warmth continued and I took the blindfold from Frank.

"John place this blindfold on my head please. " The warmth grew slightly
stronger. I needed more, it was a pleasure I had not felt before;
something deep inside, a calling, a need, an urge for more.

"Ask him to spin you Jim"

"John please spin me."

My body turned as he obeyed. I soon lost orientation and could not tell
which direction I was facing. Totally blind.

"Ask us to massage your body Jim."

My dizziness began to slow and I processed what Frank had said. Something
inside me said to stop. But the warmth began to fade.

"My friend..." Frank started.

The warmth grew a little.

"You know what it is you want. Don't deny your need. Ask for it."

I stopped again thinking about my fears of not wanting another man to
touch my body, but just then the warmth faded.

I opened my mouth, "please...," the warmth grew a little, "please massage
my body."

It felt so good to speak the words, to ask for what I feared. The primal
urge retook my body and mind as Frank began touching me. First my arms and
then towards my chest. He stopped for a moment.

"John my friend, please join us."

I could hear John to my right release a shiver through his mouth. A
footstep approached the same side and soon a new pair of hands began to
feel over my body. I knew John was sensing the warmth as well. A
connection was there with each movement of his hands over my clothes.

A few minutes passed when I heard Frank speak again. "You know what you
want Jim ask for it."

I tried to focus on what he said but before I could think the words
escaped my mouth. "Please remove my shirt." I paused in my mind. Did I
really just say that? But the warmth dragged me in again. Soon I could
feel a set of hands unbuttoning my shirt and lifting it off my body as the
other set of hands continued massaging now reaching my neck and bare
chest. The warmth doubled in ecstasy.

A faint echo rang in my head, "Go on Jim, don't hold back."

"Please take off my pants and shoes."I moaned.

Again, a hand reached for my crotch, it was only a matter of seconds
before my waste loosened, my zipper pulled and my pants unfastened. My
shoes came off one by one followed by my socks. I was left with just my
plaid pair of boxer shorts. Hands reached down and massaged along my
underwear waist line.

How long had it been? Where was I? Why did I care? The warmth continued to
expand throughout my body, now reaching my legs. It was all I wanted and I
wanted more.

"Please take off my underwear," I screamed in pleasure.

The shorts only took a moment to fall. My body completely free to whoever
wanted to provide it pleasure. The hands massaged all along my legs and
toward my crotch. Complete bliss. The last thing I remember was collapsing
onto someone placing their arms under mine like a pair of parallel bars at
the gym followed by two others each grabbing a leg. I was no longer
standing on my own. The people supporting my body began to swing me back
and forth and others in the group were humming a low chant. The swaying
motion drew me deeper into the bliss. That's when I passed out.

Chapter 4
The next thing I remember is waking up on the sofa inside the cabin.

I slowly lifted my head off the leather couch pillow. A bit of drool hung
from my chin. Surrounding me on the other couches and floor were the other
seven men, each of which were awakening from a similar nap.

"Dinner is ready in the kitchen, my friends," Frank called out from off in
the distance.

"My head is still spinning," John said looking around the room. "How did
we end up back in here?".

Chris threw the pillow from his lap on to the floor as he worked towards
sitting up. "The last thing I remember was Frank putting us into groups
and wanting us to see each naked."

I thought to myself. I did remember that happening as well. The last thing
in my memory was passing out after being blindfolded and molested by other

"He made us strip each other." I exclaimed.

Walters' brow raised slightly, "He did what? I'd doubt that. Ain't nobody
going to touch me like that."

"Of course you did." Josh responded. "You were in my group. First you went
and then I did and then Chris. We each were blindfolded, stripped and
touched until we passed out."

"I think I would remember something like that." Walter shot back.

"Well what's the last thing you remember then Walter".

"I remember doing the holding game...motherfucka...we really did act
pretty damn gay." Walter reached down and grabbed his crouch. "Still got
the family jewels though."

"Did anyone else experience that sensation of bliss and peacefulness
during the activity?" I asked looking around the room.

A roar of 'yeahs' spread from each of the other men.

"I remember now, it was unlike anything I've ever felt before." Andrew
stated pointing his finger at me. "What was that?"

Suddenly a loud and deep voice registered behind us. "It was not waiting
two hours before going swimming in the pool."

We all spun around to see Frank standing there behind us in an apron.
"That's what happens when you drink wine and try to exercise immediately
afterward. You all must have had a least two glasses before starting.
You're lucky Andre our soux chef was able to help me move all of you back
inside. Come now my friends, before the meals get cold."

We walked to the dining area. Inside the room was a long wooden table
covered with a white cloth and multiple candles. The room itself was dim
and mostly lit by the candle light. We each took a seat and as if on cue
the servers began bringing plates of food to each of us. I looked at the
plate that eventually made its way in front of me; on it sat a piece of
chicken, some asparagus and mashed potatoes. By time I had unwrapped the
silverware from the napkin, a glass of red wine was also placed in front
of me.

"I would like to make a toast," Frank stood up and held his glass of wine
out in front of him. "My friends I am so proud of you. The enthusiasm and
potential you have all shown and the growth you have all made is breath
taking. I really am proud and excited of each one of you. Please enjoy
this meal, you have earned it today, plus you'll need the energy for our
final activity tonight."

With that, we all began to eat as though we had been famished for a month.
The food was fantastic. I had never experience such moist and flavorful
chicken before. The wine poured down my throat with such ease. With a
mouthful of mashed potatoes I glanced over to Frank and began to ask about
the strangeness of the earlier events. He stopped me before I could finish
the question and poured another glass of wine in front of me. As I drank
to wash down the mash potatoes the liquid encased my head with a carefree

"There was something I was going to ask you Frank," I spat out after
putting my glass on the table.

"Sure what is it?" He looked back over to me.

"Well I can't remember, that's so strange. I was just thinking of it and
now it's gone."

"No worries my friend it will come back to you if it was important."

The men spent the rest of the dinner in silence as they finished gulping
their food.

Frank stood one more time. "Please follow me into the den for our dessert
which is also our last event as well.

As we all followed Frank back to the den, a group of employees made sure
we walked in a single file line. Before entering the den we were
instructed to remove our clothing in order to gain access. A strangeness
overcame me as I realized I no longer feared being naked in front of other
men. Was it the previous activities or the wine still in my system that
made it second nature to slide my clothes off? As I took off my last sock,
I realized it was probably a little of both. It was then that I was
instructed to take a seat on the ground next to Josh. I looked around the
room and saw that all the couches had been removed. The crew here must
have worked as we ate our dinner. On the wooden floor now lay a large
circular blanket with several three foot tall candle holders spread around
the room each with some incense burning. Some faint ambient light and soft
jazz filled the rest of the space. As the rest of the men finished
unchanging, we eventually formed a circle in the blanket. All of us
completely naked and in plain view of each other. Once we were all
settled, Frank joined the group. He too wore nothing and was holding a
wooden shaped penis. It looked like something a cavewoman might use as a
pleasuring device.

Frank stood in the center of the circle and slowly spun as he talked to
ensure everyone was included equally.

"This is a magic stick my friends. It is what gives us great power and yet
we do not worship it like we should. Think to yourself, how many times
have you personally masturbated in your life. 10? 20? 100? 1000?" He
continued to spin slowly as he talked holding the magic stick out as if to
entrance us with its hidden power. "I bet, that each of you, no matter
what the number is, have one thing in common. You do it the same way each
time. You know how I know this? Because of fear. Because fear has limited
your ability to expand and observe. That my friends is the key to
improvement, observation and lack of fear. That is why it is important to
learn from each other and see how each man before you worships his own
magic stick. Take it now, my friends, your own magic stick and masturbate
as you watch each other and learn to pleasure yourself in new ways."

Without hesitation we all followed on command. An urge overcame me to
begin to play with myself. I felt a need to comply and to return to that
state of bliss. I knew that by following Frank's directions I could
experience it again.
As I stroked myself, I watched the other men in the group do the same.
Everyone had smiles on their faces, the same I'm sure I had on mine. I
watched as some twirled their fingers with each stroke, while others
gripped tightly. Frank was right we each had our own unique way.

"Ok my friends, it's time to switch. Try a technique you saw someone else
doing that differs from your own. I promise it will pleasure you like
nothing before."
I had just finished watching Andrew using a two handed technique as Frank
spoke. I decided to try that method. Without pause, as soon as I had begun
to use two hands, a wave of euphoria over took my body and mind. I began
to stroke harder. I lost track of time and awareness of my surroundings
until Frank spoke again. Instructing us to switch again and that this time
the pleasure would double.
He was right. I continued to pleasure myself. We switched a few more times
and again with each switch the pleasure grew in intensity and my
connection to the world blurred.

"My friends,"Frank whispered," now for the final switch. I want you to
pleasure the individual on your right. You can use any method or methods
you wish. The more the other person moans in pleasure the more you will
feel it yourself. We will build an overlapping chain of pleasure."

Without looking at who was there I reached for the penis to my right. I
began to twist it in my fingers as I stroked up and down. At the same time
I began to feel the same being done to me. Moans came out in all
directions. Our circle was complete.
I closed my eyes and gave my soul to the feeling. It was like nothing I
had felt before and with each moan it grew deep within me. Time stood
I continued for what must have been at least 20 minutes until a soft touch
on my shoulder brought me back to the living room. I was still
experiencing the bliss but could appreciate my surroundings. Frank
whispered into my ear.

"Jim, my friend, you are ready, please follow Harold here to your final
reward downstairs."

I stood up slowly with my eyes still half closed. Harold placed a rubbery
device on my penis. It looked like a strap on with a port for my penis to
fit into. He reached around me to strap the device around my waist.
Returning to the front, he flipped a small switch on the side that
immediately began to make the device pleasure me. It sent me back into my
carefree state of mind.

Harold took my hand and walked me back towards the dining room. We stopped
at the door in the hall way leading to the basement. Harold knocked in a
rhythmic pattern on the door four times and it opened. A large man stood
on the inside on the top step. He wore all black and nodded to Harold. The
man then placed a set of large headphones on my head as we began to
venture down into lower level of the cabin.

Chapter 5
"Feel the pleasure. You love your cock. You love cock. It brings you
pleasure. You want to be around it all the time." A soft sensual feminine
voice spoke into my head. "Continue your journey. All you need is trust."

My legs continued to walk down the steps into a dark abyss. Harold
continued to guide me until we reached the bottom. There, a young woman
met me and took the hand that was in Harold's. She pulled and directed me
forward in the room at the bottom of the steps.

As I walked with the woman, I saw the stair door open once more. I turned
my head to see Andrew being lead down the stairs with another worker much
in the same way I just had. The woman gently grabbed my chin and turned it

"This way," she spoke softly, "the pleasure you desire is over here."

I continued forward without hesitation. The message in the headphones
continued to replay. Over and over they embedded themselves into my brain.
After time, I knew them to be true. We continued down the hall until we
reached a large room that appeared to be a combination of a lab and a
movie set. Shelves of chemicals and weird devices on one side and racks of
clothing and makeup on the other. The woman brought me to a large white
tub sitting on the cool concrete floor. She removed the headphones and
placed them on the floor next to the tub. I looked around and could see
that the room was set up into multiple stations, at least five that i
could see from here. Each one seemed to have a device or seat. Some had
curtains around them while others were displayed openly. I noticed my
fellow group mates had been brought down as well and there seemed to be
one at each station already with their own young woman, although I
couldn't see into a few of them.

The woman returned my attention to the tub by gently turning my head back
towards hers. She gestured for me to step in. As I did, she began to speak
in her soft tone again.

"My name is Erica and I will be your transition guide." She bent down and
unstrapped the device from my penis revealing a large erection. She then
grabbed a white unlabeled bottle of liquid from floor beside the tub. She
slowly opened the top and squeezed some of the pink shampoo like liquid
onto her hands. She lathered the substance and began to apply it to my
body. She caressed me from my head to my chest to my crotch and to my

"Turn around," she said spinning her hand," I have to get your back too."
Her touch was as sensual as her voice sounded. As she moved her warm
fingers over my penis, I could not help but moan as she caused a surge of
the pleasure to radiate in my body.

After she finished applying the liquid she motioned for me to exit the tub
and walk to the next station. There I saw an identical looking tub. This
one however was full of warm water. Erica looked at her watch.

"Thirty seconds more." She said grabbing my wrist to keep me from entering
the tub. Once the time had passed, I was directed to step into the tub.
This time however Erica closed a large curtain around us and grabbed a
silver pitcher from the floor and began to fill it with the bath tub

"Close your eyes," she said moving the palms of her hands down my face. I
did as instructed and closed my eyes. Next, I could feel the warm water
from the pitcher being poured over my head. A soft loofa also worked to
cleanse every nook and cranny my body had to offer. This continued for at
least 15 minutes.

"Open your eyes."

As I did, I noticed the tub was full of body hair. My body hair. I reached
up to my chest but there was no longer hair there anymore. I reached to my
crotch and found the same. Finally I slowly lifted my hand to my head and
touch the top of my scalp. It was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Erica then proceeded to help my step out of the tub and dry me off with a
warm soft blue towel. I tried to speak but as my brain began to form words
she started to dry my crotch. The newly hairless regions became remarkably
sensitive to touch and Erica spent 5 minutes ensuring that those regions
were massaged the best. The pleasure over took my urge to question the

She led me to the next station which consisted of a barber chair and a
counter of cosmetic supplies. As I sat, Erica bound my wrists to the arm

"This is just a friendly reminder not to move or touch. This might sting a
little." she said with a little giggle and grabbing my crotch once again.
She then went to the counter and grabbed several needle looking devices.
"Ok, close your eyes."

It was the first time I felt nervous. "What are you doing?"

Erica giggled again. She spun the chair around so that she was facing my
back. "Oh, Sweetie, don't you worry about a thing."

She then replaced the headphones on my ears.

'You love cock...you need cock...it brings the pleasure.' The recording
started again.

My mind melted with the voice. Simultaneously, Erica has resumed her
initial activities. She gently closed my eyes and began applying eyeliner,
eyebrows, blush, and lipstick.

"This stuff is all permanent so you don't have to worry about a thing
Sweetie". She said lifting her head up from the work.

I watched her face as she worked. Her eyes focused on the task without any
distraction. She was a beautiful woman. One I would normally be very
attractive to but something in my mind had changed. I didn't feel that
same hunger, that drive to want to fuck random beautiful women that i had
experienced since puberty. A part of me was gone, washed away with the
hair down the drain of the tub.

When she finished, she held up a mirror to show me the results.  I barely
recognized my face in the reflection. My bald head and bone structure made
me look like a cross dressing mannequin. My eyelids had a purple tint and
a strong outline with black eyeliner. My cheeks looked a healthy pink and
my lips matched in hue. She had also painted a thin feminine brow on each

"Almost done," she said returning to the counter. She came back holding a
bottle of mascara and quickly went back to work flicking at my lashes. She
stopped after a minute and took a step back. "You look beautiful, my best
yet, you should be happy." She looked at me and waited for a reaction.

My head laid slouched at the side and resting on my neck.

"Oh, yes, I forgot". She stepped forward and removed the head set again.
"Sweetie, don't you like it?"

I blinked a few times and licked my lips. A new set of sensations quickly
rushed into my face; a heaviness I wasn't used to on my eyelids. I tried
to spit out an answer but I was only able to mumble, "Do you like cock?"

"Of course I do Sweetie, they bring great pleasure, don't you know?" She
giggled and unfastened the restraints.

"This way Hun, we are almost done". She directed me to my right and we
walked to the next station. At this station a table resembling something
from a doctor's office sat with a sheet of tissue paper covering it. "Hop
on up, it's all for you."

I climbed up onto the table holding on to Erica for support. I sat with my
feet dangling over the side. Erica quickly reached underneath my legs and
turned a dial lock on one of tables' built in drawers. After opening it,
she grabbed a red box from within.  The box had a finger print scanner on
the top which she placed her thumb on top of. A few moments later the box
beeped and it opened up. Erica took out a tourniquet, some gauze, an
alcohol wipe, a few needles and an opaque test tube. She opened one of the
needles and stabbed the rubber top on the test tube. She pulled back on
the needle and extracted a green liquid into the syringe. She held it up
to the light and spun it around carefully measuring the amount drawn.
Setting it aside, She then grabbed the tourniquet and tied it snuggly
around my left arm just above my elbow. She instructed me to squeeze my
hand as she slapped my arm. She rubbed my arm with alcohol and poked the
needle into the arm, I watched as she withdrew some blood first to ensure
she was inside my vein and then quickly injected the entire contents of
the syringe into my body.

I waited, expecting something significant to occur. One minute passed,
then two and three and nothing seemed to have changed. Erica then helped
me off the table.  She turned me again, this time to the right.

"This is where we part ways for now Sweetie, it has been a pleasure
working with you and although I doubt it, I hope you remember me. Just
walk through that curtain," she pointed to a yellow curtain near where we
had entered "and you will find that pleasure you so dearly crave."

Chapter 6

I walked toward the curtain, still a bit off balance from all that had
transpired. As I reached the portal, I lifted it to the side and peered
behind. Only darkness was revealed behind the sheet. I stepped through and
braced myself on the Plexiglas wall inside. I stopped for a moment not
sure if I should continue but as I began to turn around, a light emerged
several yards away. It was enough to see that a tunnel lay before me. I
looked out through the Plexiglas wall and saw nothing but dirt. The same
was on the opposite side of the tunnel. This must extend deep into the
hilly terrain the cabin lies on. The whole setup must have cost Frank a
fortune to build. I took a few more steps inward toward the light when a
thunderous sound emerged behind me. I turned to see a large metal door
slam down in front of the curtain. There was no turning back now.

I continued down the corridor using the wall for balance. I occasionally
glanced at my reflection in the glass, not sure who it was that was
staring back at me. As I traveled further a sound began to grow that
originated from the opposite end of the hallway. At first it seemed like
the static noise from poor tv reception but as I traveled closer, it
became clear It was not static but instead a group of voices.

"Hello," I shouted, " can anyone hear me?" There was no response and the
noise remained unchanged. I walked further and the noise grew in intensity
until I reached the end. A second metal door met my hand, it was no
different than the one that slammed shut by the entrance. My hands
searched for any locks or handles but the door was smooth throughout. It
was less a door than a barrier.

I pounded with both fists, "I can hear you inside, I'm trapped in this
coffin of a hallway. Please let me in".

A few moments passed and no changes occurred. I kicked the door a few more
times before starting to turn around, when the noise stopped. The light
that had guided me flickered off and silent darkness was all that
remained. I waited, thirty seconds passed and the metal door opened just
enough for a ounce of light to escape from inside into this darkness. I
walked to the door and opened it the rest of the way. Before my eyes was a
small cylindrical shaped room, no more than 6 feet in diameter. Clear
solid glass encircled me in 360 degrees except where the door lay. A rich
wooden floor replaced the cold cement walkway of the tunnel. Once I had
entered the room, the door closed on its own, sealing shut again. There
were no handles on this side either which meant I was to remain inside
this glass tube. Beyond the glass was a cement wall surrounding on all

I pressed up against the glass looking for something, a way out, but there
was none. I sat down on the floor and waited. A minute passed before the
outer wall began to move. It turned and lowered in a spiral motion
downward, revealing a set of windows. Surrounding me were multiple viewing
rooms, each with an occupant sitting in a large arm chair. A total of six
but within one of them sat Frank with Erica at his side. She had a large
smile and gave me a short wave with her wrist. I looked at the other 5
viewing rooms; two had women and the other men. They were all dressed with
expensive business attire. Alcohol or cigars in most of their hands.

"We'll get started." A voice projected throughout the room. It was easily
recognized as Frank's. "This is subject 3-21b, a fine specimen if I do say
so myself, and one the top prospects we have to offer tonight. 5'11, 180
pounds, and perfectly trained. Shall I start the bidding at 100,000

I looked around at the strangers who all gazed at me as though I was an
animal in a zoo. Each took notes while Frank spoke. One of the women
reached for a button on the arm of her chair.

"We have 100,000." Frank announced. "Do I hear 110,000?"

From there the price quickly jumped. 250, 400, 625, the bidding continued.
I slid to my knees and watched. So much happened so fast I couldn't
contemplate it all. It was like being hypnotized to a movie screen.
Suddenly, Frank's voice ended my trance.

"Sold to Mr. B for 750,000 dollars, congratulations, your code will be
delivered momentarily. The next round will start in viewing chamber 7 in
20 minutes."

With that the outer wall began to spiral upward again, except this time, a
space remained so that I could still see Frank and one of the strangers,
who I assumed was 'Mr. B". He was slender yet muscular man probably in his
late 40's or early 50's. He wore a black suit and blue tie, his hair was
combed back and showed a hint of grey along the sides. He placed his glass
of alcohol down to the side and stood up from the chair. He walked slowly
to the glass window and stared at me piercing through my eyes and into my

"Hello there," he said in a deep and confident tone, "my name is Charles,
what is yours?"

I looked at him and stood up bracing myself against the glass, "Jim." I

He reached down and took another sip of his drink before speaking again.
"A strong name no doubt."

Behind him, a woman entered the room and tapped him on his shoulder and
whispered something into his ear. He gave a succinct nod and she left.
Charles turned to his left and pressed a button on a computer screen.

"Very good Charles, we've received the funds, your code will be delivered
to the printer" Frank projected on the speaker from his room.

I looked back at Charles who ripped a receipt like paper from below his
computer screen. He quickly looked at it and folded it, placing it in his
top suit jacket pocket. With another sip, his attention turned back to me.

"Do you know why you're here Jim? The excitement this day has in store for

I looked at him. "Please help me, I am trapped in this room." I started
tapping on the glass looking for a way out.

"Not to fear, it won't be for much longer." He stared at me again and
began to laugh.

I looked around not sure of what was going on. I looked at Frank and Erica
and they began to laugh with Charles. Fear began to build inside me, the
room felt like it was crushing inwards and I felt dizzy. I looked back at
Charles and soon began laughing myself.

Charles reached into his pocket and pulled out the slip of paper again and
held it up to the glass with his palm. I pressed my face up to read it.
'Welcome, my friend, to a life of bliss, (insert desired name here).' It

I looked at Charles and he stopped laughing and began to speak the words
on the paper. "Welcome, my friend, to a life of bliss, Nicole."

With that my head spun and the room became dizzy. I passed out on the
floor into a dreamlike state. The name Nicole running through my head.
Images of dresses and makeup, of men and the color pink. The more these
thoughts invaded, the better I felt. The bliss swallowed everything else,
everything I once knew to be true. My name is Nicole, I am 21, 5'4" and
110 lbs. I love manicures and wearing sexy lingerie. My purpose in life is
to please men. Sucking and fucking dick brings me pleasure.

I tried to fight back but it was a craving a could not resist. Like a
crack addict looking for that next hit. I needed to be Nicole, there was
no turning back. Thoughts continued to race, with each passing moment they
seemed to speed up. Weddings dresses, skirts, pantyhose, cute tight
panties they all brought me pleasure, I desired them all.

I found myself for a moment, enough to look around. Frank and Erica
clapped as they watched me transform. Mr. B stood with his arms crossed
and a smirk on his face. They were all enjoying this, watching me turn
into a women. I looked down at my body, I was still a freak dressed in
drag. How could I go on. But the bliss drew me back in, I thought about
Mr. B and how big his dick must be under that suit. How good it would feel
in my vagina. How I would shave my pussy for him just so that he could
take me and I would feel every inch. I wanted him so badly, it hurt. The
more I lusted for him, the more the bliss filled me with pleasure. I
thought about kissing his tongue and then having it pierce my womanhood
while he grasped and teased my nipples. He could tie me up and do whatever
he pleased. I looked up again at Charles and threw my body at the glass
trying to reach for him.

"He should be right about there Charles." Frank spoke.

Charles' smirk became a smile as he reached for another piece of paper
from the computer. He turned to face me again and held up the paper to
read it aloud.

"You want me to take you but you are still not complete, sing for me my
doll and finish your transformation."

With the last word spoken, my body orgasmed in pleasure, the likes I had
never felt before. Everything pulsated with eroticism. I couldn't keep my
balance any further and found myself back on my hands and knees staring up
at Charles once more. The pulsation began to grow, it started first in my
head and radiated down my neck and into my back.

"My head," I screamed as the pleasure grew almost unbearable.

"Shoulder length blonde." Charles replied to my scream.

The pulsation calmed and within a moment, blonde hair began streaming out
of my scalp and down my neck, stopping just at my shoulder line.

The pulsation restarted but this time in my face, I couldn't keep my eyes
open anymore and I screamed out again.

"Blue eyes, pearly white teeth." Charles stated

My face began to wiggle and spasm as my bone structure changed. My cheeks
and jaw adjusted and my nose shortened. A flash of light, followed by
blindness for a moment I assumed meant my eyes had changed color.

My chest pulsed next which led to Charles yelling out, 'size D'.

My shoulders felt smaller as a weight formed on my chest. I watched as my
breasts formed, perfectly symmetrical in design. The areoles formed next
and finally two puffy nipples popped out both fully erect.

Charles continued to shout out as the wave of pulsation moved to my waist.
"36, 40"

My muscles and belly began to flatten, my skin was silky smooth. My hips
quickly took a feminine form sprouting a clear hourglass figure.

When Charles yelled out 'Shaved, tight and pink' I knew what was next.

My penis stood erect for the last time as it started to sink back into my
scrotum. My testicles withered away and the remaining sack split in half,
shrinking and forming an outer labia. I could feel a pressure deep within
my pelvis as I assumed my vagina formed. It was definitely not the same
sexual feeling as having a penis but one that I enjoyed nonetheless.

The pleasure finally made its way to my arms and legs.

"Yellow," he shouted as my finger nails and toe nails feminized and
turning a bright sunny yellow.

"Charles," Frank spoke, "her mind chose to become 21, 5'4" and 110lbs, you
can alter that now if you wish."

"No, I am happy with her just as she is, she is perfect." He replied.

"Then finish the transformation."

Charles grabbed the last print out from the wall. "Nicole, you are my
doll, you live to please, from here-forth I am your Master and you live to
serve me, rise and become mine."

I immediately stood up and faced Charles. Although I had control of my
body I did not want to stop it, the pleasure led me in the right
direction. It made me feel safe and accepted.

"Yes my Master, I am your slave, only here for your eternal pleasure." I

"Very good Nicole, put on these clothes and we'll head home."

"Yes Master."

When I turned around, a small panel on the floor slid open and a pile of
neatly folded came lifted up through the floor.  I slid into a pair of
pink thong panties and matching bra, a black mini skirt and a white
blouse. I Pulled on a pair of thigh high white socks and buckled a pair of
blue Mary Janes. The last thing on the floor was a ball gag, a cup of
water and a blue pill. I picked it up and swallowed it with a sip of
water. I placed the ball gag into my mouth and shackled it behind my head
being careful not to get my hair caught in it. Just as I finished, the
room went dark and I passed out.