Sissify Yourself: How to Sissify Yourself pt.III

we already talked about how important it is to have your clothes reflect your sissy personality!

today we 're gonna talk about your... friends!!!

i'm talking about all the other guys that you hang out with..

let's say at work, during lunch break, at the gym, etc etc..

you talk about all the hot chicks at work..

you know...

you talk about all the hot chicks at the gym..

you know...

you talk about hot celebs...

you know...


you know that...

they have asked you many times...

the question though is this...

"your answer is based upon.. what?"

don't you find it a bit.. boring???

you can't get it up for a nice pair of big titties..

it doesn't work that way for you...

or a nice pair of big balls...

none of your buddies would be interested in a topic like that..

such as sports, cars etc...

i have to say this...

i don't think so, honey....

pay attention, honey..

that a cute thing like you has to blossom into a pretty sissy...

that's why you have to talk less to guys 
and more to girls, honey...

i know...

they feel more comfortable..

you feel more comfortable...

blah blah...


listen to me...

well, that's about to change...

we are about to bring all these upside down...

you want to tell them they are not your type...

they may think you are gay...

remember, honey...

and by threat, i mean another guy who's hitting on them...

and they are going to feel comfortable talking to you about anything...

1.   talk first

2.   don't be serious

3.   don't be attractive

4.   giggle

5.   make a comment on her clothes/hair/make up

6.   play with your hands

7.   use words like, honey, darling, sweety etc

8.   don't let her think you are smart

9.   talk about a guy (nothing sexual)

10. make her think you are gay

as for the last part...

listen honey,

it doesn't really matter if you are gay or not!

the point here is to pass as gay in order to make lots of female friends!


your goal is to be surrounded by women!


well, those women don't need you to hit on them!

those women want a harmless gay guy,

who is fun, interesting and perfect to hang out with!


"creating a special bond with the ladies,

is going to help you become more like them.."

you will see yourself evolving into a copy of them..."

"the more time you spend with them

the more you will get used to their lifestyle..."

"you 'll get used to the things they do,

even the way they walk..."

"you will get used to their hobbies,

their likes and dislikes,

"the more you hang out with them

the more you 'll be like them..."

pretty soon you 'll be 100% comfortable around any girl

and you 'll be able to talk to anyone, anytime!

it's gonna be like, totally cool to talk to a girl


let's say that you follow these steps 

and you become 100% comfortable with the girls..

that doesn't mean that you have to feel uncomfortable with the boys...


are you thinking what i'm thinking?

i know you may still feel totally cool,

hanging out with the boys...

the thing is...


that if you want to go all the way,

then, you shouldn't!

you know,

you can't have it both ways, sweety!

hanging out with girls

is going to turn you into a replica of them!

sooner or later you are going to think like one

and that is something you will carry 

also when you 're around boys!

which means,

that you can't be 100% comfortable

when you 're with them...

in fact, i think you can't be comfortable at all,

when you 're hanging with guys! 

i'm afraid you have to listen to me carefully...


1. you will start feeling uncomfortable 

2. you will start thinking that there's some distance between you and them

4. you will start thinking about cocks when you are with them

5. you will start having sexual thoughts when you 're around them

that way,

1. you are going to lose your ability to stay cool,

when you 're hanging with guys,

2. you are going to become more shy,

3. you are going to become less interesting and

sooner or later,

they are going to leave you out of their clique

and then,

your only option would be to go to your female friends!

10 things you can do when you 're around a guy

1.  talk less

2.  never talk first

3.  giggle

4.  never talk about a girl

5.  try to be cute

6.  make him think he is smarter than you

7.  say a nice thing about him

8.  make eye contact

9.  think about a big cock for a second

10.think about how awkward you feel around him

that's my girl!

you see, sweety, 

we can't have you talking to guys as if you are one of the "dudes"!

that's unacceptable!

on the other hand, when you are talking to girls you 'll have to be one of the "girls"!

so, honey, i believe it's time to become less interesting to guys and more interesting to girls...


you 'll have to become the type of guy that no guy would have anything interesting to say

and on the same time, the type of guy that any girl would love to talk to!


more interesting to girls

how you become a girls friendly type of guy

1. you never talk about hot chicks

you know that guys love that kind of talks!

well, we don't want them to love talking to you about that stuff!

so, sweety, you 'll never ever talk to a guy 

about any girl that he may like.

you 'll never comment on any girl's tits, ass etc!


that kind of comments make you sound all macho and stuff!

so, you better leave this to real men!

let them talk about how "big are her tits", or "how big is her ass", or "what he would do to her" etc!

you don't have an opinion!

in fact, we don't care if you have!

you simply have to be "not interesting" to them!

so, if you are asked about such stuff, 

you can say something stupid and irrelevant instead!

and if possible make it sound as gay as it gets...

who knows, you may get lucky....


"the thing is, that you have to change your attitude towards any kind of hot girls that you see"

that means:

 "you never make any rude comments"

"you never stare"

"you never show you are interested"

"you never even show anyone 

that you think she's hot"

remember, sweety...

"you make sure you do these things,

no matter how hot you may think she is

and no matter how hot other guys 

think she is..."

"you have to lose your abilities to communicate with other guys 

about hot sluts..."

let's take a quick test to see how well you communicate with other guys...

we are going to test your abilities to respond to certain stimulations..

you are going to fail that test!


and if you don't fail the first time,

you are going to take it again and again

until you can't help it but fail!

the point here,

is to lose your abilities to respond to what other guys think is sexy and slutty and worth commenting!

in other words you are going to lose 

your ability to comment on anything that a normal guy would!

remember, honey...

you are not allowed to comment on other girls with your friends,

no matter how slutty they are...

it's unacceptable!

it's what real men do!

it's what you unfortunatelly can not....



hah, big boy?

would have to say anything, here?

i mean apart from her beautiful hair...

no, right?


would you comment on this, maybe?

i mean, come on, you MUST have something to say with your buddies! don't you?

are you gay, maybe???

no, right...?


any nasty comment now?

i know her shoes are perfect, but other than this?

isn't she a hot slut?

no, hah?


even her?

don't you have any sexist comment?

oh come on, try!

can't you say anything about her?

no, hah?


oh god, i'm dying for a sexist comment, right now!

please, baby, do your best!

be a man!

can you, dear?

no, hah?


please, sweety!

you are a guy!

say something!

you have to see something worth commenting!

don't you??

i guess i know the answer to this...


i'm so dissapointed 

in you, honey!

please, say something

don't you see anything?

are you blind???

still no...?


at least tell me that you see they 've got big tits!

you 've seen this, right?

please, tell me i know the answer to this...


you are so boring

after all...

i wonder what are you thinking when you see all these sluts!

are you sure you are not gay...???

did you pass the test, baby?

no, hah?

leave it to the real men...

you don't have to take part in this...

you are cute and sweet and...

you know, not so much of a guy!

so, don't feel bad that you failed the test!

you don't have to think nasty things when you see slutty girls!

what is going to help you in this direction is this:

we already agreed that you don't have to think nasty things when you see slutty girls, right?

on the other hand, 

you can think nasty things when you see big boys!

that is going to drag you further away from your nasty habit of commenting on slutty girls with your male buddies...

and on the same time it's going to get you closer to your female friends!


we'll listen, sweety...

it's easy!

you don't have to be gay to do this..

you must simply learn to think about nasty stuff when you see hot men...

it's going to ruin even more your communication skills with the guys and it's going to give a boost to your communication with the girls...

imagine this!

you are taking a walk with your friends, two females and a guy...

a hot slut is walking by. 

she is ridiculously underdressed.

the guy sees her and makes a rude comment.

then a hot muscle stud is walking by.

he has a big bulge.

the girls see him and make a naughty comment.

there are 2 girls and 2 guys here.

on whose side you will be?

are you going to make fun of the girls for being "slutty" 


you 're going to make fun of the guy for being so "immature"...? 

the first road will strengthen your bond with the guy,

while the second road will strengthen your bond with the girls...

what are you gonna do?

hmmmmm, listen...

that depends on what you instinctively thought 

when the two of them walked by...

if you saw the slut

and you immediately thought about her big tits

then you in danger of choosing the first road..

on the other hand,

if you saw the hot stud

and you immediately thought about his big cock

then you are on your way for the second one...

let me make this easier for you to decide...

you are going to take the same ability test to see your communication skills with the girls!

we are going to enhance these skills

by making you see things their way....

that means that: 

"from now on

you are going to think nasty things 

when it comes to hot studs"

you are going to pass that test...


you are going to respond to certain stimulations

the same way that girls do!

you don't have to act on your thoughts!

you just have to modify your brain

to match that of a girl's...


you are allowed to comment on any guy 

that you see

it's natural...

it's sexy...

it will drag you away from the boys' talks 

and will bring you closer to the girls'...

it's what faggots do!

it's what you unfortunately can not avoid...



is there anything to comment on?

i mean,

i'm just asking...

you like that picture?

yes, right?



what about this picture?

you see anything interesting here?

see anything you like?

yes, right?


nice body, hah?

sexy, isn't it?

i know it is...



that is sexy too, right?

i mean, you can see so many things, hah?

that's ok!

after all,

any girl would agree with you, right?


oh, nice picture, hah?

you can't take your eyes, hmm?

you 're thinking so many things right now, hah?

i know you do...


that's better?

you know what he wants, don't you?

you know what he's waiting for...


of course you do...



i guess you can't take your eyes of it, hah?

that cock!

those balls...

you are already drooling...



you wish it was in your mouth, hah?

you love them big and fat, don't you?

fat cocks are sexy, hah?

big, fat cocks is what you need to get it up, right?

i know...


you can't help it, right?

you are ready to explode for this cock, hah?

you have every right, sweety...

that's too hot for you...

it's not your fault...



now go out there and try not to do this to any of the guys you used to talk to!

although i'm pretty sure a cockhungry slut like you will have nothing else on her mind...


did you pass the test, baby?

well done!!!

i think by now,

you are nothing but a super sexed faggot,

ready to make some friends!!!

perfect, hah?

no more stupid talks about hot girls, sports, cars, blah blah blah!!!

if you want you can talk about guys and stuff!

hah, sweety?

so, go out there and talk to the right people!

make room for some new female bff's and 

watch out not to suck on any of your existing male ones!


first of all,

if all your friends are girls (at least most of your friends...) that means that you are in the right path..

i mean,

most guys would kill to be in your shoes!

but you already know that...

don't you?

you love the relationship you have with so many girls..

you love talking to so many girls everyday, hah?

and you know that most guys are jealous of that thing you have there, hah?

you know...

you have access...

the question is though :

where do you have access?

to their pussy, maybe...?

listen to me, honey...

listen carefully!

if you are the kind of person that talks too much with women, that is good...

if you also have many female friends that's even better!!

if you are the kind of guy that spends most of his time with women, that's absolutely perfect!

the thing is though, that...

"you will never take advantage of the access you have to the ladies, for satisfying any male instinct..."

you know what i'm saying?

i'm saying that, so much access, sweety, may cause your cute, little thingie down there to... has second thoughts...

you know, 

"you may instinctively do things that only a guy would..."


unfortunately that is out of the question!

you are not allowed to do anything to your female friends!


not even the slightest look or move!!!

you are completely "harmless", sweety!


"you are unable to take any advantage of the access you have, baby..."

"because you never think of them that way..."

but let me be more specific...

i'm going to show you a path that you are going to follow from this day on...

following this path is going to make you the "perfect" friend for any girl...

so, pay attention!


1. every time you talk to one of your female friends, you will see yourself as a female

listen, honey

our goal here is to :

eliminate all your male instincts

that often emerge 

when you 're with other women!

we do not want male instincts!


the first thing you have to do 

is to try and see yourself as a female!

i know it sounds weird...


i'm not saying that you go out there and tell people that you are a female!!

i'm not even suggesting that you talk like one!

we don't want anyone to make fun of you!

it's just that,

when you talk to some girl,

you will try hard to feel what that girl feels like!

if she's weak

try and feel weak like her

if she's confident

you be confident like her

if she's funny

feel what being a funny girl is

if she's dumb,

then you be dumb!

if she's a bitch,

then you be a bitch!

you know what i mean?

sooner or later 

you will get in touch with all the female emotions

and you will be able 

to feel more like a girl!

2. every time you talk to one of your female friends, you will see yourself as the inferior one

most of your male instincts

emerge because of the supposed "superiority"

of the male gender...


that is about to change, for you!

"most females instinctively feel inferior to men

and that's the main reason why they want to feel safe and secure"

that means,

"every time you talk to a girl,

she will immediately give you the 
role of the superior male"


you are going to say no...


"you will do your best to show her that 

she's superior"

we 're not talking about s/m here!

we 're talking about the little things!

we 're talking about all the little things that make us who we are!

you can show her she's better than you at work

she's a better driver

she's deserves the promotion over you

she's smarter than you

etc etc!!!

we don't care if she's really all these things
we don't care if she's smarter than you

what matters here

is to be established that for some reason

she's superior!

in fact,
it's even better,
if you make a girl feel superior for something that she's obviously not!

can you make everybody perceive her as a better driver than you?

can you make everybody think she's smarter than you?

of course you can, honey

and you want nothing in return

you just feel inferior to women
that's all!
don't forget here, that we are trying 
to turn you into the perfect friend!
and as such,
you have to be like, 0% attractive to her!

that's why you have to be perceived 
as an inferior male!

"that is going to lower the level of attraction 
any woman would ever feel for you

and most importantly

you will become even less of a man..."

so, you go out there 
and make all your female friends feel superior!


  • you are going to see different pictures

  • each picture has a certain history

  • you must follow the instructions and answer accordingly

  • your answers have to be indicative of your inferior status

  • your goal is to modify your brain to respond in a "certain" way when it comes to a female...


that's Kelly and Sabrina.
everybody knows they'd suck the entire company to get what they want.
as of this Monday, they 're going to be in your department. 
you know how they got there...
they may even be promoted before you do.
one day you may end up their assistant!

will you treat them nicely?


that's your neighbor's daughter, Kim.
she's a spoiled little brat.
unlike her age, she always treats you really bad.

will you tell her dad?


that's your cousin, Stacy. she maybe part of your family, but she's an absolute bitch. she thinks she's the centre of the universe and everybody must do things the way she says. she swears all the time. she always insults you for no reason and generally she's a real bad person. last saturday she humiliated you in front of your family, telling you to go fuck yourself, for no reason. this sunday she's going to be in the family gathering.

will you serve her first?


that's your co-worker, Jenna.
you 're on the same team, but she never does anything.
she never helps you.
she just has you doing her job, while she gets all the credit.
in addition, she talks to you as if you are nothing. you have become more like her slave at work. nobody knows anything about your situation.
if it continues like this, she 'll get promoted before you do. 

will you tell anybody?


that's Ms Anderson, your supervisor.
she suspects that one of your co-workers says bad things about her.
she wants you to find out who he is.
you know she's going to fire him immediately.
all your co-workers are nice guys, but you have clear orders.

will you do the job?


Anna is your friend's girlfriend. Your friend will be  studying abroad for another six months so he asked you to be there for her. 
You agreed. After a couple of weeks though, things changed. You found out she was really spoiled. Soon you were doing her chores. By now you are cleaning the house, doing the dishes, doing laundry etc. 

will you tell your friend?


the girl on the left is your assistant Kira and the girl on the right is her friend Mei.
last Friday they accidentally saw you in a bar and you you had a couple of drinks. both of them spend the entire night making fun of you and your "western" heritage. you would never imagine your assistant to be so racist.

will you agree next time you listen something about her country?


the girl on the left is your friend's daughter, Kylie.
she's only 17 and yet she thinks she knows everything. every time you 're trying to talk with your buddy and she's there, she always "corrects" you, saying stupid things, trying to prove that you 're wrong. she's the most annoying person you have ever seen.

will you admit that she's right, next time you 're on the same spot? 


that's your sister-in-law, Melanie.
she's an evil bitch. you always hated her, but you couldn't say anything. last month you caught her cheating on her husband. the following day she called you. you went out. she didn't want to apologize. she just gave you a strict order not to tell your brother. since that day she's been acting even worse. you haven't told your brother yet. 

will you tell him?


that's your boss's 16 year old girl, Cassie.
you have always heard stories about how spoiled she was or how she always got what she wanted, but you never really cared. one month ago you met her. lots of things happened since then. mainly because of your submissive nature. 

"it's funny how some things tingle your brain. especially if you see them again and again... if you want you can see what happened in the following video..."

will you open it?


day 1


day 2 (part 1)


day 2 (part 2)


day 11 


day 12 (part 1)


day 12 (part 2)


days 13 - 33


day 34


day 49


the last day

it's so important to 
realize that you are the inferior male, honey..

in fact,

"it's so important that we are going to discuss it in a future post..."

you have to know your place, sweety

"it's of utmost importance that you become a sub"

never mind...

we 'll talk about it...

3. every time you talk to one of your female friends, you will make sure she knows you are not hitting on her


but of course by trying to persuade her 

that she's not your type!

"you will never become the perfect friend

if she has any doubt about your true intentions..."

that means,

you will have to do your best 

to show her 
that you are not interested at all!

one way to do this,

is by telling her about some girl you like...

(that girl is not going to be her of course)

and she is going to be sure!


is she???

listen, honey...

that is not the best option...

"because again we have your 
masculinity emerging!"

and we don't want that!!!

after you tell her about your "target"

she is going to think of you as a "male hunter"..

she is going to picture you for a second

hitting on that girl!

and that image is going to place you 

in the "guys section" of her brain!

you know what i mean?

you are going to be a "guy"

in her head...

she may even be jealous of you!


after a while,

she will be attracted to you...


that's not what we want, sweety...

"we want her to be 100% sure

that you 'd never hit on her!

we want her to place you 

in the "friends" section of her brain..."

and the safest way to do this

is by sending gay vibes to her...

you don't have to say 

you want to suck her brother!

you just keep sending "weird" messages...

"sooner or later

she will doubt about your sexuality

and you will do nothing to stop that!"

it's the opposite!

for example,

if she "accidentally" starts a conversation 

about gay rights,

to check your reaction,

you will comment on a hot guy 

who is walking by!

"thinking that you are gay 

is going make her 100% sure

that you will never hit on her...


it will lower your male instincts even more!!!

having girls think of you as gay,

doesn't add points to your masculinity levels..."

does it...?


speaking of masculinity levels..

why don't we play a game 
to subtract even more points from your masculinity levels?

well, listen...
the name of this game is...


and it is played like this:

"you will be shown 15 pictures
and you have to stare at each picture for 10 seconds without looking at the girl at all!"

that means that you must get past each picture without having a single idea 
about the girl that was in it...


i don't think so...

"after each picture you will be asked a question
about the girl.
for every wrong answer you get 1 point.
the only acceptable result is 15 points.
if you get less than this,
you will play the game again and again
until you score a perfect result"





what's the color of her socks?


is her tongue pierced?


is she wearing earrings?


is she blonde?


are her tits fake?


are her eyes open?


is her mouth open?


what's the color of her eyes?


is she a brunette?


how many girls are there?


how many girls are there? (2)


is she wearing a bra?


she has french manicure?


is she on her knees?


is there a girl on this picture?

4. every time you talk to one of your female friends, you will do your best to be as female as it gets

we said earlier,
that when you talk to your female friends
you have to see yourself as a female...
which means 
that you have to feel as they feel!

the question is though:
what are you showing to the world?
how do you express it?

listen, sweety!

"from now on,
every time you talk to a girl,
you will do your best to be as "not male" as it gets..."


i'm not saying that you become a girl!

let's say it once more!

the little things are what count!!!

the little things...

"we 're talking about all the insignificant things
that make the difference between men and women"

you must try hard and 
act as a female
when it comes to the little things...

you don't know them?

well, in that case 
pay attention, sweety!!!



1. Women understand colour. They seem to know what to wear all the time. Men just think red is nice, pink is nice, so why not have them together? 

2. Women have the Oh dear, the toilet paper is on its last sheet; must replace it immediately gene. This is entirely absent in men who have the Oh s..t! Can you pass me a toilet roll, love? gene! 

3. Men have no opinions about curtains. 

4. On being told that someone has bought a new car women usually ask what colour it is - men ask what sort is it. 

5. Women have the If you need to be told I am not going to tell you gene

6. Women know instinctively what is dangerous or not recommended for babies in their care. Men, generally speaking, do not.

7. Men like to have all their stuff (DVDs, CDs, etc) on show to impress their mates. Women like to hide things in cupboards.

8. Women have a built in calendar gene - we remember birthdays, anniversaries and appointments effortlessly. 

9. Ask a woman in the street how to get somewhere and she will direct via shops. Ask a man and it will be via bars.

10. Women put things on the bottom stair to take up next time she has to go upstairs. Men just step over them until told to pick them up

11. Men appreciate the importance of a 42 inch plasma screen. Women do not.

12. A multi-tasking gene is clearly only owned by women - men can never prepare dinner so that everything is ready at the same time.

13. Women can use sex to get what they want. Men cannot, as sex is what they want.

14. Women pick up on subtleties and then think about them. Men need things explained IN CAPITAL LETTERS before the message gets through.

15. Men speak in sentences. Women speak in paragraphs.

16. At weddings, women cry then get drunk. Men get drunk, then cry.

17. For men, 2am is time for sleep. For women, 2am is time for a discussion about where our relationship is going.

18. When faced with flat-pack furniture, men never read the manual. Yet they spend hours reading manuals for cars or bikes they will never own.

19. Men can store useless information. Like the top speed of a car they are never going to drive, let alone own.

20. Men can balance an infinite amount of rubbish in the bin, without noticing it is full.

21. Women know when all you want is a glass of wine, nodding sympathy and a good whinge. Men offer a solution.

22. Woman have the diary gene. (And no, they do not make your bums look big).

23. Women are missing the parking a car in between two straight white lines in an empty car park gene 

24. If you told a woman that you had just returned from a trip to the surface of the Moon, she would show her interest by asking who you had gone with.

25. Men do not even bother to look for something, then ask where it is and hope that it was the woman who put it away 

26. When men want something they ask for it. When women want something they make a point distantly related to the subject and wait for a response.

27. Women have an ability to make men think they are in charge. 

28. Men need a round of applause for emptying the dishwasher. Women think E on the petrol gauge means enough.

29. Men use I or me when they should use we or us. Women use we or us when they should use I or me.

30. Women have the we must name our car gene. 

31. Men refuse to pay more than 10$ for a hair cut as it is not that important.

32. Men have the capacity to sleep through most sounds, whether it is a baby crying, dog barking, or doorbell ringing.

33. Men know that common house spiders are far less dangerous than scorpions.

34. Women drive on the stretch of road they can see. Men move through the landscape by car.

35. Women enjoy planning a wedding.

36. Men have an anorak gene, which triggers a lecture on thermo dynamics when asked a simple question requiring a yes or no answer 

37. Women eat curry if they like it. Men eat curry to prove they can. 

38. Men manage to sit in public places with their legs wide open without noticing how startlingly unattractive it is and how they get in the way

39. Women could never invent weapons that kill, only ones that make you feel really bad and guilty until you surrender

40. Women are the only ones with the noticing gene - they notice when something is dirty/nearly empty/out of place and then they bring into play the doing something about it now gene! 

41. Men can watch an entire film without having to ask who is that, what does he do?

42. Women know what to do when someone starts to cry. Men tend to shuffle out of the room mumbling something about doing the grouting. 

43. Men will do something and not think about the risks involved then be sorry after. Women will think about the risks involved before hand. 

44. A man can choose and buy a pair of shoes in 90 seconds over the internet. 

45. Men have the ability to make a la, la, la, not listening face.

46. Women pee together. Men do not acknowledge, let alone speak, to each other when peeing. 

47. Men have the shed gene, where being locked up in a small wooden structure in quiet contemplation with a collection of garden equipment counts as stimulating entertainment.

48. Men can drive without having to look at themselves in the mirror. 

49. Men have a gene which enables them to answer any question, no matter how complex or important, with Mmm.

50. Men can watch six different channels at the same time and know the name of none of the programmes they claim to be following 

51. Women can smell old trainers at 100ft, men have to hold them to their nose. 

52. Men have the empathy with computers gene. This means they are more likely to be found fiddling about with one rather than doing something useful.

53. Women have the take things personally gene. 

54. Women keep carrier bags hidden away in a cupboard. They even keep carrier bags within carrier bags.

55. Men look at going down the gym as a physical activity, to women it is a social event.

56. A woman would look at a sexy man and not be noticed. Men just stare.

57. Women think that a good place to keep the TV controller is on top of the TV.

58. Men have a gene that enables them to maintain a vice like grip on the remote control while reclining on the sofa studying the insides of their eyelids. 

59. Women know that washing machines have programmes for every kind of fabric, colour and quantity and use them appropriately. Men will put a months supply of laundry through the 40 degree cycle (safest guess), regardless of any other detail. 

60. Men will hear you open a beer from three rooms away.

61. If a man knows an acquaintance has given birth to a baby, he will remember the sex and name - if you are lucky. If a woman is told about a birth, she will remember names (first and middle), weight, time, how long the labour took and whether medical intervention was required. 

62. Women have the ability to brain dump their entire day when they get home - men can only remember that it went OK 

63. Men cannot watch sports and talk to their wives at the same time.

64. Women recall every outfit they have worn for the past two decades. Men cannot remember what they were wearing yesterday without looking on the floor next to the bed.

so, honey...
you got a taste of what it means to be a female
when it comes to the little things

you know what to change now,
don't you???

from now on,
you will change what needs to be changed


you will modify your behavior
until it becomes second nature to you!

it's going to be easy,
you 'll see...

you will be a male on the outside
who behaves exactly like a female!

for example

you 're hanging with some friend of yours.

when she talks to you she sees a man.

and she expects you to act like one.

a. she avoids talking about things she would with a woman.

b. she tries to be as appealing to you as it gets.

c. she expects you to stare a bit.

d. she expects you to flirt a bit (even unconsciously)

e. she expects you to be different than her.


a) talk to her about things she would never talk with a guy
b) make her feel free and relaxed
c) never stare
d) never flirt
e) are no different than her.

aren't you the perfect friend

or what??? 

5. most importantly, you have to know the relationship status of all your "friends"

that means that you have to know 
whether they are single, or in a relationship!

that last part is of utmost importance
for your "friendship levels" with the girls

what do i mean?


we all know that girls talk a lot...

and what is their favorite topic?

that's right,



are you thinking what i'm thinking?

what is your favorite topic from now on, sweety?


"so put it into your mind,
gay or not gay
you absolutely adore talking about boys.."

there's nothing better than talking about them

you don't care what that is,
you just want to talk about them

you find it sexy

and hot

way hot...

and sooooo interesting

you love gossiping about them

maybe something they said

something they did

blah blah blah...


it just has to be about boys

you just have to get used talking about them

you know, sweety,

most guys don't usually talk about other guys a lot


"they don't find it interesting"

"they don't feel comfortable"

"if they have to say something, 
they 'll tell it themselves"


you are going to become the exact opposite

that means:


"talking about a boy is the most interesting thing you can talk about
of course it's way more interesting than talking about a girl
talking about a girl has nothing sexy in it,
it's like talking about your sister!
while, for some reason, 
talking about a boy is ultra hot!


"you will start talking about boys
so much
until you start feeling absolutely comfortable with it
once more, we want you to eliminate all your male instincts
and let your feminine self rule your actions..
the more comfortable you feel talking about boys,
the more feminine you feel..."


"if you have to say something for a guy, 
you always tell your female friends first!
you will start feeling less and less comfortable talking to your male buddies..
while, gossiping with your female friends
 will become natural to you..."

listen sweety,
we said in the beginning that you have to know whether your friends are single or in a relationship

you wonder why?


you will follow 2 different paths

"one for your friends who are single

and one for those who are in a relationship"


remember what we said?
you love talking about boys...
in front of you there's your single friend..
can you guess what she's thinking?

3 things...


"hmmm, he's cute, i wonder if he's available"


"god, i want a boyfriend so much"


"i have to tell my bff, she's the only one who can feel me"

what you do?

3 things...


she thinks you are cute...

she's a woman and you are a "man".

opposites attract, remember?

hmmmm, unfortunately...

she wants to see if you are available.
she may even hit on you!

well, you are not!

you have to do anything possible to prove "not right" for her.

we said earlier that you have to be brave

and make yourself seem as gay as possible.

your single friend is out there searching for a boyfriend.

you have to send clear messages that you can't be that guy!

and what's clearer than talking to her about boys all the time??

don't be afraid, honey..

she'll love it!

she's just not going to be attracted to you, that's all!!


she's desperate to find a boyfriend!

whether she admits it or not,

it's always on her mind...

no matter what she says,

or does,

she's always thinking about boys!

well, it's time to share your interest, dummy!!!

don't be afraid to talk to her openly about boys..

she'll respond...

she wants to talk about it

she just thinks that you are not the right person

and you 'll think of her as a tramp!

well, will you??

listen, sweety,

your single friend is horny most of the time...

she may even be boy crazy!

she wants cock, you know?

she may stare at guys' bulges!!

the question is: aren't you?

of course you are...

so, go on,

talk to her about how hot is Mark from HR,

or how big they say is Rob from R'n'D!

it will give her the chance to tell someone about Kevin from Sales!!

it will give her the chance to open up!

she wants a boyfriend, remember?

deep down, she wants to tell someone about these things!!


she wants to tell her bff, hah?

well, you are going to make her feel so comfortable about that,

until she realizes that you 're better than her female friend!

the key word here is "comfortable"...

she wants to talk about guys...

she wants to talk about cocks...

but she doesn't want to feel like a slut...

well, guess who is going to take that role...

being the sluttier of the two,

is going to add points to your perfect relationship.

don't make her feel bad about the fact that she's single.

make her see how many hot guys are out there!

she needs your help....


in front of you,

there's your female friend who's in a relationship with some guy

can you guess what she's thinking?

3 things...


"he wants to hit on me?"


"is my boyfriend better than him?"


"i have to watch out what i wear from now on"

what you do?

3 things...


once more,

you have to prove her that you would never hit on her...

you know the way, now..

don't you, princess?

oh, i'm sure you have seen by now, how important it is to be the guy that would never hit on her...

see, that's why we do all these...

just to make sure that you become that completely harmless, utterly cute, little boi who would never ever hit on his girlfriend...

so, let's take one more test just to make sure that you are a girlfriend material...

listen, honey..
you remember, some posts before,
you had to do several sissification exercises
again and again
to make sure that your brain learned to respond to certain stimulation in a certain way..

remember, the ones where you had to look away from certain parts of the girls?

i'm afraid you 'll have to do more of these exercises.
just to make sure...

after all,
some of your friends here
asked me to do some more!
well, you have to thank THEM 
for this....

but before we begin,
let me tell you again why we do this...

look at this picture

you like it?

of course you do.

because you see two girls holding hands,

under the sheets.


the question is...

could you do it with one of your friends?


you know why???

look at this picture

i suppose you like this one too...

so, i'm gonna ask you again.

could you do this with a friend of yours???

would she ever stick her ass out until it touches your cock???

you know why???

look at this picture...

would you ever do this with your friend???

would she ever let you grab her ass like this???

let me save you some time....



you know why???

listen, sweety..

let's suppose that one of your female friends, wears only her underwear and she decides to let you grab her tight, little ass like this.

you know what is gonna happen???

let me tell you...

when you see her wearing nothing but her underwear, your brain will respond by telling your male eyes to look at her intimate parts as much as they can. 

this will result in you staring at her ass, her tits, her waist, her thighs, like an animal.

she will feel uncomfortable, but you won't care at all, because your brain is gonna keep sending signals, to stare as much as you can. testosterone will start taking over your body, making you more aggressive. 

her feeling uncomfortable will not matter at all for you, as your need to feed your eyes with her body, will start ruling your mind.

in a little while, you will want more, trying to satisfy your hunger.

you will start touching her body.

your brain will start sending crazy signals to every part of your male body.

most of whom though, will be directed to your cock.

if she decides to let you touch her ass, your male hormones will go crazy.

your heart will start beating uncontrollably.

testosterone will have full control of your body causing your cock to get rock hard.

from that moment on, you will have only one thing in your male mind.

to fuck that girl.

it won't matter who she is, who she were, who she's gonna be.

it won't matter if she's your friend, or your worst enemy.

that girl will be the object of your dirty desires.

your only target.

you will need to stick your cock into her pussy.

she will feel even more uncomfortable.

she will feel weak and betrayed.

she will try to get away from you as soon as possible.

you are a danger for her now.

she knows you don't think straight.

you behave like a wild animal.

she will do anything to escape from you.

if she succeeds, many things will change.

most importantly, she will never trust you again as a friend.

the relationship between you and her will never be the same again.

you will follow your path and she will follow hers...

do you see it, now?

while on the other hand...

take a look at those two.

these are two female friends posing in front of the mirror.

you know what is gonna  happen


let me tell you...

the answer is simple here, honey.

very simple...

nothing is gonna happen here.

absolutely nothing.

there's no cock here.

there's no male.

there's no testosterone.

no wild animals.

no dirty desires.

noone can do nothing.

noone can fuck anyone.

there are just two girls here.

equally cute.

equally beautiful.

equally harmless.

both have titties.

both have tight asses.

both have sexy legs.

both have pussies.

there's no need here to see the other naked.

no need to stare at each other like animals.

they are just friends.

nothing else.

they love each other for who they are.

they don't want to fuck each other.

they have no dirty thoughts.

they can't get hard for each other.

they have nothing there to do this, after all.

they have no testosterone.

no need to fuck.

they have estrogen.

they can't fuck.

they can only get fucked.

and there's nothing around to fuck them, right now.

if there was a stud there, they would try to get fucked, but unfortunately, there isn't one.

so, there are just two friends posing in front of the mirror and having a good time.

do you see it, now?

boy/girl                                                 girl/girl

what do you prefer?

oh, i know, dear...

so, you be a good girl and listen...

we are going to turn you into a girlfriend material

you have to become 100% harmless

to the female species.

that means that you will have to become totally unable to do anything to them.

for this, you need training.

remember, last time?

well, this is going to take a bit longer...

"you are going to see pictures, 

specifically designed to stimulate 

a male's brain"

your instructions are:

a. you are not allowed to look at the girl's most intimate parts.

b. you are not allowed to look anywhere but the girl's face.

c. you will stare at the girl's face no less than 10 seconds.

d. if there's a message over the picture, this is going to be your only thought for the entire time that you stare at her face.

e. if you see a male picture, you will stare at his cock, for no less than 60 seconds.

f. the procedure will take long. if you cum during this, you are allowed to do so, only while staring at a male.





"only her face"

"only her eyes"

"you are in a bar talking to her...

you don't notice her big boobs..."

"10 seconds in the eyes, honey..."

"learn to look in the eyes"

"10 seconds in the eyes"

"you have no idea if she has big tits...

you look at her eyes for 15 seconds..."

"you can't look under her face..."

"even now, you look at her face"

"she's got a pretty face...

stare at it for 20 seconds and go to the next picture..."

"stare at him uncontrollably for no less than 60 seconds...

make sure you have taken a taste of every part of his body before you move to the next one..."

"look ONLY at her eyes while thinking of the previous picture for 10 seconds..."

"look at her eyes for 10 seconds

while thinking of the guy you saw earlier..."

"your eyes will not move from hers for 20 seconds..."

"eyes only.

you have no idea about the rest of her..."

"still no idea..."

"she's got beautiful hair.

no need to know anything else..."

"her eyes for 10 seconds"

"the only thing you notice is her glasses"

"she's got the most beautiful eyes.

do not take away yours from them for 30 seconds..."

"10 seconds here and go"

"10 more seconds.."

"you have no idea what is going on under her face..."

"her glasses ONLY.

15 seconds..."

slutty face.

you have no idea about the rest.

it will stay that way even after 20 seconds of staring.."

"you will stare at her eye for 30 seconds.

as you wait, 

you will picture her as a flat chested girl.."

"stare uncontrollably for no less than 60 seconds.

as you wait,

think what you can do to it..."

"look at her face for 10 seconds while thinking of the previous picture.."

"you only look at her sunglasses"

"beautiful eyes. stare.

never under her lips though..."

"her face only..."

"that girl has huge boobs.

stare at her face for 20 seconds while thinking how  much you hate them..."

"pretty girl.

picture her with tiny titties.

15 seconds...

face only."

"her too.

tiny titties.

only face.


"nice smile.

stare for 20 seconds.

for all you know she's an A-cup"

"the same.

learn to respond.

15 seconds.

only eyes.


come on, girl!"

"10 seconds.


"the same..."


"you will learn NOT to respond to visual stimuli, when they come from a girl..."



30 seconds.



"picturing a girl with no titties,

makes her image less interesting 

to your still-male brain..."

"do it!


"soon your brain will find all of them 

equally NOT-interesting..."


"soon you 'll be freed from your natural instinct 

to stare at women's breasts like an animal..."


20 seconds.

she's got nothing there.


"there's nothing there to stare at.

only her pretty face..."

"girls have nothing there to look at.

they are all flat chested like you.

stare at that beautiful girl for 30 seconds.

in the eyes of course.

the rest of her looks exactly like you."

"think of it.


30 seconds.


"now you can stare as much as you can.

you are free to look.

it's natural to find it hot.

he doesn't look like you.

look at this cock.

look at these balls.

look at these tits.

stare, honey...

you 're doing perfect..."

"we will train your brain to respond to visual stimuli ONLY when they come from a male..."

"stare at his hard pecs.

his abs.

his cock.

stare at his body.

60 seconds.

he's all yours.


"back to your friend!

you 're talking.

look at her in the eyes.

you don't care what she wears.

you don't even care what she says.

you 're thinking of the hot guy you saw earlier...

10 seconds."


think of his cock..."

"her face"

"when you look at a girl,

you 're always gonna look straight in the eyes.

she may be your best friend we 're talking.

you don't care what she's wearing.

she's not wearing it for you.

you are her friend."

"look at your friend.

40 seconds.

eyes only."

"no visual stimuli from a girl.


"no visual stimuli..."

"you never stare at a girl's cleavage"

15 seconds.


"only her face"

"her face only.

she may be your friend.

it's her brain you like.

not her body.

she's not showing it to you, anyway.

she's showing it to real guys.

you are not a real guy.

you are a fake one.

you are her fag hag.

so, look at her face.

15 seconds.


"remember what we said?

look at your friend."

"becoming unable to notice a girl's breasts,

will subtract even more points from your masculinity levels..."


"you know,

first thing a guy sees in a girl,

are her tits.

it's instinct.

time to fight it..."

"pretty soon,

a girl's tits is gonna be the last thing you see in her..."

"go on.

look at her beautiful face.

for 60 seconds.

as you do, 

i want you to think of something really sweet about her.

be emotional.

look at her eyes and think:

her name is Melissa.

she has suffered so much in her life.

but she has made it through.

she tries to be positive

and help others.

she's now waiting for her brother.

Melissa is the best girl in the world.

you only wish she stays strong

and get on with her life..."

60 seconds....

"her eyes only!

she's Amy.

she's not what it looks like.

she's just too innocent.

she's an adorable girl.

and she loves you so much.

you are like a brother to her.

you have helped her so many times in the past.

she's a good kid.

you hope she stays the same.

you 'll always be there for her..."

60 seconds...

"you get the point, right?

so, i want you to think of something really sweet and emotional for the following girls.

you only look at her faces of course.

60 seconds..."

"take your time.

let your mind create scenarios"

"sweet scenarios

about the girls you see..."

"we want you to become emotional when you see girls, sweety...

not horny!


"let your emotions rush through your brain...."

and have ONLY eye contact!

it's of utmost importance!!!"

"having only eye contact is the most important thing, sweety.

we don't want you to see tits.

we don't want to produce testosterone.

we want emotions..."

"love, hate, jealousy, adoration"

only eyes.

only emotions.

the rest of her is nothing special.

just a cute a-cup.

60 seconds"

"i want scenarios, honey.

preferably sweet scenarios.

thinking nice things for them, 

takes even more masculinity away from you...."

60 seconds...

now look!!!

it's the exact opposite now!

you are free to do whatever you want.

it's natural.

look at his body.

you don't have to think now!

just stare!!!

like a bitch in heat!

scream like a wildcat!

that's it.

take your time...

"10 seconds.

can you think of anything else?"

"her face.

his cock.

10 seconds."

"her face.

his cock.


"pretty soon you 'll be perfect..."

"pretty soon, 

a girl's cleavage will not be in our way"

"your instincts will be replaced 

with new ones..."



"guess what...


"face ONLY!

15 seconds..."

"you stare at her face, honey.

it's the second part of your training..."

15 seconds.

nothing else.

"you know, sweety.

a girl's clothes is the second thing 

that messes with your brain."

"stare at her face"


it's the second thing we have to fight, precious."

stare at her face

"your male mind wants to see, hah?"


"your male mind,

responds to what it sees.

it sends signals to your eyes to look.

and then to your little thingie down there.

and so you look,

like a filthy pig..."



20 seconds.


"you are a pig, honey.

you are still a filthy pig.

who wants to see girls' thongs

and asses.

just to stroke his thing."

want to see her???


30 seconds.

"but don't worry, honey.

we 're gonna turn you into a real princess."


"your old male self will be replaced 

by a new, refined, delicate replica"





"and your new self

will have no need to stare like a pig."


30 seconds.


"your new self

will be ready to become their friend..."



"no need to look.

no need to act like an animal."


20 seconds.

"no need to look at their legs..."


30 seconds.



"no need to behave like a pig..."


40 seconds.

"only her eyes in the mirror.

you have no need to look elsewhere.

there's nothing to look at."

40 seconds.

only her eyes.

nowhere else.


"only her eyes.

you do not need to look at her body.

it is just like yours.

nothing special there."



"your natural male instincts

will soon diminish.

don't worry.

new delicate instincts will arise."



40 seconds.


"your brain will soon connect the dots.

you just keep staring at their eyes only 

and your brain will do the rest."


30 seconds.

"just follow your instructions.

staring at girls' eyes

(and nowhere else)

will help you develop a bond with them

eyes are the gates of the soul..

when you look at them

you look at their soul


not their body

their soul..."


"look at her eyes.

try to feel her.

try to think of her as a nice girl.

she has feelings.


she has family.

she has a story behind.







let your feminine emotions 

rush through your brain..."


eyes, honey...


you 'll have no "aggressive" thoughts for them...

soon you will lose your "tough" side..."

eyes, doll..

no matter how much they tease you...

"try to look at her eyes, sweety..

try to think how her face looks like..."

40 seconds.

"losing your "tough" side...

will make you a whole new person, sweety..."


"and that new person

can not do anything to them"


40 seconds.


"that new person

is too delicate and cute 

to do anything to another girl."


40 seconds.


"and the more you become that new person

the better you feel..."


40 seconds.

"because the old person was bad.

and dirty...

the old person was making dirty thoughts"

her eyes.

look at her.

40 seconds.

"while the new person

makes no dirty thoughts..."


i want you to look at the girl in the following picture

you are allowed to look at her body.

come on.

i want you to look at her for 60 seconds

and i want you to have no dirty thought

about her.



now look again!

you are allowed to look!

stare for 60 seconds and remember..



now look again.

i want our mind to be clear of any 

sexual thought.


i want you to become totally pure

for the following seconds.


were you, doll?

were you a good boy?

that's your final test!!

stare for 2 minutes.

if you did a good job,

then you 're on the right path...


if you haven't though...

we will use 

more extreme measures...



look at her, sweety...

look at her really good!

like her???

you saw her boobs??


because we 're gonna make you 


let's alter your perception a little more



i want you to look at her

real nice

and then

i want you to read your script and go back to her picture for 60 seconds

that's your new game.

you will repeat it for the rest of the pictures.

first a quick look

then your script

and then back to the pic for 60 seconds

while thinking of it.



that's Miranda. your sister. love her to death.

she's the slutty one. she always try to make you more of a slut, but you always protest.  she feels you don't get from life what you can. she has hooked you up with a million guys. you say you look for Mr Perfect. has tried everything. been buying slutty clothes, to dirty underwear for you, for, like, forever. only thing you indulged yourself was your navel ring. oh, and your tramp stamp. you will never forgive yourself for that. when guys see it, they treat you as if you 're a tramp. not one has treated you like a lady, if you know what i mean...

that's Ashley on the left and Kerry on the right. you are the third sister. you look a lot like Kerry. you are a bit curvier though. all three of you are attention whores. always try to show off. teasing guys is second nature. people know you as "slut sisters". you don't care though. you love clubbing. love getting drunk. love when guys hit on you. when a guy makes a move, you feel obliged at least to bj him. Ashley gives the best bj's though. you give better hand jobs. when this photo was taken, you were getting ready for one of your famous girls night's out. if you know what i mean...

that's Tiffany, your little sister. you are, like her idol. always trying to look like you. she was very closed to herself and shy. you always knew the influence you had on her. you tried to behave accordingly. you couldn't though. so many times, she has seen the guys you brought home. so many fucking sessions. she could even hear you moaning. screaming. always with a different guy. always getting fucked like a whore. you couldn't expect nothing less. she started experimenting herself. she's still young though. now it's just slutwear and a guy or two. but in the future? if you know what i mean....

that's Alexis. you were always jealous of her. everybody loved her body. she was perfect and she knew it. everybody knew it. even YOU knew it. you have tried hard to look like her. have tried everything to have an ass like hers. but you couldn't. you still remember the nights crying. never eating anything. so many hours to the gym. you couldn't. so, you started eating. just taking your revenge. and you got chubby. since then. big booty. fat boobs. you even made a round belly. you couldn't become like your damn sister. so you became the opposite. now it's just who you are. see can go fuck herself now. you 're still jealous. so, you get a lot of guys. she must see you 're sexy too. sexier than her. you show lots of flesh though, but what you can do? it gets the job done. if you know what i mean.....

that's Nikki. she's one year older than you. you had a rough time as a little girl. when your daddy left you and all. but Nikki was there for you. she never left you. she felt responsible for you. and that's why you loved her so much. she was always your idol. your whole world. although Nikki had to get over what was going home too. she had to stay strong for both of you. and so she never felt what it is to be a little girl. and she wanted it. so damn much. probably that's why with all the girly girl stuff. always trying to feel something that she couldn't be. and so pink became the official color of your life. you escaped from so many bad things as a girl. you couldn't escape that. you became a replica of your big sister. tight clothes. pink stuff. lots of makeup. high heels. you even got your boobs done, when you got 18. it came with a price though. boys called you names. bimbo, slut etc. you never gave a damn. Nikki knows best. she says "if you suck them nice, they stop". you always listened to your sister. if you know what i mean....

that's Kelly on the left and Katie on the right. they are your stepsisters. your father got married again. his wife had two girls. you know the story. bottom line is that they all hated you. you tried to tell your daddy, but nothing. so, you just went with the flow. you tried to be nice. you did their chores. gave them money. gave them your clothes. but you just couldn't become part of the family. one night, they got you so drunk, you couldn't speak. you were in a party. you thought it was for good. they put something in your drink. they said it was nothing. and that's all you remember. the rest is what you have heard from others. they say you sucked 20 guys that night. they say you were in the middle of a gang bang. they say cum was all over you. some guys even taped you. from that day, your life changed. you had to keep it a secret. you started sucking guys just to keep their mouth shut. eventually you got used to it. sucking and fucking became parts of your everyday life. that was not good for a teen like you. you started doing extreme things for pleasure. it was the only way to get off. dp's, anal, gang bangs, s/m. they say you are whore. but you know you are not. eve your sisters stand by your side. you are grown ups now. you have no hard feelings for them. they are still your sisters. what can you do? you talk about stuff now. they are too boring though. none of them have tried dp! lately you 've been thinking about girls a lot. you haven't tried it yet. but with sisters? that would be really naughty. you 've been having weird thoughts though. if you know what i mean...

that's Krystal. she's your older sister. she's the one you blame for the person you are today. in fact, you blame her for everything that is going on in your life. you were totally different once. you were never like your sister. you were the exact opposite of her. you were a goody two shoes little girl. always nice and shy and conservative. but Krystal never liked it. she couldn't be the trashy one. she just couldn't live with it. now you know. now she has admitted all. back then you couldn't have known. you thought she had the best intentions. you thought she was telling you the truth. even when she decided to pay for all the "cosmetic surgeries you need to be perfect", as she said. you would never do such thing. you knew you didn't need anything. but as long as she paid, you could use her gift. you were so naive back then. you still remember her telling you that "you just need to become a B-cup to be perfect", or that "your face doesn't need anything". you were so stupid...

you could never believe that she was going to do such thing. she was there the whole time. 10 hours of surgeries. your tits. your lips. even your ass. it was the day that changed your life. the day you stopped being a good girl. from this day on, you remember being called a whore, a tramp, a bimbo, a slut, a fuckmeat, a cumdump, a trailer trash. and it wasn't even your fault. it was never your fault. it was Krystal. you were not the classy one anymore. that day you became the trashier of the two. your new E-cups shouted "fake". your new lips were screaming "cocksucker" and your new booty was twice the size of your waist. 

from that day on, Krystal lived her life as being the good sister, while you became the outcast. noone could believe your "crazy shit". they all said, that you were just another victim of the tv stereotypes. you couldn't handle all this. you were only 18. you felt alone. several guys stepped up to "comfort" you. you were alone. and vulnerable. you couldn't see their true intentions. for every new guy stepping up, you thought he was the one. you thought he could see inside your soul. later you realized that the only thing that mattered to them, was your big blowjob lips, your huge fake knockers and your big round ass. you sure took lots of cocks until you see the truth. by the age of 19 you had taken more than 100 "guys of your life". 

you couldn't go back now. no self respecting guy would ever date you. and no self respecting girl would ever hang out with you. eventually, you learned to live as an outcast. you realized that you had to embrace it. it was the only way to go on. your turning point. soon, getting big cocks became the only thing that you asked for from guys. and silicone freaks became the only girls that would talk to you. from this point on, your life got better. you may had a rough time during sex - as guys mostly wanted to abuse you, because of your body - but you got used to it and you even managed to make some money out of it. it was your friends' advice. and as it seems it was for the best. you started fucking for money. and it was good. all these years of "training" finally paid off. at least, now you were being humiliated for money. not much but still. it became your permanent job. the money was ok. and the clients seemed to like all that totally fake look. soon it became a necessity for you to keep it. you had to keep your job. so, you had to go to the "doctor" every time you felt to.

eventually you got used of your fake look. the girl you saw in the mirror was not a stranger anymore. it was you. you were not "fake" anymore. you were just trying to stay pretty. that's all. you were like this since you were 18. your lips were not that big. they were just full. and your tits were not fake. it was just a precaution in case they got all saggy. and your ass didn't need the implants. you would have a big butt anyway. all in all, you were nice and pretty. not fake. pretty. 

today you know you are a pretty girl. you are hot and sexy. you got hundreds of horny guys telling you every day how pretty you are. you always ask them before they cum. none of them has told you that, after he cums though. but it doesn't matter as long as you get the cash. 

sometimes you wonder how it would be if Krystal hadn't transformed you into what you are today. and the truth is that deep down you are afraid to think of it. you can't imagine how it would be if you hadn't those big, pouty lips. it would feel so wrong. so.. not perfect. and your tits. A-cups? is it possible? you would never survive without your E-cups. the mere thought makes you cry. all those thoughts are terrifying. you still hate Krystal, but deep deep down you thank her. sometimes you even think of talking to her. she's your sister for crying out loud. there's still love down there. you don't admit it openly though. but she's not that bad after all. she's just a little "goody two shoes". if you know what i mean....


"is my boyfriend better than him..."


let's see!

what you do in this case..

it's so simple...

listen, honey...

you are hangin out with a girl - potential friend.

and she's wondering:

"is that guy better than my boyfriend?"

in that case,

most guys do all they can, 

to prove these girls that they are better than their existing boyfriends.

but you already know that.

don't you?

well, isn't it obvious what you have to do, sweety?

"of course he is better than you, princess..."

do you need an explanation???

you need to see why??


listen to me, sweetheart...

lets see what she means by "better"..

what is "better", anyway???

the term "better" is a result of 2 factors,

which play an equally important role

in the boyfriend selection,

for any girl...


the first thing the girls see is if their potential boyfriend is handsome

so the first the question is:

are you handsome, honey??

let's take for granted that her existing boyfriend is, ok...

not very handsome.

he's a 6, in a scale of 10....

well, can you compete that guy??

the answer is, NO!!!

you can't, darling.

i asked you something before.

"are you handsome?"

the answer is...

you are not handsome!

you are PRETTY!!!

that's what you are, 

her boyfriend is handsome, honey.

you are a pretty little boy.

you are not the same.

he may be a 6, but he's a male!

you may be a 10 but you are not a male.

males have a raw beauty

you are a princess!

you don't want raw beauty!

we 'll talk about that in a future post...

the thing is,

that this girl has a real princess in front of her.

not a handsome man!

she has a pretty little darling,

all cute and sweet and ready to show her how good friend she can be...

you don't want to compete with her boyfriend.

"after all, you CAN'T compete with her boyfriend,

but we 'll talk about it some other time.."

so, what you do???


the first thing she wants to see is if you are "handsome" enough.

well, show her you are not!!!

show her you are not a handsome guy.

you are more of a pretty guy.

be pretty, honey.

be cute.

be sweet.

that what she needs from you.

don't be "handsome"!

her boyfriend has to be handsome.

he has to be hot and sexy

not you!!!

you will not be a hot guy!!

you will not be a sexy guy!!

you will be a pretty guy!!


1. make sure he's hotter than you.

that means,

you will never present yourself dressed like James Bond...

more like Paris Hilton, i would say...

we don't want her to see you all attractive and stuff.

we want her to see you all cutsey and sweet.

you 'll never show up dressed to kill,ok?

be cute.

you don't want to date that girl!

you want her to be your friend!

there's no need to be like a male model when you 're with her.

ok, princess??

we want her to build an image of you, 

that in a hypothetic question :

"who's hotter, him or you?"

she would laugh!


that's my baby!!!

2. make sure you point that to her

during all this,

you have to be ready, honey,

for some real male admiration that you 'll have to do.



you will never tell her:

"your boyfriend is hotter than me, of course"


you will make sure you point out things, 
that her boyfriend is obviously better thn you.

let's say that her boyfriend rides a bike
and you don't.
in that case you will show your admiration for those who can ride a bike!


you will be like,

"oh my god, i wish i could, but i guess i'm not that guy. i wish i were though! i mean, when it comes to bikes, i'm like a little girl!!!"


you highlighted his attributes.
you made him look hot.
you made him look macho.
you made yourself look "less" than him.
and finally, 
you made her feel that she has taken the right choice!


let's say that her boyfriend goes to the gym.

whether you go or not,
you will behave as if he has clearly a hotter body than you.
you 'll be like,

"oh my god, i wish i could go to the gym more often like XXX (her boyfriend's name). i'm like, sooooo bored sometimes, you know??  i mean, even YOU must be stronger than me now!!! i will go more often though. i have to....."


you made her picture you right next to her boyfriend!
and she has a clear image.

her boyfriend is way hotter than you!!


you get the point, honey???

"lowering your ego is important, princess.."

because ego is a male characteristic.

and your male ego must be eliminated.


you are not a real man, sweety.

her boyfriend is!

her boyfriend is an alpha male.

you are a fairy.

which leads us to the second factor...


the second thing girls see in their potential boyfriend, is if he is confident!

the question is...

are you confident enough, honey?

listen, sweety.

why don't we try and lower your confidence levels a bit?

"i'd love it if you 'd become a cute little thing, 

with no confidence at all,

trying hard to look pretty,

buying stuff you don't really need,

asking all the time for advice,



etc etc?"

the thing is, honey, that real men are confident.

and you know that...

so, when a girl sees a man,

his confidence which is projected directly into her brain,

makes her feel safe for some reason

and consequently, he seems irresistible to her.

confidence is sexy in a guy, sweety.

confidence attracts the girls.

you know how it goes, right?

confidence is sexy in a guy...

are you confident?

because confidence is a characteristic that we don't really need in you, sweety.

we want you to become less of a man, remember?

we want you to lose everything that makes you sexy and irresistible to women.

we want to turn you into a friend material.

and a woman's friend is not necessarily confident.

or strong...

she is insecure

and sweet

and emotional

and cute

and funny

and naive

and weak

these are the characteristics we need in you...

how is that, sweety?


confidence is something that can be seen in various situations.

and comes primarily from a male's ego.

let's have an exercise

so as to start removing that disgusting male characteristic, from your cute little brain.

U Vs Your Male Ego

our goal here

is to start removing your male ego.

for this to happen,

you have to realize that for some things you are just inadequate,

compared to others.

it's not bad, sweety.

you are just the wrong person for the job.

you are NOT GOOD...

i don't know what other people say about you.

or what YOU think of yourself.

"the point is that from now on,

when it comes to women,

you will have serious doubts about yourself" 

i want you to listen to me

while scrolling down 

the following pictures...

did you like it?

what did you think, when you looked at it?

was she hot?

hah, big boy?

ok, now listen!

we will have a simple brain exercise.

don't worry, sweety.

you need this.

you need to lower your ego.

it was too high.

trust me.

you 're gonna be just fine.

you just need to be more, let's say, insecure.

just like a girl...

are you ready?


look at these pictures, sweety.

look at the girls.

as much as you want.

that's ok...

you like em?



you think you would ever 

do anything to them?

look at them.

you really think you would ever 

stand a chance?


that's it.

of course you wouldn't.

i know you know that...

i know your ego is already slipping...

but the thing is, honey...

that i want something different from you...

i want you to look at them...

and i want you to think...

"is there any guy in your life, 

that he's just, let's say, your enemy?"

"if you have a wife, a girlfriend etc.

is there any guy hitting on her a bit?

flirting with her?"

"is there any specific guy that you talk to

and you don't really like?"

"is there a guy that until now 

you thought you were better than him?"

if there is,

then think of him.

from now on,

that guy will become your ultimate turn on.

because from now on,

everytime you think of him,

you will immediately think 

how much less of a man you really are.

let me help you...

first of all,

let's name your guy, Mr X.

(although you can think of him 

with his real name.

you know that...)


you thought you were better than X?

of course not, dummy!!

X is way better than you!!

you know that.

don't you?

just think of him.

is there any chance for a girl

to pick you over him?

no, sweety!

there isn't!!

look at those girls.

they would flirt with X,

because they know he could fuck them 

with his hard cock!

your cock would never stay hard for them, sweety!

you would have to picture X

and his big, fat cock, 

to get going...

only X,

would stick his cock between her tits...

X would fuck that ass...

you, on the other side,

would never be able to get it up

without some help.

you know...

i know, sweety,

those titties are big and firm,

but only X would be able to to fuck them..


nice ass, hah?

i guess X would get really hard

looking at it...

can you imagine how hard he would be 

for that ass?

i mean, think about it!

can you imagine him jacking off?

i don't know if you had your differences 

in the past,

or, if he's flirting with your girl,

or if he's just being cocky.

i'm sure his cock,

must be yummy...

can you imagine

how tasty it would be looking at that girl?

or that ass?

i'm sure he 'd get really big...

i mean, ok,

you have to admit it!

you are not on the same level with him.

think about how hard he would be,

looking at that ass.

you know you can't compete with that!

first of all, X would know what to do!

you wouldn't have a clue!

do you think she would ever tease you 

like this?

come on...


those girls are gonna get really drunk..

it has happened to you, right?

you hanging out with some friends

and one of the girls ending up like this...

doing stuff with strangers...

would you ever take advantage of her?

hell, NO!


although, X,

would have fucked her brains out...

because he's a real man.

and he gets hard watching some sluts

getting wasted

and doing stuff.


YOU are NOT a real man.

and you don't get hard with such things.

X is a real man.

with a yummy cock.

how come,

you hadn't noticed him?

i mean,

how come you had never fantasized 

about his big, fat cock?

i think, sweety,

that if you are one of those boys,

who has a wife, or a girl.

i think you have to give her to him...

think about it.

i mean, you know, you are inadequate.

at least, 

be someone's bitch

and find him some pussy to fuck.

if it's your wife's pussy,

or your girl's pussy,

even better.

because that way,

you 'd make her happy,

by giving her something that you obviously 

don't have.

and above all.

you would have the chance

to serve a real cock.

so, i think, doll

and trust me on this.

that you should think about it better.

i think that,

instead of having differences with X..

i think you 'd better start being his bitch..

you know.. doing stuff for him etc etc

and eventually,

i think you should consider,

hooking him up with your wife.

you know, lay on the ground.

let them know each other.

see, isn't it a pity,

to have a wife like this

and not taking advantage of it?

just think about it for a moment!

how hard X would screw your little wifey!

the fact that you don't fuck her nice,

doesn't mean that 

HE would not fuck her brains out!

so, if you are one of those boys,

i think you should step aside.

and give X your loving wife.

let HIM put his huge cock,

into her empty pussy.

and generally be supportive 

with this relationship.

make it work out.

for example,

say nice things about him to your wife.

we want her to open her legs to him!

and also,

say nice things about your wife to X.

it doesn't need to be totally true.

it just has to make him hard for her.

make him picture her pussy,

talk about her tits,

tell him she screams when they fuck her ass,

tell him whatever he wants to hear!

we want those two lovebirds,

to get it going....

ok, princess?

after all,

"fucking is not one of the things you are supposed to do with your wife"

we 'll talk about that in a future post...

the thing is,

that you have to change your mind about X...

you have to start thinking about him...

you have to start thinking about his huge cock

and how wrong you were 

for the things you said until now...

and you have to start turning into his bitch...

you have to start doing things

to please him...

showing him how inferior you are...

and if you have access to some pussy,

then you have to do everything you can,

to provide it to him.

if you have a wife,

then it's your wife's pussy.

if you have a girlfriend,

then it's your girlfriend's pussy.

if you have neither,

you just have to search for it!

because X would love to fuck a pussy!

and as his bitch, 

you have to do something about it!

so, if you have a sister,

then it's your sister's pussy.

if you don't have a sister,

then you must think about a cousin of yours,

or a niece,

or a friend.

you must have someone!!

you just have to give him some pussy!

because his cock needs it.

and you have to be a good little bitch 

and serve it.


you go out there

and find the best looking girl

(wife, friend, cousin, niece, sister etc)

and give it to X...


i don't think i insulted you,

by telling you to consider giving him you sister 

or anything...


see, i know it's no good for your male ego,

but i thought, after all,

who cares?

you are not equal to him!


you are supposed to serve his cock,

because that's what you really want.

so, i think,

you are in no position to be insulted, sweety.


if you have a fuckable sister,

or slutty niece,

i think you should be a doll

and give them to his cock.


what matters to you,

is to make him rock hard.

that's it.

so, if you have a pussy for him,

you give it to him!

i know it's gonna be hard for you,

having X screwing your sister,

but what can you say?

his cock must be happy at all times...

so, as from now,

you have no excuse,

not finding X a girl to fuck!


pay attention, little girl.

as from now,

you have clear instructions!

"as of this moment,

you are some guy's bitch.

you know who he is.


he is a guy with whom you had differences.

if not,

then he is a guy that could potentially

fuck your wife/girl/whatever.

he is Mr X.

he doesn't know it,

but you gradually change the way you treat him.

you gradually become his bitch.

you get hot fantasizing

that you are serving his cock.

being humiliated means nothing to you.

what matters is to make him hard.

if you have a wife/girlfriend,

you fantasize of having him fucking her 

instead of you.

if you have a sister or niece,

you fantasize of having him tearing them apart.

what matters is to make him cum."

you know what to think, now.


i hope you do...

that's it, my little boi.

that is the proper way to think...

wouldn't it be a shame,

to have a sister or a niece like this

and not giving her to a hot stud like X,

to fuck her brains out?

i'm sure a boi like you,

wouldn't mind if a real man,

was screwing his girl...

a boi like you has no balls 

to stand up for his girl.

no balls = no ego


that's ok, little princess...

don't you worry about it.
it's not bad not to have balls!
you are cute!
and that's all that matters to you!!!

if it ever happens,
for a big bad boy,
to screw a girl of yours,
you just be a doll and help him.

ok, princess?

if you still have doubts though,
watch the next video.
i'm sure it's gonna help...



remember the girl's last thought?

it's the 

"i have to watch out what i wear from now on"



let's say that it's Monday morning 

and this is the new girl in your office


let's see...

is it too slutty for you, sweety?

i mean, is there a problem?

let's say that she goes out like this.

and she enters your office.

and she's gonna be your new, let's say, secretary.

she has to be careful from now on?

i mean, are you gonna hit on her?

are you gonna be a threat to her relationship?


i think you know the answer, right?

you know you 'll have to be the one

making her feel comfortable

wearing the skimpiest clothes imaginable


Q: is it sexy?

A: only if i was going to wear it...

Q: looking at her makes me...

A: wanna ask her where she bought it, so i can buy one for myself

Q: can she wear it at my office?

A: of course she can. she can come naked if she wants

Q: is she hot?

A: guys may find her hot. me? hmmm, i don't know...

Q: does this turns you on?
A: of course not
Q: would you mind seeing her like that in your office?
A: what's the point in that?
Q: are you gonna be a threat to her relationship?
A: hmmm, i guess he must be really hot, going out with a girl like that..


you think you need a lesson 

in what's hot 

and what is not?

listen, princess

you know how important it is 

to make a superslut feeling comfortable

when she's with you

don't you?

well, in order to do that

you have to find her absolutely not hot

because for you,

hot is : a hot stud waiting with his big fat cock in his hands.

and not : an underdressed girl posing seductively.

so, once more...

"we have to program your pretty, little brain to respond only to what is really hot and not to what it perceives as hot"

for example,
this picture is perceived as hot

but is it really hot?

what does your new brain tells you?

that girl has certain characteristics
that stimulate the man's brain
and make him think of her as being hot.

let me help you here, sweety...


your new modified brain
has to respond only to certain stimulations, honey...

and that picture had none of these...

which means that your new brain
does not perceive that picture as hot

hah, princess?

now tell me about this picture

what does your new brain tells you?

can you imagine what is there?

of course you do....

listen honey,

"the point here is to be the guy that no girl feels awkward, wearing skimpy, slutty clothes when he is around..."

you know,

"you have to make girls feel absolutely comfortable with you...

which means that 

you have to be the guy that no girl is ashamed of..."

will you be that guy?


since i don't like the word "guy" for you..

will you be that boy?


"boy" is also a strong word for you...

will you be that boi?


i'm not happy either...


will you be a doll?

that's it!

will you be a doll

and become any girl's ideal friend?


look at this picture, sweety

isn't it perfect?

don't you want to be one of these girls?

of course you do, princess

you want to be one of these girls

in fact, 

it's the only thing you think when looking at this picture

you want to be one of them

you want to become a good girl

all cute and sexy

like the girls in the picture


look at this picture sweety

don't you want to be one of those dolls?

think about it...

in fact,
why don't you follow my instructions
and leave everything to me?

before we begin i want you to be a good boi and watch the following videos

well listen now, honey...

in order to become a girl's bff
you have to really want to become like her.
becoming a replica of your best friend
shows that you really love her look, her attitude, her style, her everything!

but do you really appreciate the right things in a girl?

do you know how to spot all the interesting things in a girl?

do you know how to think?


let's look at the last picture again.
but this time let's do it together...


"fuck, those bitches look hot!

i would pay to fuck their holes!

man, i have to cum..."

see, sweety,

that was they way that your male brain was originally programmed to think, when looking at this photo.

can you see how many thinks you missed?

how many things you couldn't appreciate?

hmmmm, let's think about them one by one...



"i love taking photos of myself in front of the mirror. it makes me feel sexy and stuff."


"god, i love their daisy dukes! i have to make some. the way their panties are visible! it's so sexy! i love em!"


"oh my god, isn't it like, the best, when you can wear so many accessories in your hands and don't look cheap or anything?"


"i love their tops! i know they 're slutty and stuff but hey, they got the body for it! i have to lose some weight, so i can wear sexy stuff too!"


"i love her phone! it's so cute!!!!"


"they both have great hair! i'm so jealous!!"


"nice poses by the way! i think i'll start practicing..."


"and they are both pretty. they must have caused many hardons..."


"i'll keep that photo. it gives me ideas..."


"isn't it perfect to be a girl...?"

see how many things you missed, sweety?

this is you new way of thinking from now on.

this is what you think when you see a photo like that.


you see them from a different point of view, honey.

simple as that.

let's look together at the next picture

so that we can emphasize on the differences

between the male and your new thought pattern.


"when a guy looks at this picture,

he instantly thinks about his cock as being the bottle

and the girl's mouth as being the hole

where his cock enters"

"when you look at this picture,

you will instantly think about your mouth as being the hole where the bottle enters

and inevitably the bottle as being a cock"


"when a guy looks at this picture,
he instantly fantasizes about lesbian scenes 
and stuff, 
where he is the only male 
and these girls serve his cock, 
while fucking each other"

"when you look at this picture,
you instantly fantasize as being the girl on the left,
wearing a slutty, ultra-tight, ultra-mini dress and super-slutty 10 inch heels, raising your left leg like a little girl, 
as you give a gentle kiss to your friend.
any lesbian fantasies you may have, 
include you and at least one hot guy, 
whose cock you serve, 
while doing naughty stuff with your friend, 
just to make him fuck you even harder"

isn't it simple, baby?

"a guy wants to fuck that ass"

"you want to have that ass"

for the last part of this post,

we will work on one of your shared interests

with your female friends

you know which, right?


we will work on it in a future post of this series.

but for now,

we will deal with the effect it has 

on strengthening your bond with the girls.


you know what are we talking about, hah?


this is your most important friend

when trying to create a bond with a girl

this is your ally,

when trying to win a girl's heart

it's your common interest

your little secret

your naughty desire

it's what brings you closer to them!

yes baby! to them!


remember what we said you are supposed to think?
in fact, to make it even more clear,
why don't you bring a bottle,
as you read this,
to put it in your mouth like the girls in the photo?

come on, honey,
bring a bottle
and stick it into your mouth like this!

and as you read i want you to suck it real good,
pretending that you are giving a blow job.
just like the girls in the picture!

i'm sure this will bring you a little bit closer...

it's of utmost importance, honey,
that you share this interest with the girls

becoming cockhungry like them,
will help you develop a special bond with your new friends,
because you will have something so important in common

you will all need cock!

they need cock

they need cock

and they need cock


all the girls want cock!

whether they admit it or not

whether they show it or not

they all need cock!!!


"you have to want cock


it brings you closer to the girls"

whether you like it or not,
this is going to be your most common interest
with your new friends, my dear princess

just think about it for a moment,

how can your friend cry on your shoulder,
when your brain tells you to have a hardon?

how can see tell you about her problem,
when all you think about is her tits?

how you think she would feel,
if she just did something stupid with a guy she just met,
that she didn't want to?
can you imagine how embarrassed she would be, knowing that you hate the act she just did?

wouldn't you be more supportive,
if you could feel her motives?
wouldn't you be nicer to her,
if you knew from first hand,
how hard is to resist a nice, big cock?

wouldn't it be better
if you could talk about sizes, inches, techniques etc, without being labeled as whores?

do you see now,
how much closer it brings you?

well, listen honey.

it's important that we turn you into a cockhungry cutie

because it's the only way 
to make you a bff material

pay attention

you will be shown several pictures.
before each picture you 'll be given a small script.
after reading the script,
you will stare at the picture for no less than 3 minutes.
here is the thing:
the scripts are not finished.
they just give you an image.
a fantasy.
your job is to stare at the photos and start fantasizing.
you are allowed to fantasize as much as you want.
what you must do is to continue the script.
anyway you choose.
only parameter:
in each script you are always the girl.
you will be given different topics to work on,
but you 'll always be the girl.

you can even write it if you want.

who knows?

if it's that sexy
i may add it in this post...

are you ready?

*you will find the test in the appendix/scenario post which follows...

so, sweety

i believe that you are now ready 
to make some friends

aren't you?

bye bye!!!