Sissify Yourself: The Bimbo Concept

hello ladies!!!!!

miss me???

think so!!!

well i'm back and...

today you will have another sissification exercise!

in which...

you will stare at the following pictures like a good boy...

and you will start crossdreaming like a nice, little sissy !!!

here, take a quick scan!


this is who you are gonna stare today!

nice, hah?

a hot babe for your eyes only!

listen sweety...

the point of this simple exercise is to make you start... crossdreaming!

because u see..


is something that most sissies adore!

and unfortunately..

if it enters your mind..

then it's difficult to have it removed...

but what do all these mean?

it means that everytime u see a hot babe..

you will start fantasizing 

how it would be

if YOU were that hot babe! 

ok, honey?

it's easy and funny and sexy!

after all..

it's not that you are doing anything wrong!

and moreover...

noone has to know about it...

if that babe turns you on...

you can pretend that she turns you on

because you fantasize about taking her from behind!

noone has to know that she turns you on

because you fantasize about actually being her...

that is crossdreaming, sweety...


in order 

to make you a better sissy

we have to make you 

crossdream a lot!

we have to fill your mind with nasty fantasies

we have to fill your mind with girly thoughts!

we have to make you 

start fantasizing about proper things!

we don't want you

fantasizing about fucking hot babes and stuff!

because that is not ...fun!

and you are... fun!

you are a fun babe

who... fantasizes a lot!


let's begin with your exercise!

shall we?

listen carefully...

i want you to keep staring at those pictures...

i want you to check out that babe


as you do so...

i just want you to try and focus

on the things i'm asking you to think!

it's very simple!

i just want you to focus on the things i say...

i just don't want your mind to go to bad places..

but only to proper places...


you keep staring at the pictures

and start imagining what you read...

it's easy to stare, honey...

it's easy and relaxing and fun!

there's nothing wrong in what you are doing

you are just staring at a hot girl

like a normal guy

or better... like a good boy

you are a good boy staring at a hot babe

feel free to touch yourself, honey

it's perfectly normal

it's normal for a boy 

to touch himself when seeing a girl

although you are not allowed to cum, sweety

you can play with yourself

but you can't cum


you will cum while watching the video at the end

you can not cum until then

you can only touch yourself

while watching these photos

touching and fantasizing

this is all you want to do now

touching and fantasizing

touching and dreaming

dreaming about that babe

you love dreaming hot babes

you love dreaming all kinds of girls


now you are dreaming about that kind of girls


you are dreaming about busty, blonde bombshells

this is what makes you hot right now

busty blonde bombshells

even if you never had a thing about them

it's time that you changed your mind

you love all kinds of women

there is not one kind that you don't about

you dream about almost everyone

you always have

and now that you saw that babe

all your real feelings  about blonde bombshells came up to surface

you have always look up to them

have always dreamed of them

and now you can keep dreaming about them

dream sweety


crossdream about busty blonde bombshells honey

i want you to look at her closely

her name is Lexxi Tyler

and you like her

in fact..

the correct word is: you "admire" her

you would love to kiss her

you would love to touch her

you would love to feel her boobs


not as her lover!

but only as her friend!

only as her loving friend

or as her sister

or as her faggot friend

only to show your admiration of her

admiration of her body

think about what you admire

and what you crave...

think about which picture 

fills your mind with nasty thoughts

this picture?

or that picture...?

let me make this easy for you

this is your potential friend Lexxi...

dream of this

feel it

let yourself be filled with feelings of attachment, affection, tenderness, respect, warmness and love towards her


that your loving friend Lexxi is doing a photoshoot


that you are staring at your best friend's seductive photos

try and think the closeness you feel with Lexxi

you are just staring at your friend Lexxi

feel how unthinkable it would be

if you had any kind of "weird" thoughts 

towards her

stay on this picture for a few moments..

i want you to stare every inch of her

until all you can see is your loving friend

and all you can feel is sympathy for her

now stay on this picture

until you see the difference 

between sensual and sexy

now realize 

that this is a sensual photo of your friend, Lexxi

and this is a sexy one!


stay on this photo for a few minutes

totally ignoring her pussy, her tits and her ass.

just stare at her dildo and start fantasizing

now stop fantasizing

she is just your friend!

now start fantasizing

now stop fantasizing!

now start fantasizing...

your friend is now cute and sweet

your friend is now sexy

you are just watching your friend's photoshoot, remember?

you have so much fun


your friend is trying to turn them on!

she's showing off her ass!


stay here for a while!

all you see is Lexxi's ass!

feel that..

Lexxi is your friend

Lexxi is like your sister

Lexxi is a nice guy, 

with whom you have so much fun

she's loving and caring and sensitive

and she's doing this photoshoot 

because she kinda needs the money!


and she's doing a great job!

i know how proud you are of her!

Lexxi surely knows how to pose!

don't forget to congratulate your buddy on this!

i mean..

of all her friends you should know best

how many cocks she can harden with that ass!

all the boys would be rock hard for your buddy!

of course not you, silly!

i know!

that's Lexi and the guys, playin!

i know you would never get hard for your friend, dummy!

even if you were the brunette

and you were kissing her like this

you would still be Lexi's best friend!

this kiss would be as far 

as it would ever go with her!

stay here for a few seconds, honey

feel that kiss...

you are the brunette now 

and Lexi is your loving friend

you are both straight

you want boys

you just kiss on the lips to show 

how much you mean for each other

how much you love each other

girls are weak, sweety

and sensitive

and they give themselves to the one who love

that's why you two kiss on the lips

because you want to express your feelings

there's nothing wrong in this picture honey

there's nothing nasty

nothing is going to happen

because you are both female

and you need 

to have a cock there for something to happen

and neither of you has!

even if you wanted to fuck your friend

you would need to have a cock, dummy!

and you don't have one, silly!

you have titties, though!

probably not as big as your friend's here

but still, you have a pair of titties!

what you don't have for sure...

is a cock, honey!

 to even think of fucking your friend!

pay attention to these photos, sweety..

Lexi could do any guy all hard and ready 

to fuck her brains out

but not you!

She would never make you fuck her pussy!

you could have some lesbian fun

by softly caressing her boobs...

or by kissing her gently..

you could even lick her pussy

like a kitten...

but you would never - ever penetrate her!

look at this picture for a few moments...

she's so asking for it...

but you can't do anything!

see, you would do, if you had what it takes,

but unfortunately you haven't!

i know..

her pussy is absolutely beautiful

and you wish you had a cock

to enter..

but you don't have one, sweety!

i'm sorry but there's nothing there!

you could go from behind though

to see what you can do,

but you would look sooooooo damn funny

trying to fuck your friend without a cock!

but that's ok, sweety!

it's better this way!

you are a doll

just like your friend!

and you should be proud of it!

it's better for both of you!

that way 

you can be even more close with your girlfriend!

because she will know..

that you are unharmful!

Lexi will be sure

that you can't cause her any harm..

even if she spreads her pussy like that

you would never be able to put anything in there..


she's spreading!

but not for you dummy!

you are her friend!

she's spreading for real men...

not for you, silly!

you are not a real man!

you are her best friend!

who can cause her no harm!

who looks up to her!

who admires her..

who adores her

who sees her best buddy in her!


real men would see those lips

and would instantly fantasize a blowjob from her!

you want a blowjob from Lexi, sweety?

a real man, would..

a real man would enter...


here's Lexi with both her holes wide open!

look at her closely

she's asking for a COCK, honey!

i want you to stare..

just stare and think..

can you provide this to her?

you don't have to answer, honey..

just keep dreaming..

just keep fantasizing...

and be as naughty as you want..

be as nasty as you want..

be whoever you want to be in your fantasies...

just ask yourself who you want to be :

you can be the stud 

waiting to fuck the holes of that blonde slut


you can be that blonde slut licking her friend's pussy while waiting to get fucked by a big stud

you can be the guy who fucks Lexi's mouth whenever she wears that pink lipstick


you can be Lexi, who wears that pink lipstick everytime she wants some cock

you can be the guy in front of Lexi, 

stroking your cock for her pussy


you can be Lexi, who's showing you her pussy, 

just to see you stroking your cock for her

you can be a guy who gets hard 

watching her with her legs like that


you can be her, who loves watching guys get hard with something so stupid

you can be the one waiting to take off her panties


you can be the one who's taking them off slowly 

to tease whoever is looking

you can be the stud waiting to fuck that hole


you can be the slut who's spreading her hole 

for her stud

you can be the stud 

who loves fake tits and blowjob lips


you can be the slut 

with the fake tits and the big blowjob lips

you can be the stud 

jerking off while watching her grabbing her melons


you can be the slut grabbing your melons 

while watching your stud jerking off

you can be the one waiting to stick your cock 

in her pussy


you can be the one waiting to sit 

on a nice big cock


who you want to be, sweety?

see her ass?

it's beautiful, hah?

what is the first thing that you are dreaming, now?

see her lips?

they are beautiful, hah?

what is the first thing that you are dreaming now?

see her tits?

you are dreaming, honey

you are fantasizing

you are crossdreaming...

that's what you are doing!

you are dreaming of being her!

you are dreaming of being Lexi, the busty blonde bombshell

dream, princess...

this is your first crossdreaming fantasy

there are more to come...

but from now on...

when it comes to busty blonde bombshells..

you will have a secret fantasy 

you will secretly fantasize of being one...

and you will love it!

you will develop a special bond with these women

you will admire them

you will respect them

you will seek their friendship

you will do your best to be near them

bimbos will be your idols, sweety

because you will secretly fantasize of being one.. 

you will secretly want those lips...

because deep down you want to be a blonde...

deep down you want those fake tits...

deep down you want that ass...

deep down you want to be her...

you are one of the girls...

most probably the slutty one..

most probably the hungry one..

the whorish one...

in your new fantasies 

you are a busty blonde bimbo slut, sweety

it's important that you learn to fantasize

of being all kinds of women

but for now

you just get used 

into admiring busty blonde bombshells

and remember...

you just admire them!

stay on this photo

and focus on the perfection of this woman's butt

now focus on the perfection of her legs

now focus on the perfection of her tits

and now stay here for several minutes...

see her smiling..

focus on her smile...

and feel all the negative feelings go away..

feel your male instincts melting...


focus on her smile...

feel yourself becoming kinder towards her..

feel yourself becoming more gentle towards her...

now feel yourself becoming unable

to have any kind of male instincts towards her

no matter what you see...

you will not be in any position to fuck her

because when you see her

you will see yourself in the mirror!


you see yourself now?

of course you do...

now you see what you 'd like to be...

now you see a projection of your female self

even if you are with a woman

you will be the other one..

you will be cute and sweet and sexy like Lexi...

she's your idol

she's just perfect

and by now you are ready to admit...

that you 'd love to become a dumb blonde

...that you 'd love to become a big titted bimbo

...that you 'd love to have those big, pouty, lips

those legs...

those boobs...

from now on

i want you to be fascinated by blonde bimbos, sweety

most sissies do...

"i want you to let those feelings come out, sweety

i want you to let all the bimbos in the world, guide you, baby

and eventually 

i want you to let them bleach your mind, honey..."

or should i say... "dummy"?

here are some vids that will help you satisfy

your "new" crossdreaming needs

you know who you are in those vidz, hah....?

bye byeeeeeeee!!!