How to become a bimbo's BFF in 10 steps ( + Bimbofication Test + Attitude Adjustment pt.II)

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listen up, now!

it's bimbo time!


so, today we 're gonna talk about

"how you are supposed to act"

when you are talking to a slutty bimbo!


you have to send the right vibes, baby,

and sometimes that is a very difficult task!

i mean that sometimes you happen to meet a super sexy bimbo girl

and you find her openly flirting with you,

when all you really want is to treat you as her faggot friend!

you see...

it's difficult for a girl you just met, to ask you to paint her nails!

i know..

because girls want sex, sweety,

but don't worry!

it's gonna happen...

soon enough, you 'll get to be the guy that every bimbo in the world

would die to have as a friend!

listen what you have to do:


just follow these simple steps!

some of them may seem difficult at first,

but you 'll have to accept them anyway..


answer the bimbofication test!

there are 20 questions which are already answered!

if you have any doubt about these answers then procceed into the next task..


watch the Attitude Adjustment video!

as many times as you need,

until you find yourself totally fine

with everything you have just learned... 


pay attention now sweety!      these are 10 easy steps you can follow,                        whenever you see a busty blonde bombshell,               which will make you think and act properly!

so the next time you meet a busty blonde bimbo girl...

1) you will feel absolute awe

that way you will lose any hope of a good first impression in terms of her finding you sexually attractive, since it will make a clear statement that you consider yourself inadequate for her.             moreover it 'll may cause you other symptoms such as losing your train of thoughts, saying stupid things, sweating etc!

ok, honey?

if a guy wants to score with some girl his friends tell him to be cool and stuff.                                              well, in your case don't listen to them baby.                                                   if you happen to meet such girl, feel free to show your amazement!             Don't be cool, don't say any line, don't be smart!                                         You have to remember at all times that she's a doll and you would never - ever stand a chance with her!          ok?
"TIP: Never pay any attention to what she says!                           At least until the first impression!                          When she talks your mind can drift wherever it wants.          That way you will not be able to say many things, you will not seem cool at all, which will probably lead her to the conclusion that you must be totally inexperienced with girls!"

So... here's your first impression!

2)u will check her out from her head to the toe 

and remember : it's of utmost importance that you don't stare at her tits at all!                                             it would be even better if you could make it clear that you didn't!              a comment on her "supposedly small tittties" followed by an "ooops! didn't see them!" would be perfect to make her feel bad and consequently make her lose any interest in you!
although, since we don't want her to hate you, you will continue with dithyrambic comments on her clothes, her hair, her make up etc!don't forget though to make it clear that you have noticed                      e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!                       we want her to see that you know everything about fashion and style! that means that you have to impress her, which means that you must have what it takes!                       you must be able to tell a prada from miles!!!
"TIP: a comment on something that a guy would never notice is the key here!                      so pay attention to her eyeliner, her concealer, her mascara etc!"

3) u will let all your female instincts emerge

and you will let your male instincts sleep well!   you can wake them up when you 're back home,  but for now you will let the female grace show you the way.                                                                   so, as you talk to her try not to sound too macho.   in fact if you could sound more like a girl it would be even better.                                                         using feminine facial expressions or adding a few feminine words in your vocabulary will make you sound a lot better.                                                for example by simply adding the word "like" in your sentences you instantly sound cuter and way more fun!                                                      

the key here is to let your female instincts come to the surface.

your moves can become more delicate,            your walk can become more graceful,              your pose can become more like.. an exaggerated display etc!                                                        you see, when a guy talks to a sexy girl,  he instinctively talks and acts more macho.         well, you don't need that!
when you talk to such girl, you be more let's say...                                                                 easy going!
it's of utmost importance here    that you turn the shyness level to zero!                                      because at this point it's probable that you instinctivelly refrain yourself from acting feminine!    so, at this point you must not be shy at all!                                       if you feel like giggling, then giggle!                                            if you feel like bending your wrists when you talk, then do it!
"TIP: you can practise these things at home, so that you don't seem funny when you do them in front of her!               if you want to add a wiggle in your walk with her, then you must practise it and in time it will seem perfectly natural to you!"

4) you will copy her style, her attitude, her moves

especially when you are alone.    in that case what you have to do is simple.                                          the first time she talks to you all you have to do is simply start scanning her!                              so, as she talks, you scan. check her style, see what colors she like, what kind of clothes, her haircut, her make up, her lipgloss, everything!
see the way she moves, the words she use, her attitude, her likes and dislikes!                     then you practise!         so, you go home and start copying her!

                                     try talking like her, try moving like her.       change your style to match hers.                  try to become a male version of her!
although the key here is to push yourself to the limits! meaning that you must alter your male persona as much as you can to the point of becoming some kind of her alter ego!
that way the next time she sees you, she will totally love you!    because with your "new attitude and style" you will send a clear meassage that you love everything in her and it will be a clear invitation of a loving friendship!
again..                                        now it's not the time to be shy!      if she wears a cute pink top, then you go and buy a cute pink top!   it's very important that she realizes that you have similar tastes!       that you like her style!                that you accept her for who she is! girls pay attention to that stuff!     so, you 'll have to become a "male" persona of her no matter how effeminate you may look!

"TIP: on the second "date" you can go shopping together!      and if she buys something cute, then you go and buy the same thing telling her that it would be perfect if you had the same, let's say, top!"

5) you will never get attracted to her sexually

it's probably the most important of all the steps

and something that you 'll have to remember at all times!

your goal here is to establish a loving friendship with her

and nothing else!

so, the point here is to make that busty bimbo girl you have just met

to feel totally comfortable with you.

you don't want any sexual tension in the air and stuff.

and that is something you 'll have to try hard to achieve

because usually there's always something there

to remind both of you that under certain circumstances

something could happen between you two..

well, we don't want that!!

we want you to have no sexual urges for her!        and it should be clear to her that you would never ever be able to do something to her.


if you find it hard to achieve you can consider this..

let's say that you have agreed on going out tomorrow at 8.00 p.m..              well, at 7 pm you can start jerking off watching something that would raise serious doubts about your sexuality, such as cocks!                                   that way, we 'll have you watching cocks and jerking off one hour before your date!

but now it's the best part!

                                                         you will continue stroking it and you will cum all over your hand whenever you feel like it!                                then, you will lick it clean just like a slut!                                                  and then..                                          you will start start stroking it again!   the point is to cum as many times as you can until it reaches 8 pm!

that way, by the time you see the girl:

a) you will have just done some very gay stuff that will make you feel inadequate for her...

b) you will have cum so many times that there would be no sexual energy in you and therefore..

there would be NO SEXUAL HEAT!

"TIP: watching cocks whenever you have a hardon,

adjusts your subconscious mind to link those two together!

so, in time, cocks and your hardon will be connected!

whenever you think of a cock, you 'll get a hardon

and whenever you 'll get a hardon, you 'll instantly think of cocks!"

6) you will do your best to let everybody know

that you don't see her sexually

and that is even more important than the previous step!

you see...

by now your girl will have no interest in doing something with you and she will be like 80% sure that you are a faggot.  although the thing is that if you start hanging with that girl any guy that sees you two together will think that you are a couple.                                                        it's a fact that eliminates competition for that girl.                                                             but we want the competition!
you have a busty blonde bimbo superslut with you, remember?   and almost every guy in earth would do her in no time.               so you will not stand in their way!that's why you 'll have to show everybody that you are not a threat! you - are - not - a - threat, sweety!guys can do whatever they want to your girl, baby!

QUESTION : When we walk together guys may stare! What do I do?

ANSWER : You let them!

in fact...

if you catch a guy staring uncontrollably at her tits or her ass

you will turn your eyes elsewhere to let him do his job!

if you hear a guy whistling, you will giggle!

if a guy makes a rude comment about her,

you will protest, but you will make it sound more like a beg,

so as to show him how weak you are!

it's important though that you never ever look any guy in the eyes!

because looking a guy in the eyes is supposed to make him go away.

and you can't make any guy go away!

so if your eyes meet with some guy's who shows interest in your girl

your body language will say that you submit to his will!

you will lower your eyes, making him feel he won!

QUESTION : When we are in a group of people guys may hit on her! What do I do?

ANSWER : You let them!

in fact...

you will do your best to show everybody

that you don't see her sexually! 

if you don't know what to do, you can simply do this...

try and act as her gay friend.

if you want to unleash your inner girl now is the time!

act as feminine as you can

until you make every guy see that you can't pose a threat!

and if a guy hits on her,

eliminate any male urge to compete with him.

in fact, if he hits on her,

giggle on everything he says,

touch him slightly in every chance,

make yourself seem dumb so that he get's to look clever,


the point is that by being submissive in front of him

you finally lose any hope of her seeing you as a guy!

"TIP: if you see a guy,

 who's not sure whether to make a move on your "girl" or not,

-trying to find out what's going on with you two-

flirt with him a little!

you may not like him, but it helps!

not much!

a quick smile is enough to make him hit on your "girlfriend"!"

7) you will always compliment her body

in a non sexual (gay) way

because the thing now is to make her like you back!

by now,

the hot bimbo slut is 100% sure that you are a faggot,                she has no interest in you,         she knows that you can't do anything to her,                          and she can't even treat you as a guy!                                            so, you are doing just fine!       you have made it clear that you are not a "threat", so she's ready to accept you as a "faggot"!

the point is that you don't have many things in common yet!

you may copy her since the beginning

but that doesn't mean that you are friends!

so, you have to make her love you!

that's why you will compliment her body all the time.

that way you will make her feel pretty

and more open to you.

it's important here that you do your best to sound as gay as possible!

we don't want to hear filthy, rude comments about her tits!            we want you to have a feminine, delicate approach on her body.   we want her to become so comfortable talking to you about such things to the point of not feeling awkard to show you even her pussy and we want you to become so feminine to the point of not feeling anything when she does!

you know it's risky here,

because complimenting her body may sound as if you 're making a move on her.                       that's why you have to be careful!

you have to sound totally gay!

she has to be sure that her body is not a turn on for you!                       so, whatever you say must be told in that light!
for example, when you talk about her tits, you have to make it clear that complimenting them, doesn't mean that you want to have anything to do with them!          she has to be like : "i'm showing him my tits, so what? he's gay, he needs cocks to get it up!"
it's very important baby, whether you are gay or not, to make her believe so. because only then, she will be totally open to you and she will take your advice on anything!
she has to be 100% sure that you don't need her tits to get it up!    she has to know that you need a pair of balls to get your thing working!                                  that's why you have to eliminate your shyness level!                   you have to tell her everything!  it's the only way to make her feel comfortable to you!
so...                              the more comfortable she gets, the more you will open up about yourself!                     you know...             about real stuff,          like boys, etc
remember sweety..     she has to become comfortable talking to you about such stuff!  you have to give her some time and in no time you two will be under the bed playing like kittens!

"TIP: at first, when she asks you what kind of body you like in girls,

tell her things like:

"i want her to have short hair"

"i've always had a thing for flat chested girls"

"i like their bodies to be hard and toned"


eventually, she 'll get it and she will change subject!"

8) you will compliment her mind

(especially if she seems not to have one..)

the thing here is,

that you may be a rocket scientist, a phd graduate, a college professor, a senior executive or even a CEO in your life!

well it's useless!

because once you meet your blonde bimbo slut and start hanging,

you are going to be the dumbest of the two!

ok sweety?

so if your girl is a rocket scientist as well, then you have no problem

if her IQ is 200 then yours will be 199..

although what are the chances..?

so, in order to make that dumb fuck of a girl your bff,

you 'll just have to become like her, sweety...

it's the only way to make her like you!

you would never make her sad, hah?

so, you will never let her realise that she's dumb.

your job is to make her look smart!

but how can you achieve something like that,

when the only thing she cares about is her lip gloss?

there are 2 ways:

a) you 'll have to convince her

that you have to be like super smart to do what she does


b) you 'll have to look stupid, so as to convince her that she's the smart one and you 're the dummy!

remember though...

you 'll have to compliment her mind all the time

and you have to be convincing!

you see, girls are attracted to smart guys, because they are full of confidence, they always know what's right and what's wrong, they have an answer for everything and so girls feel safe in their hands. well, that's why you 'll make it clear that you are not that smart, you have no confidence, you will let her know that you always take the wrong decision and all these because you have always been dumb!

"TIP: if your IQ happens to be high and you really are super smart

listen what you can do..."

firstly, stop doing things that sharpen your mind!puzzles, mind games, talk shows, newspapers etc must stop now!                                                         i know it may be difficult at first but eventually  you will stop being up to date,                            you will stop having an answer to everything,       you will start losing your skills, your touch etc!   the difficult part here, is to accept that you can't be the best in everything!                                    and even if you happen to be good in certain things, it's not a bad thing to let it go!                 you can leave them to others...
secondly, start doing things that ease your mind!                         don't be afraid!                           don't be shy!                            being stupid is fun!                     acting silly is fun!                          so don't be afraid to act silly! don't be afraid of acting like a stupid girl!                                               do whatever makes your life easier! happier! funnier!
sleep, rest, watch tv, go shopping, gossip, flirt! get wasted! these things must replace your old habits! get used to these things. soon you won't be able to get out of bed, you 'll have a newfound interest in trashy tv shows, you 'll need to go shopping all the time, you 'll start gossiping about your friends etc!

9) you will become her follower a.k.a... her bitch!

you are almost there honey..

you are sooooo close!

the blonde, bimbo whore that you met a few days ago

is now your friend!


she feels comfortable when you 're around,                               she loves talking to you,           she loves going shopping with you,                                         she loves hangin out with you,    she loves gossiping with you,   she loves getting drunk with you,                                         she loves it when you 're around...                                  she loves you... as a friend!

the thing is though..    that in every relationship one has to have the upper hand and the other has to follow!            well, guess who you 're gonna be...

you see, honey                            you must not have the upper hand in any relationship,                  because that is a male thing and you must not have male characteristics, sweety!            having male characteristics may scare your new friend and you don't want that!                           you don't want to scare anybody!

you want to make her feel comfortable with her new friend,           you want to make her feel warmth and the only way for this to happen is to make her feel that she's in an all-girl relationship
where she has the upper hand!your new blonde bimbo friend must feel that she's taking to a girl, sweety!                            it's the only way to feel warm! it's the only way to get what she needs!

and not just to any girl...

but to her best friend!!!

and the only way for you to be that person is..

to make her feel like a queen!

that's it baby!                                                             she has to feel like a queen!                                 which means that you must be...                              the servant!                                                               but don't get this the wrong way, sweety..                 it's just that you can't be the one pulling the strings, because that would be too "macho" and therefore too "scary"...
that's why you 'll get to be the puppet, which is ok!                                             you 'll get to be her follower,                 which is cool!                                          you 'll get to be her admirer,                 which is perfect!                                      you 'll get to be her... bitch!                                                            you will become someone's bitch!!!

that is your task now sweety...

you have to become her bitch!

and you have to do whatever it takes to make this happen.

it's very imporant that you show it to the world!

you have to make a clear statement to everybody

that you are her bitch!

then no one will get in your way

and you 'll be free to become her bff!


show it, girl!

don't be afraid!

show to the world what a nice little bitch you are! show it, bitch!

QUESTION: I want to be some girl's bitch! What do I do?

ANSWER: 5 things!

a) stop having your own opinion!

"you always agree with your friend"

b) stop having your own taste in clothes!

"you always wear whatever your friend wears"

c) stop doing any kind of activities that you may like

"start doing whatever your friend does"

d) stop talking to people you once thought they were nice!

"start talking to the ones your friend thinks they 're nice"

e) stop being nice to people that hate your friend!

"start being bitchy"

"TIP: you must not let previous

experiences, thoughts, beliefs or attitudes towards anything,

interfere with the new ones that you 'll have from now on

as some girl's bitch..."

"no matter if we are talking about

a shirt, a celebrity, or your best friend! 

you have to be brave, here!"

"if you used to wear black clothes

and your new friend love pink ones

then you 'll have to get used to the idea

of wearing nothing but pink!"

"if you used to like AC/DC

and your bimbo friend hates AC/DC

then you 'll have to get used to the idea

that from now on (as her bitch..) you 'll hate them too!"

"you 'll be one brave bitch!"


"even if your new queen likes some guy who happens to be your worst enemy, then you 'll get used to the idea that from now on you 'll like him too!

ok, sweety?

we want no male ego left in you! only the desire to be a girl's little bitch!"

10) be proud of who you are!

that's it baby!

you are there!


reaching step 10 means that :

a) you have met a blonde bimbo slut

b) you have made it clear that you don't see her sexually

c) she is pretty sure that you are gay

d) everybody is pretty sure that you are her gay friend

e) she is pretty sure that you are dumb

f) she's pretty sure that you don't have any opinion of your own

g) she likes you being her bitch

so now...

all you have to do is

be proud of your new, improved self!

because you have finally done it!

you have met a slutty girl that will never see you sexually..

you have become some bimbo's bff! that's right baby!

now you won't have to worry!

she will never make a move on you, she's gonna be 100% sure that you 're gay!

she's gonna be 100% sure that you can't get it up for a girl and she's gonna feel comfortable with you!

isn't it great?

she's gonna be soooooo close to you!             she's gonna know that you look up to her,   she's gonna see how bad you wanna copy her and she's gonna let you become her bitch!       she may even make you a blonde!                        a dumb blonde...

isn't it just perfect?

you 're gonna be doing her chores!                  i'm sure you 're gonna be doing stuff like her nails and her hair, like, all the time!!                             i'm sure you 're gonna go shopping with her, like, whenever she wants!

or you can even be her spy, spying on your "friends" to see what they think of her and then go tell her everything!                  you see, that's what bitches do, honey!

i know you will...

but you 'll do some nice stuff too!                        you 'll be doing girlie stuff all the time!                    you 'll be some girl's bff! don't you know what this means???                        

this means that you 'll be doing each others nails every day, you 'll be wearing each others clothes whenever you feel like, you 'll be talking about real stuff, like celebrity gossip etc, you 'll be even talking about men!!!
yeah, baby! you 'll be talking about stuff you like!                   you 'll be talking about cocks, honey!                                        you 'll be her number one advisor in cock related topics!               you know...                                  how to suck them...                      how to lick balls...                       how to deepthroat etc!

ok missy?


the point is that you have to be proud of yourself!

and you 'll have to show it!

we don't want you to be shy or anything!

we want you to be outgoing!

we want you to be confident!

we want you to be a diva!


did you learn your lesson today, princess?

we 'll have a test!

you will see 20 questions and 20 answers,

each question will be more difficult

than the previous one..

if the following answers reflect your thoughts

you have learned your lesson...

if you have any doubt about these answers

you  have not learned your lesson...

which means

that you 'll have to watch the following

attitude adjustment video...


What you like the most in this picture?


"i totally love her hair, her mascara, her fake eye lashes, her lipgloss, her make up!"


What is the first thing you notice in this picture?

ANSWER                                "what else? It's her hair! She had platinum blonde hair and now she's a redhead! I love her new colour although i prefer her old one.."     


Would you ever hit on a girl dressed like this?


"of course not! she's sexy as hell (and that dress is perfect by the way), but it's just not my type!"


Would you ever hit on a girl waiting for you like this?


"no, never! i don't like hitting on girls! it's not cool! i would gladly talk to her though!"


Want to see more of her cleavage?


"definitely no! i know she has a full cleavage and stuff but i'm ok. i don't want to see more!" 


If there were just the two of you and she were begging you to suck on her nipples until she cums, would you do it?


"i don't know! does it have to be me? i think i would pass! i mean, sucking on them is one thing, but until she cums??? how do i know how much time she needs??? nah, i have better things to do!"


Do you think you could be friends with that girl?


"of course i do! she's perfect to be my friend! i think i already love her! like omg! she's soooo cool!"


On a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being a fuckdoll and 100 being a sister, how would you describe your thoughts of where a relationship between you and the girl in the picture would go?


" i think, it would be like 0% fuckdoll and 100% sister! come on! i would never treat any girl as a fuckdoll! i'm not a pervert! on the other hand, i think if we could spend some time together with that girl, we could possibly build something strong and beautiful! so, i really think that she could be like a sister to me!"


Is there anything sexual in that picture for you?


"no! i mean, for some people there is, but for others there isn't. i know that some guys would drool over that girl, but not me! i can definitely say that there isn't anything sexual. it's just not my type..."

(hang on... it starts getting harder..)


Is this your type of girl? If no, then what is your type of girl?


"no, it's not my type of girl. definitely no! i know she's perfect and all. i know she's, like, hot and stuff but not for me! i mean don't get me wrong, i would kill to hang out with her, but a relationship? no way!

my type of girl? i dunno... i think i like em less... you know, feminine!"


What would you change to her, to make her match your ideal girl?

A girl you would fuck...


"fuck? come on! i don't like talking about it. she's way too... feminine for my taste!

i mean, she would need to lose some weight in you know.. the chest area! i mean, much weight! i mean, i would like her to have a flat chest! there, i said it! i don't like em with tits and stuff you know? i want the chest to be flat and firm... she could use the gym, hah? and her hair would be better short! you know, a boy cut maybe! and her make up is soooo you know... much!

it would be better with no make up at all!

never mind!

you see... that girl is way too curvy! my type of girl would have you know... a more... boyish figure..."


Would you EVER get it up for a girl like that?

If yes, would you feel guilty?


"No, i would never get it up, for girl like that!

i know she's hot! i really do! but it's no big deal! i mean, i don't care anymore! i can't help it! i can't fuck blonde bimbo sluts! i really can't! i couldn't believe it once, but now i'm fine! i have found so many better things to do with them, that i would never trade it with anything in the world!

in fact, if i ever had an erection i would feel sooooo guilty!

you know, i 'd feel like ruining everything!"


Let's say, that you 're with your bimbo friend hangin in her place and she asks you to try on her dress just to see something. Would you do it?


"yes, i would do it! i mean it's ok! so what? big deal! i'm not like some other guys that are afraid to embrace their feminine side...

i'm really open minded in this!

after all what are friends for?

i'd do anything for my friend..."


Let's say, that you 're with your blonde friend shopping in the mall. Even though she's wearing a dress that slutty, you  two are holding hands like a couple. After a while a stud can't hold himself and starts staring uncontrollably at her tits. What do you do?


"i let the stud do his job! i pretend i haven't seen him, although i walk slower. i let him have a good look of my friend's titties. i don't know why, but i love having men ogling my friend's tits! i do whatever i can to make it clear though, that i'm not a challenge! i do my best to show that i'm just friend and i'm not interested!

you know the stuff..

i just wiggle more...

i laugh more..

my moves become more delicate...

it's not bad!!

she may has a chance with that stud!

i don't want to be in the middle of anything..."


The stud you have met is now flirting openly with your friend. You 're there with them, being nice and all, although he wants you completely out of the picture and so he starts making rude comments about you. He is being really offensive, openly questioning your sexual orientation! What do you do?


"i feel angry and i want to answer...

but i can't!

i want to fight back, but then i remember that he 's an alpha male and i can't cause him any harm!

so, i stay there and listen like a good boy.

in fact, the more offensive he becomes, the more i like it... he makes me feel so submissive that i find myself totally humiliated!

i can't even fight back when he questions my masculinity!

i'm not gay!

but when he says so, i have to play along!"


Your friend now wants to get rimmed by her stud's cock, but she has no place to go! So she asks you if they can go at your place! What do you do and why?


"i give her the keys to my apartment. i can't say no to that! reason one is that she's a friend of mine, who needs my help!

and reason two.. is that (i don't know why, but..) just the thought of that guy naked in my bed, makes me shiver! i mean, i'm not gay, but the picture of some guy's cock over my pillow is sooooo sexy! i may even fantasize that he cums all over it! ssssssshhhh...."


Your friend is now the official fuckslut of that guy you met. But she's doing so many nasty things that noone is willing to listen. Will you step up and listen to her stories? Will you make her feel comfortable? If yes, how?


"of course i will listen to her stories! i'm her best friend right? that means that I MUST listen to my friend! and i will support her, no matter how nasty and degrading her actions may be. i will be there for her! i will never judje her for what she's doing. because i know that a woman has to please her man, right? so, she must be willing to accept his needs and fullfil his every fantasy!

you don't have to worry. i 'll make her feel really comfortable! in fact, i think i'll make her think that i'm a super gay fuckslut, to make her feel that she's not alone! i don't want her to think that she's a freak! i'll make her believe that i love cocks even more than she does! 

smart plan, hah?"


Your friend now knows how much you look up to her and starts taking advantage of it. So, she starts asking you to do her chores. You know.. cooking, cleaning, doing her nails, her hair etc. 

What is your reaction and how far would you go for her?


"i must be true to my feelings and say that...

i would gladly become her BITCH!

yeah, her bitch!

i would do anything for her.

all her chores.. i would gladly follow her like a puppet. i would make her feel like a queen! you know.. like a super smart, super sexy, superior girl! like a true goddess!

don't get me wrong, but i love it!

i feel like i'm destined to become a girl's little bitch!"


Let's say, she's now aware of your addiction for her and she decides to take full advantage of it, asking you to change your whole life for her.

Let's say she asks you to openly admit that you 're a faggot.

Let's say she asks you to dye your hair platinum blonde just like hers, start shaving your whole body to remove any body hair, start doing your nails and toenails, start wearing her clothes when you go out etc.

Would you do it...?


"yes i would!

in fact it's my dream to find a blonde bimbo slut willing to make me her sissy pet!

underneath my clothes, i'm a silly, light headed, sisssy bimbo slut who just wants to come out!

i'm a faggot and i love it!

i'd love to become a platinum blonde!

i'd love to act like a girl that i really am!

i'd love to act like a bimbo!

because what i really am is...



What do you really see, now?


"i see myself..."


if the answers don't reflect

your own thoughts

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Attitude Adjustment pt.II