Sissify Yourself: Style

It was late May. Classes were over at Carrington High school. All the

students had to do was go in and pick up their grades along with lists of

potential classes for the fall term, in this case, the junior fall term.

Lolly and Cherry (a nickname well deserved) were known for their wild

and crazy parties. Both of their daddies were well to do businessmen with

stay at home wives. Well, stay at home when you could FIND them there

with all the golf dates and charity work at hand. Lol and Cher had been

unfortunate enough to be born into the lap of luxury, unlike most of us and

at 17, they had become very classy young ladies. They dressed rich and

they acted rich without being really snobby. Of course neither of their

fathers spent much time at home. It was always golf or the office or off on

some trip or other. This was true of their boyfriends families as well. In

large measure, they were raised by their housekeepers with whom they

become very close.

However, such class was as yet unmatched by any boys the girls could

find, even among the rich and affluent circles they traveled. Now Lol, a

light skinned black girl, was very pretty, having a curvaceous figure too.

Cher was a natural blonde, tall like Lolly if you consider 5'7" tall, but

certainly not willowy. No, she too possessed a rather mature figure on her

125 pound frame. Sadly, the maturity of their mutual figures and lovely

faces was not matched by the maturity of one mind between the pair. Not

to say that they were not good students. No indeed. They were.

However, beyond the classroom, their little minds were totally

preoccupied with boys, fashion and style, boys, shopping, boys, cars,

movies and partying. And then of course there was clothes, hair, nails and

shoes, tons of shoes and of course, boys. Sound a bit redundant and self

indulgent? It was meant to. I love these girls but they are a little ditzy.

As yet, Lolly (real name Lolandra Brimhall) and Cher (real name Cheryl

Cartwright) had never come to grips with having to deal with the

consequences of their actions, but they were about to as their vacuous

minds wandered around one day to why their boyfriends, Cary and Karl

showed absolutely no interest in fashion NOR style. They had no idea

Pandora was about to be let loose again. Zeus had no idea what he had

done when he told Hephaestus to create her.

Heaven knows they had tried to motivate their guys. They suggested,

cajoled, vamped and threatened. Nothing seemed to work. For Cary and

Karl it was blue jeans, sometimes torn at the knees with tee or tank tops

and sneakers, dirty sneakers. Neither of them was particularly studly but

they did travel in the same social circles, rather small circles. Yet, away

from their vehicles or homes, they appeared no better off than the average

Joe from the other side of the tracks. The guys could be charming and

were certainly attractive in a boyish way but certainly lacked any

semblance of polish.

One day, Lol and Cher were mulling over their fashion dilemma regarding

the boys when Cher had a brainstorm which, if truth be known, sometimes

meant she was all wet in her thinking or may be having a melt down.

“Lolly, why don’t we just start buying the boys the fashions we’d like

them to wear? You know, a little bit at a time. Get them used to the idea

of looking fashionable. I mean, who has a better eye for style than WE do,


“Oh, I LOVE that idea Cher. Yes, we should run right out to the mall and

see what we can find to get them out of their funky rut. Damn the

torpedoes and full speed ahead. Did I hear that on a re-run of McHale’s

Navy? Well, anyway, they could certainly stand some nice things. We

must begin at once. Come sister-friend. Let’s bump them up a notch.”

And so they were off to the mall, not the closest one of course. It was too

small. However, in the next town across the bay there was a huge one

with an atrium, waterfalls, fish and birds where they knew they would find

everything they needed to give their guys some class.

They drove over in Cher’s little fire engine red BMW roadster. Daddy

had given it to her for her 16th birthday and as yet, she had managed not to

even get a scratch on it. Of course, she had never lifted a finger to

maintain it either. The local car wash did a marvelous job of cleaning it

and with tip, it was only $10.00 a week. $520.00 a year just in washes.

Can you spell

s-p-o-i-l-e-d? She knew there was an engine under the hood. She’d seen

it a few times when the attendant at her full service gas station checked the

oil. Of course that did $520. came out of her measly $75 a week

allowance. She had been lobbying for daddy to raise it to an even $100

but he was resisting even though he knew the high cost of keeping his

daughter fashionably dressed for school and the country club.

“How about we begin with some tennis things Lol? The guys clothing is

ALL boring but they could certainly use some sexier clothing for the club,

don’t you think?”

“Oh, absolutely Cher! Let’s try the ‘Sports Authority’ first.” They did,

and while there were lots of nice clothes and gear there, they were

disappointed in the chic of the styles.

“Well, that was a dud! They certainly don’t have the kind of style we’re

looking for even though they have some nice things. It’s all so terribly...

MASCULINE and boring. Let’s try the department stores. Dillard’s is

just down the hall. They had some cute things, remember?”

“Oh, yes. That’s were we got our skirts. C’mon, let’s go.”

Well, after their disappointing visit to the sports store, Lol and Cher

entered the store and veered quite by instinct to the women’s sporting

goods section where they found just what they were looking for, some

fashionable tennis togs.

“Oh, aren’t these shorts the cutest Cher,” asked Lolly? “I hope Cary will

like them.”

“Me too after all the trouble we’ve been through. And look at these

darling tops. We must get a couple of both for them.” And so they did.

They kept with light colors to reflect the sun. Karl’s were light pink and

light mauve. Cary’s were powder blue and mint green. They would make

a lovely contrast with his skin tone which was about the same as Lolly’s, a

very light tan.

To be sure, the shorts were rather short and silky and the tops had cap

sleeves only but were otherwise generic if you can call that generic. In

men's wear they would be called ‘muscle’ sleeves while the shorts would

have been called ‘running’ shorts. It was all designer labels of course;

albeit women’s designer labels.

As they were strolling down the aisle once more Cher remarked, “you

know Lol, I just don’t think the boys are simply going to accept what we

get them just because they are presents, especially considering where they

came from.”

“You’re probably right Cher. Of course, we don’t HAVE to tell them

exactly what department they came from. Oh, look, a new shop where

they were boarded up a while ago. Let’s go see. It’s a video store.”

“Sure. Let’s.”

As they entered the store they were greeted by signs which explained the

thrust of the store and that was ‘vintage video and tapes’ as well as

specialty products like exercise and motivational audio tapes and videos.

The girls wandered through the store, which was well stocked if not large,

and Cher noticed something in the motivational aisle. Many subjects were

covered but this particular one fairly leaped off the shelf at her.

“Look here Lol. Maybe this is what we need. This two pack of tapes

says it will motivate ANYONE to a sense of ‘style and social graces’.

And look, it uses something called ‘subliminal pictography’ to deliver the

messages underneath the pictures and sound. What do you think?”

“I think we should buy TWO sets, don’t you? They could really use some

style and grace. Just what the doctor ordered. They are terribly

cute but the way they dress is simply horrible!”

“Absolutely! This may be just the ticket. And look what’s the first one,

Blue Man Group. Cary and Karl both love them.”

And so two sets of these videos were purchased.

“I know. We’ll have a little video party at my place in the downstairs

family room and we’ll play both of them for the boys and see what

happens, OK?”

“That’s a great idea Cher. Let’s make it Friday night. In the meantime I

can make a copy for US to enjoy too.” And so, she did.

So Cary and Karl were invited over to Cher’s to preview some of their

favorite groups on video that Friday night before going out for some ice

cream, not that they needed to go out but it was more fun to spend $2.25 a

scoop and have someone else dig it out of the tub than scrounge it from

the freezer yourself, right? This was especially true if you didn’t posses a

well defined muscle on your whole body as neither boy did.

Lol came over right after dinner and about a half hour later, the boys

showed up in Karl’s vintage Mustang. They all went downstairs and got

sodas and made popcorn in the microwave at the bar and settled in to

watch Blue Man Group as well as some other currently famous ones.

And then the messages began, seen and felt by all but seen by none


{{You totally love all the groups on these tapes. You cannot go a DAY

without seeing or listening to at least one or more groups. This you will

remember: each day I MUST watch or listen to at least part of a tape. This

is the prime directive. You must follow it until you have rid yourself of all

the things in your personal sphere that are not totally gentile and refined.

Disregard if you are already gentile and refined.}}

The four paired off on the large couch in the middle of the home theater.

They held hands, occasionally stealing a kiss. The first video came onto

the 52 inch screened HDTV Mitusubishi and the group began playing.

The surround sound was great. All the kids enjoyed them and those to

follow until everything had been seen at which time Lol and Cher

advanced the idea that they had some presents for the boys. The first

inkling that the videos might be ok for their intended purpose came shortly

as the boys received their gifts of stylish clothing with rather peculiar and

unprecedented enthusiasm.

<> We are not going to tell Cher and Lolly about exactly

what is on these tapes. However, since I am omniscient with regard to

this, I shall tell you, gentle reader. When you see double brackets around

the text, {{ }} it came from the tapes. :-)

“Wow Cher!” said Karl. These are really beautiful shorts. I like the tops

too. Thanks honey.

“You’d both better try them on in case we missed the size.”

“Good idea. Wait a minute. We both wear boxers and these shorts are too

short for them.”

“Oh honey that’s no problem. Here, just change into these bikinis and it

will be fine.”

“These look suspiciously like a pair of your thongs Cher,” said Karl.

“Pretty sexy!”

“Yeah, they DO,” replied Cary.

“So? Just put them ON you guys. They won’t bite. I promise they’ve

been laundered and they’ll cover those ‘packages’ of yours I’m sure.”

“No, I suppose they won’t bite, eh Cary?”

“No. What the heck. We’ve been wanting to get into

their panties anyway huh ?”

“We HEARD that Cary! Fat chance!”

“And I heard THAT my ice queen!” “I’m still going to get

‘into’ them aren’t I?”

The boys turned around and pulled the nylon thongs up and rearranged

themselves backwards to fit so as not to make a bulge (although they

didn’t know why) and then donned the shorts and tops. Not that there was

much room in the crotch of those shorts, because there wasn’t.

“Well, see there guys?” said Cher. “You look very nice, don’t they


“Yes, VERY nice Cher. I think those outfits are turning me on. Oh, we

just wish you guys would try looking a little classier for us, especially

when we go out. Is that too much to ask?”

And to what did their wondering ears did they hear but, “No Lolly,”

replied Cary. “I suppose not. These look very pretty....pretty nice I mean.

Thanks ladies. We’ll wear these next time we play.”

“We’ll, it’s just shorts and tops. You can wear them anytime guys,

tonight, even if they ARE pretty.. Right?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want,” replied Karl. Cary nodded agreeably, a

bit surprised at his own reaction to tennis gear that looked a little on the

sleek and feminine side.

“Checking his tush in the mirror, Karl exclaimed, “I think I can see my

panty lines though. I hope my butt doesn’t get much bigger! Anything

else up your sleeves girls?”

“Just that we got you each a set of these tapes to take home with you

because we know how much you both like these guys and the other groups

on the tapes.”

“Hey, great! Thanks. Well, shall we do ice cream?”

“Sure. Why don’t you just go as you are. You both look nice but you

could both use a hair styling,” said Cheryl.

“I suppose you’re right. We do need some work. We promise to do it

soon. Ok. Let’s go.”

And so the group got into the car, depositing the tapes into the console and

they were off.

The boys spent the rest of the night in their totally female clothing from

the skin out with the exception of footwear, and a couple of Cher’s and

Lolly’s friends were at the ice cream parlor and remarked on how nice the

boys looked (except for their shoes). This re-enforced the program,

whatever that was, for the girls did not fully understand what they had

bought at this point. It would be a while as they had only seen the tapes

once themselves as yet. The pictography was also in the audio as well as

the streaming video so they got the message regardless. The ‘disregard’

caveat worked for them and they felt only minor compulsion to view the

tapes again, although they would.

First thing in the morning, while dressing, the boys both slipped the

second tape into their bedroom tape machines and this was the message

they received under the beginning of the second tape. {{Welcome to Style

and Grace by Maven Enterprises. [look up Maven in your thesaurus

ladies] As the jacket on these tapes indicates, we will instill in you the

necessary appetites and desires to become the woman of your dreams or

perhaps, the woman of someone else’s. If you are a tomboy, we will cure

that and bring you forth as a young flower of femininity. If you are an

older more mature flower who has lost her luster, we will instill in you the

desire to once again be everything that you can be within the realm of the

sophisticated adult female. You are in capable hands. Sit back or lie back

and relax while we take you from sleeping maiden to flowering princess.

Open your mind. Relax. You will see and hear what we want you to see

and hear. Deep within your subconscious, you WANT these lessons to

take hold in your life so that you may be happier and function better in

society. That’s it, relax. Do not be alarmed if you fall asleep while

watching. You will still hear the message. Allow the music to flow

through you. See the images before you, ALL the images and not just the

ones open to the ordinary eye. Hear the music. Listen to the words but

hear also the words that we speak to you of accomplishing your goal of

becoming a delightful feminine person. You will hear all these words and

you will want to follow the suggestions made to you as soon as you can

implement them. You cannot resist the gentile force that is within you

struggling to break free. Hear the words. See the images. Let us begin:}}

They were understandably a little longer dressing that morning as they

slowly and methodically donned their drab male clothing.

{{ We shall begin with your clothing. You must have and desire only the

most feminine of undergarments. You want the smoothness of silk, satin

and nylon next to your skin. If you are wearing cotton undergarments,

you will take the first opportunity to replace them, first with lovely

panties, then with camisoles if you are wearing a cotton top or cotton bra.

You desire nylon and only silk type fabrics next to your skin. After you

have settled the matter of your panties, you will proceed to replace those

other nasty cotton undergarments. Throw them away. Get them out of

your life. They are repugnant to you. Into the trash with them all. Should

you have chanced to purchase these tapes for a loved one, you will now

begin to realize that they shall become everything that YOU would wish to

become if YOU were devoid of these social graces and inclinations. You

will find yourself encouraging and supporting these new behaviors with

loving gusto and if they are not already your sisters, then you shall begin

to treat them as such and react to them as such and foster their total

femininity. If you are wearing a cotton bra, you will dispense with it.

You would rather now wear a satin bra than a cotton one and you simply

MUST desire lovely bras. Your desires will mount to wear bras of the

finest materials and contours that accentuate your lovely feminine

attributes and enhance your figure regardless of it’s current contours.

Cotton has a flattening effect on your mind and body but silks do not. This

may take some time as you have been entrenched in cotton for so long but

you WILL overcome it in the very near future. Any who may be watching

these tapes along with the afflicted shall be driven by conscience to assist

in their total feminization and acceptance of this heightened state of being.

You have set a timetable for yourself of completely converting yourself

from inappropriate clothing for a refined lady and it shall be accomplished

in no more than 30 days. You will not allow the entire process to take

more than 30 days and then you shall be completely at peace and a lovely

example of your gender.}}

The four did not shop together that day, for at this point the guys still

could not stand the way girls shopped though their curiosity was

mounting. They planned a meeting for a specific time at the benches by

the water fall. However they did all go to the mall for a matinee movie

prefaced by some shopping so they shopped in opposite directions. What

was most interesting was that the guys could not understand the fact that

they both went into the lingerie shop on their own and purchased a dozen

pairs of panties including thongs, full and high leg satiny panties. They

were a little embarrassed by it but they still did it. The sales girl was very

helpful too. Laura was very sweet about it. They did a lot of fondling of

the merchandise, looking at all sorts of lovely lingerie, teddies, camis,

nighties and bras.

“Do you guys want to try on a pair of those panties to make sure they fit?

You really should you know. Panties are not returnable unless defective

and I’m not sure whether you are 5s or 6's. Fives I think though.”

“Well, they’re not really for us,” claimed Karl as he blushed crimson.

“Oh, PLEASE! Yes they ARE and we all know it. You went through the

whole store, even our prettiest bras. I see you like those seamless stretch

satin underwires. I work on commission. I’ve seen that sheepish look

before and I don’t care what you decide to buy. I still get paid my

commissions. I have tuition to pay for. Don’t be embarrassed. Go. You

need to try them on.”

“Oh! We didn’t know that. Yes, I guess we should then,” said Karl,

thereby acknowledging that the girl was indeed correct and succumbing to

the need for lingerie. They were led back to the fitting rooms and tried on

a pair of their new satin treasures. “What do you think, Cary,” asked Karl

across the partition?

“I hate to admit it but I really like them. Very classy. Makes my tush

look pretty good too.”

“Yeah, mine too. They feel GREAT! Do I look fat to you? These full

cut panties make my hips look big.”

“Let me come in and look.” “Well, if you don’t mind my

saying so, you DO fill those out nicely for a goy.”


“Figure it out Karlie!

“What about the bulge?”

“Minimal. I don’t think it will look TOO ugly in your boy jeans!! Don’t

you just hate to see a bulge in panties?”

“Well, I’ve never seen one before but since you asked, yes I hate it and

how baggy these jeans are too. I want jeans that show off my figure like

they’re painted on.”

So, they wore a pair of their new panties, discarding their boxers in the

trash, an indication of how they now felt about stylish underwear.

Apparently, the people who make the videos did not lie. They could in

fact instill a predilection toward high fashion and grace in anyone, anyone

at all. They just didn’t explain out front what gender it would come in.

Just two exposures was enough to instill a compulsion and wash away

guilt but surely these videos had not been intended for mere males! Yet

the jackets did say ‘anyone’. Of course the boys did NOT get the jackets.

The girls were smarter than that. That would have been foolhardy as the

jackets explained the whole plan in generic terms, a plan not designed for

such as they. They did not catch on to the fact that they would be sitting to

pee from now on either. At least, not right away. Nor did Lol or Cher.

However, on the way out of the store to meet the girls, they turned to each

other and Karl said, hand on hip I might add, “Cary, did we just do what I

think we did? What is HAPPENING to us? Did we not just blitz that

store fondling everything in sight and are we not wearing lacy satin

panties and loving it?”

“Seems like it bro. I know we’re not jocks but I never expected to find

myself seriously envying girls clothing enough to want to dress like them.

I wonder if we really want to dress like them? This is really weird! Feels

really good though .”

“Yeah, it does. Very strange. This could get pretty bizarre if it escalates

into other things ! Never got this excited about lingerie before.

Have mercy goyfriend & what’s next do you suppose?”

When they rejoined the girls, who instantly recognized the bags, Lolly and

Cher had to see their purchases and were overwhelmed. “My goodness.

We had no idea you had such good taste. Lovely! Are those for us?”

“Well...uh...we...uh....well, no, not exactly. They are, in a way. NUTS!

No they’re not for you Cher. Actually they are for US. You wanted us to

upgrade our dressing and we’re wearing a pair and they feel wonderful.

We decided we liked the thongs you loaned us and wondered what else

might feel nice and so we just got a few to try out. We can’t wear boxers

under those shorts you got us anyway so we’re starting your ‘dress for

success’ program from the skin out. We have just begun to avail ourselves

of the wonders of silks.”

“But you could wear men’s bikinis.”

“Logical but uninspiring. They don’t quite make us feel the same. They

don’t have this sleek, satiny feel to them or the pretty lace. I can’t explain

it Cher. It’s only a few pairs,” said Karl while running his hand over his


“A FEW? That’s quite a pretty assortment. Well, it’s about time you two

showed some class! We don’t mind what you wear I suppose, do we


“No, I guess not Cher. We’d love to see you two in some classy duds any

time you want to wear them. I mean, here we are in dresses and hose and

high heeled sandals after all and just so we can look pretty for you two.”

“And we appreciate it too. We like being seen in the company of classy

looking girls. I’m not sure we understand what you go through to look

like that though but we’ve decided we DO like your lingerie . Your

sure you don’t mind us wearing these?”

“Anything you want to wear that improves on torn blue jeans and sneakers

is fine with us, right Lolly?”

“Win $200 & pass GO girlfriend. Head to toe. Absolutely anything would

be a wonderful improvement at this point!”

“Oh, I just LOVE to hear you say that! Swell then. Let’s go to the movie.

And thanks for the videos. I played them again this morning. I know

we’ll get tired of them eventually, but I feel like I can’t get enough of

them right now,” said Cary. “Me too Cary,” remarked Karl. “Those

groups are great!”

“That’s wonderful boys. Let’s go see that new Sandra Bullock movie,


“Sure, that sounds like fun,” replied Karl.

“Are we in some kind of reality warp or

something? This is going a little too well. We’d better sit down and look

at both those tapes again and SOON!”

Karl and Cary began wearing their pretty panties all the time and of

course, watching and listening to their new tapes every day. They

discarded their boy undershorts completely and apparently forever, going

home that day and replacing all the shorts in their drawers with the lovely

panties. Every time they put them on, they enjoyed a certain sexual

stimulus. At first it was overwhelming to the point they needed sexual

release, but after a few more days and a few more ‘plays’, their panties

were just ‘their underwear’ and their excitement became flaccid. And,

over the next week, each of them had played one of those videos at least

once a day even though they were not always watching them.

Consequently, they had a conversation or two about how much they liked

satin and lace and the feel of those luscious panties. Their communication

skills were improving...and rearranging.

“Cary, are you enjoying your panties as much as I am enjoying mine,”

asked Karl?

“I don’t know Karl. Are we really going to have a conversation about our

girly lingerie? I’m feeling a little naughty and I know I shouldn’t be

loving how they feel. Just how much are you enjoying yours?”

“I think girls get ALL the breaks when it comes to clothing Cary. I think

Cher is right. Boy’s clothes are just plain BORING! Shirts, pants and

shoes—BORING! Silks and satins must be really fun to wear all over

your body and must make you feel sexy, don’t you think?”

“If they have anything like the effect these satin panties I’m wearing are

having on me. I’m beginning to see why the girls like dressing up to go

out. Looking pretty must be fun, don’t you think, even on the inside?

Nobody has to know how pretty our lingerie is, right?”

“I wouldn’t know Cary but the way things are going, I wouldn’t rule out

the idea of us trying something else besides panties. I think I’m beginning

to be a little jealous of all the nice things the girls get to wear.”

“Yeah babe. I’ve been trying to figure that one out myself as well as why

I’ve been browsing my mother’s fashion magazines. Why am I caring

about hair styles and what makeup colors are in for summer?”

“You TOO? Am I ever glad to hear that. Mom caught me curled up on

the couch yesterday with her Woman’s Day during the commercials on

Oprah and nearly flipped.”

“What did you tell her Karl?”

“I think I stuttered a bit and then said I was just trying to find out why

girls are so nuts about clothes and shopping.”

“Did she buy it?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Did YOU buy it?”

“I’m afraid I was ogling my brains out and envying and happy I wasn’t

standing up in front of her! I just have no idea why I’d be so interested in

girl’s fashions. I never thought about becoming a designer. It’s not like

we want to get all decked out like Lol and Cher...IS it?”

“I don’t KNOW Karl. IS IT? I must admit that shoe store was rather

fascinating to me too. What’s more, I think I’d really like bunches more

of this fabulous lingerie, wouldn’t you?”

“I’d rather not answer that ‘sugar’ if you don’t mind but I sure

enjoyed that runway fashion show that Oprah had on last week. I never

knew a chemise could look so sexy, especially with gartered hose and high

heels! That whole look sets me on fire.”

The next exposure to their new mantra was:

{{ If you are given to wearing those horrible sneakers or athletic shoes,

with or without socks, you will desire to replace them with more delicate

and refined ladies footwear and hosiery. You particularly are fond of

stockings, both gartered and thigh highs as these are the most feminine.

You will wear pantyhose when you must as dictated by your outfit but not

by choice. First you must replace those socks and then you will

immediately desire to replace your footwear with something more

aesthetically pleasing and feminine. You may start small if you so desire.

If you are not given to wearing lovely low, mid or high heeled pumps and

sandals, begin with a more substantial shoe and a slightly lower heel so

that you may become accustomed to the style and gait of a lady. Move

from the hips. Keep your upper body quiet while your lower body propels

you forward smoothly. You may wish to practice by balancing a book on

your head or carrying a cup and saucer full of liquid until you can do it at

a normal walking pace without accident. This is not required but you may

if you wish.}}

The following Saturday’s trip to the mall produced an interesting event.

The boys did not split from the girls shopping trip instead accompanying

them everywhere including into the department stores where they found

the perfect under shirts to go with their panties. They found some that

were light weight and all nylon. A few looked like tank tops but they had

a little narrow lace edging. A couple had spaghetti straps, a few-stretch

lace. Of course the boys knew exactly what they were looking at now from

going through their mom’s magazines and both had an overpowering urge

to have more satin and lace. They fully participated in the search, much to

the amazement of the girls.

“What do you think ladies,” asked Cary? “Maybe in some different

colors? Don’t you just love the stretch lace straps on this one?”

“Oh, yes. Those are pretty and very stylish. I love them too, don’t you


“Definitely Cher. Go for it you two if that’s what you want. Enjoy

looking nice, even if it IS only on the inside. At least YOU will know

how nice you look and feel under your drab boy clothing, right?” *Why

am I encouraging my boyfriend to wear lingerie I wonder?*

“You are SO right Lolly,” replied Cary with flair, more than his usual

emotion and a flip of his hand. They each picked out a half dozen

camisoles and wore one of the white ones. Of course they were all satiny

nylon and lace.

“Wow Cher,” said Karl. This feels really neat next to my skin. How

wonderful compared to cotton. Too bad we didn’t discover these years


“Yes, it is Karl but you have time for discovery and who knows? There

may be other stylish things that you may decide to enjoy too. We’ll have

to wait and see, huh,” mused Cher.

“I suppose we will. Considering what we have on underneath, these blue

jeans and sneakers feel awfully boorish all of a sudden and I am beginning

to absolutely HATE cotton and cotton pajamas!”

“Well, that’s progress anyway,” replied Lolly smiling. “Heaven knows

we’ve been trying to get you two to see our point of view for long enough.

Some nice slacks and shoes would do you good. If you look nice, you feel


Karl looked at Cary with an inscrutable look. Something ethereal passed

between them, something of lightness and delicacy neither understood. As

they all passed Baker’s shoe store the girls stopped to look. As Lol and

Cher were comparing this shoe to that in spirited girlish conversation,

Karl broke in with, “that’s a really pretty pair of pumps there, the white

pearlized patina ones with the 3" heels. That vamp has a beautiful throat

cut. I love that old style with the sexy slender heels.”

“Oh, you are SO right Karl. They’re lovely and would go with that new

white cocktail dress of mine. Remind me to come back and get a pair,”

said Cher. “I will,” replied Karl.

As they were walking down the hall, Cary turned to Karl and whispered,

“did you actually LISTEN to what you said back there? You sounded like

an officionado on high heels- - - like a GIRL! You really like them that


“Uh-well, yes Cary. Didn’t you? Just think how pretty they’ll be ON.”

“Well, yes, but I surely wouldn’t have SAID so! and on WHOM?

You? US?”

“What can I say, Cary? I think they are very stylish. I can’t help it if I

find high heels really exciting and pretty not to mention SEXY!”

“They really ARE, aren’t they? Damn! I wonder if they’re hard to walk


“My mom says not really but you do have to wear pretty hose with them.”

“You talked to your MOM about wearing high heels, sexy boy magnet


“Well....yeah, sort of. She saw me looking at a shoe ad for Capezzio

pumps and one thing led to another. Anyway, she says they’re not that

hard to master especially if you start with a little chunkier heel. Of course

you have to add a sway to your hips regardless.”

“Tell me you didn’t have a conversation with your mother about how to

walk in high heels Karl!”

“I’m sorry Cary. I’m afraid we had a rather lengthy conversation about it.

It sort of took on a life of it’s own and she explained the whole theory to

me. We began comparing notes on the ones in the ads we thought were

the prettiest. I just think they are SO pretty and mom thinks I have good

taste too as well as slender ankles.”

“Oh MY! She was talking about how you’d LOOK in them too or she

wouldn’t have mentioned your ankles!

“Don’t you mean ‘goy’?”

“Oh no. Not any more I don’t ‘girlfriend’. You just crossed the line.

Things just got really weird around here if you’re even THINKING about

wearing high heels! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

Cher and Lol veered into the drug store’s makeup department. Cary and

Karl were just kind of ‘hanging out’ when Karl noticed some tubes of

clear lip gloss in the bottom of the Cover Girl section. He motioned Cary


“What do you think? They’re not really lipstick, mostly lanolin.”

“Neat. But they DO come in 4 colors. Why don’t you try that brownish

one and I’ll get this darker red. They’ll probably just look like regular lip

balm on our lips.”

“We could just get the clear or the light beige.”

“Yes, but why when we could have a little color? ”

“OK. I’m game.” And they picked up the tubes and paid the cashier. The

girls noticed.

“Would you like to try that gloss now? Here, borrow my compact,” said

Cher. So Cary and Karl stood there and applied their new lip gloss just

like GIRLS, a goodly heavy coat of it, smooshing it like lipstick and were

a bit amazed at the depth of the color. “Look OK ladies?”

“Very chic guys. You ARE picking up some class after all.”

“I GUESS so,” remarked Karl. “It sure feels nice and tastes good but

definitely strange!”

Just then they were coming up to the piercing booth.

“Hey,” said Cary. “Would you girls mind if we took a few minutes and

got our ears pierced? Shouldn’t take long.”

“Did I say I wanted my ears pierced Cary?”

“No, but well, like, DON’T you Karlie?”

“Well DUH, Cary! Of course I do. I was just waiting for YOU ”

“Oh, that sounds like fun Cary. Can we Cher,” asked Karl? “Swingy

earrings are so sexy!”

“Sure Karl. If that’s what you want. I think you’ll both look cute with

pretty earrings,” replied Cher. *Did I just encourage my boyfriend to wear

sexy earrings?*

“Do I want to look CUTE Cher?”

“Something tells me you DO sweetie. And you will. Follow your heart.

.” *Yep, I DID!*

So the four of them wandered around the earring booth choosing several

pairs of studs and hoops and dangles while the girls looked on helping

make choices but a little stupefied and trying not to show it. Both the

boys picked out a pair of 2" diamond cut hoops and some dangles.

>”Lolly, we have GOT to sit down as soon as we get home and get to the

bottom of this. These two are turning into boy-chicks by the minute.”< Cary chose studs while Karl liked the genuine gold ½" hoops as starters. “I was right. They are darling on both of you. When they heal you can try all sorts of things.” “Thanks. They are rather cute,” said Karl who surprisingly made a kissy face in the mirror & missed completely the way he was emoting and had used the word ‘cute’. They were each given a bottle of special ear disinfectant along with a small bag of goodies and all went on their way. And so they went to the movie again. This time it was really a chick flick. Mid way through the movie, Cary had to pee and after announcing that, Karl asked, “mind if I go with you?” “Of course not Karl,” said Cary rather lyrically. This was not their usual drill. Girls went to the bathroom together. They found themselves alone in the bathroom and, bowing, as it were, to the restrictions of their new underwear, retired to a couple booths where they sat to pee for the first time in a public restroom. After they were through, wiped and washed up, they both primped, refreshed their ‘lipstick’ and combed their hair and Karl asked Cary, “how do you feel about squatting to pee now that we’ve been doing it a while?” Cary replied, “for the feeling of these panties, I don’t have a problem with it at all. Never realized lingerie could make you feel so sexy before, even without a dress. I’m afraid I like it!” “Funny. Me too. Oh well. I suppose there are worse things than having a liking for satin undies. C’mon, the girls will wonder what’s keeping us. It IS rather fun keeping THEM waiting for a change while WE go the bathroom. How odd. All that’s missing is powdering our noses. Isn’t that just so silly? Do I have enough gloss on?” They sashayed back to their seats with the girls and enjoyed the rest of the movie. If a third party were to make notice, they might think the boys were just a bit too...avant garde or perhaps that it was in fact...four girls. The boys seemed to enjoy the show too which rather amazed both of them as they bantered about it afterwards on the way home. None of them realized the boys had so many opinions about romantic stories. They found themselves arguing the heroine’s case. “Oh Karl, you forgot to remind me about those pretty pumps you liked so much.” “Oh, wow. I’m so sorry Cher. I forgot. We can go back.” “No, we can get them later. Maybe you guys will want to get some shoes to replace those funky sneakers of yours too.” “Yes, I’m sure we will want to. We don’t know why, but we are beginning to be a bit self conscious about being seen with you two always looking so nice and us NOT.” “I see this as a GOOD thing Karl, a VERY good thing,” said Cher. “We’d love for you two to take some more pride in your appearance. We’ll all get some nice shoes next week then when we get our allowance.” Later, at Cher’s house: “Well, what do you think Lol? Is it working? Am I reading the signs right?” “Oh, it is definitely working Cher but they seem to be developing terribly feminine tastes in clothing and a few mannerisms to go with them. I never had a boyfriend before who wore pretty lingerie like I do. Not that it’s so bad. I DO like running my hands over him in his new undies. I must be a little kinky or bi. Maybe they’d like some other pretty stuff too. We seem to be totally unaffected by that one exposure. I wonder if they’ll really develop girlish taste in clothes the more they watch? They’re beginning to swish a bit I think. I guess you’ve noticed.” “That is exactly what I’m afraid of girlfriend and how could I MISS it including the way they’ve been talking? We may all end up buying the same kinds of shoes in the same store and wouldn’t THAT be a trip and a half? Did you hear how much Karl loved those pumps and how descriptive he was? Where did he LEARN all that? I mean, I wanted them to have some style but does it have to be so girlish? I wonder what is really on those tapes anyway? Come on, let’s just park and watch them again and maybe we can figure it out.” This, of course, only served to re- enforce their desire to see the task to completion. And so, part of what they heard, or rather ‘felt’ was; {{...After you have settled the matter of your panties, you will proceed to replace those other nasty cotton undergarments. Throw them away. Get them out of your life. They are repugnant to you. Into the trash with them all. Should you have chanced to purchase these tapes for a loved one, you will now begin to realize that they shall become everything that YOU would wish to become if YOU were devoid of these social graces and inclinations. You will find yourself encouraging and supporting these new behaviors with loving gusto and if they are not already your sisters, then you shall begin to treat them as such and react to them as such and foster their total femininity because your sisters they will become. If you are wearing a cotton bra, you will dispense with it and join them in their quest for the ultimate in all things feminine and refined. You would rather now wear a satin bra than a cotton one and you simply MUST desire lovely bras. Your desires will mount to wear bras of the finest materials and contours that accentuate your lovely feminine attributes and enhance your figure regardless of it’s current contours...”}} “We wanted them to clean up their act and they are doing it. We shouldn’t complain, should we? We’re getting what we wanted after all! They advertised ‘style and grace’ and they certainly are living up to that. Did you get the impression that they are going to go all the way with this and we are going to help them do it?” “Uh-huh. That was one of the strongest impressions I got. Oh, my. They ARE turning into boy chicks and there is nothing we can do but help them. I’ll bet since we watched the tapes completely, we can’t even resist watching it happen. I’ll bet we have to assist them in becoming lovely and feminine.. We’ll probably even enjoy it. This is awful!” “Oh, not really SO awful honey. I suppose we can’t really complain Lol. Sort of reminds me of that old one, ‘be careful what you wish for’ though. Well, even if they end up looking girlish, at least they’ll have good taste. That’s a comfort at least and a boon to the fashion world. One less pair of grubby boys won’t be missed. ” Well, the boys continued to play the tapes. It wasn’t as if they really had a choice. The compulsion to play them was built in. And now, Lol and Cher’s eyes had been opened a tad. And so, by the middle of the next week, both Cary and Karl could not avoid the next little step in better grooming. Both began taking baths instead of showers for the most part. Both almost simultaneously decided to soak in their mom’s oils and to shave their legs. They liked the result of that so much that they both shaved off all their body hair and thrilled to the sleekness of their new feminine smoothness, beginning to use lotion on their hands, arms, legs and faces. Even more interesting was what they looked like in their tennis clothes with their shaved legs, a concept to which they never gave a thought for as everyone knows, you keep your body free of that ugly hair. “Hi Cary. Would you like to go to the mall tonight for a little while?” “Sure, I guess so Karl. I’ll be over in a few minutes.” “Well, that didn’t take you long Cary.” “You DID say SHOPPING didn’t you?” “No, but you read my mind. What’s up with that? We never cared about shopping before! Let’s go.” As they cruised the mall for bargains in windows they previously would never have considered, all bastions of the totally feminine, they rather unavoidably veered into that lingerie store again. They ended up purchasing several pairs of thigh high hose in taupe, tan and black and began by wearing a pair of the tan ones under their jeans. After they left the lingerie store, they ended up ogling Baker’s window again pointing out to each other the merits of this or that shoe in all too animated fashion just like they had seen Lol and Cher do. “Cary, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “I’m thinking some girl’s shoes are truly pretty impractical and silly but oh, I certainly HOPE so Karl because if I’m not, we’re going to miss out on another sexy experience and my panties are getting awfully tight right now! I shouldn’t be so excited but I can’t help it.” “Well good then because I just HAVE to try on that pair of pumps! I’m sorry if my wanting to try those luscious high heeled pumps on makes you think less of me Cary but I’m just DYING to see them on my feet.” “It’s OK Karlie. Don’t throw a hissy! I’m afraid I feel the same way. I want to try some too. Come on. Let’s have some fun ‘girlfriend’ .” They were unable to resist the lure of all those pretty shoes and found themselves inside, seated, and describing what they wanted to try on. And they looked at quite a few styles, pumps, sandals, flats and each purchasing a pair of penny loafers that they wore home and also purchased a pair of generic though totally feminine sandals with low wedge heels by Cobbie Cuddlers. As they walked down the hall after exiting the store in just a bit of a daze: Cary, breathing a bit hard, turned to Karl and said, “Karlie honey, it just happened again, didn’t it?” “ ‘Friad so dude. BIG time! Or should I say ‘dudette? I feel so NAUGHTY and sexy and girlish and you just called me ‘honey’, honey! We’ve got on thigh high hose and cute ladies penny loafers with not so chunky built up heels AND pretty lingerie. And didn’t you really get off on those pumps Marie let us try on? I thought I was going to die from sheer ecstacy. I never thought my feet could look so pretty. It was sweet of her to show us how to walk in them and show us how to strut, wasn’t it? I think what Mom said was true. They aren’t that hard with the right sway to the hips although I felt awfully ‘Peg Bundy’ with jeans on.” “Yes it really was fun but I’m so scared Karl. We almost BOUGHT those gorgeous shoes. It was everything I could DO to resist. I WANT THEM, LOTS OF THEM! We’re boys. We can’t DO that, CAN we?” “Well, I suppose we CAN Cary, if we really want to. They’re very fashionable and pretty and so terribly sexy, aren’t they?” “Yes, but...” “Yeah, I know! I don’t understand it either. All I know is, it sure FEELS good and I love how my hose feels on my shaved legs and how those shoes looked on our feet. Seeing you in heels made me flash on what you’d look like if you really were a chick. I think you’d be really pretty Cary. I hope you don’t mind me saying that. If my panties weren’t so tight, I’d be in trouble. I could understand this better if it were just ONE of us going down this road though but it’s BOTH of us. That is what makes it so weird! Still, I’m happy for the company. I’d hate to be here alone. I DO love you Cary.” “I love you too Karl, like a sister. Gawd, we even sound like girls! Next we’ll be hugging and kissing hello and holding hands!” “Yeah, maybe,” acknowledged Karl. “Would it be so bad being girls Cary? THEY seem to enjoy it a lot.” “Oh, I don’t even want to think about that now sweetie. I’m too excited over what we just DID to worry about the next step of ‘they’ becoming ‘US’.” The following morning, our starlets viewed their tapes once more and with the next singing group picked up: {{ Now that you have some femininely attractive shoes and hose and undergarments, you are beginning to feel the increase in your femininity and you are enjoying it immensely. You want to share it with your friends. You are not afraid of being or becoming more feminine. It is about time after all. Your vocal expressions must take on a more feminine air. You must allow those typically feminine words to enter and be used in your vocabulary. Expressions of affection for others shall not bother you and you will desire to tell those you love that you do love them. A gentile kiss or caress shall become commonplace. You will embrace all this as good, kind, graceful. Your disposition, if on the hard side shall now soften immediately and noticeably. You will desire to have the companionship mostly of females. It is your goal in life right now to allow your femininity to emerge. We will help you. You have confidence in us. Trust what you see and hear in the tapes and all will go well. If you do not, you will find life difficult because you will be between where you began and where you want to be, which is that perfect symbol of femininity.}} Friday night, their usual date night, both Lolly and Cher noticed the boys were not wearing socks with their sneakers. In fact, they were not wearing sneakers. Both were wearing their new sandals with lightweight soles and wedge heels. Cute, lightweight, thin soled Ladies sandals! “Well, will wonders never cease,” exclaimed Lolly. Would you look at this Cher? The boys have traded in their sneakers already for some cute fashion footwear.” “So I see. Darling loafers guys. Like the heels. Where did you get them?” “Uh...at Bakers, on Wednesday night. We uh, were at the mall anyway and just simply HAD to go in. They have a great display and killer shoes don’t they? I think we’re getting a real thing for shoe shopping. We seem to want lots of shoes all of a sudden. You really like them?” “Sure. Why not? They’re cute. But why are you wearing hose with them?” “Because they fit better and we can take a smaller size,” Karl tentatively asked? “Socks take up too much room. Besides, you know darn well they’re girl’s. They deserve pretty hose, don’t they?” “Well yes, of course they do dear as well as painted toes but... “Karl, you’re wearing thigh highs. Since when do you wear stockings? I thought they were just men’s knee highs.” “Well, YOU do Cher. We’re just trying to fit in, aren’t we Cary? After all, we ARE wearing lingerie and, I believe, loving it except for not filling our camis very well!” “Yeah, that’s right. Just trying to fit in and be a little stylish and show a little fashion sense, a little class! I thought that was what you girls were into.” “Well of course WE are. We just didn’t know how serious you two were about it but I see you are very serious. Loving it are you? Wonderful! How do you two feel then about skirts and dresses and spike high heels? You did seem very keen on those patina pumps.” She ran her hand up Karl’s leg a bit again, this time on the inside. “Why Karl honey, you shaved your legs too. How sweet to emulate us so. I can’t wait to see how sexy your legs look in hose, maybe in a mini with spikes?” “We think thigh highs with lace tops are very pretty Cher. We like seeing you in pretty clothes too, right Cary? And nylons do feel divine on shaved legs.” “Yes. We LOVE pretty clothes and pretty shoes Karl.” “I see,” replied Cher. “YOU two love pretty clothes and shoes. Very well. Pretty is as pretty does then. Pick us up for shopping and a movie as usual tomorrow but we are going to all go to the salon and have our hair styled. Is that OK with you two?” “Sure honey. Whatever you want,” answered Karl. The boys got a few stares at the ice cream shop that night. Small wonder. Those girls sipping sodas noticed their hosiery for certain and seemed to notice the shoes too. Men’s did have thicker soles and lower heels. Men hadn’t worn high heels since the early 70s. It was that night that the boys began acting and talking ever so more femininely. They stopped resting their ankles on their knees, sat and rose very sedately. They sat with their legs together or crossed at the knees. Karl took to bouncing his free foot. There was a subtle shift in their vocabulary as well as their actions from stud muffin to just plain muffin. Upon awakening and as per usual, our apprentice girls played their tapes while attending to their toiletries. {{You totally love all the groups on these tapes. You cannot go a day without seeing or listening to at least one or more groups. This you will remember: each day I MUST watch or listen to at least part of a tape. The more you hear, the more you want. This is the prime directive. You must follow it until you have rid yourself of all the things in your personal sphere that are not totally feminine and refined.” “You find that you want to read women’s magazines and books. You are a romantic and if you are not, you shall become one. You will be drawn to romance novels. If you did not particularly care for shopping for fashions before, now you shall. It is one of the hallmarks of femininity and you will embrace it. You have been getting used to your new shoes and now desire to avail yourself of some of the more attractive and sexy styles with higher heels and more daring and fashionable designs. You gravitate to the more expensive styles and brands even if you cannot afford them. You know what you want: only the most feminine and sexy shoes you can afford and the more the better to go with the skirts and dresses and suits you will buy in the future. If you routinely wear pants of any kind be it blue jeans or slacks, you will begin to harbor a most definite distaste for them unless they are the most feminine of styles and fabrics and you’ll want to wear them only with sexy footwear. These thoughts will come upon you soon after you acquire just one more symbol of femininity. You shall now embrace shopping as therapeutic and fun.” “If your ears are not pierced, you will desire to pierce them at least once and wear beautiful earrings. If your fingernails are short or plain, you shall desire to have long, strong, well manicured nails in an appropriate shade to match your toenails, which you shall ALWAYS keep painted. You will desire other feminine jewelry appropriate to your station in life, be it true diamonds or faux. Gone are the days when you may accept as usual the donning of apparel that is unisex or masculine in appearance.” “If you do not wear makeup, you will first desire to rid yourself of unwanted hair everywhere on your body. If your eyebrows are unkempt, you shall tweeze them or wax them or have them taken to proper proportions by electrolysis. If you have unwanted facial hair, you will arrange to rid yourself of that as well. You hate and detest body hair on yourself and other women. If you are a rather masculine woman, you will find that aspect of you fading fast. You will now express yourself as a gentile woman of quality, using proper, delicate English. You will make an effort to keep a delightful pitch and resonance to your voice, both singing and speaking at all times. Your speech shall become lilting and pleasing to the ear and you shall practice by singing or talking to yourself when you are alone at home or in your car.” “You are unwilling and unable to shorten your hair. You desire to allow it to grow out so that it may be styled in a most feminine and attractive style. When you get your next haircut, it shall be the most feminine cut your length will allow. Likewise, you are not able to shorten your fingernails. You want them to be at least a 1/4 inch beyond your finger tips and sculpted in typical oval fashion or squared if you like French manicures. You may wish to have acrylic nails applied until yours grow out. You are now unable to communicate with ANYONE using less than the most feminine of language skills. Your speech patterns will take on the sound of a refined lady who uses many exclusively feminine words, particularly descriptive adjectives. You are no longer capable of coarse thoughts or language. You find you are unable to consume previously normal amounts of food as you have become aware of your desired figure. The desire is building within you to divest yourself of all androgynous trappings or unisex clothing and shoes. Your desire for a wardrobe of the most feminine lingerie, shoes, skirts, blouses, dresses and suits is building to a crescendo. With each day that passes that you deny yourself these things, you will feel worse. You MUST have them. You must acknowledge your desires to those who love you, your friends and family. You want to turn over a ‘new leaf’ and begin anew with a clean slate as the woman/girl you could have been—should have been. You have re- invented yourself and you will not rest until you have accomplished your total femininity by the time the 30 days is over. Remember the prime directive.”}} After donning their lingerie, hose and ‘heels’, the boys picked up Cher and Lolly and headed to the mall about 10 AM and proceeded to the salon. They now had affected the proper sway to their hips to accommodate their higher heeled loafers. When the boys sat in the chairs for their hair cuts, they got washed and set and styled as per the instructions of Cher and Lolly who had called in at nine with instructions. They both ended up with short but fashionable bobs and body perms. The dos were full and fluffy on top. Cary’s was quite curly on top while Karl’s do was a shaved neck and a short page boy with bangs and was straight and quite swingy. It was cut shorter in the back which left his neck hair exposed. It was a very cute cut for the summer, for a girl. The operators plucked their brows much to their amazement but without protest and put 2 inch gold hoops in both pairs of ears. While they were ‘drying,’ Gail gave their fingernails a French manicure which was easily accomplished since they had been mentally unable to trim their nails since their programming began. All they had been able to do was file the snags and apply hardener as the nails grew longer which was now to about 3/8" beyond their finger tips. Spinning him around, Suzie asked, “well Karlie, what do you think?” “Oh, I love it Suzie. It’s very cute. Thanks hon. Here’s a tip.” And he handed her five dollars and admired his new manicure with the three coats of nude laquer. Cary was equally agreeable about his pixie do. It was not quite as pretty as Karl’s but then his hair was shorter. He had a rather small face and it was perfect for him since it didn’t need straightening. “You guys look fantastic,” said Lolly. Why don’t we go see if we can get you some nice pants and shirts now?” “Sure. We’d like that.” As they all walked out of the shop (with considerable swish) “Karl, those earrings and the haircut look darling on you girlfriend,” said Cary. “You too Cary. When it grows in it will be even prettier. I really like you with the larger hoops.” “I can’t wait to wear those pearl drops we got. They’re lovely. Cary, something major has just happened to us. We just got makeovers in there. Just listen to the way we’re talking? ‘Darling? Lovely?’ It’s like we’re getting WAY feminine. And we’re walking like the girls too. We swish! I don’t feel anything boyish going on in my head. And look at us. Can’t you hear it? Don’t you feel it?” “Of course I do hon, but I don’t know what to DO about it. It’s not like it hasn’t been happening for a while now. I feel wonderful and I just adore these hoops and our new feminine look. This swingy haircut is great and so cool on my neck. I think we may be turning into girls. It’s like I’m feeling totally...female and I don’t seem to care! So what? It’s hard for me to even dredge up a male thought these days and it seems like I can’t wait to get ON with it. Mom is grateful for the help at home, something my dumb ego driven boy self never considered. This fashion thing seems to have taken on a life of it’s own and I keep wanting to call you ‘girlfriend, sugar and honey’. I was knee deep in Mom’s Cosmo last night too with no end of stuff I fantasized about wearing including a formal. I could SEE myself in that strapless.” >end - whispered conversation< And so they went, once again, to the ladies department of Dillard’s and found just the slacks and shirts they wanted, several of each in a variety of colors and slinky fabrics, most slacks with self belts. And they wore a new pair of pants and shirt from the store. Make that flowing slacks and silky blouses of course and knowing full well what they had purchased. They went off to their next stop wearing their new white polyester and nylon blouses along with their nicely detailed ladies slacks over their lovely lingerie. Karl mentioned, “you know ladies, we are now wearing very stylish clothing from the skin out, head to toe, every stitch. Don’t you just love it Cary?” “It feels wonderful Karl. I can’t imagine wanting to wear anything else except MORE! Men’s clothes are so...anti-climactic, so----pedestrian!” “You two ARE beginning to look very chic,” chimed Lolly. “And rather pretty too,” agreed Cher. They then entered the shoe store where they had gotten their high heeled loafers and their sandals from that nice lady, Marie. “Well, don’t you all look lovely,” Marie said as they entered the empty shop. “What can I do for you girls today?” “Well, I’d like to try on that pair of white patina pumps in a seven and a half,” said Cher. I can’t speak for the rest of them,” she said leaving the ball up in the air and ignoring the all inclusive ‘girls’. “Well, Carrie Ann and Karla here were in earlier in the week and they did mention a few things they liked,” said Marie. “I’ll get some for you. Be right back.” “Carrie Ann and Karla? You must have really let your hair down when you were here. I can only imagine what went on that night . It seems you made quite an impression on Marie, GIRLS,” exclaimed Cher while Marie was in the stock room! Without even watching the tapes, Cher calling them ‘girls’ set off the mantra: {{You totally love all the groups on these tapes. You cannot go a day without seeing or listening to at least one or more groups until your 30 day indoctrination is over. This you will remember: each day I MUST watch or listen to at least part of a tape. This is the prime directive. You must follow it until you have rid yourself of all the things in your personal sphere that are not totally feminine and refined.}}. “I guess we did,” replied Cary, blushing. “And I don’t blame you for calling us girls. Can’t take offense at the obvious now, can we? That’s beginning to feel like a nice compliment. I don’t think we really deserve to be...yet. Marie was very helpful and outgoing. We appreciated how she treated us and we did try on a few other styles while we were here. It was a good thing we had our hose on. I feel a little silly trying to act boyish when I’m dressed so nicely though. I confess I don’t feel very masculine lately, kind of like a tomboy who’s just realized it’s time to grow up. Our masculinity just seems to be slipping away from us both and we’re having trouble giving a flying fig about it.” “So it would seem,” replied Cher. “So why bother hanging on? Do I have a crystal ball or what Lol?” “You certainly must sister.” “Tell them about your conversation with your mom Karla,” said Carrie. “We...well, I was just curled up looking through a magazine and she caught me is all.” “Just a magazine Karla? Sure it wasn’t a Lady’s Home Journal or something?” “Actually Cher, it was her Cosmo and I was looking at the shoe ads.” “And?” “And we talked. She thinks I have good taste in shoes and she said my ankles were nice and slender.” “Sounds like maybe she may not mind seeing her little darling in sexy high heels.” “I confess I’m rather hoping that’s true Cher because I think I’m about ½ inch away from it.” “Well, like I said, I’m dying to see those legs all shaved in hose and spikes with a mini and that would just be icing on the cake honey. I mean, if you two are going girlish on us, may as well do it right huh?” Marie returned with an armload of shoe boxes, eight in all with more at the ready. She laid down two in front of each ‘person’ seated. ‘Carrie’ and ‘Karla’ seemed as anxious as Cher and Lolly to get into the boxes. Cher tried on the pumps and they all made appreciative comments. In the meantime, Lolly was trying on a pair in a color that complimented her dress and ‘Carrie’ and ‘Karla’ had opened their first box to find a pair of dress patent flats which they took out and slipped on their feet. Then they swished over to the mirrors to admire their pretty feet. Now, Carrie was wearing a white polyester blouse and the straps of ‘her’ cami showed through. ‘She’ had on dark green dress slacks with a pleated front left handed zipper and a narrow belt, also in dark green. The black flats contrasted nicely with ‘her’ outfit. “Oh, those look darling on you honey,” remarked Marie. “Don’t you other girls think so?” Three voices replied, “yes, they are.” ‘Karla’ had gotten into her top box and it too contained flats but in a red calf leather which looked very nice with her black, rear zippered slacks, a fact not wasted on Cher and Lolly. Funny how there no longer appeared to be a lingering lump in those slacks! And, speaking of lumps, four other lumps had virtually disappeared also. Nobody had mentioned it but the larynx of our converts had all but melted into swan like necks. Next, Cher and Lolly found a pair of dressy sandals which they both adored. Carrie and Karla found high heeled pumps in their bottom box, the very ones they had tried on Wednesday night. Karla’s were the white patina like Cher’s but in an 8 ½ and Carries were black patent. Their eyes went a little wide but then they both grinned at each other and took them out and slipped them on and stood up. As they said, Wednesday night, Marie had given them a little lesson in handling high heels, much to their delight, so they both sauntered back and forth showing off for Cher and Lolly. High heels are just so sexy with slacks anyway. “Now, those are REALLY adorable on both of you,” said Marie. “I’m sure you will want those. Don’t you think so ladies?” “What do you think Lolly,” asked Cher?” “I think they should WORK it girl!” “I think they both look adorable in their new heels and they handle them very well, but they definitely need something inside those blouses if they are going to wear such stylish clothing around town. Don’t you think so too girls?” “We, uh, well... of course.” {somewhere, in a kingdom far, far away in another dimension, a nondescript wizard smiled concerning his modest investment in that new video store. One of his many investments for his ‘retirement’ and he tapped the crystal ball with his wand and, as he did so there was a re- focusing for both pairs of ‘girls’ and when the ball cleared, Karla and Carrie had reason to need bras though as yet undiscovered}. “A truly stylish lady can’t be totally flat chested. We need bras of course. We just won’t look right otherwise. I just don’t know how we ever missed seeing how much fun it would be to have some fashion sense and wear attractive clothes. Besides, we obviously need them. You girls sure had the right idea when you urged us to clean up our act. Thank you. We’ve already found an underwire we like.” “Do you ladies want purses to match your new shoes or do you already have some,” asked Marie? “Oh, you are SO right. Thank you. No, we don’t,” replied Carrie. And so, they purchased their first handbags to match both pairs of their new shoes and put their wallets and change into them, Karla the red and Carrie the black patent. They left the shoe store with Lol and Cher wearing their new heels and Carrie and Karla wearing their new flats that were sexily cut to show just a hint of toe cleavage. They all had two shoe boxes and were becoming overloaded with packages so went to the car and dumped them in the trunk. There was no longer any pretense about the boys being nor acting masculine. Even at this point, they would not be mistaken for males. Since the little tap on the ball, bumps were beginning to form under camisoles where smoothness had reigned before. They no longer seemed to care and conducted themselves as they were dressed, as girls. Inhibitions were melting away on all fronts. Nor did Cher and Lolly make any attempt to curb these new appetites. They were smart enough to know it was now a lost cause. The tapes drove them to assist in the formation of new feminine personas. >whispering to Lol< “Doesn’t seem to be any doubt about what is on those tapes now, does it? Look what’s happening to them. They’ve turned our boyfriends into total she-males but they do have great taste, don’t they?” “I’m just glad we weren’t really in love with them. Now we can just love them as girlfriends. I think next time we get inspired, we’d better read the fine print though . I can’t wait to see how they are going to look all dolled up in dresses, heels and makeup.” “We can work on that right now Lol. ” On the way back to the mall Cher looked at Karla and said, “NOW I know what’s missing. You girls have no color on your faces and still need support. My, I think you really DO need support! We absolutely MUST correct that right away, don’t you think ladies?” “Karla, do you actually want a pair of squishy, bouncy BREASTS TOO with those big, brown nipples that stand up when you’re excited? I think I really do,” exclaimed Carrie to Karla with genuine conviction as (s)he grew another half cup. “I wish we could have our very own right NOW. They are so sexy and lovely. Breasts are a beautiful part of a woman’s body, not to mention boy magnets like heels only I’ll bet a lot more fun! I love that sexy little bounce. What is the MATTER with us? Even the gay queens aren’t as feminine as we are!” “I know. It’s so strange! And yes, of course I want my own little status symbols.” “Who ya gonna get to nibble on YOUR cupcakes darlin’?” “I’ll FIND somebody Karla. You’re such a BITCH .” “Shall we go then,”suggested Karla. With that capitulation to the program, their mammary nodules began growing at an impossible rate. “You ever think that maybe this change in our thinking hasn’t been exactly spontaneous Carrie? We’re best buds and all that but what are the odds that we would BOTH decide we couldn’t go another DAY without looking like fashionable, super swishy feminine GIRLS? What are the odds?” “A trillion to one?” retorted Carrie with a snort. “What difference does it make NOW Karla? Just LOOK at us! What’s a girl to DO? Do you want to go back to being a dull old BOY after all the wonderful things we have experienced? I’m sure I couldn’t stand it for a minute! I don’t really care WHAT started the ball rolling. It should happen to a few more guys we know!” “Oh, if that were only possible,” exclaimed Karla. [it IS my dear. Just name them & so it shall be] said the Wiz. Re-entering the mall, Cher headed straight for the lingerie shop, her entourage in tow. On the way, Carrie and Karla could not help stopping to admire their images in a store window full of dresses AFTER they ogled the dresses. Carrie reached out and took Karla’s hand as boys NEVER would but girls sometimes do. To both of them their hands felt soft, feminine, their long nails nesting in each other’s palm. They looked in the window, then at each other and began giggling and Carrie kissed Karla on the cheek. They proceeded, hand in hand, arms swinging, to the store. There, they found the same sales girl who waited on Cary and Karl before they became so ‘refined’. She was incredulous. “You girls look terribly familiar. WAIT a minute. Didn’t you buy panties from me two or three weeks ago, about a dozen pairs each?” “Yes, that was us. We need new bras. Will you fit us please? We didn’t think you’d recognize us.” “Oh, ladies, it would be my pleasure. And believe me, it wasn’t easy to recognize you. You’ve changed so MUCH! You seem to have...developed a bit. Come right this way,” she said as she led them back to the booths. She measured each of them and came back with appropriately sized bras and helped them into them. They had indeed ‘developed’ and rather suddenly. Carrie got an “A” and Karla a “B”. They were both in ecstatic shock to find lovely mammaries nesting on their previously barren chests. Carrie and Karla replaced their blouses, oohing and awing at their improved silhouettes, totally amazed that there was only very light padding in their bras. “Now, just LOOK at you both. You are lovely, simply lovely. I’m a little surprised to see that you only needed a slight enhancement. Your nipples look very authentic-yummy even! How much better you look now than you did that night you first came in here. It’s simply amazing what some nice, fashionable garments can do for a person.” “Thank you. We think so too, don’t we Karla honey?” “Yes Carrie, we certainly do. We’ll be back Laura.” They slipped their charge cards out of their purses and paid, then left with a new spring to their step as they sauntered out the door. “You girls look much better with a little figure enhancement, don’t you think?” “Oh yes Cher. Thank you. We DO. I can’t imagine what possessed us to dress so drably all these years when we could have looked so nice. Going braless is so retro!” {watching from the 7th dimension, the wizard Baldezar decided, “and even nicer you shall look and very soon.” as he thrust a minor spell upon their bras and panties}. He could keep track of them easily because he had installed a bio tracking device in the programming of the tapes he produced and now their brain waves were emitting the tag frequency as were Lol and Cher and who knows who else? Lol and Cher now had no choice but to be helpful mentors to their creations. They then all steamed toward the makeup booth in the middle of the mall. Karla and Carrie were a bit amazed at how their new breasts bounced and how their silhohettes looked in the shop windows. They would become grateful for the stretch satin cups. Cher presented the new girls to Judy, as her name tag said, and told her they needed makeovers. Carrie was first. Judy was very good and knew just the right colors for Carrie’s darker complexion. She applied dark blue liner and shadow, then some fill in for the brows. Then she applied foundation, powder and lipstick. “Girl, you are CUTE,” exclaimed Judy. “Isn’t she girls?” “I never would have guessed, would you Cher?” “No. I must admit I’m a little surprised but then your parents are lovely people too Carrie. Those lips are so KISSABLE girlfriend and you have great cheekbones too!” “Do you really think I’m pretty?” “How much stroking do you NEED honey. You’re a foxy chick. Enjoy the new you. You both seem to really be having fun today.” “I TOLD you so Carrie!” Exclaimed Karla. “Remember?” Karla was next in the chair. Her blonde hair had highlights in it now. Her fair and cool complexion yielded up a porcelain like pallette that Judy did a marvelous job on. They all said so. She now had light blue liner with smokey brown shades of shadow and brown/black mascara. Judy applied the foundation and powder and then ‘her’ lipstick in a lighter but definite red. Then Karla got her look at herself. “Oh, MY! I don’t think I ever want to wash my face. Judy, thank you SO much. This is wonderful. We’ll take it all of course.” They left with bags of makeup and an as yet undiscovered talent for applying it but that would come tomorrow. >whispering to Carrie< “Well now, we’ve gone and DONE it haven’t we

sis? Plucked eyebrows? Makeup? Lipstick? I never knew I wanted to

dress like this let alone have my own breasts and become a girl. It’s really

ME bouncing in this bra. We are in some serious stuff here Carrie Ann.

If this were VR at the arcade, I think I might not want to come back to the

real world. If it didn’t all feel so wonderful, I’d probably have the sense to

worry but I’m so happy I could simply shriek! I can barely feel anything

in my panties except my swollen butt. ”

“I KNOW! It’s almost like the ‘ugly stick’ never existed! This has got

to be better than drugs .”

Finally, it was time for the movie and now it was four girls and not two

couples who attended. Two of the girls were a bit taller due to their pretty

heels. It was obvious how much Lolly and Cher loved their high heels.

They walked so naturally in them, so smoothly and gracefully. It was

interesting to some how 4 girls could have so many giggle fits during

conversation. I’m afraid they talked a lot during the movie too.

Again, Carrie and Karla had to pee. When they sat down in the stalls,

Carrie was the first to notice. As she reached down to find ‘it’, “Karla,

I’m...I’ve SHRUNK!!”

“What in the world are you talking about Carrie? You’re as tall as ever.”

“My...you know...STUFF. The baggage. It’s all shrinking like before I

was a teen ager. I can feel it but I have to bend over to even SEE it.”

With a bit of alarm and surprise in her voice Karla said, “Oh my Gawd!

Mine too! This is {his mind began to say ‘awful’ but...} FANTASTIC.

Less to hide. No more junk trying to swing and sway. Smoother panties.

Gotta love it. Wouldn’t it be great if it just morphed completely?”

“This is SO cool Karla. We really ARE turning into girls!”

They finished, primped, fixed their lipstick, washed up and left.

“ Karla, does your bra feel tight?”

“Odd since we just got them but yes, it does. I wonder if that has anything

to do with what’s happening in our panties? Glad it’s stretchy.”

After the show, they headed home. Suddenly, Karla pulled off to the side

of the road and parked, exhibiting a bit of panic. Switching off the key

and turning to the rest she said, “Girls, we can’t go home like THIS!

What will our parents say? Just look at us! Wake UP! Just a few weeks

ago, we were BOYS, at least, I thought we were. Now, I’m not sure I ever

want to be any part of a boy again! We’re in a total plumbing crisis!

We’ve got TITS and little nubs where our sabers used to be.”

“Easy Karla. Think about this a moment,” said Cher. Did this happen


“Well, no.”

“Who does the washing at your house?”

“The maid of course.”

“And she would naturally collect the washing to be done from your rooms


“Yes. I don’t see where you are going. But I’m a blonde too, remember?

“Bear with me. And what do you think she has been doing with those

panties and dirty hose and camisoles and nighties she’s been finding in

your hamper? She has been washing and folding them and putting them

back into your drawers, right?”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake! Of COURSE! You are right. Why didn’t I see

that? I mean, they are just ‘our clothes.’ I never thought about concealing

them at all.”

“OK. Then your mom already knows, doesn’t she? Anyhow, this didn’t

all just happen today. It’s been happening. You’re both busted—literally.

I mean the maid couldn’t keep her mouth shut about this now could she?

Lingerie in the son’s wash? Either you’ve been taking a girl to your room

or YOU are the girl.”

“Knowing Gabrielle, probably not. But these new shoes and the bras and

hair, earrings and the makeup today. We just SCREAM girl all over the

place and it’s not like we don’t like it. We LOVE it but...”

“Now, now little sisters. I think this is all going to work itself out. If you

want to pull in somewhere and take off the bras and change your shoes

and wash off your makeup, I suppose you could but why not let your

parents see the best possible new you? Doesn’t that make more sense?

After all, if you are going to display the appearance, style and grace of a

woman, don’t you think you should look your best at all times? The hair

and your new demeanor won’t just go away, nor will that indelible lipstick

you both have on. I’m having a terrible time trying to see any boys in our

group now anyway. Somehow, you’ve morphed into young women.”

“How did you ever get so logical Cher? And you have NO idea how

completely we are morphing. (Karla’s voice cracked upward another

notch) Oh, alright. We’ll do it but you have to promise to come with us

both, alright? You support me and Lolly can support Carrie.”


“Exactly! Used to be rooster, now a fashionable chicken I just

hope this whole thing doesn’t lay an egg!”

The foursome delivered Carrie first. They pulled past the gate into the

semi circular driveway and up to the house with the Georgian architecture.

Carrie’s parents liked red brick and white columns. It reminded them of

their house in Washington, D.C. with 3 stories above ground. They all

piled out and the four entered the front door without knocking, Carrie

having let herself in with the key. She turned away momentarily reaching

down into her bra and brought forth bosom she didn’t know she had

which made provocative cleavage in her new blouse and bra. Then she

remarked, “ wow, that sure feels better.”

The great room was off to the left and ran the depth of the house and led to

the pool. In addition to a cathedral beamed ceiling some 20 feet high, it

had a 12 foot fireplace, a concert grand and two billiard tables as well as a

sitting area. Straight ahead of the entrance was the half circle staircase

with the cherry railing and on the right a small sitting room with a small

upright piano.

Mrs. Neilson heard them giggling and came into the foyer in her apron

and at once began with, “your mother is at the club Ca... Where is Cary?

How did you get IN here? Then, staring at one of the girls... Cary?? Is

that YOU honey?”

Carrie just stood there demurely, silent.

“We need to talk Mrs. Neilson,” said Cher. Let’s go in the parlor for a

few minutes.”

Mrs. Neilson led the way through the great room past the kitchen. Not a

word was spoken. They all found seats, Carrie with Lolly and Karla with

Cher on the large leather sofa and then Cher began to explain.

“Alright Mrs. Neilson, we know we need to explain. It seems that Cary

and Karl have decided that they prefer to access their flair for fashion and

style and the only way they could do that to their complete satisfaction

was to become the epitome of fashion, namely, girls like us. We know it’s

a shock but you HAVE been doing Carrie’s washing, correct?”

“Yes, and I wondered why a nice young man would want to wear such

pretty things but it is none of my business is it? I mean, you aren’t mine

and even if you were, what right would I have to tell you how to live your

life at your age. All a parent can do is provide a foundation. I know you

are a good kid Cary...I suppose you spell that C-A-R-R-I-E now.

Anyway, your mother and I have discussed your interest in girl’s clothing

so it’s not like I’m completely floored. It’s just that you are so stunningly

CONVINCING as a girl, quite attractive. Do you like boys?”

“I...don’t think so Mrs. Neilson. It’s just the fashions, the style, the

clothing, you know, self expression.”

“Then perhaps this will pass?”

“I don’t think I WANT it to pass Mrs. Neilson. I rather LIKE the new me.

I’m looking forward to pretty dresses and a cute figure and wearing my

new heels, going dancing. Maybe I’m going to like boys after all. I don’t

know! Our bodies seem to be changing too. I’m not a real boy any


“My, my! You two ARE committed aren’t you? Alright. So be it. We

have a couple more daughters to deal with then. Your mom will be home

about six. We’ll eat at seven. I think this meal should be served in the

main dining room, don’t you?”

“Yes. I’ll help you Mrs. Neilson,” replied Carrie.

“Why, thank you dear. That’s a bonus. I’ll get back to work now. Nice

to see you girls. That IS you in there, isn’t it Karl?”

“SOMEWHERE!! I think maybe WAS would be a little more

accurate now Mrs. Neilson. I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel now.

It’s simply amazing,” she said while waving her arms expansively.”

“Alright. Goodbye ladies. Thank you for explaining about my new


And with that Mrs. Neilson disappeared back into the kitchen.

“Well, that went rather well Carrie,” said Lolly. “I hope Karla’s mother is

as reasonable.”

“So do we,” exclaimed Cher. “We’ll see you later honey,” she said with a

hug and then they left.

“Would you like BOTH of us to come with you Karla or just Cher?”

“Given how you already reasoned this out for me, I think just Cher will be

fine. Like you said, Gabby has seen and knows how things have been

going. She hasn’t raised an eyebrow so far. The makeup and everything

might throw her, but I doubt it. I AM cute enough, aren’t I?”

“For pity’s sake Karla. YES, you are WAY cute. I’m almost jealous, well

not really but you make a really foxy chick so quit worrying will you?

Guys will be flocking around like ducks to popcorn. You don’t really

know how things are going to go until they DO, right?”

“You’re right of course. I’ll try and calm down.”

Just for fun, Karla used the doorbell, requiring Gabrielle to answer the


“May I help you ladies? Oh, my! Honey, you turned out even better than

we ever thought you would. The hair is really darling.”

“WHAT?” The three of them stood facing Gabby with stunned


“Did I slur my words? Is my English no so good enough? I found your

panties and camis and hose in the wash of course. You should have done

them yourself if you didn’t want us to find out. So, how come you aren’t

in a pretty dress and heels too Karla like the other girls? You did just go

for Karla, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did and I do have heels but we haven’t gone dress shopping yet.

Why waste good money on a pretty dress for a dead body? ”

“Come here sugar. Gabby will make it alright. There will be no

dead bodies here tonight. Would you like to come in for a while Cher or

would you like to just take Lol home in Karla’s car and bring it back

tomorrow. I don’t think she’ll be going anywhere tonight with all the

explaining she will probably be doing. I don’t really think so, but she

could be grounded until the next millennium.”

“It is getting late. Perhaps I should drop you off Lol and I can bring the

car back. After all, it’s not far if I walk across the lawns.”

“Alright. Mother will be wondering where I am anyway. Good luck with

your parents Karla. You look very sweet. Be who you are, OK?”

“I will. Thanks. ‘Bye you two.” Karla closed the door to once again face


“My, you are really cute honey. I think your mom is going to be really


“PLEASED? You mean it?”

“Yes, but it’s not for me to tell. Let her do it. In the meantime, why don’t

you go soak and shave where you need to and if that means you need help

with your makeup again, I’ll do it for you.”

“That’s very sweet Gabby. Thank you. That sounds like a wonderful


And so our new Karla bounced upstairs and drew herself a bath complete

with fragrant oils and settled in for a half hour. It was a bit disappointing

for her to have to take off her bra since it revealed her shortcomings but

we can’t have everything, or so it is said. But then she found that her

chest, which should have been devoid of excess fat appeared to be much

more feminine than she remembered at the lingerie shop. In fact, it was

now decidedly feminine with those large dark nipples she spoke of. The A

was growing. She also noticed that her boy equipment was even tinier than

she remembered from the rest room at the movie. Minuscule would be a

fitting description. ‘How strange’ she thought and let it slip away into

acceptance while ‘it’ slipped quietly into oblivion.

Exiting the tub, she applied lotion and powder as her mother did, then

wrapped the towel around her chest and entered her room. There was little

chance of the towel slipping to the floor as her now slightly bouncing

chest was holding it up nicely. Each bedroom had it’s own bath, a great

convenience for a lady.

She had shaved her legs and underarms but did not have to shave her face.

She was a blonde, light skinned and lightly hairy as most blondes. It was

a revelation to her as she entered her room that the colors she had chosen

at age 13 were pale powder blue and egg white. *gee, if I just add some

prettier curtains and a vanity, I’ll be all set. I wonder if I’ve been this way

forever and just didn’t know it! Maybe!*

Karla put herself back together as before except this time she paid more

attention to her accessories, borrowing a necklace and earring set from her

mother’s jewelry. She noticed with some delight that her bra needed to be

hooked in the last, rather than the first hook. She also decided that, even

though she didn’t have any dresses yet, she would wear her pretty pumps

for her mother. After all, she needed the practice and they made her feel

so terribly feminine and dainty and grown up.

Baldezar smiled. “Yes little one. I do believe I shall leave the body

tweaks IN the mix. Rather a fun trip for the unsuspecting!”

* I just HATE it that I’ve wasted so much time being a boy when I could

have been pretty and worn fashionable clothing. Well, hopefully, THAT

is behind me. I’m still young.* Standing in long teal slacks, black blouse

and white heels, she observed her image in the mirrored wall. Her figure

seemed to have taken on quite feminine proportions as, even in a front

view, her hips appeared wide and well rounded now. She displayed the

slightest bit of a tummy. *well, if you like this new you, why not?*

Turning side to side, she admired her tight butt and long legs and those

lovely pumps. Even in her new heels, she was only 5'10" tall, maybe less.

If her date were 6 feet tall or more, she would still have to look UP at him.

How neat! It gave her goose bumps, not to mention a tiny bit of a woody,

had it had anywhere to go, which it did not. There was only a little bit left,

so that was all that was affected. *so, this is me. And now I’m thinking

about BOYS? Not only boys but Mark Hagan, the right forward on the

basketball team. What ever are we going to do when school starts again?

They’ll absolutely KILL the both of us but only if we’re lucky. Otherwise

we’ll be tortured first. Oh, Karla, stop it! Go down and

see what you can do for Gabby.*

Peculiar. When she went through her bedroom door, she looked up and

got the impression that perhaps she might be less than 5'10" in heels.

Negotiating the staircase in high heels on thick carpet was certainly an

adventure but before she hit the bottom step, she had it figured out that she

had to plant her foot firmly and balance for a second before lifting the

other one, no more running down the stairs for this girl at least, not in


About 20 minutes later, Karl’s mom showed up looking lovely in her

Halston spring creation accented with pearl necklace and earrings and

black patent high heels with purse to match. She had, after all, been a

Miss Universe runner up in 1980. On a good day, she could still pass for

30 as she still had flawless skin. Upon entering the kitchen, she observed

two women with their backs turned fixing dinner, one obviously quite

young, judging by the slender figure. “And who are YOU my dear,” she

inquired? “Are you visiting my son Karl?”

Turning around, Gabby said, “Mrs. Leonard, may I present your new

daughter, Karla?”

Karla then turned to face the music. “My dear child. You look so chic!

You are quite lovely. You remind me of myself at your age. Come here

and give mother a hug.”

“You MEAN it mom? You aren’t going to kill me and feed me to Uncle

Len’s hogs?”

“Silly. Such a waste of such a beautiful girl. Come

now, Gabby can finish. You MUST tell me all about this journey of

discovery and how it came about. Let’s go into your father’s study where

it’s quiet.”

Taking her new daughter’s hand, they walked to the study, down the

hallway, the clicking of their high heels echoing like a statement of

womanhood for Karla. “Now, sit down dear and tell me. Gabby has

already filled me in on some of your recent clothing preferences but I see

it goes MUCH further than that. You’ve been hiding a really cute figure.

Why didn’t we know about you sooner?”

Karla began to weep a bit and her mother reached over to comfort her.

“It’s alright mother. It’s just that I’m so happy I’m overflowing a little.

I’ll be fine although I really don’t know where the figure came from.

Well, it dawned on me today as I was coming in from my bath. I think it

may have begun a few years ago. You recall it was I who chose the decor

of my room and didn’t you think that it was a bit girlish?”

“Your father and I discussed that at the time dear but we didn’t attach any

real significance to it then. I see there may have been some however. We

need to get you some more proper furnishings honey and some

CLOTHES, EVERYTHING! This is going to be such FUN! Girls are so

much more fun to be around and have around.”

“Mom, I’ve just obliterated your son, a project you’ve devoted 17 years to.

Why are you not angry with me and what is daddy going to say? What is

going to HAPPEN to me?”

“We’ve already discussed it honey. When Gabby found your hose and

lingerie, we knew it was not ordinary transvestism. TVs are usually

VERY secretive with their families. You didn’t even think of hiding. No,

we knew something major was afoot.”

“But you don’t mind? You want to help me to become your daughter?

This is making my head spin.”

“Then let me explain fully. Morrie has never been around much to

influence a boy the way most fathers want to. He’s a very sweet man and

not that macho himself anyway that he would take a lot of pride in a

football player son. Frankly, the name Karla was what we had chosen for

you but you came with different plumbing so we just dropped the ‘a’ and

make it Karl. Then your sister came along in 1990 and we were very

happy that we finally had our little girl, especially since the doctor told me

that I couldn’t afford to get pregnant again if I wanted to keep on living.

And then your dear sister died from pneumonia six years later. There was

nothing we could do. Her little body just could not fight off the infection

no matter what they did so we still had our Karl and we were grateful.

Now it appears that we have a daughter after all and believe me

sweetheart, we have discussed all those things that have run through your

head like secondary sex characteristics and how you are going to go back

to school in the fall. May I ask how Cary is doing? The word is out dear.

Our maids talk to each other.”

“Of course. He spells it differently now mother. And we dropped him off

first on the way home today. Actually we dropped ‘her’ off. I don’t

believe there is much ‘him’ left either. Mrs. Neilson was very sweet

about it. She knew also. Have we become so totally feminine?”

“It’s hard for me to see my son in you dear except for a family

resemblance. Yes, to answer your question. You have indeed. You are

bright and pretty and I love that cute hairstyle too. It becomes you. It

appears you have good taste in clothing too. Now, here is what we

propose. I’m going to show you a picture of myself at age 18. If you like

how I looked, your father and I will treat you to a few nips and tucks and a

start on a bosom and hips of your own. You’ll be a carbon copy of your

mother at your age. Would you like that?”

“Oh, MOM! I don’t have to look at a picture. You’re gorgeous. Please

YES! But I seem to be getting breasts and hips of my own


“Alright sweetie. We can do something about any telltale bulge if there is

one left. We’ll get your prostate removed and those nasty little testicles

too if that is alright. Your clothing will fit so much better and you won’t

be bothered by inappropriate thoughts contorting your anatomy, if you get

my drift. Will that be alright too?”

“Of course. A girl has no use for those things. And when you say ‘little’

you certainly hit that one squarely. I can’t be beautiful like my mother if I

don’t get rid of them and I would hope just as quickly as possible. I want

to go to the junior prom in a GOWN and not worry about it falling down

. But I should tell you mom that both Carrie’s and my body seem

to be undergoing some reconstruction on their own. We hardly qualify as

males now as it is. Our testicles seem to have disappeared on their own

and their faithful companion is withering. ”

“How fascinating!”

“That should not be a problem, little one. With my ‘D’ genes and your

father’s propensity for a flabby chest despite his rather slender figure, I

think your future in that regard is assured. Your father will be delighted

for all of us. We know that you can’t replace Esther but now you can be

our daughter, go on to college and make us proud. Then maybe you can

find a nice man and settle down and raise some kids of your own.”

“Oh, mom, that’s almost too much to hope for. I’m am SO excited.”

“Me too darling. We simply MUST go shopping just as soon as possible

so we can finally do justice to that 10 foot walk in closet of yours. I’m

sure you would like to take Cher along, wouldn’t you?”

“She is my fashion guru mom. Of course. She has such class. She is the

epitome of teen chic. Nobody dresses as well as Cher.”

“She IS quite a young fashion plate and has wonderful taste. Actually I

would like her company too. I’m not so familiar as she about teen styles

these days. She will be very helpful. Why don’t you call her and set

something up?”

“I’ll do it right away.”

“What about Carrie honey?”

“We’d better wait until I hear what happened when her folks get back.”

“Yes, that would be best. Good thinking. You DO have a level head for a

girl .”

“Mother, do you have any idea why Carrie and I both have become girls,

especially at the same time?”

“Actually, I DO have an slight inkling about that honey. It may have

something to do with those tapes you’ve been watching for the past

several weeks. Were they presents from Lol and Cher?”

“Why, yes! I know the title is “Style & Grace with Blue Man group and

others” but how could that...? I don’t understand. How could a music

tape have a hidden agenda? Or maybe I DO! Do you think they may

have that subliminal programming on them or something? I just ADORE

the new me though. OH MY! Has daddy watched them at all?”

“Funny you should ask. I’m afraid SO dear and that’s what made me

suspicious enough to ask. I never knew your father had a liking for

wearing ladies nighties before but he does NOW! He looks very cute in


“Oh, NO mother! Not him TOO!”

“One can only imagine honey. He liked the tapes so much after seeing

them both, he made copies to take on his trip to California and he won’t be

back for another two weeks.”

“But Mother, it only took me THREE weeks to get like THIS!”

“Yes dear, I realize the implications. I can call and ask him to stop

playing them. What do you think?”

“To be perfectly honest mother, I don’t think he will be ABLE to stop

playing them. How did he look in the nightie mother?”

“Rather cute as I said. And he does have that rather perky chest that rather

turned me on too. I was surprised both at that and that I didn’t have a cow

over it. I suppose he could have been a good looking woman.”

“And he’s what, 37?”


“You DID say girls were more fun to be around. Mother, if he can’t stop

playing those tapes, this family may become a house full of women. We’ll

know for sure I guess when we meet daddy at the plane. If he’s not on it,

one of those women deplaning is DADDY... or WAS!”

“Yes dear. That thought has occurred to me. He HAS been sounding a

little strange on the telephone. A little too melodic, if you know what I

mean. Cheer up dear. Everything is going to turn out fine, I hope!”

Later that evening she spoke with her husband. It was late afternoon in

California . “Hello Morrie. Everything alright out there? Meetings going


“Wonderful honey. And at home?”

“We have had a few developments here Morrie. Nothing we need to go

into now though. No emergencies here. What are you wearing honey?”

“Why, I just got back to the room and changed into a robe and nightie.”


“And uh, Victoria’s panties. Why?”

“Wearing them under your suits too are you? Anything else?”

“I...yes. Along with a cami. How did you know? Why?”

“And is that the nightie of mine you took?”

“No. I found a lovely lingerie shop just ‘round the corner from the hotel.

This one’s a naughty hot pink with black lace trim. I hope you like it.”

“You sound...a little different dear. Do you feel alright?”

“Lovely. Why?”


“What’s going on Brieanna?”

“I wish I knew dear. How are you enjoying those tapes you made?”

“Oh, I LOVE them. They are just great. Play them after work every day.


“Just curious. Did you buy anything else at the lingerie store yet?”

“Yet? Well, yes. Just a few camis and a pair of slippers.”

“Slippers huh? Mules?”




“Love those too? Learning to swing your tushy”

“Brie, I don’t understand ANY of this but yes. Am I turning into a

transvestite or something? I didn’t even see it coming and all of a sudden

I’m having all these urges and the more I do the better I feel.”

“Or something honey. I’ll talk to you in a few days. Love you. Karla

sends her love too. ‘Bye”

Hanging up the phone in his room at the Astor hotel, Morrie sat on the

edge of the bed in his hot pink gown and robe with matching mules

mulling over what he just heard. *‘Karla?’ Did I hear what I think I

heard? KARLA? Naw. That’s silly. Fluffing the pillow and taking off

‘her’ robe, Maureen lay down for a much needed rest. Rubbing the knots

in her chest, ‘she’ fell asleep.

Carrie Ann’s parents were no less understanding than Karla’s mom. The

evidence was overwhelming anyway. Carrie no longer presented as a

male and had no interest in continuing to be one. Her mother made her

show and tell all and ‘all’ turned out to be so little that they were both

amazed. Her former penis was so tiny now and appeared as if it were

being surrounded by folds of flesh just like a young woman’s labia. Her

bosom, while small, was showing signs of becoming pendulous with

perky, large brown nipples not unlike her mother’s. She appeared to be

about a ‘B’ cup now just hours after the sprouting began.

Meanwhile, early on the following Wednesday afternoon and ten days into

the trip, Brie once again called Morrie. Ringing room 410, she heard a

sweet, melodic ‘hello’ ending on a high note and thought it was the maid.

“Who is this? Morrie, can that be you?”

“Well, of course it’s me honey. Who else would it be?”

“That’s what I called to find out. It’s too early for bed. What are you

wearing honey?”


“Grey what dear?”

“A grey suit.”

“And what color’s the blouse and how long is the skirt?”

“Cream and just above the knee. Listen Brie, I’m really sorry. I don’t

know what’s come over me. It’s like I don’t have any control over this.”

“I know. You don’t have any dear. And what else?”


“Pearls, rings, earrings and necklace.”

“Good, and?”

“Dark hose and black pumps.”


“Yes. Maybe 3 ½ . You know how they like sexy shoes in LA.”

“And the walk?”

“I think I have it. It’s a little too ‘runway’ but I’m trying to tone it down.

How did you know?”

“Call it intuition. What size bra and panties?”

“34B and six. Why?”

“All you?”

“Mostly. It’s just shaped a little. Mostly me, yes. How did you KNOW?”

“Wait a minute. KARLA? Since when do we have a daughter?”

“We did want a daughter when Karl came, remember? I told you we had a

few issues here.”

“Of course I remember but...”

“She’s beautiful.”

“When I left I had a son and I was a normal man. I don’t understand any

of this.”

“You will my darling. You will. Has anything strange been happening to

your body?”

“I seem to be getting rather curvy and the package is dwindling. I may not

be much use to you by the time I get home. I don’t think my chest was

this sexy or my hips this wide when I left home. This should not be

happening if I’m just turning into a bloody transvestite should it?”

“You can’t help it dear. You might as well just accept the inevitable as it

happens. Do the best you can with what you have and don’t get yourself


“I wish I understood this. Somehow it feels...right.”

“I know dear. It’s supposed to feel right. Just do me a favor. Have

someone take a picture of you with your digital camera and send me the

file so I know who to look for when you deplane.

What is this feminine creature’s name?”

“I think it’s Maureen. At least, that’s what I dreamt.”

“Alright Maureen. Have a nice time. Send pictures. Love you. ‘Bye.

Saturday afternoon two weeks later, Karla and her mother met the plane

her father had booked for his return flight.

Brie and her daughter decided to look nice for Maureen’s homecoming so

they dolled up in dresses, hose and heels. Karla was only 5'4" tall now.

Her feeling about that doorway was correct. She had shrunk all over in

appropriate places while others had blossomed. She now weighed only

115 pounds and was a size seven. Her 30 days was over and her boyhood

was gone, replaced with the total femininity promised on the tapes. Karla

was now the spitting image of Brie at 17 even without the surgeries. She

and Cher could now share almost all their clothing and shoes. Her daddy

arrived looking marvelous in a black raw silk sleeveless dress with a jewel

neckline and with the matching jacket draped across her arm. Maureen

carried a taupe shoulder bag that matched her stylish high heeled taupe

pumps which she managed flawlessly. Without the photo she had sent,

she would have been unrecognizable. She was now only 5'5' tall having

been previously 5'10". Her shoulder length auburn hair swayed gently as

she walked up to her wife and daughter.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged. They began their walk to the baggage

area. They had a LOT of catching up to do.

“Maureen. Is that all you? You have a lovely figure.”

“I’m afraid it is honey. I’m a ten.”

“Yes, you are. And...”

“And yes, my panties are almost as empty as yours.

Again Baldezar smiled. “You will learn not to mess with your daughter’s

rock ‘n roll tapes after this. I suppose you and Brie should become

dedicated and loving lesbian parents now.”