Sissify Yourself: Sitting pretty

desk. It was 7:30pm and it had been another hectic and stress packed day

that had started, for him, at 8:00am. His sales team had just clinched

relaxing for five minutes and reflecting on his life so far .

He thought back to his childhood and upbringing.

child of four having three older sisters. His family had doted on him, his

really wanting for anything. As he grew older his build remained slight and


have turned out to become the atypical mummy's boy and a wimp. Instead he

to push him into developing his drive and determination as compensation. He

toughen him up and strengthen his resolve. In time he found that his

characteristics of his youth. His body had never really caught up with his

man. He was now 5'7" and weighed in at 130lbs and his features could almost

be described as androgynous. He sported a light beard to disguise this

aspect and it successfully hid a weak jaw line.

a pushy and driven attitude and had confidence in spades. He gave the

and intimidating self image - this had taken him a long way very quickly.

months ago. A number of major deals swiftly came his way and he was soon on

pretty right now. He hoped that this time next year he would be sitting

co-workers. It was a phrase that he would one day regret.

future. One of the company founders was due to retire in the next month and

Resource Management and Finance.

hopefully, next week. Human Resource and Finance was far less glamorous

her equal.

situation and she was looking for something to give her an edge. She didn't

like Colin - he was far too flash and cocky in her opinion. She especially

thought he could really do with taking down a peg or two. If she didn't get

despite being five years his senior, was his assistant. He was sure that

do something to motivate him further. This was the secret to being a good

leader in his opinion.

"shit, has he gone home already ?". He tried his secretary Karen Shipley's

number but she had also gone. He tended to forget that other people do have

a life. He had wanted to go through the preparation for next weeks visit by

that Japanese Motor Company, Shikano's. Their order could well put the seal

to have words with John about bucking his ideas up a little.

"What the hell" he thought. "If everyone else has gone home I might as well

his papers and put them in his attachŽ case. He took the lift down to the

BMW. "Next year" he thought grinning " it'll be a Porsche". He gunned the

to his flat in Battersea.

wine bar for a meeting with some old school friends. There were only four

had been successful in their careers. Apart from Susan they consisted of

Dr. Anne Lawrence - one of the few top grade female surgeons, Dr. Hilary

Clark - psychiatrist, and Maureen O'Donnell - lawyer. The other thing they

of them having suffered career setbacks as a result of discrimination.

careers to suffer, ever again - they would all be there for each other.

none the less - would beat her to it. She had to admit that his drive was

company. The trouble was, she had seen his like before - trample over

trading on the sweat of those that had performed and helped put him there.

they all loosened up over the second bottle of Pinot Blanc. "You know, I

going to get this job and that's your career stalled. I may be sounding a

bite at this - what are you going to do about it?".

"That's the trouble, I just don't know what to do. I have been given the

gets to give the keynote speech and presentation. One good performance from

suitcase. She found a copy of Birchington's message to shareholders which


the little weasel".

"What ....!" they all exclaimed laughing together. "You mean to say that

continued. "For goodness sake, he looks no taller than you and his physique

looks no different than most young girls. Look, you can't let him get away


refreshing shower. As he got out of the shower he looked at himself in the

his presence and sense of power could be a powerful attraction to women.

He had a TV dinner and opened a bottle of Chardonay to help wash it down.

into his company network remotely. He would use this time to catch up on

the email that he hadn't had time to address today. He was grateful for the

amount of dross he seemed to get.

"Shit" he said out aloud when he opened up an email from the MD. It had

thought to himself. It was a reminder about the company's "Rewards and

Recognition" event to be held on the Friday of this week. Today was

Tuesday. One of the things that had made Birchington's so successful during

camaraderie that the board of directors had fostered. They ensured that

in the profits. They also held an annual event where everyone who had made


was held at a theme park. The previous years event, although Colin wasn't

serving on their staff at a restaurant that had been hired for the evening.

the success of the company's attitude in motivating it's employees. Last

year had seen a 60% increase in profits.

reversal with the management team donning fancy dress. The MD's message

morale and ALL the management team would be expected to participate. It



"Shit" repeated Colin. "I've got no idea where to start on this but I've


Day Two

The next day Colin became subsumed in his work and all thoughts of the R &

R event left his mind. Susan Davies had been left with organising the visit

from Shikano's and was arranging both the running order of the

presentations and also the hospitality and Colin wanted to make sure that

he made a big impact on both his clients and the board members.

It was now 5:00pm and he was well ahead of the game now and would have his

presentation completed by mid-afternoon tomorrow and all ready for a dry

run. Susan Davies was walking past his office and decided to pop in for a

moment to see how he was doing.

"Hello Colin, still working hard I see. How's your preparation going for

the visit?" she asked in a friendly, but transparently false, manner.

"Fine Sue fine - I should have this all finished by mid-afternoon tomorrow

and I think it's all looking good" Colin said smugly.

"God how he annoys me with his superior attitude and supercilious manner -

and I hate being called SUE !" she thought to herself while she waited to

drop the first bombshell on him. She was really looking forward to this.

"That's good Colin, and - oh by the way - I was just wondering how your

preparations for tomorrow night are coming along. I can't wait to see your

outfit" she grinned through gritted teeth.

Colin looked puzzled. "Tomorrow night ! What on earth's happening tomorrow

night" he said as he continued to focus on his presentation.

"Well I am surprised at you Colin, you mean to say that you've forgotten

Birchington's key social event of the year - I am talking about the R & R

event you know - very career limiting if you don't join in the fun!" she

said calmly as Colin spun round to face her.

"But that's not tomorrow night, I saw the message yesterday that said it

was on Friday" Colin said with just a hint of panic creeping into his voice

as he switched back to his mailbox searching for the message.

"No no Colin - it's always been this Thursday. I don't know why you thought

it was Friday" she smiled graciously.

"Oh shit" he thought to himself as he failed to find the message. He must

have deleted it straight after reading it. "Why hasn't Karen been keeping

me informed" he wailed. "That stupid bimbo will have to go".

"Well never mind Colin, I'm sure that you will still be a star performer

whether it's a Thursday or a Friday night! I'll bet you're glad you got

your costume sorted out well in advance aren't you!" she said maintaining

an evil looking smile.

"Costume! COSTUME ! What bloody costume" he said with his panic

mounting. "Oh shit - I haven't sorted out a costume - what am I going to do ?"

he wailed.


Susan took a seat on the other side of Colin's desk and bathed in the sweet

triumph of Colin's discomfort. She was having such fun !

She had deliberately mislead Colin into thinking the R & R event was on

Thursday just to see his reaction and to see if Mr. Cool's feathers could

be ruffled for short while. She had been sure that he would have re-read

his email and seen that it was still on Friday and she was really pleased

that she had anticipated this and arranged for Karen to delete it this


"Stage 1 complete!" she thought.

The reaction she had elicited was everything that she had anticipated and

she started to move into stage 2 of her plan to get Colin out of the

running once and for all - with every utterance he made he increased her

determination to see this through to it's ultimate conclusion - he was such

a rude man!

"Well if you haven't got a costume now then I am sure that you can arrange

to get one tomorrow" she said knowing full well that he wouldn't have the

time. "I wouldn't leave it too late though - you know the MD takes these

things really seriously and will be expecting us all to put on a good


Colin's voice got higher as he started to lose control of the situation -

this was completely unfamiliar territory for him!

"But I can't - I'll have no time tomorrow - I've still got a morning's

work to do on the presentation - Christ!, I don't believe this - what am I

going to do ? " he wailed.

Oh this was glorious - he was losing it, she just couldn't believe it, he

was actually losing it!

"Well Colin, I really think you should learn the art of delegation. John

Freeman's a good man and has largely contributed to your material anyway.

Let him finish it off and give yourself a break" she said.

There was no way that Colin was going to let John loose on finishing this

work. He just couldn't let go of it. "No, I'll just have to get a costume

at the last minute. What's the theme for this bash again - some sort of

reversal or something wasn't it? What are you going as Sue ?".

"Now, now Colin, we are supposed to be keeping this a secret from each

other - MD's wishes remember ! And anyway, as you've forgotten, the theme

is Role reversal".

"What's that supposed to mean anyway - that doesn't give us much of a

clue" Colin said angrily. He really didn't need all of this team building

shit with so much at stake right now.

"Oh well that's easy. The board members decided that our hard working team

could really do with some fun and thought that poking a little fun at

ourselves that's the senior management team, you and me Colin as well as

the board members, would help keep morale high and also stop ourselves

from feeling too important" Susan said continuing to smile. "You really

haven't been keeping up with the news have you!".

"Oh give me a break please - I really don't need this crap right now -

anyway - how far are we supposed to take this reversal rubbish and what

does it mean, you still haven't told me ?" he said banging his hand on the

desk in increasing frustration.

"Well I've got to say Colin that I'm surprised at you - senior management

should really know how to control themselves better - I'm only trying to

help you" she said sweetly knowing full well that she was really starting

to burrow deep under his skin. "The reversal should be job related as much

as possible and has to be entirely convincing else it will be frowned upon

from on high. Oh, the type of thing being suggested is MD to tea lady,

Director to typist, Delivery Manager to Post Boy, Boss to Secretary - you

know, that type of thing - all complete, of course, with the appropriate

garb. It's all going to be a lot of fun".

The appropriate garb - Oh brother, Colin was fearing the worst.

"Oh Christ, this sounds awful" knowing only too well that he would have to

make an effort to be convincing if he was to maintain his position let

alone manoeuvre for promotion. He had to come up with something and do it

fast. He would be expected to be all ready for the evening and that meant

getting prepared in the afternoon. All this on top of the presentation!

"Look Colin, I know we are supposed to be keeping our form of dress secret

from each other but I really can't see how you are going to get through

tomorrow without a little help - I am more than happy to help if that's

what you want ?" she said baiting the hook.

Would he bite ?

Colin thought for a moment. There was no way that he wanted to take help

from this woman but he couldn't see that he had much choice.

"All right then Sue - I'll go for it, what do you suggest".

"Well I think the simplest thing would be to go as your own secretary. That

would show a great sense of fun and would impress everyone I'm sure" she

said and waited for his response.

Colin greeted this idea with a snort of derision "Ha! You have got to be

joking - go as that bimbo ! - if you think you're getting me all dolled up

like some secretary you've got another think coming - I've got an image

here to consider".

Susan stood up ready to leave the room "Well you've also got a job here to

consider. If you're not interested in my ideas then I'll be going" she said

making to the door.

This was awful. Colin couldn't prepare the presentation AND find a

convincing costume without Sue's help! He decided to swallow his pride and

said "WAIT, Susan, come back. Look I'm really sorry about that little

outburst". He looked up to heaven, "after all I know you're only trying to


Susan paused and turned back "well OK then. Look, it doesn't have to be too

bad - after all, girls wear trousers too you know. If you're going to wimp

out I'm sure we can find some slacks or something. I'll have a rummage

round when I get home tonight - I've got a twenty year old daughter, Carol,

who moved out into her own flat last year, she left plenty of her old

clothes and I'm sure that there'll be something to fit you".

"Thanks Sue, I owe you one. I'm just going to tidy this stuff away from

here" he said as he cleared his desk. "Where am I going to get changed -

I'm going to have to get ready straight after the presentation run-through


"Well you can use the Ladie's Executive washroom - I'm the only female

senior manager amongst this group of misogynist's and nobody else uses it.

You can change there completely undisturbed".

"That's great - thanks Sue - see you tomorrow then". he said as he searched

for his car keys.


Sue left and returned to her office. She gave a little chuckle as she put

his car keys in her handbag and sat down to wait. This was almost too easy!

It had been her that sent the email using the MD's terminal following her

re-union drink. She had sent out a special version of the message to Colin

knowing that he would never query a message from the MD. There was no

fancy dress or Role Reversal theme. She had only sent this message to Colin to

set the springs for her trap.

She knew Colin was an arch professional and would not let anything get in

the way of the presentation - this had to, quite rightly, come first, for

him. This would leave him vulnerable and allow her to take control of the


All she had to do was wait until he came calling on her for help.

Sure enough, he came almost running into the office "Sue, Sue - you haven't

seen my car keys anywhere have you ?".

"Why no Colin. Isn't that the second set of keys you've lost this week" she

said knowing full well that Karen had mentioned he had lost a set on

Monday. "Still, I am sure that you must have had a duplicate set made up by

now. If you want to I can give you a lift home to get them. You're sure to

need them to get in here early tomorrow".

Colin sunk into a chair and put his head in his hands. "Oh bloody hell, I

just can't believe this - what is happening to me - everything's fallen

apart". Susan sat there not saying a word.

"I haven't had time yet to get copies and haven't got any car keys at all

now. It will take day's to get another set from the manufacturer. What on

earth am I going to do now" he moaned.

"You could just get a taxi you know. The only thing is that you'll also

have to get a taxi back home tomorrow evening and, by then, you'll be in

drag" said Susan enjoying his discomfort.

"No, no - I can't do that. If I go by taxi then I'll have to go back to my

flat through the front entrance - the porter will be bound to see me" he

said as his panic rose.

"Look calm down a little Colin - maybe I can help - I've got a suggestion

to make" she said reeling him in bit by bit.


It was 6:00pm by the time they had set off to Susan's home. It only took an

hour to get there and Susan was the genial host as she entered the house

and, pointing to a door in the far corner of her living room, said "put

your things in there, Colin, and make yourself comfortable - I'll put on

something to eat while you freshen yourself up".

She had suggested to Colin that he spend the night at her house and she

could drive him in first thing tomorrow taking some of the pressure off of

himself. It would also allow Colin to try on some of the clothes she was

going to bring in for him for the R & R event and see what he felt most

comfortable in saving him a lot of time tomorrow. At first Colin appeared

hesitant but he had to admit that it would get him out of the hole he

seemed to have dug for himself.

She took a pre-cooked pack of chilli out of the freezer and put on the hot

plate to boil some rice. "Chilli Con Carne OK for you ?" she called out.

"It's some I froze last week and it's very good!".

"Yeah, OK , that'll do fine. I think I'd like to take a shower first

though" Colin replied.

"Oh, don't bother with that now - I'll help you get prepared later, you'll

most probably need a shower then anyway" she replied.

"Prepared, prepared for what ?" he called out.

"Oh Colin, you HAVE got such a short memory - no wonder you get yourself in

these scrapes! I meant getting prepared for getting dressed up - remember,

you were going to find and try out a costume for tomorrow".

"Oh yeah - right" Colin said a little awkwardly - he really wasn't looking

forward to this at all.

Susan defrosted the chilli and they enjoyed a reasonable meal together

along with a bottle of red wine. By the time they had finished the bottle

Colin had started to relax a little.

"You know Sue, I'm really very grateful for this - I wouldn't have expected

you to put yourself out for me like this. I would have been in trouble if

it wasn't for you".

"Not at all Colin, not at all. I know that we are rivals for the board

vacancy but I will feel much happier if I succeed on my own merits, I

wouldn't want to take that position due to you making an unplanned mistake"

she said a little ambiguously.

"Anyway, we've spent long enough over this, time is getting on now and

we've got to get you sorted out for tomorrow. I'll go and get a selection

of my daughter's clothes while you get yourself prepared. Go and take a

shower - you'll find some shower gel already in there. Make sure that you

wash all over with it, it's quite invigorating if you leave it on for a

minute or so. Don't get dressed when you've finished - you'll find a

bathrobe hanging up behind the door".

Colin thought Susan's advice was strange but thought he would try it anyway

- he could certainly do with washing away the grime from the city.

He went to his bedroom, removed his clothes, and then went to the bathroom

and straight into the shower cubicle. He saw what must be the shower gel on

the shower rack and slowly lathered it all over his body enjoying the rich

pine scent. "This certainly is invigorating" he thought as the gel tingled

all over his body. He continued working the gel into his hair where the

tingling continued - "this certainly feels good" he thought as he left it

for five minutes.

As he started to rinse off the gel he felt clumps of hair come away in his

hands. He stared down in shock as all of his hair ended up, with the

remainder of his body hair, on the shower floor. He stepped quickly out of

the shower and rubbed down the steamed up mirror - he was totally bald -

every hair on his head had disappeared, including his beard.

"Shit, shit, shit" he said as he stared down at his perfectly smooth body.

Everything had gone ! The hair on his arms, legs, chest - even his pubic

hairs. "What the hell's happened" he screamed in panic as he made for the

bathroom door stark naked.

On hearing his screams Susan came running. She fought hard to stifle her

laughter at the sight of the naked man leaving her bathroom. This was going

like a dream!

"Colin, whatever have you done to yourself. Well I'm impressed at your

dedication to making your costume look authentic - this will certainly help

you pass" she said looking at his smooth body as he just stared

dumbfounded. "You had better put the bathrobe on, or do you intend to stay

like that?"

He stopped when he realised what he must look like and ran back into the

bathroom to put on Susan's pink bathrobe. He left the bathroom without

looking at himself any further which was just as well - with his lack of

hair and a pink bathrobe he almost looked like a giant baby girl.

"Wh ... what was that stuff I showered with - look what it's done to me" he


Susan walked into the bathroom and picked up the pot of gel that Colin had

used as she had known he would!

"Oh no, you didn't use this one did you" she said holding out the pot to


"Well yes, I thought you said to use the shower gel in here" he replied


"Yes I did - I did say use the shower gel" she said walking over to the

bathroom cabinet and taking out the real shower gel where it had been left

out of sight.

"Then what's that then - what's in that jar ?" he said desperately pointing

to the pot in her hand.

"Well come and sit down for a moment - I don't know quite how to tell you"

she said as Colin's heart sunk - this did not sound like good news. "What

you've used was a trial jar of depilatory gel I've been beta testing for a

friend who works at a pharmaceutical laboratory. It's strictly to be used

sparingly on parts of the body where you don't want any hair at all - if

put on too lavishly the effects can be permanent" she said trying to stop

giggling at his look of horror. She held up a leg and ran a finger along

it, "look at this - I used the gel on my legs six weeks ago and they're

still as smooth as a baby's bottom - it's really great stuff".

"My God - what am I going to do" Colin said in a daze. He was absolutely

dumbfounded and looked in a total daze.

"Oh don't take on so - we'll sort something out. Come on then, there's no

good crying over spilt milk - there's nothing you can do about it now - rub

this cream on you, we don't want you getting a rash and then we can go and

see if any of Carol's clothes fit you" she said handing a bottle of peach

smelling lotion. This was all going so well.


Colin's mind was in turmoil. He had rubbed the lotion into his body and

that had soothed the last remains of the tingling sensation he lad

experienced. The only trouble was the smell of peach it had left - it was

very strong and gave him a feminine aroma.

He walked into what had been Carol's bedroom to see an array of clothes

spread out of the large single bed. He couldn't believe the variety that

was available to him.

"Well what do you think Colin, I think that there's bound to be something

here that will appeal to you. What would you like to try first ?" she said

pointing to the bed.

Colin had a buzzing in his ears. He found it hard to concentrate and

stammered "L ... look, there is nothing whatsoever here that will APPEAL to

me. I do not like this situation at all. I don't know what to do" he said

staring at the bed. There was everything a young girl could wish for from

frothy and floaty dresses, smart business suits and blouses, to jeans and

slacks. There was even women's UNDERWEAR. He couldn't be expected to

wear these as well surely!

"I suggest starting from the bottom and working your way up" Susan said as

she held out a white lacy pair of panties and a matching bra.

"You cannot be serious - why on earth should I have to wear these" he said


"A girl will always feel more attractive and confident with a decent set of

underwear on. Here put them on, it will help you get into the feel of

things" she said refusing to take no for an answer.

"Yes well I'm not a girl am I and I won't wear them" he whined almost

sounding like a petulant child.

This delighted Susan. She certainly knew how to handle petulant children

having a number of nephews and nieces. She gave him a playful slap on his

rear and started to pull off his robe.

"Oh come on for goodness sake, we haven't got all night. If you're not even

going to take this seriously then I'll call a taxi and you can go home now.

I'm not putting myself to all this trouble to help you if this is going to

be your attitude" she said in mock indignation.

Colin felt foolish and took the bra and panty set to help cover his modesty

as the robe fell to the ground. He pulled the panties on quick and shivered

slightly at the way they hugged his hairless crotch. He even managed to put

the bra on first time without difficulty much to his embarrassment and

Susan's amusement.

"You managed that easily Colin" she said, "one would almost think you've

done this before" she said raising an eyebrow and enjoying his squirming.

With his bald head, hairless body and standing there in girls underwear it

would have been easy to imagine Colin as a female mannequin if only he had

something to fill the bra cups. To his surprise that came next.

Susan left the room for a minute and Colin looked at himself and wondered

what could be next. He had lost control of the situation and was being

carried along on a tide of Susan's helpfulness whether he wanted it or not.

He had just started to think that it was time to start asserting his

masculinity when Susan walked back into the room holding two round, what

appeared to be, bags.

"Here. lets put these in here" she said while inserting two balloons filled

with wallpaper paste into his (!) bra cups. He just stood there and let

her, all fleeting thoughts of rebellion gone.

They felt cold at first but Susan reassured him that they would become more

comfortable once his natural body heat had warmed them.

He moved around a little and felt them wobbling both with, and against,

his body.

The next thing he knew Susan had started to pull a dress over his head when

he finally snapped, "No, no - stop this. I am NOT putting on a dress for

anything whether it means I lose my job or what!" he stated defiantly as

everything but his pure male instinct fled from him.

"Fine, OK fine then - you just get on with it 'cause I've had just about

enough of this. I invited you round here tonight as an act of charity and

this is all the thanks I get !" she shouted as she walked out of the

bedroom and slammed the door shut.

Colin just stood there - he didn't know what to do!

He felt very uncomfortable with wearing these clothes and the sight of his

hairless and slender body caused a shiver to run down his spine. The

problem for him was that he really didn't look that bad. Apart from the

lack of and hips and backside he didn't look like a man at all. It was this

fact that upset him as much as anything.

He sat down, with all this girlie paraphernalia around him, and thought


If he didn't go through with this then he would lose all chances at

promotion - if he did then he would mentally have to lay a few ghosts of

his past and re-build both his self-image and that which he presented to

the world.

There was really no contest, besides, it would all be over tomorrow! He was

tough enough to get through this not only intact but better placed, he told

himself. The trouble was, every time he looked in the mirror at his bra and

panty clad reflection the image slowly chipped away at this confidence.


He finally called Susan back in the room and they continued, for another

two hours, trying on various combinations of Carol's clothes until they

were reasonably happy that Colin's body could pass as a female. This was

finally achieved by Colin managing to fit into a white basque that pulled

in what waist he had and shaped him somewhat. It gave the illusion of slim

hips and raised his buttocks to give him a slight, but convincing female


He had still refused to wear either a dress or a skirt but fitted into

feminine off-white blouse and a skin-tight pair of slacks. He had managed

to fit into a pair of Carol's 2" heeled white sandals which surprised him -

he had thought that his feet would be too delicate to fit into girl's shoes

-he was wrong!

He had relented and let Susan apply make-up to his smooth face - the

removal of his beard had left his skin baby soft - and when he was

finished Susan turned him around to face himself in the full length mirror.

Colin's - it was Colin wasn't it! - jaw dropped. He could not believe the

vision of femininity that was staring at him and the fact that this vision

moved as he moved! The slim graceful neck, the slender and frail looking

shoulders, the slim and sexy legs - the shape clearly visible through the

skin-tight slacks - enhanced by the heels.

He looked all girl !

His legs started to buckle as Susan moved behind him and put on some silver

dangly clip-on earrings and an auburn coloured, page boy style, wig to

complete the illusion. This final act of emasculation nearly caused him to


"Oh my God" he said aghast forgetting where he was for a moment, "I look

just like my sister" he said as all his past insecurities about his build

and size came flooding back to haunt him. He had fought so hard,

literally, to maintain his masculinity and to stand his own against any

man. This image before him belied all those years of hard work and had

reduced him to looking like what he had always subconsciously feared he

should have really been - the fourth sister.

In the past he had refused to acknowledge that his build was more girl than

boy - the reflection in the mirror had brought this to the surface.

Susan smiled sweetly as she saw Colin's reaction to this transformation -

she had done a splendid job and was now ready to press home her advantage.

"Why Colin, you look absolutely gorgeous. Any man would be proud to have a

babe like you on his arm".

She saw Colin's flustered look and continued to twist the knife.

"I never really expected you to be so convincing - you know, you really

should have been a girl - it's seems such a waste to have such a sexy body

like yours on a man. I bet your own Mother wouldn't know you".

"She's wrong there" thought Colin, in a moment of lucidity, "she would

recognise me easily, I look just like Amy" he thought referring to his

youngest sister.

Susan continued "it's a shame we've got to get up so early tomorrow, we

could have gone clubbing".

"There is absolutely no way I'm leaving this flat like this - I'm getting

out of this" he said as he started to remove his attire. He had needed

Susan's help in removing the basque -he couldn't undo the small eyelet's

than ran all the way down the back on his own. "How on earth do girls

manage" he thought wondrously.

"Well at least we've got you sorted for tomorrow now - you looked

absolutely stunning" Susan said in mock admiration. "Come on, let's have a

night-cap - it's getting late and we need our beauty sleep".

Colin didn't like this conspirital line of banter at - she was talking to

him like he was another female!

He followed her into the kitchen and drank eagerly at the large whiskey

Susan poured him. He idly wondered what brand it was as he yawned - it

tasted rather bitter.


Susan held Colin by his elbow and, pulling him up, said "come on now Colin,

big day ahead tomorrow - you've got to go to bed now" and led him into the

bedroom. She could tell that he was struggling to keep awake now as he

slurred "go to bed ... got to go to bed" as staggered into the bedroom. She

removed the pink bathrobe that he had put on after changing out of Carol's

clothes and tucked him up comfortably under the duvet.

She left the room and waited five minutes to ensure that he was fast

asleep. The strong tranquilliser she had mixed in with his wine should be

enough to keep anyone out for a while! She returned carrying a portable

stereo with auto reverse facilities and fixed a set of headphones over his

ears. "Thanks Hilary - I owe you" she said to herself as the next piece of

the jigsaw fell into place.

For the remainder of the night Colin would listen to subliminal messages

that would bury deep within his psyche and would shape and mould his

behaviour over the coming weeks.

Day Three

Colin woke the next morning feeling refreshed and quite cheerful. He could

see the sun trying to creep round the curtains and could smell freshly

brewed coffee outside. He thought that this must have been the best night's

sleep he'd had in a long time and felt ready to tackle the world.

He walked over to the mirror to examine himself, remembering last night,

and was still mildly shocked to see a hairless face peering back at him.

"Oh God, how I am going to face the office today looking like this" he said

to himself as he rubbed his hand over his smooth pate. He still couldn't

get over how child like his face appeared without his beard, quite feminine

in fact, and was a little perturbed to discover the total lack of a five

o'clock shadow. He hoped and prayed that all his hair would return soon as

he looked down to see an equally hairless groin.

"God, that bitch friend of Sue's is going to clean up with that depiloraty

gel" he said as he cupped his hand around his testicles marvelling at their


With his investigations over he decided to follow his nose and, slipping on

the pink bathrobe, walked out to the kitchen to get a cup of much needed

Java. Pouring himself a cup from the coffee pot he sat down and, sipping it

slowly, savoured it's taste. He wasn't yet aware that sipping coffee was a

new habit for him, he usually gulped it down quickly as he always had too

much too do! He was also unaware that he was sitting with one leg draped

over the other and bent at the knee.

He had never felt so relaxed and good about himself.

He could hear the shower running from Sue's room and this snapped him out

of his reverie. He suddenly remembered the presentation and today's agenda

and in a panic ran back into the bedroom to find his watch.

His eyes nearly shot out of his head as saw the time and ran back into the

kitchen shouting "Sue, Sue - have you seen the time - it's almost ten

o'clock!" he said in blind panic as he could see his career disappearing

before his very eyes.

"Relax a little Col, I can have you in the office in just over an hour.

You'll have plenty of time for all that you'll need to do" she said with a

smirk on her face that Colin missed completely as she turned away.

"B ... but I've got the presentation to finish - I'll never get it done

now! What am I going to do?" he stuttered.

"It's all sorted so just calm down" she said in a patronising (matronising

!) tone. "I rang the office and spoke to John - he's finishing the

presentation as we speak and has already organised a dry run for this

afternoon for the whole team. I gave you some good advice yesterday,

delegate - learn to delegate. You'll be burnt out in a year if you carry on

trying to do everything yourself. You've got a good team - it can cause

resentment if you don't trust them".

"Finish your coffee and have some toast. We can get your things ready for

later and then drive in".

He rubbed his hand over his smooth head again and said "What am I going to

do about my hair - I can't have everyone see me like this, I'll be a

laughing stock".

"We can worry about that when we get there. If we go to the office through

the car park then nobody will be able to see you" she said decisively as

she left the room to get dressed.

She came out of the bedroom twenty minutes later and appeared her usual

businesslike self. She held out a large holdall to Colin and told him to

carry it to her car.


They arrived at the car park approximately thirty minutes later and went

through the rear entrance to the executive offices. As they entered Susan's

office, he still didn't want anyone to see him until he had arranged some

covering for his head, Colin looked up at the clock.

"Oh my God!" he yelled, "how the hell has this happened, it's nearly half

past one! There must be something wrong with the clocks in your house -

it's at least an hour later than what we had planned. I must have missed

the dry run of the presentation by now!" he said despairingly.

Susan smiled. "I guess there must be - still there's nothing we can do

about it now - I'll check how it went for you if you like" she said as she

went to pick up the phone.

"That's not the point" Colin wailed, "I'm supposed to be presenting this to

Shikano's and I'll have to do it without a rehearsal. I don't like that,

it's not my style".

"Well I think I know exactly what your style is Colin, and also what it's

going to be" Susan stated as Colin looked a little puzzled at her choice of


She spoke into the phone and, after hanging up, came back to Colin. "John

has managed to lead the dry run through and it went very well apparently".

"Huh - John would say that wouldn't he" Colin snorted in irritation.

"No that wasn't John, that was the MD I just talked to. He sat through it

and was most impressed at John's performance. You should be very pleased

that your team can cover and manage without you leading everything all the

time" Susan said smugly.

"Anyway, don't you worry about it Colin, I am sure that the presentation

will go very well and there is nothing more that you can do about it now

so we might as well spend the afternoon getting you ready for this evenings

event - I am sure that John has everything under control and it will take

us a couple of hours - at least - to make you presentable. A girl's got to

look to make an effort if she is going to make an impact" Susan said as she

started to lead a confused Colin to the executive suite.

She pulled him back quickly for a second. "Oh I nearly forgot" she said

handing him some documents, "I need your signature on the bottom of these

to wind up the accruals and to authorise your teams bonuses. He signed them

without a second glance and Susan led him to the executive suite.

He was beginning to feel like everything was running away from him. He mind

was in a whirl as a new sense of insecurity started to take root as he

worried about his position being undermined by John and the fact that he

seemed, ever since last night, to be taken along on a tide of events that

seemed to be beyond his control.

Colin felt strange as he entered the Ladie's Executive restroom. He felt a

little guilty, and also like an interloper, and he was amazed at how clean

and fresh everything looked.

"Why do we need to start this so early - I don't need to be ready until

this evening and why are you referring to me a 'a girl' and what are you

talking about making an impact?" he babbled nervously as he felt a deep

shiver run down the length of his spine.

"Oh don't you like worrying about everything! Just relax a little and let

me deal with it all. I would have thought that you, being such a ladies

man, would understand just how long a girl takes to get ready for a night

out - maybe this will prove just how much of a ladies man you really are"

she said to a perplexed Colin. "Besides, I do have to get ready myself and

I can't arrange for both you and me to get prepared at the same time".

"But what will I do the rest of the time - I have so much work to do and I

can't go back out into the office dressed like a girl" he said.

"Let's just get you ready for now. If it'll make you feel better I am sure

that you can cover some work - I'll arrange it for you so that you won't

feel you're wasting your time. Now start getting undressed" she said

walking into a cubicle to relieve herself.

He started unbuttoning his shirt and, removing it, hung it in a hanger on

the wall. He could hear the toilet flushing in Susan's cubicle as he

removed his trousers and socks and was left standing in his boxer shorts as

Susan walked out to wash her hands.

He felt so embarrassed as Susan dried her hands and looking over to him

said "Well that's a good start, now remove those shorts and we can get

started on you".

Colin hesitated for a moment. He saw Susan look towards him and thought

"I'd better do this before she starts on at me again" feeling totally

intimidated and almost like a little boy again.

It amazed Susan that Colin was going along with this so easily. True, she

had hardly given him time to protest as she led him from one feminine

addition to another but it had still surprised her that this pushy and

cocky sales manager would let her do this to him.

"Thank's Hilary" she acknowledged once again.

Susan smiled wryly as she saw him remove his shorts - she couldn't believe

he was doing this - the tapes, that had been designed to make the listener

submissive, had obviously been working their magic. He was following her

lead without realising it! This was wonderful !

She went to a room at the back and wheeled in a padded trolley.

"Now Colin" she said leading him towards it - it was hard to resist when

you were standing there naked - "lie down here and wait for a moment"

He did as he was told and just as his mind again started concentrating on

his predicament he felt a pair of hands start to rub his back. This caused

him to jump slightly.

"Susan ... Susan, what's going on - what's going on now" he said


"It's all right Colin, I've arranged a little treat for you - a little

something to help you relax" he heard her voice say. The strange thing was

her voice seemed to be coming from in front of him.

He looked up to see her standing there although he could still feel the

hands working his shoulders. He couldn't turn his head around enough to see

who was doing this to him and said nervously "Who ... what ... I thought

that nobody else was supposed to know about this - what will everyone say".

"Relax Colin", she said "this is Hilary, a good friend of mine who has your

best interests at heart - she would do nothing that I wouldn't. I have

arranged this to help relax you and loosen you up a bit. You've had such a

hard and tense time recently that I thought a massage and some aromatherapy

would do wonders for you and help ease you into tonight's role". Oh!" she

sounded excited, "you are going to be so convincing you can't imagine!".

Colin's head slumped back down as the strong and gentle hands kneaded into

his shoulders and around his back. He hadn't realised how stiff and tensed

up he had become as the kneading and pulling caused all of his tension and

resistance to leave him.

"Mmmm, this is good" he thought as he felt his buttocks receiving the same

treatment and felt himself being turned over. He also noticed a powerful

and sweet, but pungent, smell assail his nostrils and assumed that this was

the aromatherapy stuff that Susan referred to. He couldn't see anything due

to the eye mask that Hilary had put on him, "for your own protection" she

had said. He also felt the soft and hypnotic music from the earphones she

had put on him insinuate itself into his subconcious - "to help ease your

mind and achieve total relaxation" she had said as he slipped into an

almost trance like state. "Strange" he thought, "I could swear I can hear

voices" but couldn't make out anything tangible.

Along with the massage, the music was having a hypnotic effect on him and

he found himself responding to Hilary's commands to lift an arm, spread a

leg or whatever without a thought. He hadn't even realised that he

shouldn't be able to hear her voice over the soft music and in fact it was

coming from the tape.

It actually took him a full minute to realise that Hilary had moved her

hands down to his groin now and was sensually massaging his cock to the

point of climax. He was beyond the ability to control himself as he heard a

subliminal voice tell him to cum.

This he did in a beautifully prolonged and explosive orgasm that seemed to

spread throughout his whole body - he had never experienced anything like

this before ! He drifted into a blissful sleep as a post orgasmic bliss

overtook him.


It was one and a half hours later when Colin was called awake by a soft

voice. It seemed almost heavenly and he came fully awake feeling great in

himself. "That massage Susan suggested was amazing, she was right - I feel

so much better in myself" he thought as he sat up to take in his

surroundings. He was on his own and still completely naked apart from a

strange G-string device that pushed his cock and balls out of sight between

his legs. It never even occurred to him that this felt strange.

He got off up from the table to walk over to the mirror in the washroom and

licked his lips tasting, what he knew to be from last night, lipstick. Even

this didn't phase him as he examined himself.

He looked in the mirror to see a beautiful young woman whose face moved in

time to his own movements as he moved his head to examine his profile.

Susan had worked her magic and it was impossible to see Colin within this

vision of beauty. He had everything on - foundation, eye liner and shadow,

mascara lip gloss - the works. His hands now sported plum red fingernails

with matching toenails and the only thing that looked incongruous were the

lack of breasts, hair and his male genitals. He tugged at the earrings that

dangled from his ears and looked for the clasp so he could unclip them.

As he tugged he realised there was no clasp. Closer examination showed

there to be small holes where the earrings had been threaded through. He

gasped as he realised his ears had been pierced and the two inch long

earrings didn't appear to have anything which would allow him to remove

them - it was almost as if they had been welded!

His normal senses started to return to him as a sense of panic snapped him

out of the trance like acceptance of his condition. He looked at his hands

to see long nails covered in a plum coloured varnish. the nails seemed to

be a part of him. He looked down past his flat chest to see similarly

attired toenails.

"What have they done to me - what have I let them do to me" he almost cried

in desperation. "I never wanted to go this far, what will everyone think

tomorrow when this is all over" he wailed as he looked at the permanent

disfigurement that had been made in his earlobes.

"Ah ! Emma, I'm glad you're awake I was just coming to wake you. We are

going to need you soon and we've got to finish preparing you - how do you

find yourself?" she asked watching him examine himself in the mirror.

"I ... I don't find myself at all" he said in a trembling voice. He

suddenly realised that he had responded to the name of Emma without

thinking and it hadn't felt strange to do so!

"Why are you calling me Emma" he asked plaintively.

Just then Hilary walked in holding Colin's new clothes and Susan led him

back to the restroom and started to put on the basque he wore last night

leaving it undone around his smooth chest.

"Well you don't much look like a Colin to me and I've always liked the name

Emma so that's who you are when you're dressed like a girl" she said


Colin was confused as this sounded like a longer term arrangement or was he

just mis-interpreting her words?

Hilary applied some substance to his chest and told him to look to the

ceiling. He did so immediately without delay and wondered why he was going

along with all of this - he seemed to follow every suggestion without


All of a sudden he felt something being pressed to his chest and looked

down to see two very realistic and flesh coloured breast forms hanging from

his chest. Susan pulled the basque up to cover them and he felt an

immediate lessening of the unfamiliar weight as the support the basque

provided took effect.

"There, now that won't take more than a couple of minutes until they set

properly now lift up your leg" Susan said as she sat him down on the table

and raised Colin's left leg.

She started to unroll a sheer black stocking over his leg and, as she

attached it to clasps on the bottom of the basque, she saw him shudder at

the sheer sensuous pleasure it gave him. She repeated this with his second

leg and she looked at him with admiration. He really did make quite a

fetching girl with the shaping his basque and breastforms gave him.

While she was doing this Hilary applied some more lotion to his head and

quickly attached, before the lotion set, the same page-boy style wig he had

worn yesterday.

The speed of his transformation left Colin stunned as he was led to a full

length mirror. He stared at himself, although it was getting hard to think

of this creature as a him, and saw his reflection move it's hands to his

false breasts. He tried to move them to see if they would come loose and

was horrified as he felt his own chest skin pulling with the movement. They

were stuck fast !

His hand went to his head and he tried to raise the wig only to find this

stuck fast also.

With his smooth crotch and shaped waist and hips he looked totally female -

more than he could possibly have imagined this time yesterday when Susan

first suggested this!

"Tell me, Susan, that this will all come off easily?" he questioned with

more than a hint of desperation. "How am I going to get by tomorrow looking

like this?".

"Come with me Emma" she said leading back to the table, "and let's just

finish you off" she said as she held out a mid-thigh length dog-tooth check

skirt for him to step into. He did so with barely a whimper. A tight and

stretchy ribbed beige top and a pair of 2" slingback sandals finished off

his costume. "You will get by just fine".

"Now I've just been called back to the office - you wait here and I'll find

out what for".

As Susan left the room Colin returned to the mirror. He looked every inch

the attractive young female and, as he turned to the left and the right to

get a good look at this profile, found he was quite aroused at the sight of

himself. He looked just like the type of girl he would have made a play


Strangest of all was the feeling of vulnerability that Colin felt as he

tottered about on his heels. He had never imagined that he would find

himself feeling so helpless and vulnerable - after all, he had spent all of

his life creating a strong and tough image to compensate for his lack of

stature. Even stranger was the hidden thought that there was an element of

this that he quite liked, he found that letting others make these decisions

for him was a relief from having to do everything himself.

Susan came back into the restroom to see Colin in deep thought. She smiled

to herself knowing that the subliminal messages that had been played to

Colin in his sleep last night, and also during his massage, were taking

hold. She was starting to disassemble him bit by bit. Soon it would be time

to rebuild him or, by that time, her.

Now was the time to prepare the next killer blow.

"Right Emma, sit down in that chair - I need your help".

Colin let her lead him to a chair in the corner and sat down - "God ! I'd

wish she'd stop calling me Emma, this is no longer funny" he thought as his

developed macho-ness rose, again, to the fore. This was to be short lived.

He hadn't realised that he was sitting with his knees together like any

other natural female would and that his right wrist was hanging rather


Susan sat down next to him and spoke authoritatively. "Now Colin, we have a

minor crisis outside in the main office. Our Shikano clients have arrived

today and are expecting to see the presentation in thirty minutes".

"What !!!!" Colin stood up looking a little ridiculous in his short skirt

and heels as he assumed a masculine pose. "B...b .... but who is ... . how

can I ... " he stuttered in blind panic. "I've got to get changed - I've

got to get ready" he said as he tried pulling his wig off. It didn't budge.

Susan grabbed him by his slender shoulders and pushed him back down onto

the chair.

"Now just shut up Emma - you are acting just like a hysterical woman" she

said as his eyes started to get all watery. "I have got it all sorted -

John will give the presentation and will be backed by Karen who has been

helping him prepare it. This could be a good opportunity for her - she has

been under utilised for a long time now and has been waiting for the chance

to impress".

"I don't understand" Colin said with his anger rising to the surface. "It

must be at least four o'clock now - why are they here today, they were

supposed to be coming tomorrow - it must be too late now - you'll never

have time to get changed for whatever costume you've got ready for this

evening" he stuttered in utter confusion.

Susan had been looking forward to this moment. This was where all her plans

and schemes finally paid off - she hoped Colin would react as she had


"Now I do not know where you get these ideas from - you must surely be

aware that the celebration event is tomorrow and always has been - and I

also don't need a costume. What ever gave you that idea - tomorrow is just

a celebratory meal? Anyway, it's only three o'clock. My office clock must

have been fast I suppose" she chuckled.

Colin looked stunned as she continued.

"You must have know that the presentation was for this afternoon surely.

Everybody has been working so hard on this - don't tell me you have been

concentrating on your own work so hard that you didn't realise" she asked

feigning puzzlement and enjoying every minute of his agony.

Colin felt he was going mad!

"B ... b ... but why have you got me all dressed up like this then ... .

.... unless" he said as the realisation hit him, "you have set me up for

this haven't you - you are trying to get me out of the way so you will get

the promotion I've worked so hard for".

Susan just smiled not giving him a direct answer. Time to twist the knife a

little further.

"Right then Colin, oops sorry I mean Emma !. I have got a little job that

I need you to do. Karen is going to be so busy helping John get ready in

these last few minutes, and also preparing herself, that I've offered to

lend her a temp to act as a team secretary for the visit. You know the

Japanese like to see a strong team working and they need somebody to take

minutes and record the actions".

Colin felt like somebody was walking over his grave as he feared the worst.

Susan continued, "You have two minutes to get your mind in shape Emma my

dear, I have told John and Karen you will be joining them to carry out

those duties at any minute. Now don't be too long, I believe they need some

tea and coffee prepared".

Colin was devastated. She was trying to ruin him - there was no way he was

going to go along with this!

"You must be joking, I'm not going to let you get away with this you crazy

bitch. There is no way I'm going to play at being some Girl Friday to the

likes of my own secretary !" he said looking very feminine as he stamped

his high heeled foot on the floor.

Susan smiled as she relished the end game that was approaching.

"No I'm not joking at all. Oh by the way, I've heard the MD is concerned

that you haven't shown today - this is a really key account for the company

and he's really pissed off at your none appearance. He's been asking

everyone if they've seen you. Would you like me to give him a message for

you - I can arrange for him to come and talk to you in here if you like?"

she said inquiringly, "or I could even take you outside" she said pulling

him towards the door easily as he struggled to maintain his balance.

While Colin was struggling Susan forced his mouth open and squirted a small

spray into it. Colin felt contractions and a general tightening feeling as

the spray made it's way down his throat.

Colin nearly collapsed from despair - he knew that she held all the cards

"No, no please don't do that. You know that will be the end of me if anyone

finds out about this. Wha ... what do you want me to do?" he said totally

defeated and further shocked at the high pitched soprano voice that came

from his mouth. She had even managed to change his voice - this was the

most devastating blow so far!

Susan had to bite her lip to stop herself cheering - she couldn't believe

it - she had him, she actually had him! She relished the continuation of

the hold on him that she now had both for today and also in the future -

she was going to have such fun with her Emma!.

"Right then Emma, now dry your eyes and make yourself presentable. If you

let Birchington's down or don't behave just like a good little secretary

then I will expose you for all your superiors and colleagues to see. Now

take this" she said pushing a handbag onto him, "report to Karen and go and

make the refreshments - we have a busy and important afternoon ahead of us.

And if you don't behave yourself then I will not let you have the antidote

to neutralise the coating that I've given to your vocal chords. It would

take an operation and laser surgery to remove it otherwise.

"Who else knows about this - do Karen and John know?" he asked as she led

him out of the restroom.

"No this is just our little secret. If you play your part well there is

never any need for them to know" she said as she led Colin out into the


Susan clapped her hands and called for attention. "Listen everybody" she

said as all heads turned towards her. "This is Emma. She has come here to

help out - I'd like everybody to make her feel at home".

She took 'Emma' to meet Karen who showed her where all the refreshments

were and let 'Emma' get to it.

Colin was nearly in tears as he contemplated his fate. He knew that this

would ruin any chances he had of a seat on the board. Without Colin, Susan

would be unoppposed. After today he would be lucky if he didn't get fired

- how on earth was he going to get out of this? God! he even sounded like

girl - there was no way he could hide that.

He took the drinks into the presentation room marvelling at the ease at

which he negotiated walking in these heels. He was even aware, for the

first time, that he was swinging his girlish hips in a very feminine

fashion without effort. How was he managing to look so feminine ?

The next thing he was aware of was of being introduced to the Japanese

clients as one of the team. He sat and watched John give HIS presentation

and felt totally humiliated when asked to take a note or to get further

refreshments. Worst of all was seeing Karen answering detailed questions

that he should have been answering and of giving him orders - how would he

ever recover from this !

At the end of the meeting the clients were shown out and Colin was asked to

leave the presentation room while the team, including the MD and Susan,

held a post mortem on the afternoons proceedings.

He had to sit outside at Karen's desk and watch them congratulating them

selves on a good performance - it was obvious they thought they had been


When this had finished Susan came over to Colin and took him back into the

Executive restroom. "Well Emma, you did a good job there, I'm very pleased

with you". Colin felt relieved, maybe he could end this awful situation!

Susan continued "Karen has asked if she could borrow you to substitute for

her. Apparently the MD was most impressed with her and has offered her

promotion as John's assistant.

John's assistant ! There was no position as John's assistant ? That could

only mean !!!

Susan continued "All the indications are that we have won the contract and

the MD was so impressed with John that he has promoted him to your old

position once he has seen you to ascertain you explanation of why you

weren't here".

"My old position !" Colin said aloud this time.

"Yes - I told the MD that you were likely to resign as you had been so

unhappy that he hadn't made up his mind about the board vacancy and that I

thought you had been looking for a new job" Susan said smiling as she

brought out a sheet of paper. "Oh, and by the way, you signed a resignation

statement earlier today" she said showing one of the documents she had put

in front of him earlier when he had signed that batch of papers.

He couldn't believe his eyes as he saw his signature on the bottom of the

statement. It must have been one of the documents that she had asked him to

sign before she had got him ready. He had been in such a state of confusion

at the time that he never read the contents. What a mistake that had proven

to be! He couldn't recall how many other papers he had signed and wondered

what was going to happen next.

He tried to regain some ground.

"OK so you've tricked me into resigning and you'll get the job that I

wanted but there is no way that I am coming back her tomorrow to be that

bimbo's secretary - I have some dignity left!" he stated firmly.

"Quite honestly, Emma my dear, I do not think you are in any position to

refuse anything" she said as she showed him an additional document that he

had signed at the same time as the original.

"This one here shows you confirming that all the finance statements for

your team balance out. Well I can tell you sweetheart that they are about

£60k short. If this is shown to the authorities then I think you may be

looking at a custodial sentence for fraud.

Colin could feel the noose tightening. He screamed at her "You bitch, you

evil evil bitch" in a high pitched girlish squeal that reminded him that

she was the only one who could cure this affliction without expensive

surgery. God knows how he could afford that now after losing his job! The

only choice he had was to go along with this for tomorrow. Maybe he had

better calm down a little!

As she stared at him he composed himself the best he could. "Look, I'm

sorry - I didn't mean to blow up like that. I'll do what you want tomorrow"

he said.

"I'll show you that I'm not all bad - here, take this £20 and get a taxi

home. Oh, and by the way, you had better take this bag - it contains a

change of clothes" she said handing him the holdall he had helped her bring

in earlier - it seemed a lifetime ago!


He returned home and eventually slept a dream filled night. His dreams took

him back to his childhood and he relived some of the pivotal moments from

his life, usually those where he had ended up in fights attempting to prove

how tough he was. This time the dreams were different - he seemed to be an

onlooker who was viewing the scene from another perspective.

He was very upset at first to see the suffering he initially went through

until he was left alone by the bully's. He saw scene after scene of him

getting beaten up and, after the third or fourth beating, he started to

become detached from this boy's suffering. He was quite glad that he wasn't

that boy and also that he was safe from all of this male posturing that he

was observing.

Throughout this he had felt almost disembodied. As his last dream came to a

close he was able to look down at himself. He was disturbed to see long

auburn hair cascading down past his shoulders and felt the cool air

whispering around his legs as he ran into the school toilets to see who he

was. He found a mirror in the girls toilets, after initially being thrown

out of the boys that he originally went to, and despite this surreal

environment was not surprised when he saw a ten year old girl peering back

at him with a look of surprise on her face.

As the dream finally faded he realised that it was nobody that he

recognised but held a very close resemblance to his sisters.

He finally awoke feeling very uneasy but also less stressed than he had


Day Four

The next day was every bit the ordeal he had anticipated, he had toyed with

the idea of refusing to go in today and showing Susan that he wouldn't be

dominated but one movement from the breast forms that swung free as he rose

brought home his reality very quickly. He had managed to get the basque off

somehow last night and this was the first time he had not enjoyed any form

of support for them.

He walked over to the mirror and, as he examined his reflection, he

realised he still looked very girlish if he could manage to ignore the

hard-on that he was rapidly developing. His face still felt extremely

smooth, no need to shave at all, and his auburn hair was still firmly

attached to his head. His earrings were still attached - he wouldn't be

able to remove these by his own devices - and when he tested his voice he

still heard the smooth womanly high pitched soprano tone he had been given

yesterday. He was really stuck like this until Susan set him free - he

would just have to do what she said for the time being.

It was a good job that he had woken early - he found that preparing himself

to look like a convincing female without Susan's help, was harder than he

had anticipated.

He had managed, after performing contortions his body was never designed

for, to get the basque back on and immediately gave a sigh of relief as the

weight from his breasts eased. He found a clean pair of stockings in the

holdall, as he emptied the bag on top of his bed, and rolled them up his

silky smooth legs. As with the basque, this was a real challenge to him -

his long finger nails got in the way of everything.

He also found a sleeveless yellow shift dress that highlighted his auburn

hair perfectly. He knew that he would have to wear it if Susan had given it

to him - she certainly hadn't included any trousers in the holdall!

Before slipping it on he attempted to put some make-up on and made a real

hash of it. His first attempt made him look like a cheap tart and his

second like a drunk starlet. He finally managed to achieve an acceptable

face by developing an understated look which was perfect for an office


After brushing his hair - how strange this felt - he set off to catch the

tube to the office. He hadn't got a new set of keys sorted for his car yet

and it was still in the office car park, besides, he did not fancy driving

in heels just yet. This proved to be a new experience for him as, despite

taking the tube countless times, he had never ridden a packed tube train as

a female before.

He hadn't realised how intimidating such an everyday task might be for a

girl. As was usual, the train was packed and he had to stand, nobody gave

up a seat for him - equality had taken women a long way ! He found from his

new perspective that men would seem to take every opportunity to press

against him and he had felt, at least twice in the ten stops he rode, what

felt like an erect penis pushing against his rear.

On finally making it into the office he was given a set of menial tasks to

perform by Karen who seemed to be taking to her new position like a duck to

water. His humiliation found new depths as he could see Susan smiling

whenever she went past his new position outside of his old office.

He also found a new sense of shame and self revelation following a visit to

the ladies toilet. By mid-morning the combination of coffee and nerves

meant that he had needed to go pretty badly and he took himself off to the


The general office toilet was nowhere near as plush as the executive

version and Colin found a cubicle and raised the skirt of his dress and

lowered his panties. After relieving himself, and securing his cock back

between his legs, he went back outside to see Karen touching up her

make-up. On seeing 'Emma' standing beside her washing her hands she said

"Hi Emma, how are you finding it here them".

"Oh fine, just fine" Colin replied still a little startled at the sound of

his voice. "I hear that you just got promoted - you must be doing very well

for yourself".

"Yes, well I was a secretary in your position until yesterday when my boss

failed to turn up for work on one of the most important days ever for

Birchington's. The MD was furious and John, my bosses stand in, and I had

to do the key presentation as you saw. Apparently the MD fired him by proxy

and promoted both John and I as it looked like we had won the contract.

This was confirmed this morning" Colin's heart sank as he realised the

world went on without him!

"What was he like, your old boss" Colin asked and then wished he hadn't.

"Well actually he was a bit if a bastard. He wasn't very manly and seemed

to want to compensate for this by being pushy and brash. It got him some

success with some of the girls but I found it a big turn-off. Everything I

seemed to do was completely taken for granted and my career was going

nowhere fast. No, I'm pleased to see the back of him. He was not popular

around here and everyone's spirits seem to have risen as a result of his


Colin was shattered as he dried his hands, gave Karen a false smile, and

returned to his desk. He finished a stack of filing and was starting to get

hungry when Susan came out into the main office and called out "Listen here

everyone - I want all of John's team to meet in the boardroom in ten

minutes - I've got some good news for you" she said as people started

chattering and speculating as to what this could be.

She walked over to Karen and said "Oh, I would also like Emma here to come

along. She needs to hear this too. How is she managing now".

"Not too bad, a little subdued but I've been grateful for the help she's

provided and will miss her next week" Karen said.

"Well maybe there's no need for that - if you think she'll shape up you can

employ her permanently - don't tell her yet, I want to surprise her at the


They all assembled in the boardroom, a rare event for them, and they were

excited. Susan called the meeting to order.

"OK now everyone, listen closely. Congratulations, I know you have already

heard that we have won the Shikano's account and very well done. Shikano's

were delighted at the way we espouse team working and our non-gradist

management hierarchy. They want us to start work immediately and have

invited the team out to their main base in Dallas to spend a month in

developing the promotional campaigns - that is how they like to operate".

"All six of you here will be going at the end of next week so start making

preparations. I also want to make another announcement - Emma here is going

to be joining the team as the new permanent secretary. Karen and John will

need assistance and both are happy with her work to date. I'd like you to

welcome her aboard and start preparing for next week right away".

There was much excited murmuring as Colin took in the full impact of this

statement. He had assumed that his life would be returned to him after

today and he felt the blood pounding in his head as realised that he would

have to be Emma for an unspecified period of time. There was no way ! He

would tell Susan to fuck herself !

His eyes strayed to see Susan standing there and smiling at him. He saw her

lips move in a sort of haze and heard her say "Welcome aboard Emma" as

everything started spinning and he made his best move of the day - he



He came round lying on a table in, what he recognised, was the Executive

restroom. He looked up to see Susan standing over him and bathing his


"W ... what the hell do you think you are doing" he said angrily as his

heart pumped ten to the dozen. "What on earth makes you think that I'll go

along with this - you can't force me to take a job here - there is no way

I'm going to be staying like this" he indicated to his breasts "for one

more day".

"Emma, Emma my dear" Susan said patronisingly. "You have absolutely no

choice or say in the matter at all. Unless you have forgotten, I have in my

possession papers signed by yourself that prove you have been embezzling

the firms money and that means jail for you unless you do as I say" she

smiled like a cat who's got the cream.

"There are a few other little things. You will not be able to remove those

breasts, without my help, for some months. Your hair is not removable in

the same way and you now sport a lovely pair of feminine earrings. What

chance do you think you have of getting a job, or doing anything else, as a

man again. None at all I'd say - what do you think "Colin", and that will

be the last time you hear that name from me!".

Colin was completely defeated. He could see that everything she said was

true - he would have to go along with whatever she wanted. Oh, how had he

allowed himself to fall into this trap? For a few precious seconds he did

not know that the trap was getting tighter.

"OK, if I do along with this" he said still trying to maintain a modicum

of dignity, "how am I going to get to the States looking like this? My

passport show me as male and the picture will never tally - I'll never be

allowed in - you know how tough their immigration laws are" he said

thinking he had found a flaw in her plans.

"Now don't you worry your pretty little head about that dear" she said as

she pulled out a portfolio and removed some papers.

"Look at these - we have arranged a new passport that shows a more up to

date picture of you" she said as he looked at a new passport containing his

new face from yesterday. He hadn't been aware of anybody taking a picture -

it must have been whilst he slept through his massage and make-over.

"But I'm still registered as a male - this will look ridiculous! " he

stated in shock.

"It's OK Emma, don't fret" said Susan as she pulled out another document.

"I have a letter here from a psychologist friend of mine that states you

are a registered transsexual receiving treatment. We couldn't have a

passport that states that you are female - an physical examination at

immigration may have put paid to that charade instantly and you would have

been deported. This document states that you have been treated for this

condition for the last two years and will be enough to get you into the

country without problems".

Colin was flabbergasted at the lengths that Susan had gone too. She had

even threatened to expose him, and this document, to his colleagues and

family if he caused any problems. He couldn't believe that he was now

officially registered - yes she assured him it was completely official and

that historic documents proving this had been inserted in a file now

residing in Dr. Hilary Clark's office - as some sort of deviant pervert!

He had also hardly taken in the details when Susan showed him a further

document, witnessed by top lawyer Anne Lawrence and two witnesses, that

gave Susan power of attorney over all of his affairs. The implications of

this only sunk in when she had told him that she was selling his flat and

his car - there was no way that he would be able to afford his current

mortgage and car payments on a secretary's salary.

Not only had Susan stripped away his identity and his future, she had also

taken everything that he had earned and left him with nothing.

"Don't worry Emma, my daughter Carol will put you up in her spare room

until you can find something you can afford. I will give you an advance on

the money I'll get from the sale of your car so that you can get yourself a

new wardrobe. I've already had you old one destroyed while you have working

here today. I've also taken the liberty of coming with you tomorrow to help

you choose it - I am sure that you need a women's touch right now until you

develop this yourself".

"Now get yourself up and get on with your work. The previous manager Colin

introduced a performance pay scheme so that you only earn if you constantly

meet performance criteria. I feel that you are slipping in yours today and

you need every penny you can get".

Colin sat down and cried for a full ten minutes until he composed himself

and returned to the office to complete the days work.

He didn't attend the event that evening - he had been invited but cried off

due to a prior engagement. He returned to his flat that evening for the

last time. His clothes had been removed, as Susan had told him, and he

spent a depressed evening pondering his uncertain future.

Day Five - Day Ten

Susan took Colin shopping that morning and helped him choose a complete new

wardrobe. The spending for that day totalled £950 and, after their spree

had finished, Susan drove Colin to Carol's flat and, introducing them,

showed Colin his new room.

He found out that Carol knew about his past and was happy to let him stay

there as long as he needed to. he hoped this wouldn't be for too long - he

still expected to find some way of getting back his identity and a life as

a man again.

Carol knew far more than Colin realised and he wasn't aware that she was

actively helping her Mother is his ultimate transformation. Every morning

and every evening, he was always there - Susan gave him no opportunity for

contact with anybody outside the office, Carol dissolved excessive doses of

female hormones that Dr. Lawrence had acquired for Susan into various

drinks and food she had prepared for him. These hormones were currently on

trial, being tested for the possibility of side-effects, with the promise

of rapid results for either menopausal women or, as an interesting

by-product that was discovered by accident, for male to female gender

reassignment treatment.

She also made sure that Colin had a tranquilliser before going to bed where

she then played the tapes supplied by Dr. Hilary Clarke that slowly

implanted female mannerisms and characteristics into Colin's personality.

He still went through the same sequence of dreams each night but this time

he was the little girl from the very beginning - he had no doubt who he was

now. The Colin character he dreamt slowly became less and less real to him

until, in his dream state, he could no longer associate himself with it.

These mannerisms and feelings started to impinge on his reality and he soon

found himself unconsciously acting like the young female he appeared to be.

Keeping his legs together demurely when he sat was now second nature, the

quick glance in the mirror to check make-up and hair was performed without

a thought. By Friday he was having lunch with some of the other secretaries

and, although he felt awkward at first, he was joining in their discussions

about their bosses and colleagues giving him a whole new insight into the

office underground that makes most businesses tick.

The drugs were slowly redefining his body while the tapes were redefining

his thoughts.

Day Ten - Day Twenty

He managed to get through the week and on Friday he joined his ex-team, as

it's most junior member, on the flight to Dallas. On landing in the USA he

suffered the humiliation of customs, it was a good job that Susan had

provided the Doctor's letter as proof of his transsexuality, he had been

given a strip search by the eagle eyed immigration officer's and this was

the only thing that saved him from being deported. Even then it was touch

and go!

For the first two weeks Emma operated as one of the team and had started to

settle into the female role almost happily. By now he had been out on a few

'girls night out' and by the end of the two weeks he had found himself

enjoying these outings and found himself giggling along with the other


They had all finished work early on their second Friday when Colin was

asked by Susan if he would join her for a pre-dinner drink at the cocktail

bar. Colin agreed reluctantly, he still had a deep mistrust for anything

Susan suggested, and said he wanted to shower and get a change of clothes


He went upstairs to his room, he still thought if himself as a 'he' despite

his ever increasing ascent into womanhood, and turned on the shower. He

pulled off his dress and removed his pantyhose before undoing his bra. He

hadn't had to wear the basque to shape his body for the last week. He

noticed that he appeared to be more shapely without the aid of shaped

undergarments. His waist seemed a little slimmer and his hips and backside

seemed a little bulkier. He had assumed that it was the prolonged wearing

of the basque which had subtly altered his body and hadn't made any

connection with the itching he felt underneath his breastforms - he had

assumed that the adhesive was causing irritation.

He removed his panties and felt relief as his penis sprang free. He

momentarily thought it looked a little smaller than usual but assumed that

being pushed back between his legs for days on end must have given it that


The shower was a mildly sensuous experience and he noticed that his skin

seemed much more sensitive these days. Again he rationalised this by

assuming it must have been the result of losing his body hair.

After drying and dressing he put on a little black dress, he owned no

trousers at all, and went to the bar. Susan was waiting for him and

greeted him warmly.

"Why hello Emma, can I get you a drink ?" she said.

"A whiskey sour would be nice" he replied in his high pitched voice.

Susan smiled to herself as the waiter brought over their drinks. She looked

at Emma and would never have believed it was possible to convert that pushy

bearded sales manager into this attractive and demure secretary. All this

in just over three weeks!

As Colin bent down to adjust his sandal strap Susan took two small tablets

that disappeared almost instantly as she dropped them in Colin's drink.

"Well Emma" she said, "I'm really impressed by how easily you seem to have

settled into your new role - it's almost like you should always have been

like this".

Colin said sharply "Let's just get one thing straight - you may have taken

my money, my identity and my life away from me but I will get it back.

There is nothing that you have done that can't be undone, I can rebuild my

career as soon as I get away from you".

He started to look a little more conciliatory as felt his eyes welling with

tears as he continued "Please Susan please - you'll get your promotion and

you have humiliated me beyond endurance. Why are you doing this to me -

please let me be Colin again" he pleaded.

Susan took a long slow drink and stared straight at his eyes.

"Look darling, I have not stolen your money. Everything you have earned

will be repaid back to you one way or the other". She could see Colin's

eyes starting to drop as she went on "I have improved you no end. You were

a pig headed bore with no time or thought for others. Since removing you

your erstwhile subordinates have flourished and are succeeding with this

account on their own merits".

"I am sitting here now looking at a beautiful young lady who has a place,

and fits in well, in society - you have friends now - how many did you have

before ?".

Colin was fighting hard to keep consciousness as he heard Susan continue

"You are wrong you know, you will never get your old life back, what I have

started will now be completed and you will never be able to undo this" she

finished as Colin slipped into unconsciousness with these words echoing in

his head.

Day Twenty One

The black nurse was sitting watching her patient to see whether there was

any sign of recovery yet. She was due to wake at any time now! "My" she

thought, "She looks so pretty lying there" as the young girl's chest raised

and fell slowly along with her breathing.

Slowly the young girls eyes started to flicker and a groan escaped from her

full and naturally pouting lips.

"Ooooh ... G .. G ... God. Wha .. what - where am I" she said trying to

raise herself.

The nurse pressed a buzzer and quickly walked to her side. She removed the

tubes surrounding the girl and took the catheter out of her bladder before

she hurt herself by moving.

"There, there honey - don't try to move just yet. That's a big operation

you've just been through and you shouldn't try to do anything just yet".

The girl's mind was struggling to make sense of what the nurse said.

"Operation, what operation ?" she thought to herself.

The last thing Colin could remember was sitting down at the bar and being

told by Susan that he would never return to his old life. Ha ! What did

she know anyway !

Colin sat up and felt a strange burning pain from his abdomen and the

urgent need to relieve himself. He called out "Nurse, please - could you

help me up - I need to go to the bathroom".

"Now you shouldn't be doing that honey - you just relax until the doctor

say's it's OK" the nurse said firmly.

Colin was not in the mood for this. He stared at the nurse with his wide

blue eyes and said angrily "Look I really NEED to go to the toilet and I

want your help to get out of this bed. Now PLEASE help me - NOW!" he said

in his girlish voice.

The nurse was about to argue when a female doctor walked into the room, She

turned to the doctor and said "Dr. Lawrence, this young lady insists on

going to the bathroom and I think it is much too soon".

Dr. Lawrence smiled wickedly and mentally savoured the moment of Colin's

revelation. "No nurse, I think the patient can go to the bathroom all

right. We can just wait here while she goes. Now don't lock that door - we

need to be able to get to you should you have an accident".

Colin was relieved and managed to raise himself to his feet, albeit a

little unsteadily. As he moved slowly across the floor to the bathroom his

whole body movement felt wrong. It was indefinable but somehow felt wrong!.

He also felt an intense irritation around his nipples, a little like what

he had experienced under the breast forms but this sensation was about

four inches further out in front of what he had come to expect

He managed to get to the bathroom and removed the nightie he had been

wearing. The seat was already lowered and Colin felt for his panties and

the gaffe, as he had found it had been called, so he could lower them and

perform his ablutions.

Looking back on this moment Colin felt like he was watching a slow motion

action shot in a movie. What actually happened took only about thirty

seconds in the real world.

First he fumbled around his groin trying to find his panties and realised

that he wasn't wearing any. As soon as he realised this he searched for the

thong like sides of the gaffe that held his penis back - he felt a muddled

confusion as it didn't seem to be there either!

He thought that he must be still suffering the after effects of the

anaesthetic that he must have been given when he couldn't understand how he

was not wearing any underwear at all yet his penis was somehow held back

between his legs!

It's strange the little details that you notice in moments of crisis! To

this day, the thing that remains vividly in Colin's mind was the sight of

his hands as they felt down below his very slim waistline. He still had the

plum nail varnish on but he noted that his hands seemed so delicate and

refined - just like a real girls hands.

The hands slipped into the auburn pubic hair, he again noted that they had

been a dark brown before, and groped for what he knew must be there. As his

fingers probed beneath his legs looking for his male equipment he found a

gaping emptiness - it took him a few seconds to realise what this meant and

at this point he screamed and fainted yet again.

The nurse and Doctor Lawrence ran into the bathroom and lifted the young

girl upright and sitting her on the side of the bed lowered her head. As

she slowly regained consciousness her memories of a few seconds ago came

flooding back.

"No no NO" she cried, "this can't be real - what have they done to me -

they've made me into a real girl" she cried hysterically. At the doctors

command the nurse injected a sedative into Colin and he settled quickly

into a deep sleep.


The girl woke alone this time. As her eyes opened she scanned the room and,

seeing nobody there, tried to raise herself. She was aching all over but

wanted desperately to disprove what she had found last night.

She lifted the bedcovers and raised her nightie. This time around she knew

what to expect and only felt dumb acceptance of what her fingers found on

their explorations around her groin. She was fascinated at the sensations

she received from her vaginal lips and her gentle stroking prompted a warm

dampness to seep between her nether lips.

As her finger went to the top of her vagina she felt a pea sized nub which

felt deliciously sensitive from the rubbing of her fingers that were wet

with her natural lubrication. She stopped this activity immediately as the

reality of her situation hit her.

She raised her nightie further to explore the tingling sensations she had

experienced from her breasts in response to her earlier probing. She knew

before she even examined them that these breasts were real. All traces of

the breast forms were now gone - she had real tits!

She felt acutely embarrassed as the nurse and doctor entered her bedroom

along with a visitor to catch her examining herself. She noticed that the

visitor was none other than Susan - here to gloat no doubt!

She turned to the visitor and said "You bitch, you have gone much too far

this time - I am going to sue you for every penny that you've got and then

see you go to jail - you had no right to do this to me".

Susan walked over and sat beside Colin on the bed.

"I've got every right Emma" she said brandishing yet another two documents.

Colin's heart sunk at the sight of this. Every time she pulled out a

document it was bad news!

Susan continued "This document that you signed, remember, gave me the

power of attorney over all your financial and medical affairs. I decided to

exercise that right quite legally. You seem to forget that you are a

registered transsexual with two years history stating that you have been a

women living in a mans body. I decided to help you correct this little

accident of birth by arranging for Sexual Reassignment Surgery whilst you

were in America. This will allow you some privacy over here to help you


Colin just sat there stunned with his pretty mouth hanging open.

"You have been unconscious for the last two weeks whilst some of the best

doctors in the world have performed a minor miracle. You have received a

vaginal implant - yes that's right, a real living and genuine girls vagina

- from a lovely young donor who had suffered brain death. You have had your

developing breasts enhanced to a lovely 34C size, and I must say that they

have turned out very well" she said as Colin looked down at them.

"In fact, from where I'm standing you can certainly sit pretty from now on,


"You have also received some minor plastic surgery to shape and reduce your

nose, to remove your Adams apple and to widen and enhance your eyes. You

have had real hair woven into your scalp and doctors assure me that it

should grow as thick and luxuriant as any other healthy young female. Your

lips have been injected with collagen and, all in all dear girl, you are

quite the young beauty. You have also had sealant applied to the spray

that coated your vocal chords - that is now bonded permanently - the voice

you now possess will remain yours for the rest of your life".

"The hormones we have been giving you have left you with lovely shaped hips

and a well padded rear. You'll have to beat men off with a stick to protect

your virtue. Oh and that reminds me, by the way, you are again technically

a virgin - the doctors have even been able to provide you with that gift!".

Colin's eyes filled with tears as he knew that he was now trapped.

"Well I must say that you have got your moneys worth, you should be

pleased with the results. I have sold you flat and your car to pay for all

this after all" she said as she stood to leave. Before leaving she showed

just one more document.

"Oh, and this here is the proof that you have changed your name to Emma

Richardson. I arranged for that whilst you were being operated on - I

thought you would appreciate that as you will look a little incongruous

with your face and body having a name like Colin. I have other

documentation to give you when you leave. You know, drivers license,

passport etc.etc. They are all in your new name".

Emma sat and watched Susan leave with tears running down her face. It had

appeared that Colin Peterson had effectively been neutralised. Susan had

gone on to tell him that the papers he had signed, that proved he had

committed fraud, were now in the hands of the Police and that a warrant was

out for his arrest. With his disappearance from Birchington's they had

assumed that this was an admission of guilt and that he was now on the run.

There was no way now that he could possibly return to being Colin again -


Thinking this through further he realised that, recently, his sexual

orientation and perspective on the world had been changing. Whenever he

dreamed now he was always playing the female role and he realised that he

now felt comfortable with this. He still wasn't aware of the subliminal

messages he had been receiving via Hilary Clarke's tapes or the fact that

they had continued while he had been in hospital. They had been very


He had also felt less drive since arriving in America and seemed to be

quite happy to be a part of a successful team - he would never have

accepted this in the past - he always had to lead.

This self analysis completed and fulfilled the inevitable. He, "No I must

start thinking of myself as She now" thought Colin, must forget what had

happened - anything else was beyond her control.

She WAS Emma now and nothing could possibly change that - she had to

accept this. She briefly thought that she had better try and get back to

work as soon as possible - she had no money or possessions other than that

she brought with her, and could not afford to lose her job. She just hoped

that, if she worked hard, she might get the same opportunities that Karen

had earnt and start moving up the career ladder again.

There was still a glass ceiling even if people like Susan and Karen could

make it, the fact that Susan had taken so long to earn her promotion

underlined this fact, but she might make head secretary to the MD if she

really tried. She may have to accept that was the best she could aim for

and get comfortable with it.

A bit of the old Colin rose to the surface briefly as she thought :

"It might take a while but there is more than one way to be sitting pretty"

as she examined her new face in the compact mirror that Susan had

thoughtfully left for her.