Sissify Yourself: Learning to think pt.I

Hello sweeties!!
I hope you 're going great!
Well, I'll go straight to the point!
I was thinking the other day how difficult it is to be the perfect sissy!
I mean, let's face it. Each person has it's own fantasies and each person is unique.
That means that one may wants to dress as a girl when nobody can sees him, or he may wants to act as a girl when he is alone. That doesn't means that he is gay! In fact, the idea of kissing another man may disgusts him! Another one though, may wants to act as a girl in public, or he may feels like becoming a real woman! That one will probably love the idea of kissing another man!
What I 'm trying to say is that there are millions of different fantasies for each one of you.
You are reading this blog and that means one thing for sure...
That you are intrigued by what you are reading..
And that means a second thing..
That the whole idea of sissification and feminization makes you feel somewhat... intrigued...
And that means a third thing..
That you may not want to admit it, but you want to read more things about sissies...
Because you are.... intrigued!

So, let's see how an average sissy must "think"!!

Thinking like a sissy is the most difficult and yet the most important thing for someone who wants to get in touch with his feminine side!
And here is why!

It's important because:
Most sissies do their best to look like a girl and they forget how to think like a girl, which of course is a fatal mistake! And the reason is obvious. No matter how many surgeries you do, you will never be 100% female without the appropriate set of thinking. But most importantly, anyone can feel like a female if he learns to think like one!
I mean that you can be anyone you want on the outside and anyone you want on the inside! For example, you don't have to get breast implants to feel like a woman (although you 'd love to...). You can keep your male breasts, because the important thing is to think of them as your titties! The important here, is to feel like a flat chested girl!
That way, you can be an executive CEO in your life, but with the mind of a sexy secretary. You can be a truck driver, with the mind of slutty housewife. Or a college professor with the mind of a naughty cheerleader. Or a huge bodybuilder with the mind of a petite teenage cutie! Because when it comes to what you think, it doesn't matter how you look like!
You can look like George Clooney, but when you see yourself in the mirror, you can see Megan Fox!!! It's all a matter of mind....

It's difficult because:
Most "sissies" don't easily allow their feminine self to take over! They are too afraid! Most of them, think that if they do, then everybody is gonna tag them as being gay! Which of course is never going to happen if they do it right! But we'll come to that some other time! So, another thing which makes it difficult for a boy to think like a sissy, is that for all of his life, he has learned to respond to certain messages in a certain way. That response is based on how others like him respond to those messages.
But the thing is that, as a sissy, you were based on the responses of the wrong gender!! Because women respond different than men to certain things. And I'm sorry to tell you, but you are a woman inside and you 'll just have to start thinking like one.. You 'll have to change the way you respond to any message. It's not going to be easy though. All those years you have learned to respond like a man. But now it's time to change this.

We 're gonna make a start today..

You are gonna learn to respond to visual stimulation in a certain way, that is not going to be manly at all...
This is something that is going to help you think as a girl without causing any problems in your everyday life! I mean, who cares if you change the channel everytime you see sports? Really!
You are gonna learn to respond automatically as a girl! It's gonna be difficult though, to erase all that disgusting male way of thinking, but it's gonna work.

So, sweety, you are gonna see a set of pictures of the same girl.
That girl has something that the male mind notices first! That happens because the male mind likes what it sees and so it doesn't notices anything else.
The female mind though, responds differently...

Let's make a start..

If you showed this picture to a guy, the first thing he 'd tell you it would be about her tits! Most probably, he 'd would focus there, totally unable to take his eyes off them. He wouldn't care about anything else in this picture. He woul not even notice the face of the girl. The only thing he 'd be able to think of, would be that he would like to grab those tits!

Look at the second one..

Our guy now, would be hard for her by now. His cock would grow because of the visual stimulation. Because in his mind, big tits mean pleasure. Big tits are sexy. Other images of girls with big tits would pass before his eyes, which would bring him more pleasure..

The question is do you do when you see a picture like that...

Unfortunately, the first thing you notice is also her tits! So...
Listen up sweeties..
You have to get past a serious problem. You see, the male eye instinctively goes to a girl's chest. And that is something that we have to change. And in order to do so, we'll have to change what we think we see. Did you notice what we just saw? A girl's chest! Men like what they see, because they see tits! They see boobs! They see juggs! They see knockers! They see something that they don't have and that's why their eyes instictively go there!

While you...

You see a girl's chest. Just like you would see your chest! You see something that can't draw your attention! It's weird something like that to draw your attention! You see your chest in the mirror everyday. What's the point in seeing another girl's chest? Just because it's big? So what? Your's is small and cute! You go check out your's again!

A guy would only see her tits here?
What is up with that?
You can't understand guys!
There are so many things to see here, that seeing her tits would be, like, the last!
Fist of all, you notice her nails! I mean, it's gross! Then you notice her hair. You start thinking about how you would look like if you were a blonde! Then you notice her glasses. You start picturing yourself wearing a sexy pair of glasses. You wonder if you 'd look nice!

You are not insane though.
You know that boys like staring at big tits! (when the word "boys" crossed your mind you felt, like, something..). You know they get hard! (the word "hard" was a bit sexy..)
It's just that you can't undestand what they like in them!! I mean, you stare at her but.. nothing! All you see is a girl's big chest and all you can think of, is that she must be having a lot of trouble with all that weight!


In order to become a sexy little sissy, you 'll have to complete the following tasks WITHOUT staring at her tits! Remember, you are not supposed to see her tits at all!!

No matter how close you are!
It's going to be difficult, but in time you 'll get used to it!
If you do this many times, you will find yourself responding differently in such visual stimulations. And you 're gonna be a doll!
In time, you 're gonna have a pornstar passing by and you won't even notice!

1. Look at the following picture for 10 seconds and FOCUS ON HER FACE

2. Look at the following picture for 10 seconds and FOCUS ON HER LIP GLOSS

3. Look at the following picture for 10 seconds and FOCUS ON HER EYEBROWS

4. Look at the following picture for 10 seconds and FOCUS ON HER EYES

5. Look at the following picture for 10 seconds and FOCUS ON HER DARK ROOTS

6. Look at the following picture for 10 seconds and FOCUS ON HER NAILS

7. Look at the following picture for 10 seconds and FOCUS ON HER EARRINGS

8. Look at the following picture for 20 seconds and FOCUS ON HER CURLY HAIR

9. Look at the following picture for 30 seconds and FOCUS ON HER NECKLACE