Sissify Yourself: From Wife to Sister

Chapter One

Walt loved going to porno movies. He had an absolute obsession with pornography that he could not control, and went to the local porno theater every chance he could. Unfortunately for Walt, his wife didn't share his compulsion, and actually had a strong distaste for it. Kathy was the epitomy of the prudish wife, raised in a Catholic household. Her lack of interest coupled with a cessation in her already meager sex drive as she went through menopause meant Walt had no other outlet for his pent up sexual frustration. So it was, that at 54 years old, Walt was a porno addict and his 49 year old wife was an ice queen. Little did they know that their lives were about to be radically altered.

Walt was sitting in the back row of the theater, enjoying the movie. It was a Tuesday night and he had told Kathy he had to work late. Since she worked as a nurse on the night shift, she would be leaving for work before he got home, freeing him up for the entire night. He sat there, stroking his stiff cock through his jeans, watching a blonde with big tits sucking off some black guy who was hung like a horse. There was a space between the last row of seats and the back wall, and it was common for guys to give each other blow jobs back there, or stand behind the last row of seats and dangle their cock in the face of those seated in that row. So it was no surprise when Walt felt something poking him in the left ear. Being a regular in the theater, Walt reached back and took hold of the semi-hard prick, stroking it slowly, savoring the smooth texture and getting an appreciation for its size.

The cock swelled as he continued to jerk it, and Walt realized that it was going to be one of the larger ones he had experienced in the theater. When it was fully erect, he turned to look at it. It stood out a full ten inches, and was only slightly smaller around than his wrist. He stopped stroking it and just looked at the massive cock in his face. Its owner bent forward.

"Nice, huh?" he whispered in a raspy voice. Walt nodded silently and resumed stroking it. "Why don't you come back here with me?"

Without hesitating, Walt got up from his seat and joined the stranger against the back wall. When he got there, the man took Walt's hand and placed it back on his prick. Walt kept looking down at it, feeling himself getting more and more aroused. The man put his hand under Walt's chin and lifted his head up. Walt only stood about five feet and seven inches tall, and the stranger was about an even six feet. As the man raised his chin up, he made eye contact.

Even in the darkened theater, Walt felt himself being drawn into those eyes. They seemed to have a luminescence of their own, almost glowing with a pale grey aura. He found himself unable to move, his hand frozen on the huge meaty pole. The stranger smiled down at him.

"That's a good boy," he rasped in a low voice. The stranger raised Walt's left hand and looked at it. "I see you're married." he stated matter of factly. "Does your wife know you do this?"

Walt slowly shook his head and muttered, "No." The man lowered his hand and reached for Walt's crotch.

"Go ahead and take out your cock for me to see." he directed. Walt unzipped his jeans and fished out his own hard on. The stranger took it in his hand and stroked it gently. "Not very big, is it?" he said looking full into Walt's eyes. "How long would you say that little thing really is?"

Walt blushed in the dark. "About five and a half, maybe six inches long." he answered slowly.

"Not very thick, either." the stranger commented. "And I bet you it's not even five inches long." he smirked. "How do you ever please your wife with that puny excuse for a cock?"

Walt almost stuttered. "We don't have sex very much."

The man almost laughed. "I can see why. I doubt too many women would get excited looking at that thing." He kept his eyes locked on Walt's. "You really don't have much of a cock, do you?"

Walt couldn't look away from the stranger's eyes. "No," he answered reluctantly. "No, I don't."

"In fact, you've got a little boy's prick, haven't you?" the stranger continued. Walt just nodded his head slowly. "But you really love to see man sized cocks, don't you?" Walt nodded again. "In fact you love to play with and make love to a big cock, don'y you?" Another nod. "Why don't you get on your knees and kiss my man cock, little boy," the stranger said harshly.

Walt dropped to his knees and reverently kissed the bulbous head of the stranger's throbbing cock. He kissed it again and licked at the slit. As he opened his mouth to suck on the head, the stranger pulled him to his feet. "Not here!" he commanded. "Let's go to your house." He tucked his swollen member into his pants and zippered them, reminding Walt to do the same. "We'll take your car, okay?" he asked Walt.

Walt nodded. "Anything you want." he said in a low voice.

The stranger smiled. "You got that right." The two men left the theater in Walt's car and drove to his home.

Kathy had already left for work, so the house was empty when Walt and his companion arrived. They went in through the garage and into the living room. They had stopped for some beer on the way home, and the stranger sat one the couch, fishing a can out of the bag. He popped the top and took a deep drink, while Walt stood by waiting. After he drained the can and belched, the stranger looked up at Walt again.

"Come a little closer, friend." Walt moved closer and stood directly in front of him, looking deep into his eyes again. "What's your name, my little dicked buddy?" he asked. Walt told him. "And your wife?" Walt answered again. "Well, Walt, tonight is the luckiest night in you and your wife's lives. From now on, I'm going to be the stud in this house." He leaned forward, focusing on Walt's wide open eyes. "From now on, you will worship my cock. It is what you live for, it's all you can think about, and it is the most important thing in your life." As he talked, he unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. Walt eyes shifted to the now flaccid member, and he felt his own cock swelling in his pants. "From now on, you will have no desire to have sex with your wife. In fact, the very thought of having sex with her makes you queasy. "Walt nodded. "But you are a good husband, and want to make your wife happy." Walt nodded again. "So you will ask me to fuck her in your place. You will beg me to please your wife with my man sized cock, like you never were able to do with your puny little prick. "Walt nodded again. "Tell me what you want, you little faggot!"

Walt dropped to his knees. "I want your beautiful cock. I want to suck it and eat your cum. I want you to fuck my wife and make her happy. Seeing you fuck my wife would make me very happy."

The stranger smiled again. "Very good, Walt - no, let's be formal - Walter. And you may call me William."

"Yes, William," Walt responded. "May I please suck your cock now?"

Willliam laughed loudly. "Certainly, Walter. You may suck my cock until I am ready to cum, but then you must stop."

Walt went to his task with a vengeance, licking and sucking William's cock until it was rock hard. He stroked it and sucked it and massaged his balls. As William felt his orgasm approaching, he made Walt stop. "Now for your reward!" he said as he began jerking himself off. William grunted loudly and cum spurted from his pulsating cockhead and sprayed Walt's face. It spurted again and again, plastering thick gooey ropes of sperm from his forehead to his chin. It ran down his face and onto his shirt. When the last few drops finished flowing from his cock, William let Walt lick them up.

"Now you can jerk yourself off, Walter." It only took a half dozen strokes of his own small cock before Walt shuddered. "Cumming," he muttered.

"Catch it in your hand and show me." William demanded.

Walt kept stroking himself and held his other hand out to catch his cum. He grunted and his cum dribbled from his cock into his waiting hand.

William looked at him and laughed. "Is that all the cum your balls can make? How the fuck did you ever have any kids?" He shook his head. "Go ahead and eat it, Walter."

As Walt licked his own cum from his hand, William looked at his watch. "Come on, you need to take me back to my truck."

While they were driving back to the theater, William continued to program Walt. "I'm coming over to your house for dinner tomorrow. Tell your wife I'm an old army buddy. I'll be there at six, and after we have dinner, I'm going to fuck your wife." He looked at Walt. "Any questions?"

"Yes, William," Walt answered. "What would you like for dinner?"

Chapter Two

At just a little before six, Walt was anxiously pacing the living room floor. Dinner was ready and sitting in the oven to keep it warm. Kathy was upstairs, finishing applying her makeup. Promptly at six, the doorbell rang and Walt quickly answered it. He opened the door and let William into the house. William looked him in the eyes and said nothing, but Walt relaxed noticeably. Just as the two men were stepping into the living room, Kathy came down the stairs. She was wearing a knee length black skirt with a white blouse, black T-strap pumps and black stockings.

"Honey," Walt said, "This is William."

William looked at Kathy and smiled. "Very pleased to meet you, Kathy. Walt has told me so much about you." He held out his hand toward her. "Unfortunately he was much too inadequate with his words." He stressed the word inadequate.

Kathy reached out and took his hand. "Well thank you, it's very nice to meet you as well." She looked into his face and found herself drawn to his eyes.

"You look very pretty tonight," William told her, maintaining eye contact. "Much too nice to share with Walter." At the use of his full name, Walt stiffened slightly.

Kathy continued to look into Williams' eyes and smiled. "Well, now, it's been a while since I got compliments from a big good looking man." She felt herself getting aroused.

William looked at Walt. "Walter, why don't you get us a couple of beers and then set the table." He led Kathy to the couch and sat her down, sitting next to her. Walt went into the kitchen and returned with the beer. "Bottoms up," William toasted. Kathy giggled and toasted him back. Walt began to lay dinner out on the table. "Fried chicken, just like you asked for," Walt told him. "Just set places for Kathy and myself, Walter. You can eat here in the living room."

Kathy kept looking into his eyes, and felt herself slipping away. She hesitated a moment before speaking. "Yes, Walter," she repeated. "William and I will eat at the dinner table, andget to know each other better." She felt herself being attracted to this man like a moth to a flame. As she continued to look into his face, he slowly bent forward and kissed her full on the lips. To her own surprise, Kathy did not pull back. Instead, she found herself returning the kiss, her lips parting to meet his probing tongue. As they separated, she felt a warm glow wash over her entire body. "Oh, my," she gasped.

William smiled at her. "You haven't been properly kissed lately, have you Katherine." The use of her full name caused Walt to look over from the dining room where he was finishing laying out the meal. Kathy smiled back at William.

"Not in quite a while." She placed her hand behind his head and pulled him to her for another kiss. Walt felt his cock stiffening as he watched his wife kissing William. They separated again, Kathy gasping for breath. "My, it's warm in here," she said, her face flushed. She looked up at William and slowly unbuttoned the first two buttons of her blouse.

"Why don't you just take it off completely," he asked her. Wordlessly, she continued unbuttoning the rest of them and then slid the blouse off. She sat there in her bra and skirt. "Nice tits," William told her. "Show them to me." Kathy reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, letting it fall forward and onto he floor. "Very nice," William continued, reaching out to fondle them. In response, her nipples stiffened like two pink pencil erasers. "Bet the skirt is uncomfortable, too." William suggested. Kathy stood up and removed the skirt, standing in from of him wearing her panties, thigh high stockings and high heels. "And the panties." William continued. As Kathy peeled those off, William looked over at Walt, who had a noticeable bulge in his pants, and gave him a thumbs up. "Love your wife, Walter." He turned back to Kathy. "Why don't we just skip dinner and you can suck me off while Walter watches?"

Kathy blushed slightly, but moved between his legs, dropping to her knees. She unzipped his fly and reached into his pants. Her eyes opened wide. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "You're huge!" William smiled condescendingly at her. "Yes I am, Katherine, much, much bigger than your husband. Take it out and see what a real cock looks like." She pulled out his cock and gently stroked it. "Get it nice and hard, baby, so we can do some serious fucking." He looked at Walt again. "You can take out your little dick and play with it, Walter." Walt took his own cock out and began to jerk off slowly.

Kathy kissed William's cock and slowly ran her tongue all over it. She tried to suck it, but could only get the head into her mouth as he stiffened. She used both hands to stroke him as she used her mouth on him, working to make him even bigger and harder.

"Look at your husband, Katherine. He's got a miniature hard on just looking at you and me." William laughed. "He can't wait to see you getting fucked with a real man sized cock, can you Walter?"

"No William. I want you to fuck my wife with your glorious cock."

"See, he knows how inadequate he's been in the cock department, too." William teased. He took his swollen cock and slapped Kathy's cheeks with it.

Kathy looked at Walt. "I can't believe how you cheated me all of those years with that pathetic little dick of yours." She stood up slowly. "Fuck me, please William, and let me know how it feels to have a man inside of me." She lay back on the sofa spread her legs, pulling them back into her shoulders and presenting her sopping pussy." William didn't hesitate. He got between her spread legs and placed the head of his cock against her opening.

"Watch how it's done, Walter," he said as he slowly began to push forward. Gradually, the head slid past her wet pussy lips and into her love channel. An inch, then two more. William stopped when he was about halfway into her. "How's that so far, baby?" he asked Kathy.

She only moaned, "Keep it coming. I want it all."

William pushed forward again, until he was about eight inches deep and then began to gently fuck in and out. With each succeeding stroke, he went in a little further, until he was finally completely inside of her. He paused for a moment, his balls resting against her ass. He placed Kathy's ankles on his shoulders and smiled at Walt again. "Now for some serious fucking!" He began to saw in and out of her, fucking her with long, powerful strokes. Kathy grunted each time he would bottom out in her, and whimper when he would pull almost all of the way out. Walt watched his wife fucking William and jerked off furiously, quickly spraying his cum on the dining room wall. "Nice job, boy," William sneered at him. "Clean it up and then sit down and eat some chicken while I fuck this hot babe." William continued to fuck Kathy, looking deep into her eyes.

"You will never want another cock but mine," he told her. "After today, your cunt is mine, your body is mine, your very soul is mine." Kathy grunted her assent and had her first orgasm, her pussy spasming around his mighty pistoning pole. "The feel of my cum erupting inside of you is what you live for, it is all you can think about." He hammered her even harder and she came a second time. "You will worship my cock, and need to be fucked by it or suck it every day."

"Oh fuck me, please!" she cried out and came again. Walt munched on a drum stick and watched in pleased amazement as his wife had one orgasm after another, William's huge cock sliding in and out of her sloppy cunt with ease.

"You are mine, now and forever." William continued. "You can refuse me nothing."

"Oh, William," Kathy muttered between orgasms. "Fill me up with your cum, give it to me!"

And with that, William roared loudly and buried himself to the hilt. He felt his balls swell and begin pumping his seed, felt it race down his shaft and erupt from his cock to fill this slut's womb. He kept cumming and it filled her to overflowing, running out of her stuffed cunt and down into the crack of her plump ass and then the seat cushions of the sofa. Finally, he was finished, and as his cock began to soften, he let himself slide slowly out of her.

"Boy," he called to Walt, "Get over here and clean this mess up with your tongue." Walt eagerly responded, not to taste his wife's pussy, but to savor the nectar that had poured from his Master's wonderful prick. He lapped at her wide open fuck hole until he had devoured all of the semen he could find, then licked the Master's cock clean as well, getting her nasty cunt juices off of it.

William reached down and pulled Kathy up from the couch. "We're going to shower and then go to your bed and fuck some more. You can sleep on the wet couch cushions tonight, Walter." As they headed up the stairs, William looked back. "We'll have breakfast in bed - around ten should be good." He put his arm around Kathy and they disappeared into the bathroom.

Chapter Three

William closed the bedroom door and walked over to where Kathy stood next to the bed. He gently put his arms around her waist from behind and nuzzled her ear.

"Mmmmm, that's so nice," she breathed. "Makes me all tingly."

William whispered in her ear. "Walter doesn't really provide for your needs as a woman, does he?"

Kathy shook her head slowly. "No, it's almost like living with a brother instead of a husband."

An idea occurred to Willliam. He carefully took Kathy by the shoulder and turned her so he could look into her eyes again. "Walter is more like a brother to you?" He asked suggestively. Then he repeated it as a statement. "Walter is more like a brother to you."

Kathy kept her eyes locked with his. "Yes," she agreed. Walter is more like a brother than a husband."

William took it a step further. "But he's actually a very nice brother, isn't he?" He continued to stare deep into her eyes.

Kathy looked confused for a moment. "Well, he would be a very nice brother, but he's my husband."

"No, Kathy," William went on smoothly. "You're confused. Walter is your brother. He moved in with you three years ago, after your husband died."

"No," she repeated. "He's my husband."

"Kathy, he's your brother."

Silence, and then a tear ran down her right cheek. "And my husband is dead?" she asked softly.

William suppressed a smile. "Yes, your husband died in a plane crash on a business trip three years ago." He paused. "You spent a lot of time in therapy getting over the loss."

Her eyes opened even wider. "Oh my God, I can't remember his name!" She began to sob. "I can't even remember my dead husband's name."

"It was George, honey." William pulled a name out of the air. "And he was a fine man."

Kathy sniffled at looked up at William again. "Did you know him?"

"Yeah, we tipped a few beers together over the years." William lied. "He always bragged about what a hot babe he had for a wife." He stroked he hair as he said that.

Kathy smiled and wiped her eyes. "Thank you." She kissed him and pulled him to the bed.

"And who is Walter?" William asked her as he slid his hand up her thigh.

Kathy looked at him and shook her head. "He's my brother, silly."

William massaged her still sopping pussy, sliding a finger, then two into her. Kathy gasped, and then moaned as he tweaked her clit with his thumb. "Fuck me, please, William." She gasped.

He mounted her and slid his cock into her. Looking into her eyes again, he talked in a low voice. "As my cock slides in and out of your pussy, your memories of Walt being your brother grow stronger and stronger. Each time I slide into you, it confirms that he is your brother." He fucked her with long slow strokes. "And as your memories of Walt being your brother become stronger, your devotion to me also grows." He increased his tempo. "With every stroke of my cock, your unquestioned love for me grows." He was now fucking her with long, powerful strokes, slamming his cock in to the hilt. Kathy began moaning.

"Oh, William, fuck me. Fuck me baby." She pulled his face down and kissed him, her tongue sliding into his mouth.

"Cum all over my cock!" William commanded as he pulled his face back.

Kathy screamed with pleasure as her orgasm swept through her entire body. William fucked her harder and faster, sweat running down his chest and dripping onto her as she writhed in pleasure under him.

"Again!" he commanded, and she came again.

As he felt his own orgasm approaching, he slammed deep into her pussy and held himself motionless. "Take it, bitch!" he hissed as his seed exploded from his cock and splashed into her womb. She screamed in ecstacy and literally passed out on the bed.

Willliam cleaned himself up and went down stairs. Walt was still eating chicken, and looked up as he came into the dining room.

"Put down the damned chicken and come over here!" he commanded. Walt set the piece of chicken he had been eating down and got up. He went into the living room and stood in front of the still naked William. He looked down at William's cock. William smiled at him. "Go ahead, you can suck on it." Walt dropped to his knees and lovingly took the cock in his hands, stroking it carefully. "Your sister Kathy really loves that monster." William stated matter of factly.

Walt looked up, a puzzled expression on his face. "Kathy's my wife, not my sister." he corrected.

William took his head in both hands and looked into his eyes. "No, Walter, you're mistaken. Kathy is your younger sister." He held the eye contact. "You've been living here with her since her husband died." He paused before continuing. "You've been looking out for your little sister like a good brother."

Walt looked confused. "But what about this," he held up his left hand and showed his wedding band. William reached out and slid the ring from his finger.

"What about what?" he asked back. Walt looked at his now naked finger and remained silent.

"My wedding ring" me said flatly. "That was my wedding ring."

William laughed. "No, Walter, you never had a wedding ring, because you've never been married." Another idea hit him. "In fact, you've never even had sex with a woman."

Walt remained silent. "You've always been so embarrassed by the size of your little cock, that you've given up trying to have sex with women." William drove on. "The one time you almost did get laid, the girl laughed out loud at the sight of your puny prick. Ever since then, you've masturbated every day and become an admirer of real cocks like mine." With that, William took his cock and rubbed it all over Walt's face. Walt responded by sticking his tongue out and licking the swelling cock.

"Smells like pussy," Walt muttered.

"Yeah, that would be your sister's cunt juice. Be a good little cocksucker and clean me up will you?" William sat back as Walt began to suck his cock in earnest. "You are such a good brother to Kathy, aren't you."

Walt nodded, but kept working the now hard cock. William groaned and pulled Walt's head down onto his cock further. "Here it cums, you little faggot!" and blew his load down Walt's throat. Walt greedily drank down every drop before releasing the cock from his mouth.

"I love your cock, William," he said softly. "You can fuck my sister all you want, as long as I can suck your cock."

William looked down at Walt and chuckled. "Walter, you really are a good brother. You've got a deal" He stood up. "I'm going back to bed to sleep with your sister now. Don't forget about breakfast. Waffles would be nice." William headed up the stairs.

"I'll remember," Walt called after him. "Ten o'clock, waffles for you and sis."

As he curled up on the couch under the blanket, Walt was thankful he had moved in with his sister.

Chapter Four

William woke up to Kathy sucking his cock. When she saw his eyes open, she smiled broadly at him.

"Good morning lover," she almost cooed as she got up and swung her leg over him. She carefully guided his cock to her already wet pussy, and slowly lowered herself down onto him. As she felt him sliding deep into her, she sighed. "Now that's a breakfast sausage."

William placed his hands on her hips and smiled back at her. "Go for it, you horny little bitch." Kathy began to bounce up and down on the cock impaling her, closing her eyes and tilting her head back to the ceiling. William lay there, enjoying the feeling as his stiff prick grew even harder. He looked over at the night stand and noticed a photo of a young woman.

"Who's the babe in the picture?" he asked.

Kathy continued to ride him as she opened her eyes to look at what William was referring to. "Oh, that's my daughter, Carol." she replied easily.

William got another nasty idea. "Look at me, babe." he said to her. As Kathy made eye contact with him, he continued. "That's not your daughter." he stated.

Kathy paused in her fucking. "Yes it is. She's 25 years old and lives not too far from here with her husband." William maintained the contact.

"She's not your daughter, Kathy. She's just a neighbor who has the hots for Walt." He continued. "She really wants to fuck your brother, but he's too shy to do anything about it."

"She wants to fuck my brother?" Kathy asked slowly.

"She really, really wants to help him lose his virginity, but Walt is afraid of her husband finding out." William pulled Kathy down and kissed her. "And you really want to help your brother get laid."

Kathy looked thoughtful. "Walt needs to get laid."

"That's right." William reinforced. "And Carol wants to be the one to take his cherry. Carol is a good friend of yours. You could help."

"I could help Walt get laid." Kathy smiled again and resumed fucking William. "But first I need to fuck my lover." She began to ride him harder, slamming her ass down onto him and then raising up until he was just seated in her. "Then I'll get Carol to fuck Walt."

William grinned from ear to ear and rolled over with Kathy still impaled. He put her ankles on his shoulders and began to fuck her as hard as he could. The noise of his balls slapping against her ass and the squishing noises coming from her sopping pussy filled the room. They didn't hear Walt knock and enter the room carrying a tray laden with their breakfast. He set on a night stand and took his cock out of his pants and began to jerk off as he watched the couple.

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck me!" Kathy was yelling. William grunted with each stroke of his cock into Kathy.

"Here it comes," William grunted and kept fucking in and out. He felt his cum pumping into Kathy and he bent down to kiss her, stifling her orgasmic scream.

Walt came as he saw William and his sister went over the top, dribbling his cum onto the bedroom floor. He wiped his hand on his pants and picked the tray back up. He walked over to the bed where the seating couple lay intertwined. "Here's your breakfast." he said cheerfully.

William looked up at him and smiled. "Thanks, Walter. Set it on the bed. I have something to show you." He reached over to the picture of Carol. Before he showed it to Walt he pulled him close and looked into his eyes. "I'm going to show you a picture of the woman who will help you lose your virginity." Kathy giggled and William silenced her with a wave of his hand. "You know her, she's a neighbor who is married, but really wants you. You've been afraid of her husband, but not any more. When I show you her picture you will recognize her as your neighbor, and know that more than anything, you want to fuck this woman. You want her to take tour virginity." He turned the picture around so Walt could see it.

Walt gasped. "That's Carol. She's my..."

"Neighbor!" William cut him off. "She is your neighbor and you desperately want to fuck her."

Walt's face wrinkled in concentration. "But..."

"But she's married and you have been afraid of her husband." William continued.

"Yeah," Walt's face smoothed. "She's married to a big guy that I'm afraid of."

"But you really, really want to stick your cock in her pussy." William pressed on.

"Yeah, I really want to fuck that babe." Walt smiled. "I want to fuck her so bad."

William smiled broadly. "Well, Walter, we're going to make that happen today!" He looked at Kathy. "Call her and ask her to come over this afternoon. What does her husband do?"

Kathy thought for a moment. "He works as a store manager. He puts in 12 hour days most of the time."

"Perfect!" William beamed. "Get her over here at one." He waited while Kathy picked up the phone from the night stand and called Carol. It only took a few minutes to set it up.

"She'll be here then," Kathy told the men. She looked at Walt. "And maybe then we can get my poor brother laid."

William laughed and grabbed Kathy's tit. "Come on, wench. We aren't finished yet." Before he started in on her again, he turned to Walt. "You can go back downstairs. When Carol comes, I'll answer the door."

"Okay William. Whatever you say. And thanks for helping me get laid." Walt was genuinely thankful.

William turned back to Kathy and began to suck on her nipples.

At one, the doorbell rang. William was waiting and had told Walt and Kathy to wait upstairs. As he opened the door, their daughter Carol stood on the front steps.

"Please come in, Carol," William politely waved his hand.

As she came into the house, Carol looked at him. "Who are you and where are my parents?" She asked innocently. My mom called me to meet her here."

William smiled and looked deeply into Carol's eyes. She found herself staring back into the deep grey orbs. "Kathy called you to come over here." he said.

"Yeah, that's what I said, my mom called me."

William kept her transfixed. "No, Kathy your neighbor called you."

Carol looked perplexed. "She's my neighbor, but she's my mom."

William pressed on. "No, Carol, you're mistaken. Kathy is not your mother, though she gives you motherly advice. She is just a neighbor you have known for some time."

"Just a neighbor?" Carol asked hesitating. "Kathy is just a friend?"

William kept smiling. "That's right. She's just a very dear friend who you trust implicitly."

"She's a good friend." Carol stated.

"No," William corrected. "She's your best friend."

Carol smiled. "Yeah, Kathy's my best friend."

"And Walter is her brother." William continued.

Carol hesitated again. "Walter is my father, isn't he?" she looked confused.

"No, honey, Walter is Kathy's brother, and you have an incredible crush on him."

"Kathy's brother?" The confused look remained.

"He's Kathy's brother and he would like to fuck you very much." William looked deeper into her eyes. "Walter wants you to take his virginity, and you want to help him."

Carol's expression changed slightly. "Want to fuck Walter."

"Yeah, baby. You have secretly had the hots for Walter for years, and now you are going to fuck him." William droned on. "Just thinking about him makes your pussy wet, gets you weak in the knees."

"I really need to fuck Walter," Carol stated. "I need his cock."

William called out, "Walter, come on in." Walt walked in, stark naked. At the sight of him, Carol rushed over and hugged him.

"Oh, Walter, I need you so much!" She grasped his stiffening cock and stroked it. "Please fuck me now!" She kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Walter responded by unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it off, followed by her bra. He kissed her nipples and massaged her tits as William sat down and watched. "Kathy, I need a blow job," he called and Kathy entered the room, also naked. She dropped to her knees between his legs and began to suck his cock.

Carol, on seeing what Kathy was doing, dropped to her knees and took Walt's cock into her mouth. As she sucked him, she slid her skirt and panties off. "I want you, Walter," she panted, her pussy dripping wet. "Fuck me now!" She lay back on the floor and spread her legs.

"Watch this," William told Kathy. "Your brother is about to lose his virginity." Kathy turned sideways, still working his cock, and watched the couple.

Walt positioned himself between Carol's wide spread legs and placed the head of his cock against her pussy lips. With one stroke, he buried himself inside of her. Carol moaned loudly. "Yeah, fuck my pussy, Walter. Fuck me good." She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper.

Walt fucked her like a madman, slamming his cock in and out of her easily. It only took a few minutes before he was yelling, "Here it cums, Carole. I'm cumming!"

Carol pulled him close and held him there while Walt's balls pumped the biggest load of cum they had ever produced into Carol's greedy pussy. "Oh, I can feel your hot cum in me!" she gasped as she felt herself cumming. "I love you!" she panted.

William grunted as he came in Kathy's mouth. She drank his load, savoring every drop. He looked at the Walter and Carol, still joined on the floor in a sweaty heap.

"Perfect!" he muttered to himself.

Chapter Five

It was six months since William had taken over the marriage of Walt and Kathy. During that time, he had convinced Walt and Kathy that they were actually brother and sister, not husband and wife, and that their daughter Carol was not their daughter, but a slutty married neighbor. He had convinced Walt and Carol they were in love with each other, and had them fucking like rabbits while he was banging Kathy with Walt's full consent. When the neighbors got inquisitive as to the new arrangements, William convinced them, one by one, that everything was as it should be.He had ultimately convinced Carol and her husband to get divorced, and then Walt and Carol had moved into William's old double wide trailer two counties over. He and Kathy stayed in the house, once William convinced her it was hers anyway. As a parting gift to Walt and Carol, he had swapped his rusty pickup truck with Walt for his SUV. They hadn't seen each other in five months, and tonight was going to be a reunion dinner, of sorts.

Kathy was dressed in a red calf length skirt that was slit up the side all the way to her hip. She had on a red satin blouse and red pumps with three inch heels. She had stopped wearing any underwear six months ago. William had on a pair of loose fitting khakis and a denim shirt with a pair of tan deck shoes. When the bell rang, Kathy answered it and let Walt and Carol in.

Carol was wearing a blue denim mini that barely covered her ass, and a red halter top that looked two sizes too small. She had on a beat up pair of sandals, and had bleached her hair a straw blonde color. The dark roots indicated she had done it a while ago. Walt had on a pair of cutoff jeans and a stained grey T-shirt. The running shoes he was wearing may have been white once upon a time.

William handed them both a beer as they sat down on the sofa. "So how's it going, you two love birds?" he asked. "Looks like Carol's put on a few pounds." he pointed to her belly.

Carol blushed and Walt spoke up. "She's got a bun in the oven, William." he said proudly. William looked at Walt with mock surprise.

"Walter, you old dog, did you do that?"

Walt slurped at his beer and nodded. "Yes I did, by God. Knocked my horny little bitch up all by myself."

"You sure it's yours?" William teased him.

Walt just grinned back at him. "Yep. Know so because Carol makes the mail man wear a rubber when he fucks her."

Kathy gasped. "Carol, you are such a slut!" she giggled. "Fucking the mail man!"

Carol laughed back, "But that's only twice a week or so." She looked at Walt. "And he gets so horny watching me fuck that big black cock."

William laughed loudly. "Still got a thing for man sized cocks, huh Walter?"

Walt blushed. "You know I do, William."

"Walt even sucks him to get him hard before he fucks me," Carol added. "Same old Walter," William sighed. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. "C'mon over here, then and work this one over."

Walt slid off the couch and onto his knees and crawled over to William. As he began sucking his cock, Carol leaned over to Kathy.

"I don't always make the mailman wear a rubber," she confided.

Kathy's eyes opened wide. "You are such a slut she giggled."

"But I make him pull out and cum on my belly." Carol added quickly.

Kathy looked at her slyly. "So he's never cum inside of you? Honestly?"

Carol smiled again. "Well, actually he really only manages to pull out about half the time before he cums in me."

Kathy gave a mock gasp. "So you've had all that nigger sperm swimming around your eggs, huh?"

Carol blushed again. "But it feels so good when he cums in me - he cums buckets more than Walter, and it just fills me up."

"Does Walter know?" Kathy asked.

"No!" Carol said quickly. "I only fuck him bareback when Walter's away."

"Bet you've got a little black baby in there!" Kathy poked at Carol's belly. "Cuz I don't think Walter makes enough cum to make a fly pregnant."

Carol looked over as William fucked Walt's mouth, holding his head down on his spurting cock. "I think you're right, Kathy, but I do love Walter. He's just so damned small in the cock department. I wish he was hung like your guy William."

A gleam entered Kathy's eyes. "Want to share him for a while?"

Carol looked at her and grinned. "I thought you'd never ask." She stood up and untied her halter top, throwing it aside. "Look out Walter, I need to sit on that for a while." She pushed Walt aside and raised her mini skirt above her hips, showing she wasn't wearing panties. She straddled William's rigid pole and slowly lowered herself down on it until it was buried inside of her. "Ah, that is sooo good," she moaned. As she began to fuck William, Kathy stripped behind her and moved up. She got under Carol's ass so she could see William's cock pistoning in and out of her pussy. She licked at the cock as it slid out, tasting Carol's juices on it.

Walt stood to one side and let Carol suck his cock as she rode William.

"What I really like about your cock is that it's too small to gag me," she said. "And when you cum, it doesn't flood my mouth and run out like the mail man." She sucked furiously, and within a few seconds, Walt trembled and came. "See, I almost couldn't tell you came just then!"

Kathy popped William's cock out of Carol's pussy and sucked on the head. She pumped up and don and then put it back inside of Carol. Walt sat down and watched as William took on his sister and girl friend. Carol got off of William and was replaced by Kathy, who bounced wildly on his cock.

"Gonna cum!" William grunted, and Carol pulled Kathy. She quickly sat on William and reinserted his cock in her own pussy just as he began to pump his seed out.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" Carol screamed. "I can feel every spurt deep in my belly!" She collapsed onto him. "Oh, shit, he's still cumming in me!" William's cum began to overflow Carol's full cunt and drip onto the floor. Kathy dived in and began catching the overflow on her tongue, savoring the taste.

William looked into Carol's eyes. "Why don't you dump little dick and move in with us, babe. You could be getting this cock every day." Carol nodded in agreement.

"Walter, I'm sorry, but I'm staying here with Kathy and William in their house." She almost looked sorry. "You just don't get the job done, baby."

"Don't feel bad, Walter," Kathy chimed in. "You do suck a mean cock. Maybe you were just meant to be a faggot."

Walt dejectedly zipped up his cut offs. He picked up his beer and downed it before heading for the door. As he was about to leave, William came up to him. Looking him in the eyes, he said slowly.

"Walter, when you leave here, you will forget you ever knew any of us. You will have no memory of any family, no memory of a wife or sister or daughter. You have never been in this house, and once you leave tonight, will forget where it is. You will remember that you have lived in that trailer for years, and the only things that make life tolerable are beer and sucking cocks. You will drink beer and suck cock whenever you get the chance. You will avoid female companionship entirely, and will not desire to be with a woman. You will openly flaunt your gayness."

With that, he patted Walt on the ass. "Have a nice life."

As he drove away in his battered old pick up truck, all the memories of his previous life fell away. By the time he reached the trailer, all Walt wanted was another beer, and a big cock to suck. That's all he ever wanted again.