Am I a sissy? pt.I

Published by Shiny Pink

Friday, March 25, 2011

Am I a sissy? pt.I

Well, here we are once again, talking about real stuff!

Listen up ladies!
We 're gonna talk about something you like!
And what it is that you like most?
Let me think...

Megan Fox?
You wanna talk about how hot she is?
Wanna talk about how would you fuck her?
I don't think so...

Wanna talk about hot chicks in general?
Come on, I'm sure you 'd love to hear about hot sluts!
Wouldn't you?

Ok. I found it! You wanna talk about big tits! Hah?
Wanna talk about how you would stick your cock (your what?) between a nice pair of juggs, hah?
Yeah right!!

Come on girls!
Don't be afraid!
We 're gonna talk about..... COCKS!!!
Can it get any better???


Many of you, find yourselves keep coming back to this blog, feeling guilty!
Isn't that true?
Feeling bad for what you do...
Isn't that true?
I mean...
Many of you, think of yourselves as super-straight, super-normal and yet...
You keep coming back for more...
You are the most fun!!!
It's just so perfect denying that you are a sissy!
Because you can be teased so easily!

For example:

Look at the following picture...

and tell me one "real" man that would find this picture hot!!
I mean, I dare you!
Show this picture to one of your male friends and tell me if he liked it!
Then show it to one of your female friends...
And finally see with whom you agree more. The guy.. or the girl......?

Or look at the following picture...

of course you don't like the picture because there's not a girl in it!
it's just a hard cock!
and you don't like photos of big, hard cocks!
you want to see some pussy, hah?
just like the next one...

here, you can clearly see the girl!
and she's hot as hell, hah?
I know..
behind that big, fat, cock there's a hot girl!
you wish you could see more behind that monster, hah?
ok then...

now you can see a lot more of the chick!
isn't it what you wanted in the first place?
you wanted to see some pussy, right?
I know..


it's nice to see a hot chick like that, sucking on a monster cock, hah?
although it would be better if you could see only the girl in the pic.
I mean without that huge thing in front of her!
although, if you "had to", then at least it could be in a girl's mouth!
am I wrong?

there's nothing hotter than having a man putting his meat in a girl's mouth!
it's hot.
it's sexy.
and it must be sexy for the girl too...
although you don't care about her.
you are guy.
you don't care how nice it would feel for the girl to have a huge, fat, wet cock in her mouth!
that's ok!
we understand!
you are a guy!
you 're not a sissy!

you want to see the girl behing that huge thing!
you don't stare at the man-meat!
you just stare at the girl.

when you see something like that, you always stare at the girl.
because they are hot.
girls are hot.
girls make you hard.
any girl can make you hard.
hah, darling?

because they are sexy.
boys are sexy.
I'm sorry!!!!!!
I mean, girls are sexy!
girls with big tits are sexy!
yeah, big tits!

"real" men like you, like big tits!
because they are, like, big!
and you know..
size matters..
and I guess, size matters for you too, hah?
I mean, big tits are better than small ones, hah?
just like big cocks!
big cocks are better than the small ones, hah?
big cocks are sexy, I know....

like in this picture!
you can surely see a nice pair of big tits.
but you can also notice a nice, sexy, big, fat cock!
it's not that you want it!
you just happen to appreciate the size of that thing.
that's what it is!
you appreciate his size!
he is a lucky guy, to have a thing like that.
and she is a lucky lady.
for the exact same reason...

you see?
you are a real guy after all!
you are not a sissy!
you just appreciate the size of a big cock.
good for you!
don't be afraid to admit it!

because you know....
if you were a sissy...
you wouldn't be like that..
you would be like....
you know....

"craving" for a nice, big cock!...

or two...

or more...

to have for yourself...

or to share with a friend...

the question in your head remains..

"are you a sissy?"

And the answer is......

"Just watch the next vid and see for yourself...."



  1. That's a very convincing post. The chicks are OK but the cocks got me hard. Yes, I believe I'm obsessed. Now, how can I get the blindfolded blonde's gig??? I've got kneepads and a sleeping mask already!

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  3. Hey Shiny Pink I reaaaallly luv your site.

    I've blogged about it on my very own blog

    This is the address:


    Please keep posting here :D I only discovered this one the other day and I can't wait for new posts!


    Tiffany XX

  4. You know, I find that there's no picture of a big, juicy cock that isn't improved by having a pretty girl's mouth right next to it. Or, is it the other way around? Sometimes I get so confused! :)

  5. Without a doubt, I am a sissy! I limp-wristed, pantywaist. I want to be the girls in these pictures with all those beautiful, thick cocks ramming down my willing throat.

    Thanks so much for such a wonderful blog!



  6. im such a sissy i saw this and now i wanna give a bj rlly bad

  7. Great post sweetie, love your site. And, oh, I guess I'm a sissy, because I love the hot chicks, but I drool over the hard cocks (as if I didn't already know that).


  8. I enjoy your style of writing. I don't have any confusion like some pathetic sissy. I'm strictly dickly and glowing gay rainbows!


  9. ohhhh fantastic i love the hhard cocks heee i must be a sissy mmmmm all i wanted to be was that girl getting all those lush cocks down her throat and all that yummmy come. thanks hun for posting

  10. That was an AWESOME post. but the video has been deleted!?!?!!!!!!!

  11. Best video ive ever seen! Cocks, cocks and more cocks! YES, i am definitely a sissy! All i could do was wet my panties picturing myself in her lucky position! what i would give to suck all those cocks! Tied and blindfolded in my bra and panties and being used by all those cocks! A girl can only dream! xox, sissy gaby!

  12. Looking my prettiest n keeping my feminine girly body n cocks are in my thoughts as well as my desires of finding a Mistress or real Men to please n pleasure are in my thoughts.

    I so love your blog Shiny as well as I keep cumming back n happy to find Your posts/ staci Pennell / Cindy rockz n a few other names I've gone by as well as staci Meyers, randy Meyers:)) either way thankU

  13. I as well as sissy Staci are in total agreement, never felt like a man like ever, so it pleases me to keep coming back for more as I so love everything in your mind

  14. Damn Shiny, it amazes me how many times I cum back, as do I still hear those sins in my head from your old posts and still think about your one post Dirtified, where that judge and his teaching professor wife where turned into complete whores. God, it's like a total turn on to be that controlled and turned on as well as snowballing with her after sharing a hot cock. Mmmm your like ago amazing as do I never stop loving you