Sissify Yourself: Let's make you a slut pt.III


no matter what you hear..

sluts are great in bed..

so, don't listen to anyone telling you otherwise!

sluts have the best sex possible..

see, darling..
that's the thing..

guys say the worst things about sluts all the time!
i mean, if a guy sees a girl on the street dressed as slutty as possible,
he immediatelly calls her a slut!
i mean, he immediatelly thinks low of her!
the question is why?

why would anyone think low of a girl who just wants some sex?
have you ever thought like that, girl?
because if you have, you should re-evaluate some of your opinions!
you should think about some things..

and first of all, you should think about why a girl like you, agrees with men!
can't you see it, sweety?
men don't understand!
but you can...
let me explain!
When a guy calls some girl "a slut", that means 3 things:

a) that she wants to have sex
b) that she is willing to do anything to make it happen
c) that she has no inhibitions

ok, let's say that she's like, evil or something

the thing for you sweety is to be on the right side!

the thing for you is to see things from the slut's point of view
and try to prove men wrong!


you have to see sweety how the slut feels for all these!
so, you 'll have to see some things differently!
guys are wrong as usual!
and here's why..

guys call girls sluts but..
do they like em?
i mean.. do they want to fuck them, or not?
you know what they want.
don't you?

you know that..
no man can resist the charms of a sexy female..
no man can resist a.. slut!
hah, honey?

if you know what you want,
then you must learn how to take it!

for example, if you want a cock,
all you have to do is to learn how to make it hard for you!
isn't it perfect?

if all that you want is a big, fat COCK..
then you have to know the way to make it hard.
to make it hard, all for yourself!

you have to learn the way to make men chase you.
to make men get hard from the moment they see you, princess..


and you used to accuse sluts?

for what, sweety?

for knowing the way to make cocks hard?


you were so wrong, sweety.
you will never think of them like that, ok?

you will see them the way you 're supposed to see them.
they are just girls that are doing their best to take care of their cocks!
and so as to know..
it's a very difficult task and they are their best at what they are doing!

they are just girls that are trying to keep their cocks hard, honey!
you should know better that it's very difficult to handle many cocks!

it requires a lot of skills and a lot of practice!

the more they take care of, the higher you will think of them!

and when you see them finally doing a good job
you should be happy for them.

you should be proud of them!

because if a girl can make a cock that hard for her
that means that she knows what she's doing.

and you know sweety..
that in order to make a cock that hard, you have to be a slut...

you know it's the only way..

because you know that no matter what they say..

boys love fucking sluts....


 boys love hungry mouths..


boys love nasty sluts..

boys love filthy whores


boys love disgusting sluts

boys want girls with no inhibitions

boys want girls with no moral values...

boys want girls with no self esteem

boys want SLUTS, princess..

boys just want to stick their cock into a tight hole

and they know that sluts can give them this.

sluts are willing to have them all..

sluts are willing to take care of their big, fat, hard COCKS!!

in fact,...

 they crave for it!

 they need it!

the only think they think of, is..




see, honey?

that's why you have to see things clearly.

you have to see that, despite all the negative comments you may hear about them..

you have to know..

that men can't see the truth..

men can't see that deep down..

they want to fuck nothing but SLUTS!

you see..
they may say otherwise..

they may believe that all they want is a goody two shoes..
they may believe that all they search for..
is a nice, clever girl,
you know...
a funny one..
who is elegant and classy and well respected..

but you know the kind of girl that would make their cock stiff..

you know the kind of girl that would make their cocks really BIG..
the one who would have them hard and ready..
ready to fuck like animals...

don't you?

of course you do...

the fuckslut!

they say that they want their girl to be real nice

but deep down they know..

that nice girls can't turn them on

nice girls can't make their COCK hard..

they know..

that what they need to get it up is...

a badass!!!

they say they want them sweet...

but they want them HUNGRY!!!

they say they want them cute...

but they want them filthy

because you see, honey..

boys are soooooo stupid!

they say their secretary is just a slut!

they say she is useless!

they say she's just a pair of tits and nothing more..

they say their wife is the woman of their dreams..

not that nasty slut!

they say they barely notice her...

they say they would never fuck a slut like that..

that those sluts think they can do whatever they want just because god gave them big tits

that no self respected man would ever go with a slut like that..

that acting like a slut is a turn off..

that sluts look cheap and unattractive..

that a girl should have good manners

that classy girls are sexy

 elegant girls are sexy... 

good girls are sexy...

while inside their pants...

their cock would be ready to explode

their cock would be dripping pre-cum

their cock would be begging to come out

and shoot their hot load

all over that slut's hungry mouth..

while their cock would be rock hard

for those fake titties!

for those fake blowjob lips

for that hungry, filthy, little SLUT!

while his cock would be sending him signals to fuck that girl..

while his cock would be begging him to put it into her hungry mouth

would be craving for those bigFAT lips..

would be craving to touch those BOOBS

and that is a girl's victory over men, sweety..

that is the revenge of the sluts, baby!

because now, she has him where she wants!

now that boy is at her mercy!

now he is all hard and horny for her

and he doesn't think clearly!

all he wants to do now is... FUCK!!!

all he craves now is what that girl has..

what that SLUT has!

now he knows he doesn't want them nice!

now that he's hard he knows..

he doesn't want them to be elegant and classy..

he wants them cheap and trashy!

he wants them to show off their knockers!

now he wants to grab her tits!

he doesn't want them sweet and cute!

now he wants them BAD!

he wants them starved!

now he just wants to put his cock into a wet hole!

now he just wants her to be... filthy!

he wants her to have tattoos!

now he wants her to have big, fake knockers!

see, sweety?

the once self respected man

is now thinking of BIG, fake tits!

is now thinking of sloppy blowjobs..

is now thinking of getting his balls licked

and getting her ass fucked!!!

see, baby?

now our goody two shoes boy want to make a filthy whore cry!

isn't it weird?

isn't it weird that our boy is transformed into an animal?

that he wouldn't give a shit

even if the next moment his slut would suck two others?

isn't it?


of course it's not, dummy!!!!

our boy is transformed into an animal because all he really wants is a slut!

a nasty, badass whore!

and you know why, baby?

because sluts are great in bed, sweety!!!


that's your NEW TRUTH honey!!

being a slut means that you must be great in bed!

because all the sluts are great in bed!

and that's because...

sluts are not afraid of being dirty...

sluts are not afraid of being disgusting...

sluts are not afraid to be humiliated...

sluts don't care about their appearance...

sluts don't care about the number of COCKS they get...

sluts are cheap...

sluts are trashy...

sluts are just low-life, disgusting, filthy whores...

but they surely know HOW TO fuck....