Sissify Yourself: Let's make you a slut pt.II

tRUTh nUmbER tWo

no matter what you hear
sluts make good friends!

ok princess..?

you will not care what others say..

because you know...

that boys are wrong!

because boys judge girls by their appetite for cocks!

they can't see that there may be a good friend underneath the slutty exterior!

that's why you have to prove them wrong!

prove them wrong sweety!
boys think that, since a girl has a huge appetite for cock, she is useless and
she must be used only as a fucktoy!

you know that is not true sweety!

you know
that girls have needs!

it's their nature..

girls need cocks..

they are empty without them!

they just need them...

you know that feeling...
the fact that they crave cock so much,
does not mean that they can't be your friends!

who says that slutty cock-sucking whores, should not be best friends with "boys" like you?

think about it..
is there any real reason why you should not be friends with that girl?
i mean.. why?
because she's sucking that thing?
is she too slutty for you?
come on..

i mean, listen sweety..
you have to change the way you see things!
boys would see her as a piece of meat!
they would NEVER - EVER think of her as a human being!

in their eyes they would see a slut ready to be fucked!
a fucktoy ready to be used!

no real feelings for this girl.
just a piece of meat!
think about it for a moment.
you see her as a piece of meat...?

i think you know where's the real meat..

can you see the meat, honey?

where's the meat in the photo, sweety?

i think you know..

i think you would agree with her..

i think you would agree with all the girls, baby..

in fact i think..

you should re-evaluate the people you hang out with, sweety!

you have to think what you seek for in a friend..

with whom you feel more comfortable...

with them, maybe?

just you "boys" ...

hanging around

in the living room,

watching sports... 

and drinking beers ?
or perhaps...

with them ?
just you "GIRLS"

having fun in the toilet?
you know...
posing like a SLUT,
taking some selfshots..
acting as if you want to have sex..
you know..
GIrLy FUn !!!

just look at them!
they look so much fun!
one of them even plays the guy!
i thought that part is yours !!!
YOU should play the guy in this !!

or the giRL ...?


the thing is that
people is so mean when it comes to -so called- "SLUTS".
people say so many bad things about them, sweety..
and YOU
don't agree AT ALL!

hah, princess?

you see them in a different light, sweety..
you can understand them so much better than men..

and they can understand you too..
you know what they are doing, baby...
and why they are doing it..

and they know about you!


look at their faces..
they know you are not staring at their thongs..

just look at her !

she knows about you..

she's just smiling..

probably just teasing you..

you see, sweety..
she may be a slut..
but she knows...

she knows what's in your mind

she knows what you wanna talk about..

she knows what you look for in a girl

she knows what you 'd look for in her...

and she's just teasing...

until you admit to her..
that you don't want to fuck her!

you just want to be friends with her!

until you admit to them..
that you don't want to fuck them!
that you can't fuck them!

no matter how slutty they look..

no matter how slutty they dress...

no matter how slutty they behave...

you can only see them as your friends..

and nothing more!!

because you know better sweety!

you know that sluts have so much fun!

you know that you have so many things in common..

so many things to talk about..

you are not just another macho guy..
who just wants to stick his cock into a mouth!

you don't want just to fuck another piece of meat!

when there are so many better things to do with them!

when you can have so much fun together!

the kind of fun, you love...
girly fun!!

see, sweety?

when you can be bff's..

no more bad things about slutty girls!
ok, princess?
no more nasty and degrading comments!
no more of that nasty male macho behaviour!

we don't want you macho, sweety..
macho is not your thing..
macho is not cool..
being a macho guy is like... ugh!!

we want you cute and feminine!

ultra sexy and ultra ladylike!

because being a guy is soooooooo boring and not cool!
in fact you pity all the guys for being.... GUYS!!

while being a girl.....
is like... super cool - super fun and super sexy!!!!

so you 'll have to do your best to look like a super femme girly-girl, sweety!

and hangin out with men isn't gonna help you achieve your goal!

in fact men are so un-be-lie-va-bly boring!!!
you know, they are good for one thing (you know what) ...
but apart from this.... ugh!!!

whereas girls are like.... so purrrrfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

hah, princess?

sluts have everything that you seek for in a friend..
so from now on..
you will have very warm feelings for them
you will feel so close to them..
you will feel as if you are one of them...
you are on their side now and for the rest of your life..

sluts make good friends!

on their side now, doll..

one of them...

isn't she exactly as you want

your BEST FRIEND to be...?