Sissify Yourself: Let's make you a slut pt.I


No matter what you hear

sluts seem cute to you..

ok, honey?

never hot!
never sexy!

slutty girls will seem ONLY funny and pretty to you.

remember princess..
sluts are cute and funny!


you see, sweety
what we 're trying to do here is to make you change your mind about certain things.
because honey, you have to see things from our point of view..

you will find out that it's so much better than yours!
that's why you have to think about those new truths!
you have to think like us, baby..

you have to become like us...

and we 're gonna help you!

so your first task is to stop thinking of slutty girls as being hot and sexy
and start thinking of them as being cute and funny!

see the difference?

you have to replace your male thoughts with female ones!!

i mean..
obviously, whenever you see a cute girl you 'll still regard her as hot and sexy
but NEVER in a way that says : "i 'd do her in a second"!!
that is what a male would think!!

you 're gonna be more of  "she's sexy, any guy would do her..."
which is what a female would think!!!

better, hah?

you see..
guys tend to accuse girls of a certain behaviour, as being sluts and that's it!

those girls are just sluts in their mind and nothing more!


not for you, baby!

you are never going to agree with men in such things, sweety.
you are always going to agree with women!
no matter if they are right or wrong.
you are gonna be on their side!

and speaking of sluts...

slutty girls are so many things that guys can't see..

but you can, baby!

you can appreciate so many things that guys can't!

for example,
a girl can be slutty but at the same time she can be sweet and cute and funny!

how about that??

guys will never get to appreciate these things in a girl!
because all they care about is to ... fuck!
Here's the thing sweety..

Most guys when they see a girl acting all cute and girly, they immediately call her a slut.
And that happens because that kind of behaviour turns them on!

So.. they see a cute little girl and they immediately want to fuck!

you see, if a guy sees a photo like that he is gonna think:

"fuck, that slut wants it!
i have to stick my cock into her until she pass out!"

while you are gonna be like:

"omg! she's like soooo cute!!!!
like, i totally loooooooove her bra! her titties are soooo small! i think mine are bigger!!!
and look at her belly button!! i want one!!!
oh!!! and her tat is like soooo sexy!!! and her shorts!! like wow!!! she's hawt!!!!
but, wait a minute!! i have to see hair nails!!! :("

what is better sweety?
your point of view, or theirs?
who do you really want to be?
the one who just needs a mouth to fuck?

or the one who needs lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, make up,eye shadow, nail polish, panties, thongs, bras, skirts, tops, shoes, bags, etc etc etc....?

i know who you want to be, baby..

and it's like, perfectly normal!!!
your first lesson for today is that...

sluts are cute and funny!

ok, princess?

so, you 'll have to differ sweety.

cute girls are not sluts..
cute girls are neither hot nor sexy for you!

you don't want to fuck cute girls, princess!

boys do!

not you!!!

boys think that cute girls are just sluts and nothing more!!

you don't agree with that!!!

that's nonsense, dear!!

because ..

guys want to fuck, sweety..
they don't care about anything else!
they just want to find a hole to put their cocks in!
they can't see anything beyond that.

so, if a girl is all cute and stuff.. bam!
before she finds out what's going on,
she will be on her knees sucking some guy!

and that is because guys want to fuck cute girls!
and that is because cute girls make their cocks really hard!
but the question is.....


why would a girl like that, make a guy wanna fuck..?

To answer this question, we have to see how the male mind works.

So, here's the thing!

Nature has given guys certain characteristics that make them act in a certain way.
That means that their male attributes are responsible for their male behaviour!

For example, nature has given them big muscles!
How about that?
So, we all know that guys have bigger muscles than girls.
The question is: how can this characteristic define their behaviour?
Bigger muscles means more strength.
And more strength means more power.
And more power means that no woman can do anything to harm them.
Which means that women are weaker than men.
Which means that if a man wants something from a woman he can make her give it to him!
Because he is bigger than her.
He is stronger than her.
And she is weak.
So, that leads us to a certain way of behaviour.
Both for the male and the female...

You see, everybody's behaviour is an expression of his inner instincts.
And it's easy  to see that males and females have the exact oppossite instincts!
That's why they behave in the exact oppossite way...

Let's go back to our example again.
Our guy has big muscles..
So, he must be strong.
And powerful..
While on the other side, our girl is petite.
So, she must be weak.
And defenceless...

We have a big muscle stud and a little girly girl.
How are they gonna behave..?

It's easy..

The guy knows that he can have whatever he wants.
He knows he is strong.
That's why his natural instinct is to become more dominant.

While the girl knows that she can't do anything to a guy.
She knows that she's weak.
That's why her natural instinct tells her to become more submissive.

And just then the weirdest thing happens...

Those two start being attracted to each other!!!
can you believe it?
those two start craving what each other has.
they are exactly the oppossite and yet they can't help it!

those two want to fuck!

And then there is you!!!

What are you thinking about all these?
With whom you feel closer to?

on the one hand,
you have this girl.
who is all cute and girly.
who is all funny and sweet.
who tries hard to be pretty and sexy at all times..

but has only one thing in her mind...

she only lives for one thing..

for COCK!!

that cute and girly chick wants only one thing.... cock!

so, on the one hand you have that cutie who craves cock!

who needs cock.

who feels empty without one.

who is daydreaming about having a bunch of guys fucking her.

on the one hand you have that cutie,

who would give anything to have a cock in her pussy.

who would beg anyone to suck his big, fat COCK.

and on the other hand you have that guy,

who doesn't give a shit about all these.

who just want to ... fuck.

you have that guy,

who only cares about one thing, his cock!

who only thinks of his pleasure.

who just needs a hole to place his meat.

who just want to shoot his load on a female.

who just want to shoot...

so, sweety..

with whom you feel yourself having more things in common?

with the dominant males?

or with the greedy females?

it's very easy to see for yourself!!

just watch the following pictures and ask yourself...

do u love having them like that or u stare at something else?

what looks cuter to u?

that girl or that cock?

the first thing you noticed was her whale tail?

her nails look cute and his balls look ok,

or her nails look ok and his balls look cute?

is your mouth open too?

who is the lucky one, here?

see, honey?

it's so easy to see for yourself...

you wanna fuck her mouth?


just look at her!

she's cute..

she's showing you her titties..

she has even spread her legs for you..


you wanna fuck her?

wanna stick your cock into her pussy?

 or is her ass that gets you hard?

perhaps you are an ass man, right?

perhaps all these are wrong

and you are 100% male.

perhaps all you want to do now is to fuck her like a stallion,

to show her what men are for,

to show her how macho you can be...




Let's see...
You wanna fuck cute little girls, sweety?

Think about it for a moment..

When you see a cute girl on the street, you want to fuck her...?

I think....

No, princess!
You don't want to fuck her!
you don't want to fuck cute girls!
you can't fuck cute girls!
can you???

a doll like you is not made to fuck cute girls..

a doll like you is made to find them... cute!

even if you see them doing the nastiest things!

in your eyes they are..cute!!

let me explain to you....

the point of this blog is to make you a sissy!

i know it's cruel, but what can you do?

the point of this blog is to sissify any "boy" that passes by.

so, every guy that enters here, should leave with new thoughts.

girly thoughts...
feminine thoughts
sissy thoughts!
so, princess...

even if all these, that we said earlier, were true,
they are gonna be altered...

you see..
we don't want you to be all macho, princess!
we don't want you to be another aggressive, filthy male!
we don't want you to be strong or anything!
by the way, being strong is just soooooo not cool, honey!!
you know what's cool?
being weak is cool!

never mind,..
I  was saying...

being macho is not cool, baby!
being macho is horrible!
all the guys that are born to be like macho and stuff, are sooooooo unlucky!!
they must feel so miserable!!
you pity them, sweety.

because you know what's cool, honey!

being feminine is cool!
being girly is cool!
that's why we want you like, ultra feminine, super cute, ditzy, funny, little girly girl!!!

because that's cool!!!!

because girls are cool!!
girls can be dumb!
girls can be silly!
girls can be like super stupid!
and yet...

that's cool too!!!

girls can wear pink bras, funky eyewear, bimbo hairstyles!
anything they want!

while guys are sooooo lame!!!!

in fact, boys are good only for one thing....

their cock...

but then again..

that works for us too!!


men's only asset is their cock

and we get to enjoy it as well!!!!

we get to enjoy the cocks!

imagine you were a guy and you happened to have an 8 inch cock!

and a huge pair of balls!

what would you do?

you would be like, soooooo unlucky!!

you would have to carry them with you, unable to do anything about it!

but if you weren't him,

you would find the big boy

and you would have it all for yourself!

all this, just for your pleasure!!

all you have to do is to get dolled up

and he will do the rest!!!

isn't it great?

you can be as lazy as you want!!

it's YOU who gets to enjoy the cock

and it's him who does everything else for you to enjoy it!

all you do is provide him a hole to put his cock into.

boys are soooooooo stupid, baby!

they just want to fuck!

they can't see that it's us who enjoy their COCKS!

see now, sweety?
that's why, where real guys see a slut,

you see a cute girl!

every time you hear someone calling a girl slut,
you will immediately try to find a cute thing about her to comment on!

because you have to stand up for what you believe!!
and you can't have any guy talking about girls like that!!

no matter how nasty they may be!!
no matter how slutty they may behave!
you know better that a cute girl is a cute girl no matter what!
because being cute doesn't make you a slut!

being cute just makes boys hard.

it doesn't mean that you are actually a slut!!

does it...?