Sissify Yourself: Let's make you a slut

Here we are once again ladies!!


Today we 're gonna talk about SLUTS!!


I mean.. you like 'em, hah?

What am I saying?

Of course you do!!

But the thing is..

Like, how?

Let's say that you happen to see that in your office..

Just one of your co-workers who "accidentally" happens to show you some cleavage.

You know.. a lot of girls like to show off their assets!

It's funny, sexy and.. let's face it! Many times it's a ticket to success! 

I mean, who would say no to a nice pair of big, fat titties?

Guys love them! That's why girls love to tease them!

Although, sometimes, there are girls that do a lot more than just teasing..

Girls that try hard to draw men's attention.

Girls that use all their weapons to draw male attention.

Girls that do anything to attract males.

And you know how those girls are called..

Those girls are called S-L-U-T-S!!!

So, here you are! Having a girl showing you her titties!

What are you gonna do, princess?

Are you gonna fuck her brains out?

Are you, sweetie?

Don't be afraid to admit it, if you want!

Here, look at another one!

Those girls are called SLUTS, baby.

And "Real" guys want to fuck them real hard!

"Real" men love sluts!

Because a slut is eager to please them.

A slut has only one thing in mind : to fuck!

A slutty girl wants to tease,

wants to flirt,

wants to  make all the cocks rock hard for her!

a slut knows what she wants...


and she knows how to get it..

 she 's gonna show her tits..


   her pussy..

                                                                       or her ass...


to get what she wants!

A slut wants some cock and she wants it now!


Until now...

The thing is that up until now, the term "slut" had a wrong meaning for you.
I'm sure that whenever you heard someone calling a girl "slut", you felt a bit superior!
Isn't it right?
I mean..
You hear some guy calling a girl "slut".
Deep down you get a satisfaction that she is a bit lower than you.
That she is nothing!
That she is a SLUT!
Although, there 's a misconception here!
And let me explain..

If you showed a "real" guy that photo..
He would surely call her a slut.
He would tell so many nasty comments about her.
And you would surely agree for the most of them.
Isn't it right princess?
Yes it is..
The thing is though, to see why the real man would tell all those things for her?

The answer to that is because she ..
a) is posing seductively
b) is teasing you with her posture.
c) is wearing fuck-me shoes.
d) is ready to take off her panties.
e) has fake boobs.
f) seems ready to get fucked!

A real guy sees a wanton SLUT!
Sees a girl ready to take it up her ass.
Have you ever asked yourself: "why do YOU call her a slut?"
Let's have a closer look then..

She seems to have great legs,
huge, fake titties,
blonde, bimbo hair,
big, pouty lips,

A "real" man would get a hard on for all these things.
A "real" man would fuck her brains out!
The question is...
Would you...?
A "real" man would fuck that slut..
Would YOU fuck that slut?

Or even better...

CAN YOU fuck that "slut"?

Don't answer yet..
Just think about these..

"Real" guys would do that kind of girls in a blink of an eye..
Would you do that kind of girls?
Can you do that kind of girls?
A "real" guy can fuck that ass you are seeing here.
Can you fuck that ass, precious?
Really, baby...
Can you do ANYTHING to her, sweetie?
I mean..
Apparently, she is a slut..
and you are a guy...


can you fuck her?

Can you fuck a "slut"?

See, princess?
She wants you!
She wants your... cock!
Will you do anything?

Can you even...

get it up for her?

She is a SLUT!
And you are a guy!

You think she is a slut!
a "real" guy calls her that, because he would fuck her like an animal!
Why do YOU call her a "slut"?

Are you better than her?

The mistake..

you have to see what is going on here, sweety.
there's a mistake you 've been doing and it's not your fault!
it's just the way you see yourself.
that is what you have to change!

from the moment you were born
you 've been learning to accept things as a man.
that has led you to a certain way of thinking..
to a certain way of accepting things..
you are accepting things as a guy..
for example,
when you see that photo you think you can fuck that girl,
because that is what you think of yourself!

you think you can fuck that girl..
you think see is teasing you..
you think you are superior..
you think you are better than her..

so, that leads you that she is just a slut!

well baby..
unfortunately, we 'll have to do something about that disgusting, male macho attitude.
don't you think?
if you think like that, sweety, you are way too macho.
you 'll have to loosen up a bit.
you don't need all that testosterone, honey.

you see baby..
girls are a lot more than just sex objects!
girls are so many things you should see!
in fact, girls are not for sex at all!
but being a girl is everything...

that's why..
you 'll get to see how wrong you were about thinking of them as sluts!
you 'll get to see how it is to be on the other side...
and be sure that you will come to the other side..

be sure..
that you will see that photo clearly..
as you should..
as a GiRl..

you will realize that she is not teasing you!

that she is not trying to make you hard.

you will realize that she is not a slut!

you will realize that you are not supposed to fuck her!
you don't see her that way!
you can't even get it up for her!

you will learn to be on her side when everybody call her a slut!
you will learn to see her as your potential friend!

you will get to see the difference between you and .. real men, sweety..

you will get to realize that men have the right to call her whatever they want
because they can fuck her whenever they want, sweety!

because real men stare at her naked pussy and her big titties
and get really hard!

and they want to fuck..

that's why they tease..
because they know that men get hard!
and that's why men call them "sluts"...

is she a slut for you, princess?

that girl could be your secretary..
she would tease..
would you call her a slut to your friends?

would you try to play the macho guy?

or you would try to let her know that you 're on "her side"..?
try to be her friend maybe?

maybe even try to help her find a nice big cock to suck?
hah, princess?

From now on...

You have to change your ways, missy!
You have to leave all that nasty attitude behind!
You can still be a boy outside,
you must be converted into a girly girl on the inside!

yeah honey..


girly girl!

you know you want to become a girl, sweety!


even if you are not able to look like one..

you 'll just have to think like one..

people will see a boi with a female mind!

which is ...super cute!!!

you have to think properly!
Like a super fun girly girl!
That's why you are gonna leave all those macho stuff for others!
Leave them to real guys!
You hate macho stuff!
don't you?

because you know you can't do this, honey..

macho stuff is not for you, baby..
you are more.. fun!

but even if you were, at some time in the past..
you 'll try to leave it behind..
you 'll try to forget you ever were like that!

because from now on..
 you won't be able to act like that..

you will gradually loose all your masculinity,

all your male instincts..

to the point
that even if you see your wife sucking another man..

you won't be able to behave like a man!

ok, princess..?

because you are more like that, honey!



listen up, missy!!!

From now on, you are not allowed to think of any girl as a slut!
No matter how slutty she may behave...
You are never to call her a slut!
And that is the proper way to think when it comes to slutty girls...
The proper way for a doll like you!

You will never call any girl, a slut!

no matter how slutty they are!

you 'll just have to alter the way you think about that.

ok, princess?

you 'll just have to start thinking more like ...

you know..


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