Sissify Yourself: Sissify your brain pt.I

Hello sweeties!!

Mmmmmmmmm, let's see...

Today we 're gonna start the re-programming of your pretty little mind!

You see ladies, the goal here is for you to
become the cutest sexy little sissy you can be!

I mean, YOU HAVE to become 100% female on the inside sweety!
You have to become a real fairy!!!
I mean..
Even if you hide it perfectly, the point here is to make it harder and harder for you...
The point here is to sissify you as much as it takes!

And that's why we are going to start with your first sissification exercise...

Listen up, gorgeous...

You are going to see a number of photos like this one during the entire exercise...

There's no harm in that!
Is there?

I mean, it's so innocent, hah?

Well, listen.
During this exercise you will see many photos of something that men really love!!!
And you know what it is.
Don't you?

It's a particular female feature that men love staring at!

Just like you!!

You love staring at womens asses!

Don't you?

I mean, I know that some of you really loooooove staring at them!!

Some of you really think that staring at a sexy ass makes him really hard!!


But unfortunately the thing is, sweety, that we can't let you keep all those masculine instincts..

Can we?

I mean.. we have said in a previous post how you 're supposed to think about butts!

Haven't we?

Although some of you still think that you can keep on stroking your cocks watching girls' asses?

Mmmmmmmm sweeties...

Here's what we 're gonna do...

We are gonna take all this masculinity

and we 'll transform it to an explosion of sissiness!

We 're gonna let you express all your natural 'boy" instincts

and we 'll turn them to super femme ones!

Once you are sure about your male self,

you are gonna feel the change..

You see..

it's so easy to manipulate your instincts, honey..

it's so easy to control your thoughts,

to control your pretty mind

and turn it to a more delicate, classy, feminine one....

And the thing is that you 'll love it!!

That's why you are going to continue staring at those fine asses...

You are free to stare as much as you want!!!

You are even free to to get as hard as you want, baby!

I know you love staring at womens' asses, sweety..

i know they are soooooo sexy!

they are round and hot...

and i know how much you like them..

i know how hard they get you...

because that's what they are for, sweety..

to make you hard!!!

that's why girls love showing them off

because they know they make you hard...

that's why you like them so much...

because men love staring at womens asses!

men love staring at womens' asses...

hah, honey?

men... love staring at big, round asses...

a man would love this ass...

a man would get really hard staring at that ass...

that ass would make any man real hard, baby...

can you imagine it?

can you imagine how hard those two would make a man?

can you imagine how hard his cock would be for them?

just think about it for a moment...

look at those asses!

they are really hot!

and those two really know what they 're doing!

they surely know how to make any man all hard and ready for them... 

i mean...

is there any possibility for any cock to stay soft while looking at this?

every cock would be all hard, princess...

every cock would get really big...

big cocks for big asses...

and i guess so is yours, gorgeous..


it's ok, sweety...

there's nothing to worry about..

you 're just a good boy who is just staring at girls' butts and playing with his cock...

it's perfectly natural...

even if somebody entered now..

would not see anything unnatural...

if somebody entered now..

would just see a good boy stroking his little cock for a girl's ass...

after all, 

any boy would get hard staring at that ass..

if you happened to catch another boy stroking his big cock while staring at that ass..

would you judje him...?

i think no, princess...

because it's natural for boys to get hard for a girl's ass...

can you picture the boy you just caught, stroking his big fat cock, sweety?

that would be something, hah?

especially if he was really huge..

the spectacle would be great, hah?

you know..

if he happened to have a, let's say, 9 inch cock and a big pair of balls hanging..

it would be really nice...

don't you agree, honey?

and all these because of a girl's ass!!

see what a girl's ass can do, sweety?

a girl's ass causes hard-ons!

a girl's ass is hot and that's why it makes boys hard!

and the hotter the ass the bigger the hard on...

that's why the boy in your fantasy would be really big...

because the ass he would be looking would be really hot...


if you happened to catch him stroking his big fat cock

while staring at big round asses

what would you do, honey?

i mean...

the guy would be all hard and ready for them..

what would you do?

would you judle him?

i mean..

he is not doing something weird, hah?

when a guy sees a nice ass he gets hard, hah?

and when a guy gets hard

he has to stroke his cock, hah?

and when he is stroking his cock

he needs something to put it in, hah?

i mean..

he needs someone to take care of his hardon, hah?

and the guy you just caught was all alone, hah?

so, i guess..

he would be looking for someone to take care of his raging hardon, hah?

after all, those asses can make any cock real hard!!!


i'm just asking...

is it wrong to be helpful when another person has a problem and needs your help?

i mean..

you are a guy and you can understand!

if a normal guy sees those sluts with all these curves,

wouldn't he need someone to take care of his cock?

of course he would!!

he would need someone to grab it and start stroking it!!

that slutty ass would make him so fucking hard!

that ass would make him wanna fuck like an animal!

and the one who was taking care of his cock..

would be the only one who could tame that animal!


he would just look for a hole to put his cock...

he would continue staring at those hot asses...

getting harder and harder...

and he would just wish for a hungry mouth...

another guy would need your help with his problem!

would you help him?

i think you would, sweety...

i think you would provide him with your mouth....

i mean...

just as friend to a friend...

after all, those asses are really hot!

any guy has to get hard!

and when he does...

there has to be someone there to suck him off!!!

there has to be someone there to clean up the mess!

because when our guy gets hard..

soon enough he will want to shoot his load!!

those asses will make him want to explode!

and that is where you have to be the one willing to clean up the mess!

you have to be the one willing to take it all into your mouth!

because those babes are hot

and your guy would need to shoot more than once!

i mean, just take a look!

wouldn't you want to cum again and again for this beautiful ass?

so, i guess it would be even better..

if you informed your guy..

that whenever he 'd feel like jerking off,

he could call you to come and take care of it!  


you could even bring him tons of ass photos!

so that he could get hard real fast!

what do you think now, gorgeous?

girls' asses are great, i know...

i know you love staring at them...

although you love them even more when the girls wear sexy underwear, hah?

i know....

don't tell me you don't care about the underwear....

you prefer bare asses...?

i don't think so.....

u like em....?

i think, a lot.....

because i think that there's nothing sexier for you than a sexy pair of panties...


and when you 're surfing on the internet

searching for sexy girls' asses..

the only thing you want..

is to find the sexiest underwear....

all kinds of underwear...

because they excite you...




enjoy some slutty thongs...

nice, hah?


do you happen to wonder how would you look like in them?

i think you do...


she even has tan lines!!!

super sexy, hah?


i know what you're thinking about tan lines...

did you enjoy those thongs, princess?

or you prefer boyshorts?

i guess you like em all..

i guess, you don't have any real problem...

and I think, sweety, that you don't have a problem because you are obsessed with them!!!

because you are obsessed with female underwear!!

because if you could..

you would buy a new pair of panties everyday!

because you know how sexy it is to wear panties...

because you know that every single pair of panties has it's own personality!

and you get in touch with the personality and the attitude that your panties give you..

because they give you a female personality...

because one day you are the girl on the left...

the next day you are the girl next to her..

the following day the girl next to her.....

because each time,

you become the type of girl who would wear that kind of underwear..

 sometimes u r a girlie - girl!

and sometimes you are a woman

sometimes you are a flirt...

and sometimes you are just too feminine and shy to flirt!

sometimes you are a naughty slut...

and sometimes you are an elegant lady!

sometimes u feel like, sooooo dumb!

sometimes you feel like your ass is tight and cute and you have to show off like a naughty teen...

and sometimes u feel like your ass has gotten big and u just have to sit on something even bigger...!

sometimes you feel like being all kinky...

and sometimes you feel like being all classy!

the point is that..

at all times your panties decide who you are!

for exaple...

in them,

you love sports!

that's why you keep such an athletic body!

you don't party much..

you don't smoke..

you don't drink..

you sleep well and you love working out!

you have a steady relationship and you intend on keeping it that way!

in them,

you don't love sports!

in fact, you hate sports!!

but you have fucked the whole team!

you just have a thing for boys with athletic body and stuff

and you never say no!

you want them all that's why you pretend to like sports!

the truth is that you love getting wasted...

you smoke...

and you eat whatever you want!

you don't care about having an athletic body and stuff!

in fact, you 're proud of your booty

and you intend on making it bigger

cos the team loves it!!!

in them,

you are an elegant yet sexy girl!

you were raised like a queen..

you never had any real problems and that's why you have this angelic look in your eyes..

you have good manners and you never act on impulse!

you love elegant underwear that accentuate your well toned body.. 

in them,

you are not elegant at all..

you never were!

in fact, you have always hated those snotty rich bitches!

you were always more of a "you get what you see" kind of girl...

and that's why you always had to show people what you 've got..

you know.. your assets!

your big juicy ass, your fat tits, your sticky pussy...


fuck that!

you just bend over to show your ass and that's all you need to have all the cocks rock hard for you!

in them,

you are a loving girl posing for her boyfriend!

you just love posing for the one you adore!

you just bought these undies just for him!

you always want to make him happy..

and that's why you wear these today even though they feel a bit uncomfortable!

you would do anything for your loving man...

in them,

you are a whorish girlfriend posing for everybody else to see!

you just love having strangers staring at your ass!

that's why you buy everything 2 sizes smaller!

you don't care! you want to show everything!

if you could you would show everybody your pussy lips and your asshole!!

it turns you on to know that boys are growing hard when you pass by!

you don't care that your boyfriend gets all angry...

after all there's nothing hotter than cheating on him!!!


see what we 're talking about?

you are who your panties say you are!!

because your panties give you something that you need...

they give you something that you lust...

your panties give you confidence, sweety...

without them you feel that something is missing...

but when you wear them...

you feel sexy..

you feel slutty..

you feel like you wanna show off!

you feel like you have some kind of power!

you are thinking that maybe - just maybe - there's a boy out there who got hard for you!

and it makes you...

wanna tease!

it makes you wanna show off!

it makes you wanna wiggle your ass!

it makes you...

a cock - tease!

even if you wear them under your boy clothes..

you are wondering... if anyone has noticed it!

you want someone to notice it!!

you don't even care if it's a boy or a girl..

the one who noticed it!

if it's a girl...

she will just find out that you are a sissy!

and if it's a boy...

he may get all hard! 

you don't care..

you just HAVE TO tease!!!

you just have to show off!

like a slutty cock-tease...

you have to show off like a slut!

you have to tease boys with your ass!

you have to tease...

because you notice how much attention do women get with their ass and you want that...

you can feel her confidence, hah?

you can feel how much she loves her tight body, hah?

you can feel why she wears a thong..

you can feel how sexy she feels when she sticks out her ass...

you can feel why she loves to tease...


that is a cock-tease..

she knows she has a sexy ass and she shows it off!

you love that feeling, hah?

and you want it too...

and you behave that way because you know, sweety, that your ass is gonna give you what you really need...

your ass is gonna give you what you really crave...

and now that you see that photo...

what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

what is that you crave?

remember how we started this, honey...

remember what we wanted to achieve...

we wanted you to start thinking properly about girls' asses!

as you should...


take a quick look at the following pictures...

i know they are sexy...


what are YOU thinking when looking at these?

try to answer the following questions...

which ass looks better?

the one on the left or the one on the right....?

have you ever thought that it would need a very big cock to fuck that fat ass?

could you imagine that ass without this ultra feminine thong?

golden panties, hah?

you like this color....?

didn't you play Nintendo when u were younger?

don't you want to make a statement about that?

super girly, hah?

u prefer her without her panties?

don't you think you can have a body like that with the right steps?

can you imagine how many men must have gotten hard in the beach?

can you imagine how many men must have gotten hard in their rooms?

can you imagine the cocks that must be hard for her while surfing on the internet?

can you imagine .... cocks

when you see that ass....?

From now on,

everytime you stare at a girl's ass,

you 're going to have a hardon

just like any normal guy...



"you love sexy asses"

just like a princess...

now see what happens to a girl who shows off her ass....