Sissify Yourself: Dream of being her

Hellooooooooo ladies!!!!!Listen up!

As from today we 're gonna have a BRAND NEW CATEGORY!

In this category you 'll get to see girls!

I mean.... lots of them!!!

The question though is... why?


Why would a cute little sissy like you, would want to see girl photos?

The answer is simple......

Don't you catch yourself surfing on the net for hours just staring at girls photos...?

Of course you do, sweety...

You are looking for girls!

And some of you even think that you want to fuck them!

Those boys are my best!

The boys that think they want to fuck a sexy girl,

when all they really want is to look like one!

The boys that they think they are super straight

when all they really are is super femme!!!


we were saying that, you are looking for girls on the net..

And you know why..


you are constantly daydreaming of being a girl, silly!!!

and you

love those thoughts


You crave for those dreams!!

That's why I'm gonna do my best to let you daydream here...

I'm gonna let you see as many girls as you want.

and i'm gonna let you dream of

being so many different girls!

you 're gonna dream of being a bubbly blonde

or a classy brunette!

a slutty teen

or a hungry milf!

you 're gonna dream of having a pair of big, heavy juggs

or a cute pair of... no titties!

you 're gonna be a chubby chick

or a skinny girl!

you 're gonna be a light-headed bimbo

or a nasty goth!

you 're gonna have tats..



you 're gonna wear slutty skirts

or elegant dresses!

you are gonna be whoever you want to be..

but one thing is gonna stay the same..

you are gonna be the GIRL in the photo...

and you 'll get to realize how wonderful it is to visualize yourself as a woman!

as a female...

and the new category is called: "crossdreaming"