Sissify Yourself: Attitude Adjustment pt.I

Hello ladies..

Here is what we are gonna do today..

We are going to talk about celebrities!

Female celebrities..

So, let's see..

You have all seen female celebrities, hah?

The question is, though..

Do you think properly about them?

I mean..

You know you MUST think like a sissy.

Don't you?

I mean..

You know that when you see that picture you must not stare at her tits like some filthy guy!!

Ok, honey?

We don't want you acting like some kind of super macho male and stuff!!

Like, ugh!!

You have class, baby!

You are a lady!

You don't stare tits!

You don't drool!

You have Katy Perry here, for crying out loud!

And she's showing some cleavage. So what???

She's got it and she flaunts it!

The point here is to think properly!

You should sound more like:

"Katy Perry is like, wow!!! I mean like, I soooo love her pin-up style and all! I mean, look at her! She's like sooo cool and stuff! And I like, looooove her last song!! You know, with that guy on the video! Like, oh my!! I mean... never mind! Katy Perry rocks!!"

See what I mean, sweety?
You should talk and act and think accordingly when it comes to celebs! ok, hun?
You should not sound too serious, or too macho, or too.... straight! (giggle)

That's why you have to reevaluate your beliefs, honey!
You have to change the way you think about that matter.

Because girls loooooove talking about female celebrities!
Girls look up to them!
Girls envy them!
Girls copy them!

So, do you.... hah?

For example, you love talking about Rosie Huntington - Whiteley, don't you?
You know... gossiping, comparing her to Megan Fox etc...
But you look up to her! Don't you, gorgeous?

But you admire her..
You envy her.
You copy her!!!
You dream of being her, hah gorgeous?

I think you see what I mean, here!
That's why, you are going to be a good girl and you will learn to adore all the female celebrities!
You will put some glitter into your pretty brain!

You will worship the female elegance..

The female nature..

You will worship all the female celebrities like a good girl

And you will show it to the world

No matter how "gay" you may look like!

You won't care!

In fact, you will ensure that everybody passes you as gay!!

ok, princess?

Even if you are not gay,

you will still do everything you can to give everybody the "wrong" impression..

I mean..

having watched "Mean Girls" for at least 3 times is not going to add to your masculinity..

or listening to Kesha..

or having Miley Cyrus as your desktop background...

ok, gorgeous?

you are going to be star-crazed

like a teenage girlie girl!

you are going to adore all the female celebrities

and you are going to show it to the world!

you will "accidentally" do all the kind of things

that make you look like a faggot!

you will "accidentally" do all the kind of stuff 

that reinforce any accussation about your sexual preferences

remember gorgeous..

it doesn't matter if you are straight..

anyone that sees you for the first time,

will be 100% sure that you suck cock like a pro!!!

and you will make sure that he understands it!

you will try hard

and you will have everybody think that you are the best cocksucker ever 

you will say all the right stuff about women

that will make you sound as gay as possible...

you will do your best

to become a gay icon, gorgeous...


let the glitter from all those stars enter your pretty little mind

and turn you into a sexy little airhead bimbo!!!

And if you still fight your new, sissified self,

watch your first Attitude Adjustment video....