Sissify Yourself: New Year's Resolutions

It’s been awhile since I posted anything, so this one should be fun and a great way to start out the New Year! And if you don’t see yourself as a sissy but just as a cross dresser – this one is for you too!
Because we 're gonna talk about New Year's Resolutions!!!! And my target group for this particular post is "normal on the outside - sissy on the inside men". I mean, boys who act and look normal, but deep down they wish they were girls! Simple as that! You may think that this is a rare situation, but believe me you are wrong! It's just that you can't tell by their appearance or their behaviour. Because when you see a normal guy on the street, you can't tell if he is wearing a nice pair of panties, or if his nails are painted, or if he is thinking deep down how would it be to suck a cock!! You can't know all these things! You just see what he wants you to see! Although the funny thing is that he would love to show you his true self but he is afraid to do so. It's totally acceptable, because he may ruin his "image", but one thing is for sure: nothing turns him on more than the fantsy of him acting as flaming faggot in front of everybody! And all he wants is to fullfil that fantasy, but he won't..
That's ok..

Although I have New Years Resolution for you...
So, let's say that until now you have managed to pass as a 100% male (if you know what I mean..). So, that means that others see you as a perfectly "normal" guy and we all know that you don't like that.. I mean, it's a good thing that others find you a "nice guy", but it's a bit dull, hah?

We all know, for example, that you find your clothes boring. Isn't it true sweety? I'm sure you 'd love to wear something brighter, something lighter, something.. sexier! Because going to work wearing a nice suit makes you look handsome, but the question is : you want to look handsome or... pretty? So, I think you have a problem to deal with.. You "have to" wear your business suit, but you have to deal with the sissy voice inside your head as well, which tells you to wear a skirt! Which path are you gonna take?

Because on the one hand, you are a serious person, full of responsibilities, with a fullfiling normal life. So, you are gonna take the first path..
On the other hand though, you are a lightheaded, ditzy bimbo slut, who just wants to have fun in her life. So, that leads us to the second path..
Frightening? I don't think so!! On the contrary, you can do sooooo many things to make that voice stop!
Because you can choose the third secret path!

So, you are going to wear your business suit as normal, but you are gonna also wear something small, that will send weird signals! You know, something which can be cosidered, let's say, feminine! And I'm not talking about skirts, heels etc! I'm talking about little things. "Innocent" things, which are not enough "evidence" for anyone to accuse you of being a faggot!

Because the thing here is, that you have managed for so long, to keep your inner sissy self hidden and you have created the profile of a macho guy! That means that everyone expects that you act in a certain way, you dress in a certain way, you talk, you walk etc! So, if one day you went to your job acting as a faggot, dressed in sissy clothes, nobody would take it for real!

Because the crucial point here is to change your style in a way that others won't even notice! That's the thing!

The ultimate goal for you is one day, to be able to go into your office in your sissy clothes, acting like a ditz and nobody suspect a thing about your sexuality!Rememeber, we don't care if they think about it! We just don't want them to be able to say it openly!

And to make that happen, you have to change your style little by little! You have to make it more feminine!

So, the New Years Resolution for you is to wear, or say, or do, everyday at work, at least one thing that doesn't "fit" with your image! I mean with your male image..

You have to wear something, or carry something, or say something, or do something that is not gonna be "you"! For example, one day, you can wear a pink shirt instead of a black one. The next day you can apply a little make up, etc! And it doesn't have to be something you wear. It can be something you say. One day you can comment on some girl's hair, or you can find the sexiest coworker and ask her which nail polish she uses! Funny things like these that just leave people wondering...

One thing is for sure. If you start now and you are carefull, in one year from now, nobody will even notice if you go to work wearing fuschia shirts, or pink socks. Nobody will think it's weird if you go to the sluttier colleague of yours and ask her to go shopping with you! It will seem perfectly natural! But remember! One step at a time!

You don't want to be taken as a faggot! Do you....?