Sissify Yourself: Learning to think pt.III

Fun time girls!
Let's make you the the cutest, prissy sissy!
Before we start I have to remind you that this series has nothing to do with your exterior!
We are just gonna modify your brain!
You can be the same guy on the outside!
It's the inside that needs some changes.
You are gonna be a guy with a body that has a brain of it's own!
But enough talking.
Let's start!

First of all, we are gonna take things slowly.
We don't have to rush into things.


Take a good look at this picture and listen to me very carefully...

do you like it?

if everything is ok with you, then you should be drooling already.
for those of you, who don't, it's ok.
we 're gonna fix this.
let's xplain this.
in this picture, you can see a muscular stud with a hot body posing for you.
any girl would love this photo.
she would find the guy super hot!
I mean,
we all know that girls like muscular guys.
he would seem hot to her!
and apart from this...
her eyes would instinctively go to... his big bulge!
she would drift for a second..
thinking that he seems to have big balls
and big cock!
big cock + big balls + big muscles = ... oh my god! he is hot! oh shit! i'm so wet! etc..
you get the point...
what i'm saying is that you should be having the exact same thoughts instictively!
if you don't have them, that means that we have to condition your mind, so as to respond according to your feminine nature.

What I want from you is simple....
I just want you to look at this photo whenever you get hard!
you are gonna see many photos that should not make you hard...
but if... you accidentally get hard...
you have to come back to your first photo!
to the photo of the stud!
it may be difficult at first,
because the male mind responds to certain things that we 'll have to change.
but we 're gonna make it
and your body is gonna instictively respond to the sight of a hot stud...
whether you want it or not.
just like any girl's!
so remember...
if something else turn you on,
you are gonna rub your clit watching that boy....
ok girlie?

Let's begin....

Take a look at this photo....

Listen to me sweety...

we 're gonna make you a real lady,
but we 're gonna take this slowly..
You see, baby, most men like to stare at women's asses!
They instictively get hard staring at them.
And this is a function that we have to remove from your brain!

So, sweety, do you like what you see?
I mean, is it beautiful?
Would you stare at this picture for long?
Most men would love this photo.
But what about you?
Here, have a good look at a perfectly shaped ass.

So, do you like it?

I think that your answer should go like this:
it's ok."
and you know why this happens.
don't you?
it's because you don't see anything special, silly!
what you do see is... a nice pair of panties and nothing more!
you see something that you 'd like to wear!
of course you don't like her butt!
you are not a pervert!
I mean, ok.
you don't want to be a bitch.
You think that ass is fine, but there are better out there!
Aren't there sweety?

So, we have to change your way of thinking!

Listen missy...
You can make people believe that you are the most macho guy that ever existed!

Now, have a look...

And remember what we have just told!
No more male instincts for you!
We are gonna remove them one by one!
And we have just started!


Well, listen carefully..
As a sissy, you are not supposed to find that photo sexy, or hot.
It's not acceptable!
If you do find it hot, then go back to your first picture.
And see how your body responds.
If it doesn't responds well, don't worry.
It will..

Shall we continue?

We were saying..
That you have to become a princess.
And princesses don't get hard staring at women's butts!
It's perverted!
And you are not a pervert!
You are just a girl.
And girls don't get hard looking at each other asses!

Take her for example...

She looks so cute and sexy.
But she is not turned on!
She 's not wet!
Just because she's staring at her own ass!
It would be weird!
In order to get wet, she would have to stare at a ... nice, big cock!
If she had a hot, muscle stud there..
She would be on her knees taking it up the ass...
See what I'm talking about?

Well, that IS a sexy photo!
It's not like the others!
You see the difference here?
Or here?

Here, you can see something that you like..
Something that IS sexy!
And hot!
Hah, baby?
The last 2 photos should make you tingle!
Whereas the next one should leave you indifferent!

No matter how perfect her ass may seem to others!
Your cock should get instantly soft!

Your body function should be like this:

Instantly hard!

Instantly soft!

You should go from "desperately horny"..

to "desperately bored"!

Because you know what you want!

You want this..

Not this..

And if you don't want others to find out about you..
Then you 'll have to come up with something!
So, you will use any kind of excuses!
All the time..
You will lie to anybody who asks you!


Let's say that you are with a bunch of guys talking about that slut in your job.
And let's say that your webcam was left open and they can
see her waiting for you like that! In your office!

What are you gonna do?
There 's a slut in there waiting for your cock!
Like this..

Are you gonna go inside and fuck her ass?
After all everybody expects you to do so..
Come on... look at her ass!
Isn't it hot?

Will you, big boy?
The answer is simple..
You can't fuck that girl!

You can't get it up for her, sweety!
No matter what!
The only way to get it up for her, is to think of a big, fat cock!
So, you have to get away!
You have to come up with something!
She is undressing!

Well, the best excuse is this...
You will make them believe that you want them to be perfect!
That you want your bitches to be absolutely stunning in order to fuck them!
And you will find flaws in every girl!
For example, you will tell them that this girl is fat!!!
Look at her again...

Is she fat?
But for your taste, she is!!
So, you 'll tell everybody that this girl is way too fat for your taste!
And you don't like fat girls!
Do you?
Here you are..

You have just managed to avoid fucking that fat cow...

Let's say that this time one of your coworkers just found XXX self shots in your secretary's hard drive that was made for you!
Let's say that he tells all the guys, including you.
So, what are you gonna do?
Here's the first one..

The second one...

All the guys are rock hard by now!
She seems to be one hot piece of ass!
And all for you!
The question is..
Are YOU hard by now?

Everybody's hard by now..
Can YOU get it up for her?
Well, unfortunately....
You have to think of a huge cock to get it up!
You have to see a big boy!
What are you gonna tell everybody?

It's easy this time!
Last time she was fat.
Now she 's too skinny for your taste!
I mean, look at her..

You can't fuck a girl THAT skinny!
She's way below your standards, hah?
So, you will let everybody know that she's not ideal!
In fact, she is a bit repulsive!
She is too skinny!

And if they protest, you will never say otherwise!
In fact, the more they protest, the more you have to fight for what you stand for!
So, you will do your best to prove something that you know it's not true!
That this girl is too skinny for a guy like you..

Saved for a second time!

Let's say that your slutty secretary tries to make a move on you..

Let's say that she uses her "assets" to make you vulnerable.
She knows that as a guy, when you see her ass you 're gonna get hard and ready to fuck her!
Will you respond?

You are not!
A sissy like you, would never get it up, just by watching a slutty girl stretching!
She would have to do more...
Like that..

Touching an ass like that would get any guy real hard in no time!
Would you get hard?
I think... NO!
You wouldn't!
Because you are a fag!
Although she dosn't know.
So she continues!

She gives you her bare ass!
"What the fuck?
No guy would ever resist something like that!"
But can you?
Apparently, yes!
You can resist!
No cock for her today!
So, she starts to protest!

Accusing you, of the size of your penis!
What are you gonna do?
Are you gonna shut her mouth and fuck her bare ass?
And the answer is...
NO, sweety!
You aren't!
You have to come up with something that doesn't make you look like a sissy though!
And what's better than, your penis size!
So, you can tell her that you are not THAT big!
You can make her promise not to tell anybody, so that you can be more believable!
And it doesn't matter if you are 9 inches long!
You can still lie that your cock is tiny and make any girl go away!
Isn't it great, honey?
Girl-problem three solved!

And as you see, I can go for ages!
But one thing is for sure!
That a sissy like you, should think and act accordingly!
So, when it comes to a girl's butt..

You 'll have to train your mind and body to match that of a girl's!


You are not attracted to a woman's butt.

A woman's butt is just a body part like all the others.

In fact, it's a bit repulsive to you, because it's related to nasty sexual acts.

You know that men find a girl's ass pleasurable, but you can't see why.

You would love to find out what men think of when they see a cute ass, but unfortunately there's no way.

You can not understand why they can be teased so easily.

There's no such thing as a "perfect ass" for you. All asses have flaws. They are either too fat, or too slim for you. You will never admit that another girl has a perfect ass. You will be filled with jealousy for her.

All girls are competitive. So are you. When you see another one showing off her ass, you will need to show it off more!

You are jealous of other girls asses.

You are jealous of other girls panties!

When you see a girl's ass, the first thing you notice is their panties.

Summer time, is time to show off your ass.

Summer time is time for tan lines!

Summer time is time to wear your thongs.

Summer time, is time to tease the boys.

Summer time, is time to make all the boys drool over your ass.

Summer time, is time to make all the boys hard for your ass.

Your ass is made for flaunting.

Your ass is made for wiggling.

Your ass is made for sitting on big cocks.

Your ass is made for fucking.

From now on, you are gonna be a new person towards that thing.
You are gonna think like a girl.
You are gonna become a girl.
Little by little.
Today you have learned that a woman's ass is never gonna give you pleasure.
Because a woman's ass is not made for YOUR pleasure.

You have learned that you must never let yourself get turned on by a woman's ass.
No matter how perfect it may seem to you at first.
You will never desire a woman's butt!
The only feeling you 'll ever have towards that thing is gonna be jealousy..
You ll want one of your own!

Today you have learned that you must be proud of YOUR ass instead.
Your ass makes you proud.
Your ass makes you feel girly.
Your ass makes you feel slutty.
Because your ass is made to give pleasure to other men.
Your ass is made to tease.
YOU are made to tease.

For starters....