Sissify Yourself: Learning to think pt.II

let's say that you still feel guilty for all your sissy thoughts!
Let's just say that you keep searching the internet to satisfy your secret desires.
I love it!
I mean, you are the best!
That's why I love teasing you, sweeties!!

So... here we are!
I think that you don't have to feel guilty for having sissy thoughts!
You have to feel guilty for having male thoughts!
That's it honey!
Thinking as a male is a terrible thing!
Isn't it true?
I mean..
Instead of trying to get back to normal life, I think you should be trying to become an even better sissy!
You should stop thinking as a male at all, sweety!
It's bad!
Thinking as a boy is bad!
While, thinking as a girl is good!
Boys are bad!
Girls are good!
And you used to think that you were a boy!
Oh my gosh!
It's dangerous!
Thinking as a boy is dangerous!
That's why you have to avoid any thoughts that a boy would have!
I mean...
You think that having sissy thoughts is perverted, while the truth is that having boy thoughts is perverted!
Whenever you think of something that a boy would, you should feel like a pervert!
You are not a guy!
I don't know about your exterior.
In fact, it would be better if you were like, beyond any suspicion!
Because on the inside you must become 100% female.
And we 're gonna help you with your problem!
I know, it's terrible to keep having male thoughts but you 're gonna do just fine!

So, listen up lady.
We 'll do our best to adjust your way of thinking to match that of a girl's.
And you 're gonna be just fine.
You just have to do as you are told.
What we are trying to do here is to make your body respond differently than that of a man's.
I mean, you may want to be a sexy little sissy, but from time to time, you may catch yourself getting a hard on because of a slutty girl passing by.
And that's not something a sissy would do!
So, we 'll have to get rid of those unwanted body responses!
You 'll learn to respond like a girl.
Without thinking!
It's gonna happen without even realizing it.
And that is not going to affect your image at all!
If you have the image of, let's say, a well respected, macho man, you 'll still keep it intact.
The only thing that is gonna change is your mechanic body response to certain visual stimulations!
I mean, if a slutty girl shows you her big tits at the office, you don't have to get a hard on!
You can blow her off and still not be seen as a sissy!
Or if a guy at work tells you during an innocent conversation that his cock is 9 inches long (guys usually brag about this!), you can get an instant hard on without even realizing it!

So, let's make you a real sissy...

Several posts will follow and you are going to train your mind to respond like the cutest girly-girl.
It's not gonna be easy, since your body sometimes is gonna respond without your will.
Although, in time, you 're gonna be a doll!

Meaning that when you see this....

your cute, little thingie 

is gonna stay sweet and soft

And when you see this....

You will run to hide your raging hard on!!!

Have fun ladies!!!