A Bimbo's Guide pt. I

Everybody knows that bimbos are eyecandy – on display for the enjoyment of men. Short skirts, high heels, tight tops, all are ways of accentuating and displaying a Bimbo’s body in the sexiest (and often slutiest) manner possible. Also important to the show a Bimbo must put on everyday is how she acts and moves. Bimbos need to be just as sexy doing something “normal” as they do just standing still. For Example, Bimbos don’t walk, they strut. They don’t bend down to pick something up, they bend over to flash their panties as they pick it up. This behavior can be extended to almost all daily activities, even eating. With that in mind, Bimbos and gentlemen, I give you the “Lollipop as Blow-Job” exercise.

A word of caution, SUGAR-FREE is the way to go. This is less about the calories (although all Bimbos need to be careful about that) and more about Dentistry. Too many sugary lollipops and the Cavity Creeps will be paying poor little Bimbo a visit!

Remember that you are putting on a show. And the name of that show is “Everybody, look how good I can suck a cock!”. Obviously, the lollipop is a stand-in for a man’s cock. Treat it that way. That means foreplay, teasing, sucking and don’t forget, swallowing. It is important not only to practice putting on a show - as a Bimbo you should always be thinking of cocksucking when you have a lollipop in your mouth. For the show to really work, it is very important to have a heavy coat of lipstick on, preferably a bright, frosted shade of pink.

The best way to learn how to put on a show is to watch a BJ-themed show like “Cum Glazed” or something similar. Watch how the porn starts suck cock. A Bimbo should always channel her inner porn star when sucking a cock or a lollipop. Until you get a chance to see for yourself, here are some tips:

The lips – Kiss the lollipop like you would the tip of your lover’s cock. Practice pulling it away slowly so that a little string of saliva links the lollipop and your lips. Purse your lips and twirl the lollipop between them. Nibble at the lollipop with your lips.
The tongue – The tongue should be very active and above all, visible. Don’t keep it tucked away on your mouth. Bring it out to lick your lollipop. Use the tip of it to trace circles on it. Again, this is your lover’s cock that you are teasing/pleasing.
The mouth - Make an “O” with your lips and let the lollipop slide in-and-out of your mouth. When sucking on your lollipop, try and hollow your cheeks a bit. Twirl the pop in your mouth, keeping you lips in an “O” shape.
The sounds – a BJ is a sloppy, wet affair. So too is sucking a lollipop. Try and see what kind of wet, moist sucking sounds you can make as you suck it. Little moans of pleasure can turn your X-rated show into a XXX-rated show. If you happen to catch a man watching you reach down and adjust himself, you know you’re doing it right.

Can you see how she plays with her tongue?

Can you see how she knows to put it in her mouth?

Just a kiss on the lollipop

Like a lady

Is it a lollipop or is it a cock?

Now, I am not suggesting that you go out to a mall and try and put on a show that would make a porn star jealous. At least not at first. Start slowly. Work your way up to the porno style of lollipop sucking slowly, over a period of months. This exercise is designed to bring about a permanent change in behavior. Through constant repetition, the Bimbo will one day adopt this as her normal way of being. It is important, therefore, to make sure you do this every chance you can. Since repetition is the key, you will need to set up a routine like a daily exercise schedule and stick to it. While at the receptionist desk, behind the sales counter, at home watching TV, or just before bedtime, a Bimbo should try and repeat this task at least 4 times a day at regular times.