Size (of your bra) does matter..

That girl just reminds me how much I would love to have really big tits like hers!

I mean, wouldn't you love to feel the weight of them? Wouldn't you love to feel your boobs hanging right in front of you, causing you problems because of their weight? Wouldn't you love to feel the need of a bra to ease that pain? Imagine how much better a bra would make you feel! The feeling of comfort when you put on a bra is beyond comparison.
And above all, when it comes to men..
Imagine how proud they would make you feel. Proud of your big tits! Think of how much power would they give you over men. You could have them doing chores for you just with a quick flash of your juggs! Your monster melons would attract all the stares, they would make men whistle, they would make any man you little pet!
You could decide showing them off to draw the attention of the guy you have set your eyes on, or to get the job you want.
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You could do absolutely anything you would want!

You could be evil:
Like making a guy stare at your tits in front of his girlfriend, causing a problem to their relationship,

or worse you could give titjobs to a married man all the time until his wife catches you doing it!

You could take a real nice and sensitive guy and turn him to a filthy scum craving only huge melons to satisfy his hunger.

You could seduce a guy at work with your boobs making him fuck your brains out in the office until he gets fired.

You could make a guy cheat on his girlfriend just because he happens to like big tits.

You could even ask a married man to break up from his wife in order for you to give him what he wants!

Or you could be nice:
Like letting a 15 y.o boy cum on them (making him a man..),

or letting a geek fuck them hard in front of his shocked friends,

or better you could give you juggs to a guy with a tiny dick in front of his friends while moaning like a slut, making him look like a pornstar!
You could be a teacher and give your students a show everyday at school.

You could give a boner to your older supervisor.

You could provide all your male friends the access to your tits anytime they feel like having a taste,

or even better, your juggs could be available 24/7 to any guy that needs release!