Sissify Yourself: Uggs are ugly

Remember when your teacher or parent would ask you, "If all of your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?". Now we all know the answer to the question and it isn't "It depends what's at the bottom". The answer is "No." Well, just because a famous bimbo does something doesn't mean that all the other bimbos have to rush right out and copy her. And by her I mean Pamela Anderson (one of the greatest bimbos of all-time). And "something" I mean wearing Uggs. There is a reason that they call the Uggs people; they’re freaking ugly (yeah I know, way tooo easy on that one)! Why anyone, especially any sissy-bimbo, would wear a pair of those is beyond me. “But they are so warm and comfortable!”. If this is your reply, then go back to being a brunette, put on a pair of flats and start shopping at the GAP. Remember Sissy-Bimbos, it’s not about your comfort, it’s about how you look to other people. They cannot compare to a good set of knee boots with 5” heels.

As for warmth - part of being a sissy-bimbo is suffering to look as sexy as possible. If your legs get cold, put on a pair of seemed stockings (NOT pantyhose). Wear a little, flippy miniskirt that will blow up in the chill wind giving everyone a peek at your pretty little panties (should you be wearing any). This should lead to several invitations to come inside and get out of the cold. Flat boots do not add to the level of the sissy-bimbo's sexuality. Uggs are worse, they actually detract from the wearer's looks. This cannot be tolerated. A sissy-bimbo's wardrobe should only contain outfits and accessories that make her look sexy (and a good selection should be geared towards the slutty look). Why wear flats at all when there are so many yummy heeled shoes to select from. Here are my suggestions when looking for the right shoes for a sissy-bimbo to wear:

1 - 4" should be considered the bimbo equivalent of "flats".

2 - Stiletto heels are the best heels for general wear.

3 - Platform shoes should only be worn when going for the "Stripper/Slut" look.

4 - Avoid black when possible (although some looks need it). Not festive enough.

5 - 5" is the best height for heels.

6 - Anything above a 7" heel is strictly fetish (every sissy-bimbo needs a pair of ballet boots!).

Just look how sexy it is:

a) Obeying instructions like a silly bimbo...

b) Grabbing your heels like a silly bimbo...