Sissify Yourself: Girls Rule, Boys Drool

I was just surfing on the internet and came upon that vid which gave me a reason to post it..
And the reason is obvious!
Isn't it just wonderful to be the center of attention?
In fact, the key word here is : to be a "tease"?
You know, a flirt, a nasty little brat!
A slutty cock-tease?
I think there's nothing sexier than posing for some big studs!

And let me explain..

You have to think how your mind responds to that!
Let's say that you are standing somewhere and you are just posing like a slut.
One could say that you take no pleasure in that! But we all know that the truth is exactly the oppsosite!
You take more than you can handle! And that happens because in fact you take pleasure from three different directions!

On the one hand, you take pleasure just admiring yourself while posing, thinking how sexy you look like. You are admiring all the little things that make you feel sexy. Maybe it's your soft skin, or your smooth legs, or your well toned body, your sexy ass, your clothes, your nails, your hair, your make up, our lipstick!! And I'm forgetting so many things!! Maybe the guys that are staring don't even care about those silly-girly stuff, but omg you surely do!!

On the other hand, you take pleasure just thinking how others respond to your silly games! You maybe standing there like a stupid girl, but the exact same moment you know that you are probably giving some guys a huge hardon! Is there anything better? You feel the power you have over them! Because you see, with a simple move you can have all the cock you want! A quick shake of your ass can cause so many problems to some poor guys! It's that simple!

And finally, when you decide to get on your knees, you know that they are desperate to put it somewhere! By then, boys are rock hard for you! Your goals are accomplished! You have your boys just where you want them! All hard and ready to fuck! You are now the object of their dreams. You are the only one who can give them release! You can decide now, if you want it to be quick (in that case you can give them a quick handjob) or if you want it to be slow and painful (in that case you don't give them what they need right away..)! And when they cum, you can decide again! You can let them think they are superior (in that case you take their cum into your face), or you can make them feel inferior (in that case you make them cum on their hands)!

And all that is only for YOUR PLEASURE girls!!!
You have to remember that!!!
There's a cute logo for that! I think it says:
You can even wear a cute top with that logo while posing for your boys!
You 'd look perfect!
Go girls!!!