Sissify Yourself: Confidence Complex

Done. The guy placed the forms neatly folded in front of Athena. She noticed that his eyes drifted down to her boobs. Thanks, she said. I will go through them and then let you know how you’ve scored, it won’t take longer than 20min.

He sat down on the couch with his self-assured smile, continued to stare at her while she read through his IQ test. Is there anything else you want to tell me? she asked.

Well actually, I’m not sure I should mention it, but I have some sort of sleeping disorder.


I’m sleeping quite badly lately.

I see. Any reason why that may be?

Robert made himself more comfortable on the couch. I don’t know. I mean my life has changed quite dramatically in the last three months since I sold the company. I’ve worked very hard the last couple of years, building it up from scratch, never really had time for anything, no time for a wife or family. Obviously I’ve been with a number of women, but nothing serious. Maybe I’m lonely.

Athena nodded. I thought that you might have other issues, after all you don’t need to pay a psychologist £50 an hour to do your IQ test, especially if there is no immediate need for it.

Actually that really is the reason I’m here, I really always wanted to know how clever I am. Of course I could have done a free test on the Internet, but there is nothing but a real test from a real psychologist, especially if she is as beautiful and intelligent as you.

Athena forced a smile. She had opened her offices only three weeks ago and had very few clients, too few to pay the bills. How the guy had even found out about her in the first place, she didn’t know. He seemed to be quite well off and probably could have afforded a more upmarket and established psychologist easily, so coming to her, a recent graduate with little experience who yet had to build a reputation, made Athena suspicious. Something wasn’t right.

Athena hesitated whether she should play a little trick on the guy or not. In college they had practiced hypnosis quite intensively. Given the right sedative, nearly everybody could be entranced with minimal effort. When a subject was under, he could be ordered to tell the truth about his intentions. Once the psychologist had learned what she needed to know, she could tell the subject to forget that he had been hypnotized and then progress the treatment with the gained insights. As the patient did not consent to being hypnotized, the method was strictly speaking illegal. But as the patient was told at the end of the session to erase all memories of the conversation, it was an evidence-less crime. Athena wondered whether she should try the method on the guy. The risks of being caught were minimal, she didn’t have any other patients today, and he wouldn’t remember a thing. But it was a risk and of course it was a bit immoral, but then again she wouldn’t do any harm, just find out what brought him into her office…

Would you like a coffee while you are waiting? She asked him.

That be nice.

Athena got up from her leather chair and walked over to the Nespresso machine. She could feel his eyes on her bum and legs.

Milk, sugar?


She put the milk and sugar into the coffee, and unnoticed, she also slipped two pills into the cup. Her heart was beating fast when she placed the cup in front of him. Make yourself comfortable, I’ll just finish your test and then we will talk about your sleeping problem.

From her desk, Athena watched Robert anxiously. She shouldn’t have done it! It was illegal! Then the sedative started to set in and Robert got more and more drowsy. He put the cup down and leaned against the pillows. It was working! Athena got up and walked over to him. He looked up to her with a dumb, sleepy smile.

Have you ever been hypnotized, Robert?

No, he said slowly.

I don’t think hypnosis would work on me, I’m too strong willed.

I’m sure you are, Athena said. She sat down next to him and took his hand to check his pulse.

I’m very tired.

Athena said. You look very sleepy, probably because of your sleeping disorder. You should take a nap now. Let me help you. Concentrate on my voice. I will count down from five and then your mind will fall into a nice and comforting sleep. In this sleep you will still be able to hear me and to answer me to your best knowedge. You will feel very content and trusting, and the person you trust the most is me, Athena, your psychologist. The psychologist is always right, and you must always do what Athena tells you. Sleep now. Five, four, three, two, one. Robert shut his eyes. Athena lifted his lids with her manicured fingers and checked his pupils, he really was under. Good.

Now Robert, I know you are not here about your IQ test and I don’t believe your story about the sleeping disorder either. Tell me the truth, what brings you here?

I am here because I want to fuck you.


My mate Dave who owns this building told me about this sexy psychologist he is renting offices to and he told me how much he would like to fuck the bitch. He showed me a picture of you on your website and I said that you really look very fuckable and that you have a great pair of tits. I betted £10,000 with him that I could get you into bed and rape that little whore pussy of yours with my big cock by the end of the week.

You betted that you would get me into bed?

Sure. Pussy always comes easy to me. And you seem to be a bit of slut anyway. You seem to come from a poor background, so you probably fucked your way through college to get your degree.

Athena breathed in sharp. What planet was this guy living on? What on earth makes you think you could ever get a beautiful and smart woman like me into bed?

Come on. You are easy game for me. First I would pay for some of your consulting hours, so you would have to see me more often. Then I would take you out to a nice restaurant with my car, you would be impressed. I would get you a bit drunk with a good wine, take you to my house, get you some more drinks. You would be impressed by my lifestyle, start to dream how it would be to live the millionaire’s lifestyle with me. I would tell you that you are special, take you upstairs and then I would fuck your little psychologist whore pussy until its sore. Pussies are so easy. They are there to be fucked, and then to be dumped.

Athena was baffled. Thank you for this insights Robert, they have been very revealing. She got up, walked to her desk and took out a pack of cigarettes. She lit herself a cigarette and looked at the entranced man. What an arrogant prick. Just because he had some money he thought he owned the world. Athena was so furious. The terrible thing was that she had kind of fancied him when he walked in, and she probably would have fallen for his scheme. What an asshole! He deserved to be taught a lesson! Athena would… she couldn’t think of anything yet. But she would prepare him for later... She needed to make him more humble, for all womanhood.

Athena put out her cigarette.

Thinking about it Robert, you deserve a little reward, because after what you just told me, I don’t think we are done yet. I will give you a little posthypnotic trigger… Whenever you hear me say the word “pyschologist” I want you to return to this drowsy, entranced state you are currently in. You will be mesmerized and obediently do whatever your psychologist tells you. Do you understand?

Yes Athena.

Good. You will count to 50 now, forget that we had this conversation and wake up.

Robert woke up. The sexy bitch was still going through his IQ test, he must have blanked out. Maybe he should get a little more sleep, and party less.

Ok, Athena said, I’ve been through the test.


Well before I give you the results, I want to talk a little bit more your sleeping problems.


Athena had a plan.

I don’t think they are the reason you came here, Robert, and neither is the IQ test.

He blushed. Damn, he thought, this girl is smart. She’s figured me out.

I think you are here because you have an inferiority complex, isn’t that right?

Robert nearly laughed out loud, but managed to control his face. She wasn’t that smart a pussy after all. But he didn’t care. Whether it was a made-up sleeping problem or a made-up inferiority complex that got his dick into Dr Athena’s pussy didn’t really matter. If she wanted to cure him of an inferiority complex, so be it.

Maybe doctor, Robert said in a broken voice. But I didn’t want to admit it.

Athena got up from her desk, walked over to him and sat down on the couch next to him. She really was a perky young lady. She put her hand on his hand and looked deep into his eyes. There is nothing to be ashamed of here Robert, it’s ok to feel inferior, a lot of people do.

Robert gulped. This was kind of uncool, but now he had to play along. He would tear her pussy apart for that later. What made you think I have an inferiority complex?

The way you behaved towards me, showed me that you seem to feel inferior towards women.Robert grinded his teeth. This must be a big problem for you, otherwise you wouldn’t seek professional help. But the good news is that because an inferiority complex is such a common thing, there are many established ways of curing it.

Robert took her hand, and got a bit closer to her on the couch. Can you help me?

I can.

You have very beautiful eyes Athena.

You have to take this serious Robert, I can’t help you if you don’t take it serious. It can take years to cure an inferiority complex.

Robert suppressed a smile. The little bitch. She was trying to persuade him that he had an inferiority complex so he would become a regular client. I don’t have that much time. I’m a busy man. It’s a shark pool out there and I can’t let the competition know that I have issues. Can’t you fix me in a week? You could visit me in my home if that speeds up the process.

But that is not really how psychology works, it’s dangerous to take shortcuts with the mind, Robert.

I’m willing to take the risk.

Are you sure?

He bend forward and spoke softly into her ear. Very sure.

He was good, she had to admit it. Athena assumed a more distanced pose. I would like to do a little test with you. She opened her notebook. I want you to tell me the first six things that come to your mind that give you your confidence and make you better than other people.

Ok. That would be, no 1 - my money, no 2 - my car, no 3 - my watch, no 4 - my house, no 5 - my intellect and no 6 - my abilities as a lover.

Athena looked at him. Robert grinned, it’s the truth! So what does this list tell you about me? That I’m a shallow rich guy? He laughed.

This list tells me that you gain your confidence very much from your material possessions. For instance No 3, you mention your watch as a source of confidence – Why?

You know how it is, a watch is a status symbol. Wearing a big expensive watch, that’s how you are recognized in society as somebody who has made it. It’s a sign of success. It tells other’s that you are part of the club. If you wear a big expensive watch, women will notice, and success turns them on. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice that I’m wearing a Rolex.

He shook the watch on his hand.

I noticed that you wear a nice watch, I didn’t know it was a Rolex.

But you registered it, and that’s the main thing. Works for women as well. You’d be surprised how many women wear a man’s Rolex these days to show off their success.

Well I should get one too, then. Would you let me try it on?

Sure. Robert took his watch off and handed it to her.

Athena weighed it in her hand, then put it on her wrist, shook it into position. The big gold watch looked quite sexy on her slender wrist, she liked it. I have to say this really is a very beautiful watch. It must have been very expensive?

He smiled.

You were right, wearing it makes me feel more confident. Does it make you feel less confident now that you don’t wear it?

A little bit I guess.

What if I don’t want to give it back? Athena laughed. Yes, I really start to like it, I think I’m gonna keep it. I think it fits better on my hand than on yours. What do you say?

I think I want it back.

I think that’s for your PSYCHOLOGIST to decide.

Robert’s eyelids shut down.

The posthypnotic trigger had worked perfectly. Athena’s heart raced. She had never brainwashed anybody before, and felt quite anxious. Robert, she said, I have to tell you that there is something wrong with your memory. Her voice became more confident.

Until now you have thought that you own a very beautiful large gold Rolex, similar to the one I am wearing at the moment, an impressive watch people admire. But this is not true. You never had such a watch. You always wanted one, but you never had one, do you understand?


Good. So I want you to delete this false memory. You have no memory of ever owning such a beautiful watch. You never experienced the sensation of wearing such a perfect watch. You always wanted to have one - but unfortunately there is nothing impressive about you, and that’s why you will never own or buy an impressive watch. From now on, whenever you are in the presence of a person wearing an expensive watch, especially a woman, I want you to feel inferior to her, second rate, and insignificant. Wearing a good watch is a club you don’t belong to. Do you understand? Yes. Good. You will wake up now and will not remember that we had this conversation.

Robert opened his eyes.

Robert, are you listening? Did you just fall asleep?

Sorry, my mind was drifting off.

Athena looked at her gold Rolex, it’s almost two o’clock, your appointment is nearly over.

Robert stared at her wrist.

Do you like my watch?

Yes, it’s beautiful. I didn’t notice it before.

Athena smiled, I wear it always, even in bed. The watch really looked damn beautiful on her. If only she could keep it for real, but no, that would be theft... I’m not doing this for my benefit, but for the greater good, she reminded herself. She wasn’t going to let herself be seduced by expensive things. She would enjoy the sensation of wearing it now, and give it back once he had learned his lesson. She wasn’t done with him yet.

Now Robert, lets have a look at that list you made, as we said there are a lot of materialistic things on this list, and we need to understand why they give you confidence. You told me that you get confidence from your car and your house. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of car do you own?

It’s a Porsche. Robert noticed with satisfaction that she was impressed. He envisioned her naked, wearing just her gold Rolex, being fucked by him doggiestyle. The Rolex made him feel a bit inferior, but this was kind of a turn on. Her pussy was ripe. If he could impress her with the car, she was as good as fucked. The Porsche is down in the carpark. I can take you for a spin if you want to.

No, it’s not necessary.

I insist.

The black Porsche was the most striking car on the parking lot. Robert opened the passenger door for Athena. Where are we going? I’ll show you my house.

Once Athena was seated, Robert got behind the wheel, fired the engine up and the car took off. Being inside was like flying. Robert was a confident driver. When the Porsche stopped at a traffic light, two girls crossing the street gave him a big smile while a passing guy looked at the car full of envy. Athena noticed how Robert enjoyed the attention. No wonder he was such a prick! As the lights turned green, she asked him to stop at the next parking space. He stopped the car at a bus stop. Is something wrong?

Athena looked at him. No, but there is something I need to tell you as your psychologist. Robert became drowsy.

Athena glanced at his Rolex on her hand. The brainwash had worked the first time, it would work this time as well. Confidence!

Robert… I know you enjoy driving very much, but unfortunately I have to tell you that there is something wrong with your memory. I know this is hard, but Robert, you can’t actually drive. That’s right, you don’t know how to drive a car, you never could. You need to delete this false memory. I want you to forget everything that you thought you knew about driving. Anything at all. Instead I want you to memorize the truth, which is that you failed the driving test four times. How often did you fail the driving test?

Four times.

Four times, that is right. Athena smiled, it was working. You so much wanted to drive, you even got a fake driving licence. Where do you keep it?

In the compartment.

Athena opened the compartment and found his driving licence. I’ll take that. She let his driving licence disappear into her bag.

Now Robert, because you can’t drive, you understand that your memory of owning a Porsche is also wrong. You owning a Porsche would be ridiculous, since you can’t even drive. Because you are a clever man, I want your mind to make the connection yourself to who owns this Porsche. I will give you a hint: A powerful and expensive car is usually driven by somebody who also wears a powerful and expensive watch. Do you wear a powerful and expensive watch.

No, I don’t.

Is there somebody else who wears a powerful and expensive watch in this car? You do.

Yes, I do. So who do you think this car belongs to?

To you?

Yes, very good. This is my car. So if you don’t mind, would you get out of the driver seat of my Porsche, and sit down on the passenger seat.

They exchanged places.

Ok Robert, not being able to drive a car really must affect your confidence. From now on I want you to feel inferior whenever you are in the presence of a person who can drive a car, and especially if it’s a woman. Owning and driving a car is a club you just don’t belong to. I’m going to start the car now and get going and when I tell you to, you will wake up and will not remember that we had this conversation.

Athena readjusted the driver seat and the mirrors to her comfort. Her dreamcar, and she got to drive it! At the next traffic light, she enjoyed the attention from the pedestrians. A beautiful, rich woman in a beautiful expensive car with her boytoy – that’s how she looked. She felt very sexy. Teaching the guy a lesson was more fun than she thought. What a shame that she would have to give it back at the end of the day. Well maybe she could keep the watch, he wouldn’t know anyway… no, of course she would give it back!

The houses were passing by fast. Robert looked at Athena driving her Porsche. Her golden Rolex caught the sun as she steered the driving wheel.

You were about the say something…? she said.

Robert blushed. He couldn’t remember their conversation at all. Sorry I forgot, lost my thoughts for a moment.

Do you experience this often, these blank moments? Athena asked him.

No, not really, I’m usually quite focused.

Athena smiled at him. You probably have a lot on your mind. Anyway what was the address of your house again?

Athena pulled the Porsche up a nice driveway to a large house in a beautiful residential area. She knew the guy was well off, but that he would be that rich, she couldn’t have expected. Nice house.

Thanks. Robert smiled, I just moved in my stuff last week, haven’t even met the neighbours yet. Wait till you see it from the inside.

It really was stunning. Athena thought of her own apartment. All of it was probably as big as his living room. Quite big for one person to maintain.

Well, I’m gonna get a cleaning lady and a guy who does the garden. Let me show you the bedrooms upstairs. He led her to a staircase. After you.

She could hear him soaking in her perfume as she walked up the stairs and felt his eyes on her bum.

Athena sat down on the bed, and looked around. The bedroom looked like it could be out of a movie. Robert sat down beside her. Do you like it?

Very much so.

You are a very beautiful, smart and sexy woman, do you know that, Robert said and put his hand on her knee. Athena was baffled. Why did he still try to seduce her? He shouldn’t have enough confidence by now, after all she stripped him from his watch and car. There was only one way to find out.

Never try to seduce your psychologist, Robert. He became instantly drowsy. Athena took his hand off her knee.

Here is my question Robert: What makes you think you are good enough to have sex with a woman like me?

You wear this Rolex which I find very intimidating, and you also drive a Porsche which makes me feel a bit second rate. But this can mean only 2 things: Either these things were presents from some rich guy, probably somebody who fucked you good. You could be a little whore after all. Or you are very successful, and a high status bitch who likes expensive things. In either case you seem to like money. I have lots of money and I am great at sex, so I’m confident that I can fuck you.

Athena chuckled. The guy had some nerve, she had to give that to him. She got up and sat down on his lap, her boobs just inches away from his face. She bend down and husked into his ear? Would you like to fuck me hard?


Well Robert, how about I fuck you hard? Athena chuckled again. It was a while ago, since she had had sex and he was quite a good looking guy with a great body. But stripping him off his watch and car for the day using brainwashing was one thing, taking advantage of him sexually was something completely else. There was no reason for it but her own pleasure. If only dominating the guy didn’t turn her on so much! Plus having sex was what he wanted anyway, so in a way it was even consensual…

Her hands moved down and unzipped his pants.

Show me your lovemaking skills.

He really had a nice dick and he certainly knew how to use it. Don’t cum until I tell you so, Athena told him. She never told him. She herself came three times. It was the best sex she ever had. His balls looked a bit swollen.

She looked around in the big bedroom. Now that they had shared the intimacy of the bed, she thought that he actually looked quite cute. Kiss me. He kissed her passionately. She felt a bit guilty. He really seemed to like her. Maybe it was time to end the game now. She took the Rolex off her wrist and put it on his hand. She felt sad to part with it, but it was his after all, and she was no thief. He watched her calmly.

Do you like me?, she asked him. You are gorgeous, your body is gorgeous.

Athena smiled, because she knew he could only tell the truth. And was this not the best sex you ever had?


Athena froze. Excuse me?

No, it wasn’t the best sex.

What an idiot! She got up from the bed and started to dress.

Ok Robert, tell me, with whom did you have better sex then?

Last week I fucked this Latina girl and she had better tits than you. And the week before there was this Asian girl and her pussy was a lot nicer than…

Ok Robert thank you, unfortunately I have to tell you that these are false memories, you did never have sex with a latin girl, with an asian girl and you didn’t just have sex with me. You always wanted to have sex with a hot woman like me, but the truth is Robert, that you can’t. And do you know why this is? Because you can’t hold an erection during sex, that’s why, because you are practically impotent and your dick is embarrassing. The truth is that you are constantly horny and lust after beautiful women, but your embarrassing dick prevents you from approaching them. The truth is that your dick is totally useless. How does that make you feel Robert. Not good?. Exactly, that’s what it should make you feel – not good! Not being able to satisfy a woman in a normal way really should affect your confidence! From now on, whenever you are in the presence of a woman you find sexy, you will feel like a total loser and totally inferior, because you know, you will never ever be able to satisfy her with your inferior, worthless dick. What’s your dick?

Inferior and worthless.

Exactly! From now on, the only way you can gain satisfaction is when a woman kicks you in the balls, do you understand? Yes. Good. Ask me to kick you in the balls? Can you please kick me in the balls? With pleasure Athena rammed her knee into his groin and he rolled up. Thank me!

Thank you.

And give me my watch back. Athena grabbed his hand and ripped the Rolex off him, slid it back onto her wrist. I’m keeping that, just so you know! You can kiss your watch goodbye, it’s mine now! Now get dressed, forget that we had this conversation and come downstairs.

Robert woke up, sitting dressed on his bed. God his balls were aching. He was so horny, he must have blanked out. He walked down the stairs of his luxurious house, found the sexy Athena smoking in his kitchen. He felt his dick get hard in his pants, but there was no point in making a pass at her, it would only be embarrassing for him. He blushed. She was clearly out of his league, so superior, he found it hard to raise his eyes up to her.

Athena was still angry, but announcing that she was going to keep the watch, had calmed her a bit. At least she would get some compensation for all her trouble. His penis had even been inside her pussy! She couldn’t believe that she had done that! She deserved something nice. Maybe she should keep the car as well? He would never find out anyway. If she didn’t tell him that he could drive, he couldn’t even drive a car! The guy was a dumbass! Athena suddenly had an evil thought.

Ok Robert. Let’s take a look at the list you made earlier on. It says here that you pride yourself for your intellect, is that right?

Yes, I would say so. I think I’m fairly intelligent, compared with other folks. Plus it helps that I’ve got a doctorate degree, it never fails to impress people. He smiled.

Athena pulled the intelligence test that he took earlier from her bag. According to the test he had an IQ of about 147, well above average. The little prick was too clever for his own good. Robert, Athena said, there is something that I need to tell you as your psychologist.

I have just had a look at your IQ test and it seems that your IQ is well below average. To be honest Robert, it seems that you are quite dumb. For one reason or the other you believe you are intelligent, but this is a false memory, that you need to delete. Now I know this is not so easy. So what I want you to do, my little bimbo, is for you to kneel down in front of me - that’s it. I’m now going to present you my hand with my Rolex watch, and I want you to lick the Rolex fifty times. One lick for every tick. With every lick your IQ will drop by one point, with every lick you are going to delete your false knowledge and intelligence. Do you understand me?


Good. Then start to lick my little bimbo, the time is running! Tick Tick, Lick Lick!

Robert started to lick her watch eagerly. Tick tick, lick lick. He stopped after about fourty licks, and looked up to her, helplessly.

What’s wrong bimbo?

I can’t count any more.

Athena laughed. Oh yes, I forgot. Can you tell me what time it is?

Robert looked at her beautiful watch, but he couldn’t quite figure out what time it was. He shook his head. Athena giggled. Don’t worry little bimbo, I think you have licked enough then. Stand up.

Robert stood up and looked at her obediently.

You are dumb Robert, and you know it, and it’s not really good for your confidence. Whenever you are in the presence of an intelligent person, you will feel quite inferior. You can recognize an intelligent person by her watch on her wrist. Every person wearing a watch can read the time and is thus infinitely more intelligent than you, little bimbo. Do you understand?


Good. Then I want you to wake up now and forget our conversation.

Robert woke up. He looked at the beautiful woman standing in front of him. He knew she was there for a reason but he didn’t quite understand what their relationship was. It could not have been sexual, that was for sure. Anyway, the best would be just to wait until she said something. She wore a watch, so she probably was very intelligent, maybe she would explain to him why she was here.

Athena found it hard to control her laughter, when she looked how dumb and trusting he looked at her. She really wanted to humiliate him now. Rob, she said, you have made a list. She showed him the list. It says here that you have an issue with your house and your money, is that right?

Robert looked at the list: I have made the list?

Well you have told me and I have written it down for you, Athena said.

Ahh. Robert said. Who are you?

My name is Dr Athena, I’m your doctor Robert. I’m here to help you, you can trust me. What you told me previously Robert is, that you need somebody clever, to look after your money, because you yourself are not clever enough. Would you like to show me now where you keep your money?


Robert led her to his office, where he removed a painting from the wall and showed her the safe behind it.

Very good Robert, can you open it?

Robert blushed. I can’t read the numbers.

Athena rolled her eyes. I see, so you need some help from your psychologist.

Robert became dizzy. Kneel down. Athena stripped down her panties and presented her bum to Robert. Start licking my ass. For every lick your IQ goes up until you remember the number to your safe. It took him about 14 licks. Get up, and open it. Robert stepped closer to the safe and put the combination in. The safe opened and revealed a number of papers. Athena also spotted 2 other expensive watches. A Breitling and an Omega, very nice. She pocketed them. She held the Rolex close to his mouth and ordered him to lick it. Tick, tick, lick lick! She counted the licks and pulled the watch away after 14 licks. Wake up now!

Robert woke up and looked at the sexy woman with the watch, which meant that she was incredibly intelligent, and the open safe. The safe is open, he observed. Yes, I opened it for you, Athena said. Let’s have a look at your affairs.

She took the papers out of the safe and browsed through them. She found the deeds to the Porsche and to the house and then she hit the jackpot, when she found a journal containing passwords to all his bank accounts, savings, pension plan and life insurance. With all this information, she could practically rip him completely off and transfer all his money into her accounts.

Everything ok, he asked her? Well, she said, you haven’t managed your money very well Robert, and you have quite some debts, I’m afraid you will have to sell the house.

Sell the house?

Yes, sell the house. But don’t worry, I will help you sell it. As a matter of fact, I am interested in buying it myself and I would like to make you an offer of 10 pound – which will be enough to settle your debts. What do you say?

Robert wasn’t sure what to say. He couldn’t count until ten, so it was probably quite a lot of money. But the woman wore a watch so she surely was right in whatever she offered. He accepted.

Excellent Robert. Then let me print off a contract. She sat down at his desk and used his computer to access a website with template contracts. She changed the details, printed it off and handed it Robert to sign. Sign at the dotted line to transfer the house into my name. Robert took the pen, but didn’t quite know what to do with it. Athena took his thumb, pressed it against a stamp inkpad and then on the contract. That will do. She pocketed the contract and looked at her Rolex. Look at that, it’s not even six o’clock!

She pulled out the list and placed it in front of her on the desk. “Things I am proud of/ that give me confidence: My money, my car, my house, my watches, my big penis, my intelligence. Athena crossed each one of them out. Looks like this case is solved. Robert smiled at her, not comprehending. Time for him to learn his lesson.

As your psychologist, I have something important to tell you Robert. He became sleepy. Kneel down. He knelt down. Now lick my ass 20 times. With every lick, your IQ will go up 1 point. He licked her ass obediently. Now Robert, I want you to remember all the conversations we had today and wake up.

Robert woke up, his nose and tongue up Athena’s ass. Oh what a gorgeous ass. But wait a minute – this was a bit humiliating. He got up and wiped his face from her juices. He felt weak and very inferior towards his sexy and elegant psychologist – and now he remembered why. She had manipulated him! He wanted to grab her, punch her, but how could he touch a goddess wearing a big expensive watch!

How do you feel, she asked him.

I’m feeling very, very inferior. I am scum. I shouldn’t even be in the same room with you.

Athena smiled. Do you think you can have sex with me?

I wouldn’t even dream that a woman like you would have sex with me. I don’t think I can sink any lower, I’m nothing opposite you.

Athena, he said. I am sorry for everything I said. I have no confidence left. Can you please give me my confidence back now, please? Please?

I want you to always remember on what weak pillars your confidence is built on, and how quickly it can disappear. I hope you will be less arrogant in the future.

I will be a humble man, please change me back Athena, please. He kissed her feet.

Athena was satisfied, he had learned his lesson. Give me your mobile she said. He handed her his phone. Kiss my feet again. I’m going to take a picture of you, and set is as your background picture. I want you to always remember that you should be humble and respectful towards women. He kissed her feet and she took a picture.

Will you change me back now?

She looked at his mobile phone. Nobody called you all day?

As I said, I didn’t have time for family and friends in the last years.

And you are not working at the moment?


So actually nobody would miss you if you would disappear?

Will you change me back now please?

Athena looked down at Robert. The only thing that stood between her and a beautiful house, a Porsche in the driveway, a beautiful Rolex on her hand and millions in the bank was this pussy-whipped loser who was kissing her feet. It could be all hers, nobody would miss him! A once in a lifetime opportunity… All she had to do was… nothing. Just keep everything and not give it back. It was hers already…

Will you change me back now please?

No, I don’t think so.

Robert started to tremble. But you said, you would…

I know, but it would be a lot of work, and to be honest – I can’t be bothered.


But… What? What are you going to do about it? Whatever you might have been once, you are too much of a pussy now to stand up to a powerful woman like me. You have no money, no house, you are dumb as a bimbo, can’t keep your dick hard and have an obsession with watches. I am infinitely superior to you, pussyboy. This is all mine now, and if you object, I can very easily make you even dumber.

But that’s not fair.

No I guess, it isn’t. Athena patted him on the head. It’s over my little asslicker.

He turned and started to walk towards the entrance of the house. Where are you going?

I’m gonna find another psychologist to fix me and then I will come back!

Athena laughed. Go, I don’t mind. I think I’ve messed up your brain too much for anybody to fix anyway. And why should anybody go through that hassle? I mean I’ve already got everything that you own. You will just seem like some broke guy with the biggest inferiority complex in the world, who would bother? You can’t even read the time for Christ sake. They’ll kick you out, you will live on the streets, eventually they’ll put you into a jail and because you are such a pussyboy, the other inmates will kick your ass.

He looked at her, shocked. Please, please, don’t do this to me. Please! He ran back to her and started to kiss her feet. Please! Athena watched him and giggled.

I’m not going to change you back, forget it. But I tell you what. This is a big house, and I guess I could need a full time cleaning lady and servant. You can clean the house by day, and lick my pussy at night when I come home from dates with real men, who can keep their dicks hard, wear expensive watches and drive cars. Kiss my feet if you agree.

Robert, completely humiliated, kissed her feet. Athena watched herself with her servant kissing her feet in the mirror. She looked so sexy as the mistress of this large house. Deciding to keep everything, had left her with a very sweet feeling towards Robert, like he had made her a very, very expensive present. How cute he was now, her little obedient wimp. Maybe she would use more brainwashing on him, make him totally devoted to her and then gradually give him his intelligence back. She wasn’t evil after all, she just liked expensive things and she didn’t want to go to jail. She wanted an orgasm to crown it all, right now. A real dick fucking her hard. Too bad only Robert was around, but then again…

Let’s seal the deal with sex, she said.

I can’t. He said ashamed.

I know, she laughed, I know all about your pathetic little cock. But I want to have sex. So here is my offer: I let you lick my divine pussy, and for every lick your dick will be able to stay hard one minute longer.

Robert wanted to lick her straight away, but she pulled his head back from her crotch. Nah, nah! Not so fast. I said I wanted to have sex, but the thing is, I only want to have sex with your body, not with you. You are a total loser after all. So when you fuck me, I would like you not to be there.

So here is what we will do: I will hold my Rolex against your ear while you lick my pussy. You will gain a minute of dick for every lick, but you will also grow a bit dumber with every tick. So what do you say? Tick Tick Lick Lick? Robert stretched his tongue out. That’s what I thought, you made the right choice pussy boy. She pressed the Rolex against his ear and pulled him into her wet pussy. Tick Tick Lick Lick!

He made two licks then stopped. Two licks? Athena asked surprised?

Robert pulles his pants down. His dick was rock hard. I am very horny. I could come any minute.

Athena was furious. And what about me? You are the most selfish person ever. Even now! You are pathetic. Well I reckon I need about at least 20min to come, and I won’t allow you to come before I’ve come, so continue licking!

He got his head between her thighs and made another lick, then stopped again.


I forgot how to count.

You are such a bimbo. Don’t worry, I will count for you. Just stretch your tongue out and lick! Lick Lick Tick Tick!

He started to lap her pussy. At her feet, his dick was sticking out of his pants, growing ever harder. She would enjoy the ride. The thing was, he was also damn good with his tongue. Athena shivered, if he continued to lick her like that she would come. She couldn’t concentrate on counting. She pulled his face into her cunt, she wanted to cum, and cum now! Just one more lick… one more lick… she was almost there…

When she finally came, she pushed him away, closed her eyes and enjoyed the bliss. That was good. Poor Robert, she wouldn’t need him to fuck her now with his dick, she already had her satisfaction. Maybe later. She looked at her Rolex, to check how long he would last. Damn, nearly five minutes had ticked away!

At her feet, Robert made a growling sound and sniffed. Poor Robert, he had licked her pussy too long! She watched him bemused. He acted like a kind of dog. He caught the scent of her pussy, crawled towards her on his fours and tried to bury his face in her lap. Athena laughed out loud and patted his head. Oh Robert, it’s a shame, she said, you would have made such a great cleaning lady, but I guess you are too dumb for that now. Now you are really totally useless. But I have a good heart. I guess with a bit of discipline I can train you to be my little doggie who licks my feet and pussy whenever I want, and whom I can play with after a hard day at work. That is if I ever gonna work again, now that I’ve got all your money, your house, your car and your watches. His tongue tickled her sensitive pussy.

Stop now Robert, she said! Be a good boy! When he wouldn’t stop she pulled his head away by his hair. Sit! She said. Instead he started to rub his hard dick against her leg, humping her like a horny dog! At first she found it funny, but then it started to get on her nerves. Stop now! He didn’t listen. She playfully kicked him in the balls. He wimpered and stopped for a moment to hump her. But then his lust took over again and he resumed humping her other leg.

My my, Athena said, you are one horny puppydog. In a way you are as ennerving as a dog as a human. You always want to fuck me. She used her foot to play with his hard dick. You’re only luck is that I like doggystyle. She looked at her Rolex. But Mistress is rich now, look at her expensive watch. She can have any man she wants to fuck her, so she is not going to spend a lot of time in training you. If you don’t behave, she will bring horny puppydog to the doctor, and the doctor will cut off horny puppydogs balls and make him a good little obedient puppydogbitch. Robert continued to hump her nevertheless.

Well she liked him stupid as a dog, but this was enerving. She needed to make him more intelligent again. She would offer him her ass for licking. Robert there is something I need to tell you as your psychologist. He continued to hump her. He was too stupid to understand her! Athena was shocked. She didn’t intend to do this. What now? As she watched him bemused dryhump her feet, she thought that if he didn’t stop, she really would have to castrate him. But with such a tongue, who needed his dick and semen anyway – who cared about his pleasure, his orgasms were useless to her. Maybe she should castrate him regardless of the circumstance, it would make him more obedient and less restless… but she could decide that another day....