Bleach makes the better Bimbo

Bleach makes the better Bimbo

As we grow up, we “learn” all sorts of truths that are supposed to carry us through our journey to the Big Sleep. For convenience sake, these life lessons are often distilled into little fortune-cookie sized nuggets. One of these is “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. Now, this is very true. In fact, I bet it is true more often than not. Bimbos, however, are lucky. That’s because bimbos ARE books that you are supposed to judge by the cover. Hair is an important factor in making that judgement. For those who wish to walk the road of bimbohood, I would recommend starting with your hair as the first step you take (even before a simple manicure).

Style is for a whole other article. The only thing I am going to say about that here is that longer is better. There is no such thing as a bimbo with a pixie cut. If you are still in doubt, Google the following (or have someone do it for you, bimbo): Nikki Benz, Krystal Steal, any of Hef’s current gfs, Lachelle Marie, Victoria Silvstedt, I could go on but I won’t.

Color – obviously, all True Bimbos are blonde. It goes beyond that simple fact. All TRUE Bimbos come by way of their color by a bottle. Even a natural blonde needs a bottle to be Bimbo. Just like fake tits are the best kind of tits, the best kind of blonde comes from a bottle. There are dozens of fake shades out there that are acceptable. Personally, I tend towards the ‘metallic’ blonde look as my favorite; others have their own tastes. Sunny, Ash, and Platinum should be the range of “blonde-ness” that you should be talking about with the stylist in any event. Anything less and you might as well become a brunette and take math classes.

The salon is the only way for a bimbo to go when it comes time to dye her hair. This is especially true with dark brown or black hair - unless she is going for the trashy look with her roots showing - a decision that should be left up to her man. You cannot achieve the necessary “high maintenance” look that is essential for a bimbo at home. You must have professional help. It would be best to have a picture or two ready to show the stylist (try and remember to cover/remove any nudity first) what hair color you would like. The best strategy is to ask a few strippers or men’s magazine models where they go. Plus, you can get the dye job, styling and regular maintenance checks when you go. One stop shopping – leaves more time for looking for just the right g-string for him (or her).

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