Bend at the Knees For Lifting, at the Waist for Pleasure

Bend at the Knees For Lifting, at the Waist for Pleasure

We all know that bimbos are candy for the eyes. They are walking displays of sexuality, living billboards that advertise sex. Attitude is important. So is action. How a bimbo acts should scream SEX just as loud as her wardrobe does. How a bimbo walks is as important as how she looks. The motion of her ass swaying side-to-side should be just as hot as the tiny little pair of shorts that (barely) covers it. Little things, like bending over to pick up something and flashing her panties for everyone to see, will cement her image as a bimbo. It is hard to imagine that the dumb slut who shows everyone her g-string could actually be an intelligent woman. Here is another exercise designed to help a woman become a better bimbo in everyday life. Although presented here as a dare to try a few times this should be thought of as a training aid that will help this become the ‘normal’ way you behave. This exercise has two ratings, the PG-13 “kid safe” rating and the XXX-rated version that is definitely NSFK (Not Safe For Kids). As such, a bimbo needs to plan ahead before going ahead with this. Since planning ahead requires thinking, it may be necessary for some bimbos to ask for help. Once this becomes part of your daily pattern of life, it will help to have someone pick out your panties for you (that is, if they let you wear any).
A key to this exercise is the correct use of contrasting colors. The human eye is hard-wired to seek out the brightest object it can find. This cannot be overcome. It might just be the briefest of glances, but the eye will always be drawn to the brightest object it can see. For this reason, you need to use dark colored skirts and bright colored panties (neon colored swimsuit bottoms can work really well – esp. orange and green). Two types of skirts can be used – pleated, “flippy” mini/micro-skirts and tight, “booty-hugging” mini/micro-skirts. You will also need two types panties – booty shorts/tangas/French-cut and thongs (panties or swimsuit). For this exercise, thongs are preferable to g-strings. I suggest that you pick (or have picked for you) a few locations to that you can rock some different panties/skirt combinations. Repetition is the key to making this part of who you are in day-to-day, real life.

Two things to consider, A) What you wear and, B) How you bend over –

What You Wear:

PG-13 Rated
Skirt – pleated, “flippy” type. Black, Dark Red, Dark Plaid
Panties – Bootyshorts, French-Cut or tanga style. White is the best color. Yellow works very nicely with a black skirt. Spandex-blend is preferable to pure satin for looks (satin panties tend to bunch or sag). Metallic gold stands out better than silver.

XXX Rated (think before going to the mall on Sunday after church gets out)
Skirt – either the pleated or the tight, “booty-hugging” type. Remember, dark colors.
Panties – Thongs (avoid g-strings). You can use actual panties or a pair of thong swimsuit bottoms. White works best, but the swimsuit choice allows for neon colors such as orange and green. Metallic gold is also a good choice.

How To Bend Over:

Keep you knees together, or as close to touching as possible, no more than ½ shoulder-width apart. Bend slightly at the knees. Now start to bend forward at the waist. The more you bend the knees, the less panty you will flash. The goal here is to raise the skirt a bit, so that the bottoms of your panties are visible. This is a playful, more innocent tease routine. If you bend over a little more, you will give the viewer a nice shot of some sexy, but not slutty, panties. Since you will be wearing a “flippy” type of skirt, you will not need to pull this down (and smooth it) when you stand back up.

XXX Rated
Stand with knees apart, at least one shoulder width. Do not bend your knees. This is all about bending at the waist. There is nothing innocent about this pose. It is a full-on slut pose. With your legs spread, onlookers should be able to get a nice view of your sweet pussy cupped in a neon thong. If not, spread your legs a little wider. When you stand back up, you will have to pull down your skirt and maybe smooth it back down. This is a perfect chance to make a little production out of this.* You can always look around, spot someone looking at you, and smile as you do this.

*Alternate exercise, practice reaching up at items on the top shelf, causing your skirt to ride up and flash your panties. For added dramatics, make a show of having to reach to tug the skirt back down. Or make a bigger show by pulling it up higher (works really well as a response to someone whistling at you.)