Sissify Yourself: Think Pink

hi girls. well, u know that from as long as u remember u were attracted to girls, right? don't u find them pretty? and sexy? don't u admire them?of course u do. it is absolutely natural to admire the beauty of a sexy girl. they have beautiful hair, sexy curves and lots of other stuff that we are gonna talk about later. there's nothing wrong with that and u are not gonna change it.. 

let's take for example the following picture ..

do u like her? isn't she a doll? if u were asked to describe her, what would be the first thing that u'd say? i think that she has big tits, platinum blond hair and a cute face. am i right?

listen up girls. we 're gonna start talking about real things here. it seems that there are many misconceptions in the way u see things. so, u are going to alter your way of thinking and it's going to be exactly the opposite!! u have to see things from a different point of view. and to be more clear, from the girl's point of view...

FROM NOW ON, u will start thinking like a girl at all times!!! for every little thing that u see, or hear, or do, u will do it as a girl would. u will start eliminating all your boyish thoughts and replace them with girly thoughts. at first, u may find it difficult, but eventually u will get used to ur new thoughts and they will come out instinctively!!

So, let's start replacing some thoughts with new ones...

From the girl in the picture above, first of all u NEVER STARE AT A GIRL'S BREASTS!!! u don't care if a girl has tiny tits or huge boobs. even if u talk to a girl with the biggest tits, u can finish ur conversation without even having noticed it! a girl's breasts to u, are like any other part of her body such as her hands or knees!! many times women tend to use their "assets" as a means of attracting men. well they do nothing to u!! u don't even notice.. so start pulling them out of ur mind. from now on they are parts of the female body!

So, having erased that thing from ur mind, now she must look a little less attractive to u (at least in a sexual way..). Athough, even now, i think that u would describe her as super hot. well, don't get too carried away!! watch her closely and tell me again. but first remember... that u have to start thinking like a girl. and as such, u WILL NEVER FIND A PERFECT GIRL!! so from now on, whenever u see a girl, u will immediately start seeking for flaws in her appearance! even if u can't find anything after a good look, u will come up with something, just because noone will ever be enough for u!! keep in mind that all girls have flaws. there isn't such thing as "the perfect girl". the magic word here is "jealousy".. all men accuse women that they are jealous of each other. well, from now on u won't be able to undestand why they think so. because deep down, u will be jealous of them too. in fact, the more good looking the girl, the harder u will try to find flaws in her.. and remember, u will check her out from top to toes and u can find even the smallest things to say, her nose, her cheeks, her chin, her calves, her hips, her waist, her belly, her lips, her hands. anything.. because sweety, girls are just people to u and people have flaws..

But enough with the flaws, we 'll return to the subject in another post. So, now that u already see the girl in the photo in a new way, what is the first thing that u must notice about her? it's the hat sillies!!! isn't it perfect??? the first thing that u see in that photo is her hat! it's stylish and sexy and it suits her perfectly, making her look super cute!! wouldn't u love to have one like that? if u 'd see her on the street u would comment on her hat! isn't it so? u know that it would make her happy and accomplished that u noticed her amazing hat! So FROM NOW ON, THE FIRST THING U NOTICE IN A GIRL IS HER CLOTHES!! of course in order to do so, u have to learn everything about fashion! we 'll talk about that in another post. u absolutely love anything about fashion, shoes and clothes and ur "thing" is going shopping!!! so check her out again girls. isn't she a doll in that hat? she is super!

Next one please! tell me that u haven't noticed anything about her hair.. she is so sexy with those pigtails!! i already love her! she is a hottie! so, ur next line would be about her hair. u can talk about that for as long as u want. u 'll just make her feel sexy, beautiful and proud of her decisions regarding her hair. perhaps u 2 could arrange a visit together at the beauty salon! wouldn't it be priceless?

Finally, last but not least (for now..) is ofcourse.... her make up silly!!! next line please.. comment on her mascara! on her eye lashes! on her rouge! on her eyeliner! on her conseiler! on her lipstick!!!! so many things to talk about u ditz!!! u can talk for hours about these things, don't u? cause if u don't, then u HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF BEAUTY AND COSMETICS! most men accuse women for spending their money in these things. have u ever done such thing? because from now on u should stand up for them. u r on their side now! men are just filthy and stupid and can't understand how difficult it is to be pretty!! and that has a price to pay. but u can't do anything to avoid it. these things are absolutely necessary! after all, that's what credit cards are for!! :)

So if anyone would show a pic of her for a second and asked u to describe her now, the ideal answer would be smt like that:

"ahh, she's like OK, she got that great hat that i'd love to buy and those hair.. i love pigtails!! by the way, do u know what lipstick did she wear? super! although i think she had tiny tits, too bad.. ahh.. or no? can u show me one more time pleaaase??"