Start thinking as a Female

hi sweeties!! next u are gonna see some pics and i would like to know what do u think when u see each one of them!! remember that now, as a sissy, u 'll have to see girls from a different point of view. u know u can't find them hot, as much as u try, they just don't seem to do anything to u.

maybe u can even try have sex with them but eventually u 'll realise that u won't be able to get it up for them. imagine for a while : even if u had the sexiest girl in ur bed all naked and ready to be fucked, u would spend all night trying to get hard but.. unfortunately ur cock would stay soft for her, no matter how hard she'd try. handjobs, blowjobs etc would do nothing to ur sweet girly cock.

but that's ok ladies!! it's perfectly natural and sweet. u see.. u don't see girls as the opposite sex and that's why they don't attract u in a sexual way. u see girls as the same sex! u love them, u admire them utterly for what they are. u don't want to fuck them! u want to be friends with them sillies!!! u have so much in common!!! so realize that u can't offer them pleasure in any way with ur soft, cute cocky, this is a job for the real men. but u are better!! u can be BFF's!!!!

so watch closely the following pics. u 'll see a girl for whom most men would instantly get a hard on. but not u.. u will try and think of her as ur future BFF. and i have a challenge for u. TRY NOT TO NOTICE HER TITS AT ALL!!! i want u to finish watching her photos and not know whether she has tiny tits or big boobs!! in fact, the more provocative she poses, the less u notice her cleavage!!! this is ur first task ladies!! r u ready? enjoy..

well now, have u noticed her breasts at all? by now, u must have no clue about whether she had small or big boobs. on the other hand, did u notice her clothes? her hair? her make up? wouldn't she be a perfect BFF? all cute and girly? watch her last 2 photos again. it's only her pretty face. do u need anything else? if u were with a group of people and they asked u which were the best photos of her, u know which u would have selected. don't u? remember : girls are gonna be ur friends from now on. so start thinking like one. byeeeee....