Sissify Yourself: Sissies are fun

hi girls. I've been thinking why sissies are so much fun.. don't u feel that u are much more fun than guys? doesn't ur mood changes instantly when u put on a nice pair of panties for example? i think so.. it's so easy for us girls to be all giggly and happy. even from the smallest thing u can feel like u r in heaven. will guys ever have the chance to experience these things? nooo!!! because we r blessed with sissiness. from the first time that u saw a girl and u admired her looks in a different way, that u admired her clothes, her shoes, her make up, her hair.. the first time that u felt the urge to try look like her, until now that u know u love it u feel things that give u pleasure, joy and countless hours of fun.. would u trade that feeling for anything else? would u rather be a macho man and have only one thing on ur mind, how to fuck a pussy? would u rather be a horny, dirty, hairy guy that judges women by the number of their bra, to see if u were gonna fuck them and then dump them? u see guys have only one thing in mind. and they do anything to have it. and when they do, they go look for another..

and then there is u.. all cute, fun lovin, easy going little brats, full of dreams and possibilities!! full of energy, ready to give and receive pleasure to people.. in love with urselves, trying to be pretty at all times. wanting more and more from life. i think that is what describes u best : more..

don't u feel u want more from everything? for example, when u go to the store and u buy a sexy pair of panties, don't u want to buy another one? and then another one? and then the matching babydoll? and then admit to the sales girl that they are for u? and then chat with her? and then be BFF's with her? and.. and.. u get the point.

because u r fun!!! and fun sissies like u, have so many things that have to follow in order to be as feminine as possible!! and we all know deep down that the more feminine we become, the more pleasure we get.. that's why u have to start doing the following things in order to create the perfect female persona for yourselves..

so listen up sissies!! from now on u have to :

1. Wear more noticeable toenail polish

2. Tweeze eyebrows thinner

3. Sissify ur mind to be girlier

4. Buy more girly lingerie

5. Shave more often

6. Walk more feminine

7. Be giggly

8. Be flashy

9. Be as cute as possible

10.Wear even your boy clothes in a girly way